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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ okie dokie
  2. Mods, you can close / delete this Thanks
  3. Strange, there are a myriad of Biblical topics that pertain to marking / engraving things How about Palmoni ?
  4. well, good luck with your microchip fantasies
  5. I personally don't buy into the twaddle about microchip implants
  6. Good questions I'd say that first and foremost it means that most modern exegetical explorations of the texts of Revelation have been simplified for convenience, simplified to the point that most folks don't even know what a nomen sacrum even is That methodology of hermeneutics in itself conveniently sweeps roughly 4,000 years of history and literary notations regarding divinity and divine rule, right off the table, which is doing nobody any favors. It has essentially reduced the Bible to having the simplicity of a Dr. Seuss book, for whatever reasons deemed sufficient, including the denial of volumes of ancient literature, tradition and history or their roles in the origins of the Bible ( Which I have found is far more complex and interesting than people have made it out to be ) Obviously NT authors and scribes felt it important enough to preserve in writing, much in the way that Jews preserved abnormal letters in Torah when they hand write a Sefer Torah Secondly, as I stated in a previous post, both 666 and 144,000 are used in the times prior to the Bible for astronomy calculations, mainly regarding eclipses, but to really delve into the topic, one must be educated in mathematics, math history, mathematical astronomy and metrology used by priest-kings in Mesopotamia ( As well as Egyptian Pharaohs ) dating back to the earliest Sumerian city-states and pre-cuneiform ideograms
  7. Israel is, it's the 12th listed English - Israel Greek - Ἰσραήλ Nomen sacrum - ΙΗΛ
  8. 616 is written with a monogram and 666 is written with a Christogram
  9. It's not a sin to offend somebody with honesty
  10. Oh...OK Σ was often represented with a lunate sigma ( The epigraphic form ) looks like the letter C Jesus ( IΣ and IC ) Christ ( ΧΣ and ΧC ) Christ = ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ Christogram = ΧΣ ΧΣ + ϛ ( the ligature of sigma (Σ) and tau (Τ) ) = ΧΣϛ = 666 χξς = 666 ΧΣϛ = 666 χξς = ΧΣϛ = 666 I tend to use ΧΣϛ because that's the form in the oldest manuscripts containing 13:18, like P_47 thanks for your contribution to the thread
  11. Through some study into priestly texts in Mesopotamia, I discovered that 666 and 144,000 were used prior to the Bible, by priest-kings, for astronomy calculations regarding eclipse cycles ( Mainly eclipses AKA " signs in the sky " ), definitely some interesting reading if you are willing to wade through sites from Yale, Oxford, etc Linguistic cognates are also interesting here, considering the definition of the Titlo - little horn Greek - keras - κέρας - (a) a horn, (b) a horn-like projection at the corner of an altar, (c) a horn as a symbol of power Hebrew - qeren - קֶרֶן - hill , horn , horns , might , rays, strength Akkadian: qarnu ( Early Old Babylonian, Old Babylonian, Middle Babylonian ) " horn; finger; fret " At that point in history ( Babylonian, Akkadian, Sumerian ) it's mainly a unit used by priest-kings to measure approximate degrees in astronomy using the fingers / hands ( A system still commonly used by modern astronomers ) Cheers
  12. It's the dreaded 666, actually ( and 616 ) I've always found it odd that a rather important notation for divinity in Greek manuscripts has basically been ignored after being purposefully written so long ago, especially considering Matthew 5:18 The fact it's written simply by affixing the letter stigma ( as a noun στίγμα meaning "a mark, dot, puncture", or generally "a sign" ) to the common Christogram ΧΣ ( The nomen sacrum of " Christ " , AKA the abbreviated form in Greek ) makes one wonder why the NT authors would feel the need to include 666 in the same category as: God, Lord, Jesus, Christ, Son, Spirit, David, Cross, Mother, Father, Israel, Savior, Man, Jerusalem, and Heaven Scripture makes it clear about the beast and having power to rule, etc, but this is definitely not divine like Christ or Christ's rule, nobody would ever claim 666 is divine, but yet it's written that way, quite clearly I agree, it is interesting, notations for divinity in literature date all the back to about 2200 BC , with the Sumerian ideogram of a star being the cuneiform cognate to the Semitic " El ", first used as a determinant for divinity in literature by Naram-Sin, grandson of the founder of the Akkadian empire ( Who also standardized all measurements in Mesopotamia under a system that lasted for roughly 2,000 years, the source of all known units of measure in the Bible ) In fact Revelation's phrasing mentions this directly - the star in the pit, etc
  13. χξϛ That's the missing sacred name from the list
  14. Interesting, so there's another one But there's still one missing
  15. Coolio I started a thread on it if you care to enlighten those of us not educated on the scriptures
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