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  1. shel

    The New Animal thread

    hmm... don't know that one. Will have to look it up. Edit: Aha! Beatrix Potter!
  2. shel

    Derailing thread

    Do you have a first and last name? Extension #? Is it something I might be able to help you with? We do sell toilet seat covers, sombreros, tutus, and costumes for all occasions. I'd be happy to apply a 20% off coupon for you.
  3. shel

    post something random

    so what I read about the ship being the one from Peter Pan was not accurate?
  4. shel

    post something random

    Ever since you guys told me about this I've been reading up on it. I told everybody at my thanksgiving gathering and they made all sorts of lewd comments about red Johnsons and green willies. I think it's a fascinating piece of culture and I'm surprised I've never heard of it as many BBC shows as we watch.
  5. shel

    The New Animal thread

    There was an old lady who swallowed a bird - HOW ABSURD to swallow a bird! - she swallowed the bird to catch the spider....
  6. shel

    The New Animal thread

    gosh I never noticed before what pretty eyelashes your spider has noobie
  7. shel

    The New Animal thread

    I prefer mine with a lot more chocolate and a lot less spider. 😣😣💩💩
  8. shel

    Derailing thread

  9. shel

    Derailing thread

    1-800-GO BEYOND thank you for calling Bed Bath and beyond, my name is Shelly, how can I help you? We're closed tomorrow and don't you dare call on friday we will already be pulling our hair out with a hundred calls in cue. b
  10. shel

    post something random

    That is so cool!! What is an example of a winning project?
  11. OO is that Mt. Saint Helens? (looks like we can no longer resize reposted photos. That is very inconvenient for this thread)
  12. very nice to meet you promises!! yes!! that is exactly what I hope people will feel when they come here!
  13. shel

    post something random

    what is a blue peter badge?