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  1. someone banned me from other post but didn't say I couldn't post in this one
  2. tabs sweetie answer your mail
  3. needs gods protection

    how is asking her to talk to me abusive?
  4. needs gods protection

    and why could I not get into chatroom yesterday
  5. needs gods protection

    if I want to leave note for tabs I will do so. Answer your mail tabs. I need to talk to you
  6. needs gods protection

    I just want to see if your okay
  7. needs gods protection

    I am trying to talk to you on here tabs but I cant get in chatroom. please answer your mail
  8. thankyou to all who have prayed. I was moved to see prayers said for her. Worthy was so kind to post thread. Tab's instructor figures her ankle was in pain for several weeks and out of fear of being possibly withdrawn did not say anything, which unfortunately led to such nasty break. Tabs had spent time in hospital before Christmas for another medical issue and was most anxious to get back to her skating, and to life. She is heartbroken this has happened. skating has always been her life. Thankyou again for the prayers said. praying each and every one of you are blessed for your kindness-jim
  9. praying
  10. praying for both of them
  11. sorry to hear this. Its rough when loved one is in hospital. I will keep you in daily prayers
  12. praying for your healing
  13. praying for you young man