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  1. I can say that because I know these people personally and I know their hearts. It sounds contradictory to me as well. That is why I brought up the topic in the first place. I cannot wrap my head around it. Thank you for your lesson on social justice and socialism though.
  2. Of course, I do (know what a born-again Christian is), as you can see by my post above this one. I know it is not a prerequisite for salvation, obviously! However, I do very much wonder what they are thinking. If you think of everything the Democrat party stands for, it is mind-boggling to me. I feel like they are standing on the wrong side of righteousness. I feel frustrated that I am not able to get them to see that. It is what it is, so I will just pray and hope they see the error of their ways!
  3. I know that is NOT true, because some very spirit-filled ladies in my Bible study are Democrat. We have decided not to talk about politics because their views are far different than mine. I think as some have said, a lot of it is because of "social justice" point of view. But for the life of me, I cannot understand this point of view. To me, social justice is teaching someone to fish or to own a fish market rather than to wait for their "portion" every day. Less regulation in every aspect of our lives would free us up to start businesses, hire workers, pay better wages and give to charities and churches to truly help the needy without the waste of the government. I do believe they are misled and are walking in the path of sinners. We need to pray for the blinders to be removed from their eyes.
  4. Dabby26

    Prayer requests for me and mom...

    Father in Heaven, You welcome Your kids into Your Throne Room. You tell us to come boldly and to make our requests known to You. We come in the Mighty Name of Jesus, who has broken down the wall of separation between us. We come in His righteousness and with His authority. We humbly ask that You would stretch out Your hand and remove anything from this dear woman's body that may be abnormal. We declare that as Jesus's resurrected body is whole that her body be made whole and that by the Blood of Jesus she be healed. May all glory be Yours in this situation. Please lead and guide Kat to a place of worship where she feels the presence of Your Holy Spirit and where there are mature believers who can mentor her so that she grows in the wisdom and knowledge of Your Word. Amen. Blessings, Dabby.
  5. My intention was not to be judge and jury, but to wrap my head around their reasoning. If the Republican party no longer had a platform of being pro-life, and decided the Constitution really didn't matter anymore, and that I had to keep my religious faith in a closet, then I would leave that party. It is not the party I am wed to, it is the principles for which that party stands. As far as open borders is concerned, it does matter because those coming in illegally, for the most part, do not want to be American citizens. It seems to me that more and more of them want to "take back" what they perceive as their country. They desire anarchy and civil unrest to precipitate a civil war. They do not want to abide by our laws or Constitution. The underpinnings of our country are at stake which depend on being self-governed according to the laws enacted through our political process. "The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God." --John Adams wrote this on June 28, 1813, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson.
  6. That is very true, Jesus is not a member of party. He is the King of kings and he has declared what is evil in His sight. When we vote for and condone those things that Christ is against, then it seems to me we are on the wrong side of truth and standing with evil. I cannot judge a person's heart, only God can. I do believe they are misled, though. Doesn't the Bible say "Do not stand in the path of the wicked."
  7. Wow! That's pretty much it in a nutshell.
  8. My gut tells me this is a real possibility. They've worked too hard to fundamentally change America to release their grip willingly. This administration has not abided by the Constitution nor enforced our agreed-upon laws. Why would we think they would abide by our transfer of power traditions? We shall see, but the bussing in of protestors and the premade protest signs are a hint at what might be coming.
  9. I guess the question should be, "Why would a born-again Christian choose to align themselves with the Democrat party?" I know that some do, but to me, things are mostly black and white, right or wrong. I think the liberal media may have a lot to do with the far left-leaning news they hear much of the time or maybe it is family tradition when there were such things as conservative democrats, but those are long gone. I would love to hear from Christians who vote for the Democrats. I really want to understand their paradigm.
  10. My born-again Christian friend and I got into a disagreement about the election results. She is a lifelong Democrat. To me, the two do not go hand-in-hand, and I cannot wrap my mind around it. I really want to know what others think? Am I wrong?
  11. Dabby26

    Happy Veterans' Day!

    God bless all the men and women who served this great country! Thank you for your selfless service to preserve peace around the world and fight evil where and when necessary. I hope everyone gets to go out to see the Mel Gibson movie, "Hacksaw Ridge." It is an amazing true story of a man of faith, Desmond Doss, who became the first conscientious objector. He went into Battle of Okinawa in WWII to save lives as a medic. What he did was nothing short of miraculous.
  12. Dabby26


    Bittermara, why do you give yourself that screen name? You said you live in a Moslem country, have you received Jesus Christ as your Savior? I am just wondering because that way I will know better how to pray for your and your situation. I am very sorry you feel marginalized in your society. I will lift you up before the Throne Room of the Almighty God. He knows your heart and he knows your needs. Blessings, Dabby26
  13. Dabby26

    Son's Job Situation

    His hours are such that he sleeps during the day and we are like ships that pass in the night; however, I spoke to a Christian man who works where my son and I both work. He told me that he spoke with my son last night and things were not going well. He prayed for him and tried to encourage him. Please continue to pray for him as he comes to your mind. I am grateful for your prayers.