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  1. Wayne, Praying for you and here's some unasked suggestions.... Ginger tea Oregano oil, I few drops in a large glass of water Warm vegetable oil in your ear...A drop it two with a hot water bottle to treat on Get well soon!
  2. I understand we are heirs reigning with Jesus but let me say right now, I'd be happy to sing forever along side the great Opera singers and regular singers!!!!🎼🎶🎵
  3. I attest to feeling better by removing these from my diet Nutrasweet All pop Bread Pizza. .I do splurge knowing I won't feel good... Fast food Processed foods and meats. I do splurge on beef Bologna and to my surprise I feel fine! Candy How about anyone else? After ditching nutrasweet I don't have headaches every week!
  4. Great places to get info ~

    Alpha Omega ministries

    SO4J    sold out for Jesus


    Pre wrath

    Speakers and authors

    Ryan Habbena

    Charles Cooper

    Walter Kaiser

    Alan Kurschner

    John MacArthur

    James White

    William Schonebelen

    Wayne Grudem

    John Bunyan


    1. simplejeff


      all subject to testing.  one of those used to be 'good' I thought, years ago,  but the last few years is entirely in and of the world ,  no longer differentiating what is bad or good even.(it is all allowed). 

      thrift books/ used books sources/  is much better and good because no one is going (hopefully) to be tricked by them/ deceived into and with a false gospel like some of the other sources mentioned,  IF someone expects to find truth there,   yet it is not there.

    2. BacKaran


      Thanks Jeff, I've only searched for Christian books and found thrift books to be the cheapest place so far besides garage sales.

      Northwestern bookstore used to be Christian then went all new age and was bought out by LifeWay. A friend from high school works at life way and we chatted... He's a pastor... Great! He's all for new age. boooo!

  5. Thank you Walter! I can't start my day until I give thanks and praise to Jesus. We are so blessed to live in the USA, may we never forget that it's God who has blessed us all!
  6. Great... Franken veggies... If I just eat regular spinach it does my heart good too and only cost $3 a bag!😄
  7. I do have to say I like browsing the old stuff every once in a while 😊
  8. I'd say sin is satans big secret along with lies, doubt, addiction, self condemnation....
  9. If you don't know Jay Sekulow, look him up! He's a great brother and defender against the ACLU.
  10. Welcome, ask alot of questions 😊 this is a good place to learn!
  11. Wrong Michael Moore. Sin is the cause of human Extinction... Unless your saved... Hey Michael, you saved yet?
  12. Muslams have changed the atmosphere in high schools that's for sure. Roosevelt Sr high in mpls had drastically changed since my brother went there. Metal detectors, cops on site....I would home school before I let my kids into the public school system but I'm done having kids and they are adults.... Sometimes I wish we could have a do over...
  13. Hmmm, don't know about that Mea. If one sees lightening, that's retinal detachment. If it's like a shade closing up to down, that's an emergency to. Kirby Puckett, a MN Twins, had that. You can go blind if not treated so. I'm going to ask my eye surgeon if they can do laser surgery for my floater then. I worked with Dr Irving Shapiro in mpls. He designed and created the Phillips eye institute with the Yag laser and a few others laser techniques back in the mid 80s-1990. 😊
  14. As long as there are newbies, there will be repetition on any site. Perhaps a break is needed? 🤔
  15. A great site to learn and understand what Christian Apologetics is for newbies. A good source of church movements and answers for your biblical questions. Of course, as a Berean, one should compare what is said with the Bible.