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  1. Hi Gabriella. Does anyone call you Gabby? If I remember right they call your movements ataxia, right? I have essential tremor, if you have ever heard of that. It's annoying. But it is what it is. Anyway, glad you could join us!
  2. Is this true @missmuffet Bo-peep?
  3. Is that your evil twin MM??
  4. OK now I see the heart and girl. At first I thought you must be looking at a different picture
  5. MM, you look adorable!
  6. JTC, I pray this year brings positive changes for you. May it be a year of healing, peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit. And may your candles not start any forest fires
  7. Oh, interesting! I think of Blacklight as making fluorescent colors glow in the dark. You know, like those posters from the 70's. My friends and I went crazy in art class in Jr. Hi making pictures with fluorescent paint.
  8. Oh, so you were in a pet store. When are you gonna go back and take some pictures for us ???
  9. Nothing like a big slab of yellow cheese to cover that gray
  10. Thank you Willa. You are right. It would have been different if I were with another person.
  11. I was not aware there was such a thing. I thought it was one of bo-peep's sheep.
  12. Your hat makes you look very young, dear.
  13. OK thanks I'm already feeling guilty right now. Coming out of walmart earlier a man with 2 little kids asked me for money for food. I didn't have any cash and told him so. He said thank you and walked away. If I had been "tuned in" I could have reached in one of my bags and handed him some string cheese or bananas or breakfast bars. DUH. I was caught off guard.