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  1. shel

    Derailing thread

    very strange. I can't seem to shrink your picture. anyway thank you for that reminder Muffy.
  2. In exactly 2 weeks we will be saying goodbye to this beautiful yard. My husband's childhood home has been sold and we are moving near my sons.
  3. aaawww. sweet doggie. How interesting you moved across the street.
  4. shel

    The New Animal thread

    i have oodles of pics of the japanese maple in our front yard - this one doesnt really do it justice
  5. shel

    Derailing thread

    lol oh.
  6. shel

    Derailing thread

  7. shel

    The New Animal thread

    How bout peonies? (not for you possum!)
  8. shel

    Derailing thread

    probiotics I tell ya
  9. shel

    Derailing thread

    must be nice. That would never happen in Pittsburgh. I am looking fwd to getting away from the crowds.
  10. shel

    Derailing thread

    eeeewwwww what is that?????
  11. I pray that those of you who are suffering will not have to wait to be released, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against God's kingdom here and now. I pray that the Bride of Jesus Christ would rise up and take her place and stop denying the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray that her eyes would be opened, whatever it takes, let those who pretend to know you pretend no more. Amen.
  12. shel

    The New Animal thread

    No grass, just weeds and ivy. When we moved in the rhododendron was buried under layers of ivy.