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  1. Ezra, I pray your are right and God heard all our prayers. Islam is growing and hated against Christians is just ramping up, we ain't seen nothing yet! Our churches are not teaching the meat of Truth, the people are babies still on milk aka they know bare basics if that of what His Word tells them how to live for Him. Trump needs to be firm in his first 100 days and do they things he said he would. Jail those who need to be jailed Overturn the train wreck Obama has led this country into healhwise, financially and militarily. Repair our relationships with Israel and friends Beef up the military with their benefits and is quit sending money to countries for aid until the USA gets back on track after building the wall, doing Muslams from coming in, export the illegals that need to be fine and don't apologize for it at all! Oh there's more but how Trump handles the invetable fiat money crash and houding crash that's coming thanks to Obama..... That will tell everyone what he's made of. Interesting times indeed! 😏🤔
  2. Oh don't forget the Name it and claim it crowd Slaying of the spirit Holy laughter and Kundalani Transcendental meditation Catholic yoga The more I hear about all these fabulous speakers and, the more I compare what they say against the Bible , like the Bereans, the more the Holy Spirit hones my discernment, the closer I draw to God. You don't know what you don't know especially if you don't read other stable firm Christians comments on said church superstars like Rick Warren, bill hybels etc. I chose the Bibles truth over man's and as the Bible commands believers, we are too expose false preachers and their ilk. Amen.
  3. Truth is found only in God's divinely inspired Word thru the apostles from Genesis to Revelation. There is no perfect church but mine stands on His principles and commandments listed in the Bible, we have a biblical eldership who are held accountable to Jesus first. They expound line by line using hermanuetics. The devil talks smoothly, looks good, then says some truth with his lies which is why discernment is surely needed. He's one reason so many are being lead away from God in the cults of the Roman Catholic Church, Mormons, seventh day Adventists, Islam, Wicca, new age whatever, Buddhism etc... These are false movements within the church community Health wealth and prosperity The word of Faith movement Charismatics and tongues Emergent church The new apostolic Reformation www.sO4j. Com is one Good resource www. Carm.Com as well My people suffer from a lack of knowledge the Bible says. Know thy enemy.... "He reaked of Jesus. I'm telling you, this guy had a smile and a demeanor unparalleled with anyone I've ever met.' Same as what I thought about joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers and others.... The devil is doing a really good job as he knows his time is short. 😊
  4. All I can say is I've gone thru all the false preachers to get where I can discern truth from lies mixed with truth. TV shows, their books, their seminars, conventions, been there done that. Those who have ears to hear..... Need to discern Truth from truth and lies. No debate needed, I stand with Jesus and saved preachers of the Bible, not those men and women that look good or speak good or are teaching what wimpy churches are teaching today. Blessings to all for a good night 😊
  5. Dear David My Mike and I were married at the same as as you two. If you can talk with her again, write a list of what she expects. God must be first Then the spouse Then the children Mike and I had two big fights during our marriage, really... The kind each one is pouring cuz they didn't get their way, lasted a few weeks and then we talked cuz it was ridiculous. Another experience for us to compromise, make up and move on. I wish you the best, please keep us informed! 🤗
  6. Wow, missm and I are in the same page, he's a false preacher of the Word Of Faith and health wealth prosperity movements.... From SO4J which is an excellent ministry here in MN and right on for exposing false preachers. If one only heard one or two messages of any of these fps, one may not hear or discern the lies being told. His theological background is the Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel Movement. He admits to being a Word of Faith Prosperity Teacher here: QUOTE by JOSEPH PRINCE: “Now I've been in the Word of Faith circle and I find that Word of Faith preachers know about favor. Churches of faith know about favor. The thing that I wish many of them would say though would be this - to use that phase - "undeserved favor". Favor is good and the teaching of favor has produced tremendous testimonies but I would rather the Word of Faith preachers like myself use undeserved favor because that's the true definition of grace. Now I didn't learn amazing grace from Word of Faith though I'm a Word of Faith preacher. I had to learn that truly struggling on my own.” [End of Quote] He has a working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew which makes him come across as if he knows what he's talking about.. but when we search the scriptures (i.e. Acts 17:11) with what he teaches we see that he has sadly taken much scripture out of it's proper context. He mixes TRUTH with ERROR. He also talks about GRACE as a MOTHER..? QUOTE by JOSEPH PRINCE: "Having the same MOTHER. We have the same heavenly Father and the same MOTHER GRACE. And our mother is NOT LAW." (Mother Grace?) See one of the Videos below about this. Some of the many Biblical RED FLAGS as well as the Unbiblical Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel about Joseph Prince is that: 1 - He Claims to hear the voice of God OUTSIDE of Scripture - i.e. so-called "WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE". Joseph Prince says in 1997 while on vacation with his wife: QUOTE: “I distinctly heard the voice of the Lord on the inside. It wasn’t a witness of the Spirit. It was a voice, and I heard God say clearly to me: “Son, you are not preaching grace.” I said, “What do You mean, Lord? That’s a low blow. That’s a real low blow!” I added, “I’m a preacher of grace. I have been a grace preacher for years, and like most preachers, I preach that we are saved by grace!” He (ie the LORD) said, “No. Everytime you preach grace, you preach it with a mixture of law. You attempt to balance grace with the law, like many other preachers, and the moment you balance grace, you neutralize it. You cannot put new wine into old wineskins. You cannot put grace and law together.” He went on to say, “Son, a lot of preachers are not preaching grace the way Apostle Paul preached grace.” He then ended emphatically with this statement that revolutionized my ministry: “If you don’t preach grace radically, people’s lives will never be radically blessed and radically transformed.”That powerful word from the Lord jolted me, and I realized for the first time that I had indeed been preaching a grace message that was tempered with the law. I returned to my church with a strong mandate from the Lord and I began to preach grace radically.” (Joseph Prince, Destined To Reign)." (THIS IS EXTRA-BIBLICAL and FALSE TEACHING) 2 - His Theology is deep into the "Word of Faith" Prosperity Gospel - QUOTE by JOSEPH PRINCE: "I give thanks for God for my ROOTS in the WORD OF FAITH TEACHINGS. It is truly on the shoulders of GREAT MEN OF GOD like brother KENNETH E. HAGIN (MAJOR FALSE TEACHER) that we are able to see further into the Word of God today." -- "Destined to Reign" Book by Joseph Prince Page 271 (Year: 2007)
  7. Hi David, You sound alot like my husband. Introvert ish but funny, caring, loving etc. It's your girl an extrovert? My advice is based on my experience. I wanted to have those talks weekly, you know, to keep anything from becoming a big issue in our new marriage. Mike said after a few months, ya know, I don't think we need to have these talks, we're doing great.... And he was right. I had to learn that he was more private than me and I had to accept that and change MY way of reacting with him. He will listen to everything I talk about and i am a gabber! I respect him when he says his day was just fine.... We had a separateness in our marriage. He had his sports and alone time with the guys and I had my craft time talk time with my girlfriends. We had dated a short time and went thru pre martial counseling and it went great.... But I was not willing to spend about year waiting to get married... If he loved me, let's get the train moving! Oh he was under pressure as our friends were marrying at the rate of four a month! So I asked him to marry me.... A relationship is give and take. My question to her would be would your life be better with him or without him? Would you love this man if he became handicapped, injured, unemployed? My answers were yes. I found out on an early date that Mike wore eye contacts and he put on the thickest glasses I'd ever seen! My first thought was... Wow, he's so handsome! 😊 OK so then as we got into our 50s we became born again and I had to bring up the serious questions like... Will you lead us in prayer? He didn't say nothing for a few days and I said Mike, let's pray.. He rolled his eyes and I lead our prayers twice. I practiced my witnessing skills and witnessed to him and unexpectedly he died of a massive heart attack at 53. We had the best marriage I ever could have prayed for with a man who accepted my extrovertism with his introvertness. My daughter was dating a guy that sounds like you, she wasnt ready to call it love after two years and I said, why not? Dating is finding that someone for life, if you don't feel anything but like after two years, what's the point in dating? She agreed and broke it off. A tough decision your girlfriend needs to make, is she willing to give and take for life, maybe once a year for these talks, what's holding you back from proposing? Are you in a good church? My Mike was a silent Christian but he was a Galations 5:23 man of God. His integrity spoke volumes. If your girl wants you to lead, you need to tell her you can or if you're uncomfortable leading, she may have to do it. Not all the time as it's a compromise. And being silent says nothing about one's faith. If she truly needs a more extrovert man than that's her issue, not yours. May God bless you with whatever happens! 🤗 Karan
  8. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created..... Just ponder the words for awhile. What do these words tell us about God? Name some biblical truths that come from just these five words.😊
  9. And IMO, I'd say Id praise God for giving me my children and husband for the time He did. As a widow I'm asked by well meaning unsaved friends when will I date and remarry? I said why would I remarry when my best friend now is Christ? I'm living my life for Christ. God has brought me from the pagan place to the redeemed where I can joyfully praise God even as death took my husband. Why? I know my husband was saved and why would I wish him back to this sinful world? He's in heaven until we all get raptured and our glorified bodies, oh what a day that will be! I like Daniels friends who were going to die in the furnace... Our God is mighty to save and yet, even if He doesn't save us, we will not bow down! That's how I live my life, follow Jesus and praise even though I may suffer for nothing no thing compared to the salvation we have in Christ! 😊
  10. As Stephen said being lead to his death... Father, forgive then for they know not what they do..... And a man's life was transformed from that event, Paul. How can I not forgive the lost? I myself was lost for decades, just as they are. Praises to God that I only need to please Him and not man.
  11. I like this story of Rays. Hugs to daughters married brothers and their name is Love.... Comfort and Love, only by God's design!🤗
  12. I concur with what you've said, there will always be conflict until Christ returns. It's going to be an interesting ride so hold on, it may be a bit bumpy! Interesting times to be a Christan, thank You Lord.
  13. Even so, God didn't let His chosen die, Gods love is amazing. There is a video of a Christian in Africa who was going to be hung. He cheerfully climbed to the stairs as the rope was placed around his neck... He was smiling and praising God until his last moment in life. That's how I want to be, smiling, praising God and being a light to all who came to watch a death but in reality this man was going Home.
  14. Very well done! I love EZ and Ray Comfort. I made a donation to Rays site when my husband passed. One day I get home and there's a recorded message on my phone... From Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. These brothers called me, a nobody really, to express sympathy on the loss of my husband. This was an honest phone call from them, crossing the miles, to reach out to a sister in Christ to lift me up in prayer. I thought ... Who am I that they should call me? But who am I that God should care for me? I am His and they are my brothers and I can't wait to meet them one day. 🤗
  15. Welcome, I'm a newbie too and love this place! 🤗