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  1. Well no rest today as friends helped clean out my garage, sweep it clean, I ordered a dumpster, it comes on Tuesday. My large storage unit is filled so I got a small one to put what's left of my house in there. Brother is moving out June 1 and putting his stuff in the clean garage. Realtor will put house on market June 2nd, not the first, relieve the stress add my brothers working each day except Thursday My feet are hurting and I'm going to bed. Praise God for His working this all out. And I have his peace which I'm so greatful for. Don't know how people can live without God, I just can't fathom how they do it. . Thank you Lord!
  2. Welcomes Kat, you will enjoy your time here 🤗
  3. Be prepared, not scared. Trust in the life saving blood of Christ and one will have no fear of evil. If they kill you, you go to heaven just that much faster than you thought you would do it's a win win for the saved believer 🤗
  4. As my hubby's Aunt lay dying in the hospital, all I could think of to do was massage her feet, cut her toenails and fingernails, that's what came to my mind until she passed a little while later. So thankful I had that time with her.
  5. I'm at peace with it all. It's a flurry of activity, been up since 6am, got done deliciousness to storage place and good will about 3. Tomorrow I rest all day, Saturday peeps are coming over and more will get done. So, God is absolutely to be praised. After seven years as a widow, it's easier to get rid of stuff. It's just stuff right? But don't take my Bible 😊 Thanks everyone 🤗
  6. Thank you everyone! MY first bit on fine condo was accepted with the contingency on my house selling. It goes on the market June 1. Everything's working out smoothly so far. Anyone love by Eagan Mn, let me know, I have things to purge and sell! Good is good, Amen!
  7. Dear Wcf friends, I've made the decision that with poor health I need to move from my house to a condo. I'm asking the Lord help, I know He doesn't care where I live but I need His guidance. I thank Him for having a believer realtor and church family who are going with me to check out some condos. I pray that all goes well. My brother is moving out next week, I've got help to clear my stuff into storage and I should be ready to allow my house soon. They are four homes just on my side of the block for sale. The last one sold in a day, it's just crazy. I'm trusting in Him, I'm not trusting in myself cuz I will panic if I think too long about it all. Thank you for your support 🤗 Karan
  8. I know! I was a pregnant unwed 18 ,yr old and my ex mom took me to hold rosary rc to see the traveling statue of Mary.... One of many around the world.... She told me to touch the idiots for I dunno, a blessing or reward or hello or something. The people protecting the idol were busy keeping others from touching the sure l feet of the idol. Don't touch, you will wear her feet out! Yep, so many lost people rubbed or touched the feet the toes wear with down! 1977 the traveling pope was elected, big hoopla about him too. Just take a step back and see the rcc thru the biblical lens and God's eyes, it's evil and corrupt to death.
  9. Like for different sports writer being at the same game, each will highlight what they think is important. Just because one says he say two Angels and another only saw one angel doesn't prove there weren't two Angels....
  10. I would have said are you his mom? I'm so and so, remember from years ago? Guys don't think like girls do... They can come off as rude when they are not doing it intentionally.
  11. As an ex rocatholic, I can attest to people being silent on the dead bodies cuz once that generation dies, no one knows about it until they do research and if no one remembers it, the rcc brushes it under they're rug of secrets. How many people today, rccets, have heard of Padre pio and all his miracles, not many I'd say and my mom s generation loved all that and Fatima, Lourdes etc. Now rccers today have toast and trees that look like Jesus and weeping statues even tho no one today had ever seen Jesus to venerate and worship. Gotta tell ya the Truth here, it's just a piece of toast or a tree....! If the rccers could stand back and see the occult for that the rcc is, albeit mixed with a little Truth, they should be appalled at.... Vials of blood on display Jp2s finger is preserved Dead people aka the rcc saints, all bejeweled in glass caskets like some b class scary movie. Europe is home to bunches of rcc churches or monestaries that are decked out in dead people bones.... Oh that's not the rcc, well yes it is.... Creepy but that's what the devil reveres. And to stand up against that evil calling the rcc evil for what is it, evil, that's not PC. Well Jesus was not pc either and I will always stands with God, not man, even if he's a popester.
  12. TIM ALLEN THE PATRIOT MAN, I love it already!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  13. Take a great Bible study class and learn hermanuetics and about expositorally preaching. That clears up alot of errors and misconceptions.
  14. My nephew was 8 but I thought he was four! He was very small for his age... Diagnosed with heart problem, got it corrected and grew like a weed... But if she's short, she's short. He does need The Lord.