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  1. Looks like my thread was deleted. Sorry alive.
  2. A story I've attempted to put into words and failed. Somethings of God just can't be communicated. But the things I have to share with you can be, as long as you have the capability to be honest with yourself and God. I'm just starting a moving day here and won't be back online until later this evening. So if that works for you, this evening is when I'll begin my understanding of the salvation journey.
  3. My validator has already graduated. So you'll have to have this discussion with someone who can correct you.
  4. Being in Christ for 33 years, I've only known one gifted teacher, and I've looked! That gifted teacher isn't me. I camp outside of Christ and point to the correct path for those who truly are seeking Him.
  5. I'm offering more than hope for you. But we all make those life changing choices, or not.
  6. My thoughts with the mind of Christ, which comes when we receive the Spirit of Christ. A mentor is an added bonus, added responsibility! I'm living a personal epistle with Christ. Are we going to talk about what matters, or do you have more mind fields to leed me through?
  7. In relation to becoming in Christ, everything starts with a correct understanding of Faith and how to apply it correctly. Christ is the first goer, then there is a second, a third and so on. As a gifted teacher is a follower of Christ. That gifted teacher takes us as far as he can, then we climb onto his shoulders and possibly see things beyond what he could. So in that scenario, we become a scaffolding for the one coming behind us that might potentially have a better understanding of Christ than we did. Why do you want to talk about those who are scaffolding now, and can't defend themselves? Your talking with me, lets talk about Faith!
  8. The Greek language doesn't even have a word for our English word "believe." The Greek language only acknowledges "pisteuo", an action, based upon a belief, sustained by confidence, that is moving towards God. Or Apisteuo, any action, based upon Belief, sustained by confidence, that isn't moving towards God, is moving away from God and is communicated by Apisteuo. The reverse action of pisteuo. They don't bc acknowledge a state of being where one is only believing or on some neutral middle ground.
  9. I just gave you the exact definition for the Greek word pisteuo out of the Strong's and Vines, as it pertains to the mistranslated words believe, believer, and believing. Commentaries will support the mistranslations, the same as you are. But they will attempt to stamp the mistranslated words back onto the Greek. The Greek doesn't allow work and effort to be separated from true saving pisteuo. That falouscy came from those who were decieved, and built there understanding on the mistranslated words.
  10. I understand, I'm not trying to beat you up with these things, only to warn you. The mistranslations of the most important word in the scriptures, at least in relationship to us, are not your fault or mine. I just feel it's a responsibility for me to try and share this and much more with anyone who is willing.
  11. Pisteuo is a verb, an act, based upon Belief, sustained by confidence. Pisteuo in relationship to the living God is a specific act, based upon a specific belief, sustained by a specific kind of confidence.
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