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  1. Remember when enoob's monkey found a girlfriend?
  2. Are you saying I smell like a rotten egg... like last perhaps?
  3. God has not given us a spirit of duh but of power and love and a sound mind. 1 Timothy 12:36
  4. speaking of boxed in, you reminded me of some old posts from when I 1st started here.... let me see if I can go find them....
  5. I doesn't matter you've already given yourselves away with your.... signature fragrance
  6. I'd like to see some creative captions for this one. How bout this: "Is she gone?" "Yeah, come on, I'll race you to her makeup drawer!"
  7. Stephen I thought you had started to recover from your previous punishment but I see you have only incurred more. Perhaps you should consider an apology to Lady P.
  8. well, it is launched people. The new BVC (Bridgewater Vineyard Church) photos facebook page. Just in time for tomorrow's Easter portraits
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