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  1. Your bank should be able to reverse it if you haven't authorised anything. Request that they reverse it. Either way, I will be praying for you darling. Have a lovely day.
  2. Good day, everyone. This is so personal, but i'll cut it short. I know, my father in heaven already know how I feel and what I want to say before I even speak. I have no close friends to talk to but I have everybody on worthy forums, and I am thankful for that. The people I call family might never understand me, but I know that Christ will never abandon me. I feel I need to speak so my shoulders can feel lighter, and my heart can be at ease. I have this huge burden, I have never felt so much afraid. I feel like I am going to live a mediocre life all my life.. Please, keep me in your prayers. I am in need of a better job so much. Please do pray for my mother who is in terrible debt as well. I cannot do much for her now. Gods word is unfailing, and i know that one day everything will be okay. Please keep me in prayers of an ease mind as i continue trying to spiritual grow as well. I know that God already has a door open for me to walk through that no one will shut. Thank you for reading though this. Have a blessed and wonderful day.
  3. Leerah


    Hi I do follow worthy. Being away does not mean I am not following it.. I am just wordless these days, I have too much going on in my life to be watching debates.
  4. This is so awesome. There is nothing more that I need than spiritual growth. I will visit their website just now and thank you so much.
  5. Sweetheart, the first scripture that came to mind when I read your post was "They worship me with their lips but their hearts are far from me" - Matthew 15:8 ... Please understand that your husbands actions will never be like a Christians with his own strength. By this, I mean the holy spirit does the work not him, he doesn't seem like a man of God to me. But, I will be praying for you sweetheart. Hard times don't last. God loves you. With Love. Lerato
  6. You have no idea what this means to me. I still have these soft beautiful sobs in my eyes after reading this. Thank you and may the Good Lord bless you. And may your soul keep shining. Warm Regards.
  7. I am not sure why I believe. But, I do. I never grew up the way I wanted to grow up. I never got everything I wanted. I often ignored God, and wanted to pursue my own plans. but this was only because I was still growing up and never knew much. One day, I threw my aunt on the forehead with a pen and she bled. She then told me: "People that harm others go to hell. I am going to hell"... This really traumatised me and I really had a bad day that day, until I told my grandfather that I am going to hell because of what I did. When he asked me why, I told him "because she made me angry" he told me I will not go to hell if I pray, apologise and try never to do it again. I, For the first time, at such a young started understanding that Our selfish choices do not bring us life. In fact, they earn us a death sentence. And that God, understands that humankind battles with sin hence he sent his son to live among us and teach us a better way. To tell us that, he is for us and not against us. Heavenly father understands that sometimes we are frustrated with how things turn out. He also knows that left to ourselves, we would not always do the right thing. So, he stepped in and made a way for us to find forgiveness and begin again. Jesus was perfect in every way, even though mankind was not happy with God's way forward and the same people that Jesus taught, healed and fed, forced a Roman Governor to sentence Him to death on a cross. I don't know if maybe I do not have enough faith but I have practised Jesus teachings yet, I have not seen any of what I have asked for come to life. Yet, I still believe and I love Jesus. You will never hear me complain. I close my door in the room and start venting to Christ. This is because, I was told that no matter I do, God is in control and he might be redirecting my steps. I am broken, yet I still believe. I have seen people being blessed numerous times right infront of my eyes, but I know that envy is sin so I rejoice together with them. I really don't know why I believe, but I believe.
  8. Thank you. I moved to a new town because of my career and have no friends. Church is far and sometimes id ask one of my neighbours for a lift but sometimes I would and still have no transport to go.
  9. For this reason and so many, I will pick up my cross and follow him.
  10. I tried. but I cant answer their difficult questions especially when they use me as a useless example.
  11. Most of the time, people tend to shame and humiliate believers when believers are struggling. They also tend to tell you to please leave them in peace and tell Christ to help you since you believe he exists. They refuse helping you when you ask for something. If you are struggling with the basic things in life, people including family constantly ask you "where is your Christ now when you are struggling so much with basic needs"? when you ask them for help in certain things. Does the bible call believers to defend the faith or the word of God?
  12. To be honest with you, I really am alone. My family is too judgemental to talk to about such things and they point out negative things about me all the time. Do you know how painful it is speak but never understood. Not to judge, but I am almost the only one depending on Christ in my family. I can never speak to them about him, I failed a couple of times. When I do, they will ask me "Where is your Christ now, when you are struggling like this?" Its almost never easy to reply back because defending the word is like defending a Lion. This made me drift away from so many people because I cannot take negative forces around me when broken inside.
  13. In the Gospel of John, Jesus was offered food by his disciples and he said no. He also did say that he has food that they do not know of. His food is to obey the will of the one who sent him and to finish the work he gave him to do. He told them that they have been saved, 4 more months and then the harvest. So Jesus never went hungry? Jesus never ate?
  14. Hi Everyone I understand the purpose of baptism. I haven't been baptized yet have so much passion for Christ. What happens to unbaptized believers?
  15. I am truly humbled by this. It is the most beautiful thing I have read thus far since this year ever started. thank you so much. May the god lord bless you
  16. I have been spiritually struggling almost all my life. When things hurt the most I pretend to be the strongest when all I do is hurt when I am alone. I gave my life to Christ several times and became such a loving person, I witnessed change in my soul and no matter how life would be challenging, Christ would know how to keep me happy. Everyday my love for him grew and I prayed for understanding but unfortunately I became an adult and eventually had to be on my own (Independent). I physically witnessed how challenging life is and reality kicked in. I lost touch with my spiritual life because things just became harder and harder and harder and to be honest, they are not getting any better. Life is hard and walking in faith has become a drag for me, I literally cannot do much and I have stopped praying because I feel the Lord does not and is not willing to reveal himself to me. But, I love God, I really do and I have always chosen the Christian life but I am losing it and its difficult walking in faith when you are struggling so much with the simple things life. I really need support and people that will help in my spiritual journey. I understand how dangerous feeling like this is but I need deliverance, please help me in prayer. Because I am NOTHING without GOD. Thank you.
  17. Hello Everybody I am newbie and joined Worthy Christian Forums today because I want to associate myself with what brings me closer to the lord in everything. I have to say that, I was in the chat room earlier on and everyone there was so welcoming. I hope I grow in spirit in here as I am on a spiritual journey. Thank you and God Bless you all.
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