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  1. I never intended to return to this thread and won't do so again , no more pearls. You can trample the ones I put before you then continue your trampling of me. As you return to your wallows , I hope that God gives you what's needed to wake up.
  2. Where did I learn that the word pisteuo is a verb , an action word? Where did I learn that Faith the noun , applied by faithing the verb , is an action , based upon a belief , sustained by confidence? Where did I learn pisteuo couldn't be translated into the English language ? Where did I learn the English language has no verb form of the noun Faith? Where did I learn that the words Believe , believer , and Believing are mistranslatied ? All by Dr. Gene Scott ! How did I know he was right ? By responding to the call of the Father with a genuine surrendered life ( not a perfect one) and living a life inspired by such surrendered life. Making all the many daily decisions that show God , I concider my life to be His now , not mine. Then the last part of the Vines definition came true. " Producing a full acknowledgement of God's revelation of truth." Saving Faith and faithing is simple to understand , just hard to do. But it is possible with trust , courage , and His Spirit.
  3. You'll notice in 1 Cor. 15 , 1-4 it specifically stated " otherwise you have BELIEVED in vain. That word " believed " is a mistranslaion. It comes from the Greek word " pisteuo ". Pisteuo is mistranslated 248 times in the NT . I'll just replace the mistranslatied word with the Vines Greek dictionarys definition of pisteuo. 1 Cor. 15, 2 : " Otherwise we have surrendered our lives and lived a life inspired by such surrender in vain." Your understanding of Faith and faithing , pistis and pisteuo is resting on a mistranslaion.
  4. You can't claim a promise of God without the Spirit of Christ in you first. Claiming it or acting as if a promise of God is yours before you have the Spirit of Christ is backwards , a perversion. If your not fulfilling pisteuo " a continually surrendered life " the Spirit of Christ , Christ , His word , and the promises in His word , are not yours yet. Your still in the drawing of the Father phase of the process. I don't discuss things of God with anyone who can't show they are theirs to talk about. Rom 8:9
  5. What I would like to see from you is exactly what I have shown you , put your understanding of the Salvation process on the table to be tested. Anything else is just words your hiding behind.
  6. Sorry, " surrendering to His will " is not the same as a continually surrendered life. Vines definition of pisteuo word for word : " a personal surrender to Him and a life inspired by such surrender." You didn't look very hard.
  7. No, your mistaken ! Dr. Scott never taught that we receive the Spirit of Christ by crying out Lord save me. I've already shown you what must be done to be saved , so simple you must have missed it. Vines : saving Faith or pisteuo is " a personal surrender to Him and a life inspired by such surrender." My words : a continually surrendered life.
  8. Applying Faith as it relates to the most High God is defined with the Greek word pisteuo , used 248 times in the NT. Vines Greek dictionary : " a personal surrender to Him and a life inspired by such surrender. Producing a full acknowledgement of God's revelation of truth." " Him " being the object of Faith. " A surrendered life " being the act of Faith.
  9. Dr Gene Scott is hands down the greatest Bible teacher to ever be born into this world. In 33 years of looking for legitimate gifted teachers , he is the only one, not even another one in the same universe as him. With that said , he taught that to recieve the Spirit of Christ, " we take a promise out of God's word, hang out bodies on it no matter what the circumstances around us look like, continually hanging on , till death if need be waking up on the other side still holding on." A beautiful understanding, perhaps the best you'll ever hear. Unfortunately , he is wrong. At the start of our Salvation journey as we are simply being called out by the Father , we don't have the Spirit of Christ in us yet. Therefore , Christ, His word , and the promises in His word are not ours to claim yet. So even the greatest Bible teacher ever known didn't teach what " faithing or pisteuo " are specifically and the correct way to apply it or respond to the Fathers call with saving Faith.
  10. Ya , I know. Even someone like yourself who I can tell has a heart for God will refuse to look at and recieve the truth. The only thing I can see that's left for me to say, after 25 years of sharing the truth with anyone who will listen, not one has accepted it. Because of the rejections that must happen first, we are now fulfilling the scripture , no one will endure sound doctrine.
  11. I've been "spitting it out " for 25 years on every christian forum there is. Tiresome ! Understatement ! Go find it.
  12. Because the English language has no word to translate the Greek verb pisteuo , the verb form if Faith couldn't be communicated by the English language. Because of this , the understanding of what Faith is and how it's fulfilled has been lost to time. Let's look at your post. You stated , " God plants in us a seed of Faith in us before we are born". We aren't given a seed of Faith , the ability to faithe is what we were created to be. Every person ever born is fulfilling thousands of specific acts of faithing every day , most have nothing to do with God. Every time we perform an act , based upon a belief , sustained by confidence ,that is pisteuo or faithing. We are born to be faithers! Now let's look at the next big problem where you state hearing God's word is the object of Faith. In short, God's word can't be the specific object of Faith , that results in recieving the Spirit of Christ. It " must " be God Himself. At the beginning of the Salvation journey we don't have the Spirit of Christ yet, so Christ, His word , and the promises in His word are no ours to claim. Rom. 8:9 . This is where the false path or the wide path begins , and is fueled by the mistranslation of pisteuo , the words believe , believer , and believing , 248 times in the NT. Hard to comprehend , the English translation of God's word will cause millions of called out ones to stumble , while only perfecting a few.
  13. How did you apply Faith and faithing, and what happened when you did?
  14. Faithing is a word in the Greek texts. It's not in the English texts. Translation, the most important word ( for those who have been called out to follow Christ) in the ancient Greek texts , could not be translated into the English language.
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