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  4. In Jesus name, I command Patmen's body to line up with the Word, and BE HEALED! Muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves, function correctly. So Be It.
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    I would proceed with caution with ANY types of these treatments. I personally know a female who went through these, and, let's just say, her last state is much worse than her first state.
  6. Welcome to Worthy!
  7. Get in touch with a ministry who knows this and knows how to administer deliverance. Many will work with you over the phone or through skype. Here is one I am acquainted with.
  8. LOL
  9. Welcome to Worthy!
  10. Because many have not "died to self" yet in their Christian walk. Paul spoke in Galatians 2 of being crucified with Christ, laying down our old nature and becoming a "new man." It can be a difficult and sometimes long process, as we constantly war with our carnal desires. We have that inward struggle, and unfortunately that can show up carnally as unloving, selfish, rude....the list goes on.
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  14. I appreciate this post, and your ponderings on this... You said... "And so I ask of God what is your will? Not yet feeling like I have a reply. Perhaps it is not an issue either way for God's will of me." My view on this personally, is that God's will is a "good" will for us. We serve our Master, who as you know, is the Father of lights - as referenced in James 1:17 - "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." And 3 John 2 - " is His will that we prosper and be in health." When I am seeking a reply and not hearing anything, I'm often reminded of the words of an older gentleman, a wise Pastor that I asked this very same thing of once. I was seeking the Pastor's counsel on something, as I couldn't get a clear hearing from God on it. The Pastor said, "what has God told you about it?" I replied that He hasn't told me anything yet. And the Pastor's reply was... "well then, there's your answer..." So, if I don't hear, I usually stay put until I do, unless the answer is already in scripture, part of fulfilling the great commission, something like that, which needs no prompting, as we already have His word on it. For me, I would want to have a clear answer, be certain before any major life changing event, a large purchase, things like that.
  15. Good thread topic, missmuffet. A person suffering from negativity is under spiritual attack, to be sure. Negativity is a spirit, it needs to be dealt with in the spiritual realm, through deliverance. If the person realizes this, and is a Christian, they can do self-deliverance, usually. We have found that this is not a strong spirit to deal with normally, unless it has been going on for some time and has developed into a stronghold in their life, or if more are present in the person's life. The bark is worse than the bite, with this one. This is considered "oppression", not "possession." Of course, the first step is that the person themselves realizes this, and truly wants to be set free. We have found that a lot of folks like to keep these things in their lives, even Christians. It can turn into "one" of those situations. This is a good example of why the gifts of the Spirit are so necessary in a believer's life, and to be able to utilize discernment in these cases. If they are not open to prayer, then pray for the individual, and "bind" up those spirits at work in their lives. Sadly, this concept from the Word of God, dealing with the spiritual realm, is not taught in most mainline churches these days. If it were, probably the mental institution population would be cut at the very least, in half.