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  1. He has blamed me for his rage i wouldnt do that if you didnt nag me (I compassionately brought to his attention that i found out he was looking at porn) I wouldnt have rage if you would be a better mother and discipline the children how i want you to I wouldnt look at porn if you wouldnt make me mad I wouldnt want to look at porn if i knew you werent snooping on me The list goes on and on
  2. So God is all knowing right? In March of 2015 i was saved as well as my husband just days before our divorce was suppose to be final. When i got saved I saw such beauty in our marriage, working as a team, happy, trusting, and so in love with God and each other. Started marriage counceling with Pastor to get our lives where they needed to be. I know for a fact that it was God who reconsiled our marriage. I prayed to him asking him to show me what I needed to do and it was perfectly clear that he wanted our marriage back together. Here is my struggle. I dont doubt what i heard or where God wanted me at that time. But why would he reconsile a marriage for it to go back to all the destructiveness that you had left in the first place? I dont know how to bring my marriage back to where it once was. When i try and talk to him (husband) about what is going on he blames it on me. I have prayed out to God to help me and the direction that he wants me to go in and dont have a clear view of what he wants. I am listening to books, researching, reading and still nothing. And reading scripture Why would he show you something so clear and now i feel as though he is silent? I know that God doesnt want us to hurt, i know God doesnt want me to be verbally abused, i know God doesnt want my husband looking at gross images on the computer. So why is he silent? I am starting to lose my faith because this is the worst that our marriage has ever been
  3. So today I was speaking with my pastor on some stuggles going on in my life. He told me that everyone who is saved will inherit the Kingdom of God but wont have as many blessing when they are sinning. I understand we are all sinners and I definitely have my own sins I battle with everyday. In scripture it states in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. So when someone does these things list above in scripture and does not repent fully will they or will they not inherit the Kingdom? Does God look at sin as equal? Is having a bad attitude equal to me being sexually immoral? Just trying to get a clear meaning?
  4. we are in Church and are on an outdoors ministry together, strong group of christian friends but the problem is that somethings are happening behind closed doors and no one knows about them. I have asked him to get help with a strong christian brother but he is ashamed of his struggle or he makes up excuses as to why he behaves in that manner. He apolgizes for what he has done and i know he is ashamed and is sorry until the next time. Does thatmake sense? I see where he is trying sometimes and then I see where he throws up his hands and doesnt care how it makes others feel.
  5. I really enjoyed what you wrote. The words did speak to my heart. This person is a Christian btw. I am a true believer that actions speak louder than words. Guess that is why I am bitter. My prayers are for them to hear what the lord is saying to them, understand how hurtful their behavior is, praying that Satan stays away from oir family, to guide me in how to handle said situation, make me the wife i need to be for him, help me to forgive said behavior.
  6. As a new christian I have been having a hard time with bitterness in my heart. When someone would hurt me in the past I would try and hurt them back. I had been praying for said person and speaking to said person how much their behavior hurts me and they apoligize but keeps doing things that hurt me. I feel as through they will never stop. The bible states to forgive over and over but when is enough, enough? It waseasy to forgive the first time but now that it has happened a few more times I have this bittness in my heart that wont go away. I have read book, prayed, spoken to a friend but nothing seems to help. I dont want to have this bittness because it is causing relationship problems.
  7. In March of 2015, I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. Married and have 2 children. I decided to join this site to help me along this new journey with other Christians
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