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  1. just gonna throw a little black bird in it but Ill be returning to cats shortly
  2. ohhhhhh I love black cats!!
  3. I have a rough weekend to get through with severe storms ....please pray that God give me peace and serenity and provide a place for me to go where I will feel comfortable and safe.Thank you and God bless you.
  4. praying
  5. Hello and welcome as well
  6. Hello and welcome as well
  7. Hello and welcome as well
  8. Oh Man I remember going through my divorce a few years ago and being on a dating site for that first year and absolutely hating it and I had so many horrible experiences from it ...there were a couple good ones but mostly horrible experiences....and the only reason I was on there was the pressure I was getting (and honestly I still get) from family members to date knowing full well I hated dating and did not want to do it period.Well after that last date I remember crying and feeling just gross and negative and God broke through and said I didnt have to do it...that it was fine I didnt want to date or be on a dating site ...that I could just be with Him because He was my portion after all.He just washed over me with so much peace and love that I deleted that profile when I got home but I do still laugh at myself for being sooooooo consumed with what everyone else thought and beating myself up as much as I did .
  9. mm hm
  10. Hello and welcome as well
  11. thats what Im talking bout
  12. Hello and welcome as well
  13. Hello and welcome as well