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  1. My testimony after hubby died and the loss of 75% of my income from him left me panicked. I was being ostracized by my siblings for being an outspoken born again Christian at the time, I was alone with only my daughter to help me thru. I stocked up and became interested in prepping when my pastor said, you will never be prepped enough, right? No matter how much money you spend, you will never have enough...... That hit me light a lightening strike. So I needed and have, trusted in God and the extras I have I've shared with others. When I was moving I thought how am I going to clean out my freezer? Just so happens God placed a church friend in church who was in need at the time I had a need. I was able to share with Josh and his mom five bags of food, nothing I had was wasted. God was great to both of us that day! When hard times come, I'm prepared, not scared. God will protect His chosen when the real stuff hits the fan. Sheeple will panic and die...I will pray and live one day at a time, as I've done thru Christ. Hoarding? No, being prepared like Joseph, yes. It's all because of God.
  2. God tells us there will only remain a remnant. So rare it is to find a hermanuetics and expository preaching church. I am blessed to have such a church family.
  3. This is why Muslams can't be apart of the USA community, they refuse to assimulate and abide by our country's and cities laws.... Yet the left goes on praising them... May God have mercy on these lost people, cops, governor's and mayor's that pander to Islam vs doing what is morally right by the biblical standards Good have us.

    What a shame that this isn't the end of islamma jihad, they will not stop until Christ returns.

    Please Jesus, help Your children remain steadfast for all that You have commanded us and hello endure what is coming.


    1. BacKaran


      Help us, not hello...

  4. This a year after a black thug, who was profiled as an armed robber fitting the description down to his funky glasses, gets shot and killed by white aka non black cop who, the jury found the cop innocent of murder and justified in shooting this high thug, the cop gets fired from police Dept and praises are heaped on the dead thug whose so called Girlfriend, Aka known black lives agitator, was also high and live streams the aftermath on Facebook, she's hailed as a good person with the dead thug. What's right is wrong and what's wrong is right, just as the Bible tells us. No there's no confusion, a high dead armed robbery suspect made a bad choice and got himself killed by cop, it's all the cops fault. No, it is the thugs parents problem who didn't raise him to obey the law. Sin has consequences, even death. It makes me sick that this thug is still getting parades, Park benches in his name and while we're at it, why not give him his own thug holiday? Blm rioted and shut down the freeway a few times, total pagans without a clue. But, we with the Bible should be prepared not scared. Christ is returning soon!
  5. I expect to hear more because islamma agenda is well known. Get hired, lie and then claim to be a victim and sue. This cop could have killed his partner as he shot across him, unbelievable but the Bible tells us how the days are getting darker and more evil, Jesus return is coming! Amen.
  6. Hi kpaul, Things are going very well. I look like I got beat up with all these bruises lol! Today I had lunch with a friend and tomorrow my daughter and my friend Danny will help move big storage space stuff into a smaller storage space. I'm still downsizing, I'm giving a church friend my king sized leather man lazy boy chair, I have no room for it! And he's Recovering from surgery so I hope he wants it! But the new place is coming along just fine. I had to laugh as a cop pulled me over on my first trip...I was like six blocks from the new place...I said hi, do I have a light out? No no, just a safety reminder to remove your handicap parking tag from your mirror when driving. He checked me out n I said u just moved from Eagan to Rosemount, I thought he was a Rosemount police and he says well I'm from Eagan working in rosemount today! I said well thank you for the warning, I appreciate it! I still had to laugh, he touched my back lights to see how hot they were like cops on tv do checking to see if there's a body in the trunk or if I've been driving allot, the lights would be really hot.... Funny! So I got a dog warning in my new condo, I fell down a flight of stairs and then a cop pulled me over and I've only been her 16 days!!! But it's all working out just fine. I can't complain really. Gods been so faithful, I have to praise Him for it all!! How are you doing young man? 😊
  7. Can't see how punching out an old person is fun, splashing acid in ones face as fun, etc. The devil's evil is deep and Islam is the top problem in England. Kick out the Muslams and solve the problems..... Easy.
  8. This site is a keeper! Love love love the fellowship, fun and worship and prayers. We are blessed!
  9. The more the family walks away from you the closer to God you are living and they don't like that. I'm 59 and have my daughter and church family. My dad and siblings, son and nieces are all pagans pandering to Roman Catholic and the acceptance of homosexuality with a nice who had a ceremony with another homosexual. They all think it's great. I was not told about it because I'm against homosexuality and is never celebrate something evil just to get along with the family. God is my Father and I'm meeting more born again people than ever. I still pray for my family from far away but I will not concede to sin to keep peace with them. I pray you have a great expository preaching hermanuetics church, they are the remnant of God's chosen people!
  10. Divine God appointments are all Godincidences! Praise Him for lifting the load on the cost! Amen!
  11. Willa, Please have her drink lots of vitamin c in large amounts to help skin healing and honey or royal bee jelly to keep infection away. I pray she recovers before schools begins again 😊
  12. Hello to all three newbies I see on this thread! Glad to have you! 🤗
  13. Moving is very stressful and I'm only into my second week in New place. I'm discombobulated since things are new and I know I had three pairs of scissors to cut down boxes but I'm using a knife till I find the scissors! Take your time and drink lots of water! Praying for you all!
  14. Hi, I'd like to recommend putting honey on your toe with a bandaid. Honey and royal bee jelly have natural antibiotics in them. prayers for you, hubby played softball and each year it seemed like he'd damage his big toe... He had rilly big feet.... Not a pretty site until the new nail is all grown in. vitamin c helps with tissue recovery too.🤓