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  1. yes everyday
  2. i downloaded a new game called day r survival and been playing for almost 2 days now. it can b a bit challanging trying to juggle the stats but given time one can do it
  3. last is mine
  4. last is mine
  5. well i only saw it on fb a couple of days ago so its new to me
  6. last is mine
  7. if the world was flat cats wouldve rolled everything off it by now
  8. cant sleep so last is mine
  9. depends on the country music
  10. last is mine
  11. i think our actions cause ripples across time and space.
  12. goo play ur banjo and leave last with me
  13. how bout a tall drink of leave
  14. just when u thot u saw it all u just seen ghosty as last
  15. just so u know we native americans use to hunt buffalo