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  1. BacKaran

    Adrian Rogers

    So many godly men are passing away these days and I can see where this is headed as these are the end times. A very interesting time to live and to praise God for all He’s given us, godly men and women, brothers and sisters in Jesus family and our church families. At the end of each day I can say Thank You God for blessing me with today. I will praise Your name and Honor You all of my days! Thank You for making me stop to listen then to speak Your Truth. And as I have learned many times, I may just have to move on to meet with other souls who thirst and are hungry for His Word. Amen!
  2. BacKaran

    Adrian Rogers

    It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error. and Jesus tells me people will hate me for telling His Truth. People say I am bashing their man made religion when the Truth is they are being convicted by The Holy Spirit to see the error of their man made religion and they dont take the opportunity to be lead by the Holy Spirit, they turn on me in anger. It is better to speak the truth that hurts and then heals, than falsehood that comforts and then kills. Gods Truth opened my soul and eyes to Him, to Jesus and to the convicting love of the Holy Spirit. My life had a paradigm shift and I saw how all I was taught by men in a man made religion was a lie. I was horrified when I learned Gods Truth, He being such a Holy and Just God, I fell on my face to admit I was a sinner in need of Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He touched me with Jesus and I was born again. It is better to be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for telling a lie. How does one learn to tell the truth from a lie unless God shows them His Truth? Its very hard for a proud person to admit they are wrong and need to be chastised by a loving and merciful God. Its very hard to change a hard heart yet God will do that when you seek Him. It is better to stand alone with the truth, than to be wrong with a multitude. I stand alone within my earthly family who refuses to hear Gods Truth. I stand firmly with my church family on the Word of God and Jesus life and all He did for us so we can be assured we will spend all eternity with Him. It is better to ultimately succeed with the truth than to temporarily succeed with a lie. It is not me that succeeds but Jesus Who lives in me forever. I am nothing, no thing and He has made me His Child, His Heir,and A Saved Soul so that I may worship and honor Him forever. There is only one Gospel. And there are few who find that narrow road with Christ. I pray all lost souls will understand today is the day of their salvation from sin and eternal death to life with Christ and eternity with God, The Father, Jesus, His Son and The Holy Spirit, Our Comforter. Amen. Adrian Rogers
  3. Hi Ella visit a bookstore and look at the different types of Bibles and buy the one you can read. I dont like King James as its not the normal way for me talk and have a conversation and I get confused on thee and thous... I really like the English Standard Version and John MacArthurs Study bible. Blessings on your journey!
  4. Thanks for sharing Lavender. Ive had almost like choking instances which may or may not be related to sleep apnea or just my being overweight. Every once in a while my throat will spasm shut while I am sleeping or resting on the bed and I think its almost like an asthma attack. They are so infrequent I dont really think about them until it happens. The last one was a doozy about two years ago. I jumped outta bed, got as far as the bathroom and prayed Jesus help me. I wasn’t going to make it to the phone to call 911......it passed, I thanked Him and havent had an issue since. It is scary and I now pray for those I know who have asthma, its a helpless feeling and seems to last forever even though it may be just seconds... Praise God for all things are under His control! Amen!
  5. Hi Mat Over thinking, worrying, endless thoughts, thats is exactly what I have. I was on depression and anxiety meds for 30 years, learned that Prozac has fluoride in it that affects the pineal gland in the brain and I decided to go off it with my docs ok. The worst that could happen is that I go back on it but I am trying to stay busy at home, helping others and reading my bible. My worst issue is loud ringing in my ears tinnitus...all the time and very very loud nothing can block it out. I do take a sleeping pill to sleep cuz otherwise I am up til early morning! Ask your therapist if they are born again. I asked my doctor, my chiropractor and another doc. Two are and one wasn’t. And the worst they could say is I’d rather not say, but then you have your answer right there. Blessings to you and youre Gods work in process and progress takes time, be gently on yourself!
  6. GreyD, It really looks weird in Chinese and I dont even know if I should read it left to right or up to down or right to left!
  7. BacKaran

    Questions about homosexuality

    Is it love to let sinners live in sin and heading to hell without telling them Gods Truth? There is no such thing as a CHRISTIAN homosexual, they are pretenders with their hearts seared with their sin, they are tares amount the wheat. BORN AGAIN CHRISITIANS will be compelled by the Holy Spirit to change the focus of their lives from their sins and sinful desires to obeying and pleasing God. My Roman Catholic siblings believe abortion is ok...rilly? When did God change His Word about tha? OH HE DIDNT! and if they say “my god would never. ...or my god loves them.....they have broken the 2nd commandment making a god for themselves so they can feel good while in their sin and still “claim” to know god.... Once I witness to a lost soul, its up to them to choose the message from Jesus or not. Ive done my job and the Holy Spirit will change them is they seek Jesus and truly get born again. Know God know peace no god no peace
  8. BacKaran

    Questions about homosexuality

    What does the Bible say? Homosexuality is a sin. My neice celebrated her partnership with another homosexual and I love them both from a far. I will not accept them in my home or attend family gatherings as this would be seen as approval for their sin by everyone, family or friend. Every family member knew of this ongoing homosexual relationship for decades and not me, I also was not invited to celebrate them damning themselves to hell. I wouldnt have gone anyway, they know where I stand with God, firm and strong on His Word. God offends, Jesus offends, the Holy Spirit offends....those who will be born again will no longer live in their sin but live for God. A true born again Christian will witness the Truth to family and friends and if they choose to move away or terminate the relationship, so be it. Jesus has told us this would happen in the Bible to those who follow Him. I have nothing in common with my neice nor my Roman Catholics siblings and my son disowned me, dont know how he thinks that works, but they all have called me tons of names and I’m a Jesus freak in a cult as I have found Jesus in a nondenominational church. My biblical response to anyone claiming This is how god made me is ME TOO! God knew I would be born with a sinful nature and I needed Jesus to save me. DNA is either male or female. Bruce Jenner can do whatever he wants to his physical body, he’s still a man pretending to be a woman. Chastity Bono is still a woman although she takes drugs to grow a beard. Living for Jesus is a radical change from the family norm these days. I will be kind to homos but I will not have anything to do with them as they reject Jesus corrections and flaunt their sin in front of everyone. There is only a REMNANT that will be living for Jesus, not billions as some man made religions keep telling its members. Jesus died for all BUT ALL WILL NOT choose Jesus. God hates the sin and the unrepentant sinner so we too are not to love the sinner unless s/he is repentant and they choose to change their life for Christ. God cannot be in the presence of sin, ever. Emotions come and go which is why God encourages and exhorts us as His born again Children to stay strong in His Word and faith. We will be hated by the world because they reject the One Triune God.
  9. BacKaran

    Prayers for auto accident and daughter

    How are you doing KP? If I remember, did you graduate last year or is it this year? Nice family photo of yours! Are you going to college? Time goes by so fast!! Blessings to you for being a prayer warrior! I know I need your prayers! Thanks Karan
  10. Hi Everyone, Please pray for my daughter, she’s having a very stressful time. Her job is overwhelming, she was hit in her parking lot yesterday by a driver backing up who damaged her car, after the cops etc i took her to urgent care and then realized its been 8 years since my hubby her dad had died. I thought the date was on Tuesday so I thought I was doing really well, and I am but she broke down a few times from the stress, at 32 it’s her first auto accident and she bought her new used car last fall so that upsets her too and we both miss Dad. Please pray that I will have the opportunity from the HOly Spirit to use this as a witnessing lesson. She did mention the car is just a fleeting thing.... Thank you for prayers and praise God she is just stiff and sore today, no other injuries. Amen.
  11. BacKaran

    We need to be specific about things.

    Plain Truths Mohammed never died for anyone’s sins Jesus died for everyone who repents of their sins and turns to Him as Lord and Savior. Mohammed was just a sick evil man, a sinner in need of a Savior.
  12. BacKaran

    Commendation or condemnation?

    This is something I learned in a great expository sermon by my elder, Ryan Habenna of Conquering King Fellowship. I asked, if I’m saved then why am I judged again after I die? As a former Roman Catholic my question was not answered. Born again sinners are born twice, physically and spiritually and when a saved souls die once we will be given rewards aka commendations from Jesus. We are compelled by Christ to do good works. Thus we will recieve rewards as written in the Bible and we will give them all back to Jesus at His feet for gratitude that He loved us, took our sins and gave us salvation. Unsaved Sinners die twice and will be judged on their “good works” which are filthy rags before a Holy God, and because they didnt choose God, they will die forever in condemnation in hell. Good works never saves anyone. I meditate on this awesome Truth because I was confused for sooo long! I hope others will treasure Jesus as much as I do!Amen.
  13. Many things can bring on sleep paralysis so check out your meds if you are on any. I just quit all the meds I was on for 30 years due to a misdiagnosed issue...sigh.... I have tinnitus really bad, it’s so loud I am sure the world can hear it! I cant get to sleep so I began taking Ambien but then I had to double it... So doctor gave me slow release, she wont double it (hallucinations she said) but the slow release I think I would need to take at 5 pm to get me to be sleepy about 9 pm and be ok in the morning> I have tried it once, nightmare galore and I felt groggy in the morning so not gonna use that as an option. Panic attacks simulate heart attacks and low blood potassium does the same but can really damage your body. Here’s my experience with demons.... At 48 I told my hubby was going to learn how to witness by the time I was 50.... Hmmm, car accident and 2 major surgeries set me back a few years but I told the devil, you keep trying cuz I’m still following God! Mom died, hubby died, health issues, financial issues, got let go from a job cuz I asked for a raise after 7 years...nice “christian man” president told me I should rent out rooms for money.... Now I’m 60 and my dad just passed, I’m ostracized from my son and Roman Catholic siblings, I’m born again aka Jesus freak in a cult somewhere....sigh... but I am still going every day 24/7/365 for HIM!! Trusting God in all things...going off my anxiety meds after 30 years, been off a month now and so far so good Thank You Lord! If I need it I need it but 30 years of paying for it if I didnt need it...yeeks, that’s a lotta money and I am not a cash cow for the drs! Life is stressful so give it all to God, and all the time if need be!! Blessings Karan
  14. Hi Grey Just keep praying to the Holy Spirit for discernment! Ask ask ask questions all the time! Look to see if you have a church that has expository preaching and uses hermantutics when preaching too. We have more than a few loners in our church and we love them all! The more I get to know people, the more I like being able to help them out either in running errands, witnessing or having lunch and fellowship-ing with them. Its different being a newbie, I still consider myself a newbie after 10 years! I’m always learning something new! Here are some great sites Ive used and support www.CARM.org www.proclaimingthegospel.com with Mike Gendron Systematic Theology book by Wayne Grudem. This is a meaty book! The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan. This is old but I loved it and thought people need to know about this book! I bought a Chinese version for a lady who sat with my dad at lunch in the nursing home. She taught me how to say I love you in Chinese. Woe Aye Knee.... lovely! All questions are important so keep on asking! Have a great day!
  15. COrrect, and according to God, I have honored both my father and mother when they were living, I owe nothing to my unsaved siblings. I pray from them from a far. Theres less stress, less drama and no fakery as I no longer are around them. They ostracize me and my hubby since we said we were born again. My family is my born again church family. They have been with me since a year before my hubby died unexpectedly and ever since. Being born again was an aha moment for me where I felt like I literally lost 100 pounds. And a few people noticed that I looked different....that was interesting since I didnt tell anyone what happened to me! I disagree with Naominash as I really dont care what other people think about me. Ive lost childhood friends and family because of God and yep, I’d do it all over again! I see life on this planet with Gods eyes and really I can’t relate to those who are not saved. I have nothing in common with them and useless jabber is not conversation. I am going to be bold and love everyone enough to let them know they need Christ and if they reject Him, well, that’s fine, I move on. I love handing out tracts and witnessing. I’m attending our church on Cinco De Mayo this year and I am excited! I love people watching and chatting with them if they have questions. I aim to please and obey God knowing that while still on this earth, I will fall short however I am still living for Him! As a widow, God has been here right with me, The Holy SPirit giving me discernment and Jesus has met all my needs and then some! I cant ever out give God! Here is a great bible study class one can take online. Ive been through it 4 times and its different with each class and I have learned sooooo much! www.villageschoolsofthebible.org A great site to learn the Bible from Genesis to Revelation! You can also ask for a scholarship if you cant afford it. I like to donate so others can join and learn! Good questions, it’s nice to meet you as well! Blessings, Karan