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  1. I'm eating Hawaiian food for breakfast. I wonder if that will keep sillycakes away. Raw tuna, raw albacore, edamame, avocado, fish eggs, pickled ginger... And a bunch of other yummy stuff.
  2. Not sure where he manufactures all those internal gases
  3. Could be any number of things with the noob
  4. Wow! Totalled?! What in the world! And we had 3 tornados. Crazy!
  5. I just finished packing. trying to leave to pick up other son by 8 am. That should be interesting.
  6. I just want to say that I have been approved for time off to go visit my son. If I happen to be absent no doctor's excuse Will be required.
  7. Are you saying Mrs pear was there 250 years ago?
  8. I'm sure MS. Pear and her frying pan could have handled him all by herself. She would have him standing obediently in the corner.
  9. Let me guess. All you need is what you are and thunderdome.
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