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  1. I'm sure the harvesters are keeping their toes securely inside their waders. Here's another interesting link Carver, MA One of the roads that winds through the bogs is called Ocean Spray. There's a chain link gate you drive by with an Ocean Spray logo on it.
  2. But... The cranberries have been living outside in the dirt all their lives...
  3. Good, you are very young Iain. Some of us are just a little less young than you.
  4. Is pumpkin pie American? Do they not have it in Lady 🍐 territory?
  5. Here people buy punkins at nurseries or grocery stores. People go Apple picking. But right now is the CRANBERRY HARVEST
  6. Hahaha it's a yearly fundraiser I think... Let me go get the link
  7. PAHAHAHA! It was stuck inside my checkbook!!!!! Thank you all for helping me find it.
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