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  1. last
  2. everyone is still welcome in this thread but not in mine
  3. logan go to bed
  4. if you call shoplifting mischevious then ya i was
  5. im thinking the middle of the road might be a safe place now lol.
  6. when i was in school grade 9 was still in jr high. now its part of hs. when i was 16 i was a bad cookie.
  7. btw get out
  8. ok im going to summerize the whole last thread in 1 sentence. darkest red started a thread bout how she kills threads, other one stated that he will be the last person to post in the thread, other ppl jioned and on page 10127 ghostdog is last
  9. my dad us to reload his rifles. now that i think about it i wonder why he never became a gunsmith?
  10. do u reload ur spent shells as well
  11. it is to everyone says im last no one says i am last but i might be wrong key word is might
  12. ill put it on my to do list
  13. i try to be original like saying i am last
  14. u may think ur top gun but im top shot so call me deadeye
  15. i think until everyone is converted to kjv lol