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  1. praying
  2. Yes I love emma watson
  3. The spring season is always hard for me....I get very scared at all the severe weather we have.I always have to try to find a safe place to go on those nights when it is the worst and I cant always afford it.Would you please pray that God provide a safe place for me to go or the means to be able to get a motel room for that night.I cannot stay home those nights because it is a mobile home in the middle of the woods .I have already been through 2 tornados in the past so the wind can simply blow too hard and Im in tears.Thank you in advance for your prayers and God bless you.
  4. Hi

    Hello and welcome as well
  5. Hello and welcome as well
  6. I love it God when you make me laugh!!!! You are so much fun!

  7. Sin

  8. praying
  9. praying
  10. Hello and welcome as well