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  1. I see. If I agree to go on this retreat is this what the mice will be serving?
  2. Either I just got a spam call from New Mexico or buddy's family has installed spyware to get my number and just called to invite me for my retreat.
  3. Aimes maybe you should just take it as a compliment that a cookie would be named after you.
  4. I see what you mean by place names Mrs Lady. Places like Barnstable, sandwich, Wareham, Eastham, Waltham. But you probably pronounce them all wrong.
  5. Oh and we went inland to shop yesterday and found there were still mountains of snow in the parking lot from our white Thanksgiving.
  6. We have had temps in the teens.my water bottles got frozen the other night. Today it's in the 50s.
  7. Your niece was not allergic to adult penguins?
  8. Some trees are a couple thousand years old
  9. But it's funny because it's accidentally barbaric we empathize with the horror. and thank God it's not like she killed a child with her car
  10. I went to the store recently to by mouse traps. I saw the glue traps and thought "whaaatt???" What's the point of that? I bought poison. We haven't even opened the package because the little critter hasn't been back. Maybe because we live on the 2nd floor?
  11. Humor is often based on laughing to avoid crying, or laughing because everybody gets how horrible it is. Misery loves company because it makes the load light. But if you don't enjoy the humor you should probably avoid this thread.
  12. Noob could be the bacon and Pat could be the ham.
  13. shel


    @BeauJangles I think this is the first I've heard of your list of unfortunate medical mishaps. It all sounds pretty overwhelming. I will sure be praying for you as well.
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