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  1. This is where I was yesterday, along with 13 other women, mostly from my church
  2. wowzers! so pretty
  3. Can you believe people once thought it was a good idea to cover them all up though?!
  4. We are fortunate to have hardwood floors UNDERNEATH all the wall to wall carpet.
  5. My husband was saying to me the other day that he doesn't have any close friends in Pittsburgh yet besides me (we have been here 3 years). I told him I have 2 close friends, him, and my friend who moved away 10 years ago. When we visited her and her husband last month I was happy to note we are still best friends. We have been through a lot together. Not sure I will develop another close friend like that? My children and my siblings are close, but they also live far away. That's pretty much why I'm here on Worthy. I have friends at church, but I don't feel I can pick up the phone and talk to them whenever I feel like it. It would be nice if there were a woman who I could share with as much as I share with my husband, cause men just don't have the same perspective.
  6. This is the first chance I've had to look at these on the computer. I am just breathing them in. Thank you Jesus..........
  7. Snow what is that gorgeous giant white flower? The detail on the bee is amazing!! The red flower looks like something we had in Calif. called a bottlebrush.
  8. What have you done with my bunny ears????
  9. me either. Well actually my field is more biased against men.
  10. just the thought of Mariokart on a 60" screen is making me dizzy
  11. Maybe you guys know some particular circumstances that I don't, but you're sounding awfully preachy to me
  12. Yes. There is nothing wrong with desiring a close friend or two. It's a separate issue from showing the love of Jesus to those you expect nothing back from.
  13. That is very unfortunate Aren't you glad we love you here MM?
  14. My allergy doc said old carpets are the worst breeding ground for dust mites. The newest carpet in the house is in our bedroom and it's over 30 years old. It's just so much work to tear it out... so far we have only done the living room and dining room.