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  1. Blessing Brother, Think about this!!!!!! if there is a piece of broken glass in your foot, what will you do? will you leave it there? Or will you seek help, I mean it is deep down in your flesh will you go to a dentist to remove the broken glass? you will find the right place to get it remove, so you will not loose your foot, you are aware the broken glass is there because of discomfort you will not be feeling well, This is why you know what you are doing is wrong because you are not feeling good about what you are doing, God is saying to you, For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you, that in it self say God wants to help you, just reach out when God Holds out His hand to you, just as someone is drowning if someone holds out their hand the person will hold on for their life to be saved. If they want to die they will refuse the hand reaching out to save them. You can control sin once you surrender your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Sipirt Takes control, Just avail yourself and God promise to be there there for you. Love you with the love of the Lord, Jackie
  2. Isaiah 41:13 For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you. Genesis 4:7 And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door and its desire is for you, but yu must master it"
  3. I so agree with this one hundred percent, if we love sincerely we will not hurt others.
  4. Blessings and Welcome To Worthy Sam, I read about what is going on in your life, I agree the with the Godly advice that had been said to you , question to you is!!!!!!! when you say you are cheating on your girlfriend cheating in what way? remember if you say you have surrendered your life to Jesus there is no room for cheating, I'm not condemning you just trying to understand when you say you are cheating, may I ask why you feel you have to cheat on your girl friend? I pray you have a chat with her and ask her to forgive you, if you love her as you mention you can still be her friend. Sometimes when we have break up we don't understand there are lessons we have to learn in all this, one thing when some persons are hurting they call upon God more and the minute things get back to normal most of the time persons forgets God who helped them to be healed, I like the advice you have been given, please follow them inspect your walk with God allow God to speak to you, listen take His instructions lean not unto your own understanding and God will direct your part, looking forward to hear your testimony and you may help others when they are in the same situation. Kwikphily put it just right, Rusty Angle hit it right also when she remind you about being unequally yoked, the question asked about the characteristics of a Godly boyfriend, examine yourself, read your word apply and you will get great Godly counsel. I know others will be praying for you . Love you with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  5. I will also love to me some wonderful believers also, it feels good to find a site saying Christian and is just what it said, I am happy I find it, will be encourage with the Word more, I also pray my knowledge will be enlarge here also,
  6. Just being present on God wake up call this morning is even more beautiful, I am happy you give thanks remembering God has don a great thing for you today, Amen I am new here also.
  7. Sorry to hear what you are saying about your husband, be happy your son choose the best Father in the world Christ Jesus, give thanks with a great full heart, it is hard when someone going through trials, like you are going through to tell them in every thing give thanks, this is what the scripture says only who practice this knows it works, be thankful your husband have not give you any sickness give thanks from being free from that, if you give him another child is there any surety he will not treat you worst sister? in Galatians says a believer have to have the characteristics of Christ which is the fruit of the spirit, so far we have not see your husband displaying any good fruit only fruit of the flesh, we have not heard him showing any love, if he was then the rest would of be evident which is joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, sister you cannot desire darkness more than light and your husband demonstrates darkness, John 2-9 says "Whoever says he is in the light and hate his brother is still in darkness, when some husbands behaves like this some wives spend all their time on the man and not God making him an idol because they ponder on the man more than God, sister the advice others have given for you to get advice from a Good Pastor PLEASE TAKE IT, I know, others and I will be waiting to hear your testimony, who knows, your son serving God may lead his father to Christ, blessing sister keep your eyes on Christ, I am not only saying what I am saying to you to sound Good, I was married for 22 yrs and recently had to walk away from my marriage, but my son is bitter your son is better he Has the best Dad in the world. Be strong and I will have my prayer group keep you in prayer sis, you also pray for other sisters that God will make a way for them, you are the right one to pray for them.
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