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  1. When I used to work landscaping they used to send me on the Dunkin donuts runs. I would have to give up to 7 orders through the microphone. Many a time I had to double back around for what was missed.
  2. James you already have 99 reputation! You have made a fantastic first impression!
  3. Is that your only choice Willa?
  4. lol oh. Steven misspells so many words we could start a whole thread about it.
  5. Only our own?
  6. There should be a warning on the outside
  7. come on MM, are you sure you never heard of odor eaters? since you have small feet, you might want to try the smaller sized "STINK STOPPERS"
  8. amputation?
  9. I looked up the geology of the Arbuckle mountains on Wikipedia and couldn't understand a word it was saying. I thought they might explain how it was formed in layman's terms, but nope.
  10. Did anyone see "In Our Hands: the battle for Jerusalem" last night? Thoughts? It was a good movie - so much information to take in, The views of Jerusalem were stunning, the people were interesting, the whole thing was done very well. I want to do more research online before I can really begin to digest the content of the movie.