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  1. AngelofAshes

    Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cook books?

    Yes, I've been trying a few vegan here and there, but have not made the plunge all the way yet. I try to eat vegetarian or vegan most of the day and for dinner I'll eat a small amount of meat. Thanks for posting your suggestions! I appreciate it!
  2. AngelofAshes

    Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    @everyoneelse To everyone who told me to run, I already did. Thanks for the confirmation! Please pray for me and that young man's soul as well. Thanks again!
  3. AngelofAshes

    Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    Thank you for your advice! I'm glad I noticed things early on too, it would suck to be too deep into the relationship with a person like this. I let him go
  4. AngelofAshes

    Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    I agree with the bolded. People do choose carnal things over developing and cultivating love. Sex and beauty cannot keep a marriage together for an extended amount of time.
  5. AngelofAshes

    Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    This is some extremely POWERFUL and potent wisdom!! WOW! God bless you! I'm literally taking notes! You sound like an awesome dad This young man is experienced in dating and sexual activities. I noticed a LOT of other red flags about him, which is why I asked others just to get confirmation on my emotions and feelings. I ended up breaking up with him and just wished him the best. He said that a man would have to be gay to not say those things, and I understand beauty can do things to a man, but worldy men have shown more restraint than him. If he hadn't lied about the number of sexual partners he had and told me he was inexperienced, I would've been more lenient.
  6. AngelofAshes

    Sex talk: Christian Dating Advice

    This is what I was thinking. Thank you for your advice and the scripture. I WISH he was this naive, he's not. I tried to give him multiple attempts to stop trying to steer me into sexual conversation. When he asked about my bra size and I told him that was unacceptable behavior he called me a 'fun killer'. I told him off and he said he will stop, but I'm seeing too much of a consistent pattern with this one. Thanks for your response! In the beginning, the conversation was not sexual at all, but more and more I think this guy is slowly revealing what he really wants. It's hard to stay undercover for long. Thanks for your input! Yeah, I really just needed a solid sounding board. I told him I felt disrespected. Every time I try to break up with him he will cry or keep asking for forgiveness. D: I agree. I told him I needed more time to get to know him, but he pretty much pressured, guilted, and rushed me into the relationship. It was my choice in the end, but I was wondering if I made a mistake. I don't have much dating experience, and he's my 1st christian guy that actually knows the bible and liked to pray and talk about God. So, I tried to give him chances, but I'm noticing too many bad behaviors. Blessings to you! .Alright. I don't try to change him at all. Thanks for the advice and sharing the article.
  7. I have a question for godly men as well as women about courting. I understand that young Christian men can get excited with their attraction to you, but should the conversation be centering around sex? Like, asking inappropriate questions about your busts size, etc? I haven't dated a lot of Christian men and I honestly don't have a good feeling about this guy, but I want to know what are some Christian men thoughts as well as women about what is appropriate conversation between two christian young people who are pretty early on in a relationship. Thanks for any help.
  8. AngelofAshes

    job interview

    Hallelujah! Keeping you in prayer!
  9. AngelofAshes

    Praise the Lord!

    Praise God! I'm glad to hear it turned out well!
  10. AngelofAshes

    Praising God for my Mother

    That's awesome! Praise God for mother-child bonding! Amen!
  11. AngelofAshes

    Reconnecting with God

    Fasting is a concept that I feel most young people aren't told they should partake in. You don't have to fast from food if your parents won't allow it, but maybe spending time away from distractions like TV, social media, etc for a few days and dedicating time to reading the Word might help you move closer to God. It certainly helped me when I was a teenager. Also doing a specific study on your favorite story in the bible or scripture verse and relating how it effects your current life can help.
  12. AngelofAshes

    Extended Contract

    After I wrote the previous post as soon as I went into work this week my boss emailed me that everything was good to extend the contract! Woot! God works fast xD hah hah!
  13. AngelofAshes

    Mental Illness

    As someone who 'has/had' mental illness I have to say yes, it is demons for the most part. Demons can effect the physical plane and spiritual. I've seen gifted ministers heal people who had pain by casting out a demon involved in pain and it worked instantly. Remember the woman in scripture that had the back problems? That spirit that was on her and causing her physical issues was a spirit of infirmity. When Jesus laid hands on her and loosed the spirit it left and she could move again. What does that say? That since demons can physically alter a woman's back they possibly can cause 'chemical imbalance' in a person's brain or genes, etc. The more and more I have grown closer to Christ and getting used to casting out demons the less and less medicine I've had to take. I'm on such a low dosage that my Dr., who claims to be christian, does not understand how I'm functioning because he says my dosage should not be doing anything and he says he wish he could clone me so he could do further testing(literally he said this to me). He thinks it's in my genes--it's in my birth right as a Christian. My depression was cured within a day after fasting and becoming close to Christ. They do not understand why I'm not depressed anymore or struggling with work and school. I suffered from schizophrenia and all I can tell you is what this illness is, is you basically have the ability to hear demons that are latched on to you(if you're christian) or are inside you(if your a nonbeliever). I've been rebuking the demons so long that I do not hear them anymore. If you know a person with mental illness please rebuke these demons on their behalf if they don't know how/can't. These demons often talk about taking the souls of the people they are latched onto as soon as the person dies. " Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. " Be prepared to fight any demons you cast out though, if you don't have experience in rebuking them they will fight you hard at first. The more you grow in doing this, the more they will fear coming against you.
  14. AngelofAshes

    Extended Contract

    Funny you mentioned that because I felt the need to get it in writing the week you posted without even seeing your post till now xD. I emailed him on one of my days off to make sure. He replied quickly and told me that both his superior were waiting to hear back from HR and he would let me know as soon as they got back to them. The next day he immediately came up to me smiling and told me that he was certain things would work out and that I definitely was in, but he's not allowed to say it's 100% without HR putting the official contract in writing and that his boss said she was fine with it and that I didn't need to worry about it. Keep me in prayer >w< I trust God it will work out
  15. AngelofAshes

    To the ladies

    I am inspired by her, but I'm not married soo.. ^w^; However, I find a lot of women who are christian who are married feel like they have to keep up with the Jones'/the proverbs 31 woman/Titus 2 woman lifestyle and they find it exhausting or impossible. I just think they're looking at the book wrong. It should be inspiration to live out the basic concepts not her actual life. It's not a list of duties a woman should do, however, more so it's characteristics women who are godly and good to marry should have. Integrity, goals, wisdom, organization, fear of God, etc. I agree with the poster that said that this proverb is to men about how to find a good wife and what things to avoid as a ruler.