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  1. I lift submission up to the Master right now... In Jesus' name...I COMMAND these knees, BOTH of them, to be COMPLETELY restored. Knees, be totally made WHOLE, NEW cartilage, NEW meniscus, NEW patella. Knee Joints, be perfectly aligned and function normally. NO MORE PAIN, So Be It.
  2. Praying
  3. Praying
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. Praying
  6. Amen Brother! To add to this; As we walk in His Glory Realm, we get to a point where we sin less and less. It become easier to crucify the "old man" when we realize who we are in Christ. The things that we used to desire become unimportant to us then. For example, I personally could care less about tv and movies anymore. I used to be a movie freak - loved them. Now, all those things hold no desire for me. Same with music. As a musician, I enjoy all types of music and instruments. I also threw away ALL of my secular music, and I will admit, I sometimes still want to listen to it on youtube. I'm not necessarily saying all of those things are "bad", but for me, I found it was taking up precious time that I could have been spending on things from above, building myself up in my spirit man, and spending time with my Master.
  7. That is an encouraging update! I still get the feeling though, from all that you have shared, that "S" needs to examine himself as well. This thing of him texting females and the joking, familiarity with them is not a good situation. It can get out of control real quick. Take it from someone who's been there...
  8. Awesome! Thanks for posting this!
  9. Praying...calmness to your spirit...
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Yay God!
  12. It looks as if we are going this evening to minister to this lady. Prayer warriors, support us as we deal with this situation.
  13. Praying. We all have these stories, lol.
  14. There are a few. Most have answering machines. I did get in touch with one Pastor...we'll see how it goes. Seems like everyone is too busy with this or that to actually go to a person's home and pray for them. It would be over a week from now that I could get free time to go. If I was in the area, I would drop everything and go right over. ...I wonder how Jesus feels about all this busy-ness....that we can't take time out of our schedule to help the poor, the needy, the is a wake up call for me.
  15. An acquaintance of ours would like to receive the laying on of hands and prayer for physical healing, they are in the Wilmington DE area. It is a 2 hr. trip for me, I cannot free up my schedule to go at this time. Does anyone know of a ministry in this area, or would possibly be able to go yourself and do this? Feel free to pm me. Thanks!