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  1. NEIN.
  2. Whaaa? What is with the tape on top? (It is tape right?) And what difference would the aluminum on the outside make since the signal would have to penetrate the aluminum anyways? Me thinks somethun fishy here. LOL
  3. A nutcase that will not last two weeks in prison.
  4. Next year's Christmas stocking LOL.
  5. Nope. It is prevalent in Hinduism and the cycles of Karma, not Christian.
  6. I wonder if that same person thinks the New Testament is antisemitic?
  7. Well, that's a start ...but Christ dies once not for one before the other.
  8. ARTICLE XXIV: The Value of Biblical Scholarship WE AFFIRM that a person is not dependent for understanding of Scripture on the expertise of biblical scholars. WE DENY that a person should ignore the fruits of the technical study of Scripture by biblical scholars.
  9. Yes it would have, neighbors had seen obvious suspicious activity a month or so leading up to the event but wouldn't call in fear they would be seen as profiling. What would you suggest in place of calling in suspicious activity?
  10. Return to God and the Scriptures, becoming the Great Nation it once was?
  11. Shucks, you were supposed to say, 'yes, of course I'm sure!'...lol
  12. 50 years ago since I finished High School (W '67), don't laugh, at least I finished
  13. Are you sure about that?
  14. To a Japanese reader it wouldn't be understood, or 75% of the rest of the world.
  15. Yes, but my comparing multiple variations we can come up with a text that is practically as good as the autographs. It works like this... B-st Fo-d- Be-t -oo-s -est F-o-s By comparison we can come up with 'Best Foods', and the more manuscripts we have the more we can tell which ones belong and which ones don't. Though penned by fallible men, the Scriptures are totally inspired by God.