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  1. thankyou dear worthy, I agree
  2. if that is your plan to destroy my chances of having friends here, I don't know what I ever did to make you want to hurt me this bad. I have done nothing but try to help you. you have broken my heart
  3. please just leave me be. you have again succeeded with bringing me down.
  4. my heart hurts for you and I hope and pray all will work out for you. I know how it is to feel alone in difficult situation. try to keep your focus on god.
  5. praying for god to help you
  6. needs gods protection

    thankyou dear one. you are a dear angel
  7. I am giving god thanks for this beautiful place and for all the wonderful angels here.
  8. praise god
  9. so happy for you dear one, I have been worried how you are. I will keep praying
  10. thankyou dear ones. y'all mean the world to me. I thank god for you every day
  11. praying for you now
  12. needs gods protection

    dear ones, thankyou for prayers and support right now. I am very thankful and grateful for all the angels here.
  13. needs gods protection

    if you wanted to bring me down, you succeeded. this is beautiful place with beautiful people. please stop
  14. needs gods protection

    thankyou dear one, so are you and others here. pray god gives you beautiful day
  15. needs gods protection

    okay dear one. how are you