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  1. My name is Fawn, I am from Texas! I got saved many moons ago at 11 years old. I loved talking about Jesus to anyone who would listen to me lol. By age 15 I fell away and backslid and life took a whole different turn from there on. During this time it was very hard but even though I rejected God, I can think of so many times He was actually right there with me protecting me from the worst harm. In 2011 I had recently started a great job and I felt I was on to big things and a better life finally after years of struggling when I got a dream one night. There were no words, no voices, but lightening that seemed to be coming closer. This dream awakened me, I knew it was a warning dream from God somehow saying to get yourself ready. I started searching things out and God started opening my eyes. From that point on the materialistic things of this world were just not as important anymore. I am here to find fellowship and grow spiritually with other like-minded believers.
  2. I know its a very tough time right now and I can imagine stressfull, but in my experience with everything happening all at once like that means a big blessing is on its way. I swear never fails.☺❤ Praying for you my friend!

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      :emot-heartbeat:Thank you so much for this, Fawn.... :bighug2:  <--- that makes me laugh!! :laugh: