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  1. Oh dear. Praying for your son and family. So many broken families in this world. Society is such a mess. But the gates of he'll shall not prevail against the kingdom of God
  2. Has it been humid with all your rain Ms. Pear?
  3. I'm sure you must have told us why you were in the hospital but maybe you should refresh my memory.
  4. Just curious, you move the hacksaw with your mind?
  5. I wouldn't argue with a big wooly guy with horns!
  6. I love tecnology!!!! I just published another book. It's so easy and fun!!
  7. why yes, yes I would like some, thank you!
  8. oh now I remember, I took one look at your pic and never came back. NOT. Was it a current pic? How long was it up for, 5 minutes?
  9. Hey I look pretty good as a Fudd don't you think?
  10. BTW, Ms. Pear, I am now taking 11 supplement pills a day, including the 3 fish oil pills I have just added to the regimen. Today is an achy day - very humid. I never noticed humidity making me achy before. Does it you @ladypeartree ?
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