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  1. wow, Man.so true what you saying. If more people can know their worth in Christ, there would be less devastation in this world..Gbu bro, hope to chat soon..
  2. Kwiki, there was this big craze about, Avatar, but I did not seem to get it..
  3. Ya'll should definitely watch, A Walk to Remember, On the other end of the line and Son of God...awesome movies..
  4. amen, Angel..thanx for reminding me about Gods promises., simply amazing..hope to chat soon..Gbu
  5. RonNicky


    lol, kwiki, checked spelling, 😎..Gbu..
  6. RonNicky


    Hi, kwiki, weeping may endured for the night, but want thing I know Joy comes in the morning..
  7. RonNicky


    Through Gods grace we made it through another monday..Gbu
  8. amen,Angel..this message is so powerful and spiritually driven, in the sense that We are in this world, but not of it..Gods grace is so glorious.. At the end of the day our struggle should not be to gain acceptance from wordly things, but to strive for a more devine purpose..But how do you ultimately let go and let God..how do you leave peoples perceptions behind, when sometimes in life you have to please others in some extent, like striving to make your boss happy, fulfilling family obligations, etc..
  9. wow, Log, felt really emotional after reading this, this is an absolutely beautiful story/summary, will always keep this in mind..You have changed my perceptions, for the better..He, who started the good work in you will surely finish it.. May God continue to bless you...
  10. Hey sum1, welcome and may your journey on this site's continue to fill you with everlasting, love for our God..
  11. RonNicky


    thank you Lord for your protection over Saurav..
  12. RonNicky

    Praising God

    Dear God, I am a huge fan of you work..Thank You...
  13. Hi thanx, most of my life I heard I could be a model, but God had other plans for my life..cute family pic, by the way..your wife certainly is beautiful ..
  14. hey Mar' greetings in the name of our Lord, thanx for the encouragement..I will most definitely follow you up on your offer..God bless you
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