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  1. Khendra Murdock

    New here

    I got some spiritual help here, and for that I am thankful, but I see my Asperger Syndrome is too much for others to handle here -- as usual. Retiring now. Thanks to those of you who helped and weren't presumptuous.
  2. Khendra Murdock

    New here

    Thanks for all the welcomes!
  3. Khendra Murdock

    New here

  4. Khendra Murdock

    New here

    Trying this again - I think I didn't do my first thread correctly. Anyway, hello. I'm new here, obviously. I'm a 31 year old Christian female who goes to a Calvary Chapel church in SW MO. I was raised Wisconsin Synod Lutheran and then attended some Pentecostal churches with my folks later in childhood. I then had an agnostic phase in my late teens and early twenties. After that, I was influenced by some online friends in the Reformed church. I now prefer Calvary Chapels the best. I like apologetics, hermeneutics, writing, and philosophy. Plan on writing more later.
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    General Intro & Heads Up

  6. Khendra Murdock

    Amazing Website! Praise God!

    Welcome! I am also new here.
  7. Khendra Murdock

    New Members - PLEASE READ - (On Posting as a Newbie)

    Thanks for this information.