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  1. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    wow, Iain pretty awesome. Please splain: what is that round thing in the first pic, what are we looking at in the 2nd pic, what is the building in the 3rd pic?
  2. Lasters unite!

    you are so funny Iain. You remind me of my coworker George. He is diplomatic in the extreme. He is from somewhere over in Africa. My brain is a sieve. I have another coworker from Zimbabwe, and another who understands his language, so maybe that's where he is from too.
  3. Lasters unite!

    I stand with you just because I have never heard such an eloquent speech from a pear tree before.
  4. Lasters unite!

    Ehem. The photo thread is *nowhere*?
  5. Anything goes in this thread. Cause I said so.
  6. How do you guys post 40 WHOLE PAGES while I'm gone????
  7. Old steel mills??? Why "refractory"? How do they make it so strong?
  8. What is a refractory brick?
  9. Not mine. It looks best the first few hours is all.
  10. Did you have a harrowing drive home?
  11. that is sad. Where is north?
  12. I sense that Amy's "people" are intelligent and knowledgeable, which can often lead to geekhood.
  13. OO have you heard from Enoob lately? I'm beginning to be concerned.