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  1. Thank you all for your loving encouragement. I really want to say to Father! I will continue to be patient and wait on the Lord! The words you wrote really spoke to my heart!
  2. Thank you both for responding and praying on behalf of me and my son. God Bless you! I will continue to keep strong in the Lord! and if my husband does leave I will reach out to the church I attend for help. Love in Christ!
  3. Prior to marriage my husband claimed he is a believer of Christ and was baptized. Over the years of marriage I am quesitoning his faith. He has left me and son 6 times for various reasons. Sometimes he left cause he stated he could not take care of us, etc. Now he recently is saying he may leave again cause God has not given us a child and he cant wait on me. He is very cold hearted in the house. He speaks negative, he does not want to help pay some of the bills and he refuses not to go to the same church me and my son attend."son is from first marriage; divorce on grounds of adultery of different women" My husband is now saying he will go back to his first church which the people only speak Creole and sermon is only done in Creole however me or son does not speak Creole. Besides, I know from God that he brought me and my son to the Church. My son who is 17 years old just got baptized on August 29, 2016 and we both have joined the Evangelism team at the church. What should I do . I know the word of God says by our conduct we can change an unbeliever. However this is different my husband is claiming to be a Christian. Should I just keep praying for him and dont say a word in the house? cause if I say Hi he ignores me and want involve himself in bible study or even talk to my son? everything said is negative or arguement.
  4. Hello I have been experiencing a lot of issue with my husband who claims before marrige he was a believer of Christ and already was baptized. Since 2001, he has left me and our 17 yr old son six times. We became home less twice and the other 5 times if he did not come back would have faced homeless again. Recently he says he will leave again due to God has not provided us another child. He is blaming my blood pressure medication as the cause even though the doctor said I am on safe medication that does not effect having children. I told him God is the only one that can give life and if GOd wants to no medication, nothing can stop him. My husband also does not provide properly. He does not share his money and pushes most of the bills on me., We are now in an efficiency which the landlord allowed to be temporay however I cant save up to get out due to my husband not pulling his end nor is he trying to get antoher job. My husband also said today he is no longer going to the church and bible study anymore and he is returning back to his old church which the people only speak Creole however me nor our son speaks Creole. ALso when my husband left me the last six times I conforted the Pastor at that church and he said he is not getting involve. I cant go backwards God has called me to the church I attend. Our son has just got baptized at this church August 29, 2016. Also me and my son has joined the evangelism team. I can go backwards, I am tired of being blamed for God not giving me another, I am tired of a man of God leaving me homeless, with no food, etc. I pray to God all day and my son does too. Can anyone give me some wisdom or understanging on the situation.
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