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  1. Dreams

    Now I would like to describe what could be the third part of my testimony. There was another dream that I saw. There was a lot going on, and most of it is not something that I can understand. What is striking, is that it seemed to be in the same location as what I described above. It looked like I was going down a mountain with some girl. We were skiing. There was some guy who joined us later. And then he fell and died. And then we approached the end of the slope. And then I went to a place that I was told was Heaven, but it didn't feel like Heaven. There was like a patio and there were seniors, like retirees. And the patio seemed to be made of concrete plates. And it was all on top of a mountain or a hill with a lot of wood and leaves and bushes. And then I went down that mountain. I used some kind of stairs, or that what it seemed like. The stairs seemed to have the same kind of plates as the patio. And the plates seemed to be shaky, unstable. That was the dream. There are many parts of it that I do not understand. I don't know who all the people there. I can't understand much of what was going on. But there were some things that became apparent to me later, and it's amazing! 1) Heaven that didn't feel like Heaven: Some people tried to predict The Rapture. They called the date - April 23, 2018. Doing so may be against Acts 1: 7. I am not going to accuse my brothers Christians saying that they did something wrong. Probably they made an honest mistake. What I was going to say is that it really is an amazing situation! Dreams that are attached to April this year, and there is a part about what I was told was Heaven, but it was not. And then there is the prediction of Rapture for April 23, this year, the prediction that turns out to be mistaken. I haste to repent in case I said something wrong. My only purpose is to do what is required by GOD!!!!!!!! 2) The hill/mountain with concrete plates that are shaky/unstable. After walking around that area I ended up going to the Parliament Hill. I haven't been there in a while I haven't gone up to the area behind the Parliament Building in a while. When I did I saw that there was a lot of construction/renovations going on there. The plates were laid, fresh new plates. The walkway was just renovated and was made of plates. When the plates are laid, before they are cemented, they feel unstable and shaky if one were to step on them. And that area behind the Parliament Building happens to be such a vintage point that one could see the entire route I described in the first part, from the museum of civilization to the holocaust memorial.
  2. Dreams

    Something very important to mention: Everything that has to do with political issues could be summed up in Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 28 and 32. Off course, that's not only political issues, but absolutely every single part of our lives!
  3. Dreams

    Now I would like to describe the second part of what happened. Exactly a week later I wanted to repeat my walk. I got to the bridge. There is a little observation deck at the entrance to the bridge. I was listening to The Books Of Ezra and NEHEMIAH. That was my focus that week. Once I finish NEHEMIAH I would go back to Ezra 1 and listen on. I was standing on the observation deck on the Alexandra bridge, looking at the museum of civilization. I was thinking of what I described above. There is a building adjacent to the museum of civilization. That building is some kind of a boiler facility. During cold days it produces a lot of vapour. That vapour looks like fast moving clouds on cold windy days. Those clouds seem to float above the river from the observation point where I stood. I was standing there and watching when suddenly the sight of those "clouds" triggered a memory. That was a memory of another dream that I will now describe: I had a dream that there was what seemed like a nuclear war. But it really was not. There, in the dream, I saw what seemed like nuclear explosions' mushroom clouds. And those clouds were all above the Ottawa river. But they were all too small to be from nuclear explosions. They were only as tall as a 20 storey building. And they looked completely gray. There seemed to be no damage done as a result of those explosions. It seemed like I was seeing them while riding a bus. The bus was going from downtown Ottawa through the transit way. And I saw one of the explosions while passing the downtown. It might have been more than one. And I saw distinctly at least one explosion while passing the Lebretton stop. I was together with my mom. And we were just riding the bus. Nobody seemed to pay much attention to those explosions. And after we got home we started anxiously reading the news. It might have even been another place, not home that we got to. The dream was vague; most of my dreams are. But the fact that there were those "nuclear explosions " in the dream that were above the Ottawa river and that they were made of what seemed like vapour is certain. I can distinctly remember that part. And the memory of that came back to me when I was standing on the observation deck on the Alexandra bridge and looking at that vapour. The memory probably got triggered by the view. And that resulted in a thought. And that thought was appoximately like " should I worry about something related to a nuclear war?" That was April 6. On the next day there were events that started the period of time, two weeks, or maybe less, when according to some commentators the world came closer to a potential nuclear war then it ever has since 1962. On Friday, April the 14 I was invited by a Christian friend to her Church. The service was in French. I don't understand French, or understand very little of it. My friend explained me later that the sermon was about faith. The songs were very beautiful, even though i did not understand them. I saw that some people were praying on their knees. I got on my knees. I spent about what seemed like 2 hours praying on my knees. I must add that the invitation was unexpected because my friend and I haven't seen each other for a while. That was also the first time I visited her Church. And again, the service was in French and I haven't been able to learn that language yet. It just happened to be April 14, from about 6 to 9 pm Ottawa time, when tensions got the highest! That is the second part of what I wanted to describe. I will also add the third one. I will try to add it as soon as I can. I feel compelled to do so.
  4. Dreams

    Hello brothers and sisters, I wanted to testify about several dreams that I had and how they miraculously coincided with what I have seen around me. I feel compelled to describe those dreams. I also promised a friend and a dear sister IN CHRIST!!!! that I would describe these dreams. If she reads this she knows who she is. She had something to do with the events that happened too. It took me longer than I thought because I didn't feel well. I feel compelled to hurry up and write my testimony. The first dream I saw was about a place. It was some large building and I was walking outside of it. The area outside of the building looked like a park. It had lots of concrete and it had lots of concrete stairs. The park was devided into higher and lower areas and the stairs were connecting those areas. In the dream I was walking in one of the lower areas. That was my first dream. At the time I didn't realize that it was special. Then on March 31 I went to one of my walks. I go on long walks and listen to The Bible. I live in Ottawa, ON, Canada. I just happened to walk from downtown through the bridge to the Quebec side and then back to the Ontario side through another bridge. And I was listening to the book of Ezra, I just started listening to it. I was focusing on the first chapter. I listened to JEREMIAH 29 later. The first chapter of Ezra talks about the fulfillment of JEREMIAH'S prophecy, and the prophecy is found in JEREMIAH 29. While I was listening to the beginning of the book of Ezra I was walking past the museum of civilization on the Quebec side. And I was walking through the park, the area between the museum and the Ottawa river. Suddenly I realized that the place really resembled my dream. The big building and the stairs. And the section of the museum that is visible through the windows from there has the pieces that are sad and unclean. That section displays idols. And The Book Of Ezra follows the books of SAMUEL, Kings and Chronicles. Those books warn against idol worshipping many many times. There we can see that idol worshipping leads to disaster; that it is evil unclean and totally abominable. And we see there that the tragedy that happened to Israel, the tragedy of captivity In Babilon happened as a result of sins, main of which was the sin of idolatry. Now I need to mention something. I respect deeply the Indigenous People of Canada. There are a lot of good Christians among them. I just need to show total intolerance and unacceptability towards idol worshiping. That section of the museum had to do with their culture too. I continued walking for another 30 minutes. I crossed the bridge back to Ontario. That bridge leads to the war museum. And there is a holocaust memorial on the other side of the street from the war museum. That was my first time visiting that memorial. It just got built recently. My grandpa was a holocaust survivor. He evacuated, his entire family died. And then I realized that my dream looked like both the civilization museum and the holocaust memorial. It looked as if the two places got merged into one. The dream looked like a big place, a big building. That part resembles the civilization museum more. But the abundance of concrete resembles the holocaust memorial. And the stairs looked very similar in the 2 places as well as in the dream. I never realized those similarities until that day. And that happened to be the day I started studying The Book Of Ezra in detail. It is my second time reading The entire Bible from start to finish. And I looked at The Book Of Ezra before. But that was my first time looking at it in depth. The Book Of Ezra combined with The Book Of NEHEMIAH and The Books Of Haggai and ZECHARIAH, as well as JEREMIAH 29 tell us about what happened after the Babilonian captivity. They tell us about the miraculous reestablisbment of The Temple first and then of the entire Kingdom of Judah. The Books Of SAMUEL, Kings and Chronicles tell us about the events that led to the exile. That day was like walking through the entire history of life of people on Earth in general. The universal principals that apply to every nation and country from ancient to present allover the Earth. Good things and prosperity happen as a result of Mercy from The Above!!! Bad things and disaster happen as a result of unrighteousness. Look at Lamentations 3: 37-39. The holocaust memorial represents the miraculous return of the Nation of Israel, as well as the miraculous gift of victory in the terrible world war 2 to the entire world. The war museum next to the memorial demonstrates this miraculous gift in a very strong way too. I want to sum this up by saying that this is just the first part of what I wanted to talk about. The second part is what was even more incredible. I will try my best to describe the second part as soon as I can. I think I will post it as a reply to this post.
  5. disproving evolution in 5 minutes or less

    Hello brothers and sisters, i just wanted to write something, like a testimony that sums up the last year or so of my life. i want to explain why i started writing about evolution, why i started thinking about it and what i realized during that time. a) 1) i watched a documentary about flagellar motor and irreducible complexity. it was a Christian documentary. look it up online, it has to be on youtube or something. i got really delighted after watching that. 2) i went online to learn more about that. the first thing i stumbled upon was a wikipedia article. and the article had a very strong atheistic bias. that was very disturbing to read. i stopped reading that as soon as i realized that. it is very sad, but its easy to notice that the so called scientific community has a general atheistic bias. 3) i started thinking a lot about the issue of abiogenesis and about the many ways to disprove those "theories". b) 1) i realized many things that i will try my best to describe in detail in the near future. i was blessed with the realization of those things! 2) one day i stumbled upon an article about the n queens problem. I felt compelled to start working on that that day. I felt compelled to put aside something else I was trying to work on and to start working on that. I will write about that in detail later. the thing I was working on is not directly related to the issue of abiogenesis/evolution. it is something I was blessed with realizing during the process of thinking about those issues. 3) not long ago I felt compelled to post what I have achieved with the n queens problem: - I used JavaScript. that was the first thing readily available to me and I have some experience with it. I just needed something that can process loops. - I am pretty sure the algorithm is in polynomial time. that needs to be double checked just in case. - the algorithm runs 7 times. it runs once for every board starting at size 4 and ending at size 10. it gets the right answer 3 times out of 7. - the code is a "rough draft". it has many functions that are either unnecessary, incomplete, non working or incorrect. it's a work in progress. I felt compelled to post it the way it is. - the formula that forms the basis for functions 15 could be adjusted, modified and improved to achieve better optimization results. - i'm not sure if they exist, but I have not found any optimization methods/algorithms for this problem. the only solution that I was able to find online was the simple backtracking one. oh, I wanted to mention one more thing: I apologize if I don't reply on time when someone writes me. I have fybromialgia and other disability issues that I struggle with. here is the code of what I was talking about in javaScript: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <h2>JavaScript Loops</h2> <p id="demo"></p> <script> var text = ""; var i; var j; var k = 0; var l = "43"; var n = "99" for (i = 1; i < 5; i++) { for (j = 1; j < 5; j++) { k++; text += "The" + k + " number is " + i + j + "<br>"; } } var m = text.indexOf(l); var o = text.indexOf(n); //another example var ac = "...The number is " + "aa" + "jj" + "<br>"; var size = 5; var ar = []; var ar_1 = []; //var aa; //var ab; function myFunction1(aa, ab){ var aa1 = aa; var ab1 = ab; for (i = aa; i < size; i++) { for (j = ab; j < size; j++) { if(i-aa1 == j-ab1){ ac += "...The number is " + i + j + "<br>"; } } } for (i = aa; i < size; i++) { for (j = ab; j > 0; j--) { if(i - aa1 == ab1 - j){ ac += "...The number is " + i + j + "<br>"; } } } for (i = aa; i > 0; i--) { for (j = ab; j < size; j++) { if(aa1-i == j-ab1){ ac += "...The number is " + i + j + "<br>"; 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  6. Hello brothers and sisters, Here are the facts from history that have to do with the Second world war and the observations about them. To me it looks just stunning. Those facts are well known and documented. They are being taught as parts of history lessons in schools and colleges. But so far I have not seen anyone looking at them from the point of view of Biblical determinism/compatibilism! Here are the events I'm talking about in point form: Invention of the atomic bomb: - main inventor: Leo Szilard - crucial contributors: several of them. - most the above had one thing in common: they were Jews that had to leave Germany because the nazi defilers took power. - Einstein- Szillard letter was dated August 2 , 1939. It was written before main events of the war took place. - nazis entered the war with conventional weapons only. They lost. Now, lets look at what could have been: 1) Let's compare world war 2 to other similar events in terms of propoganda: - from a quick look at the history, from ancient to world war 2: -- it seems to be quite uncommon for invaders and agressors to turn their aggession against someone based on their ethnicity in their official propaganda. Sometimes they would do that but most of the time that is because the ethnic group they are aggessive against is in control of the territories that they want to invade. In this case Jews controlled no territory and were not capable of resistance against a regular army. - the degree of racism - antisemitism and other racism - and the fake facts, fake science invented to back it up is unprecedented, as far as i can tell. It is literally unprecedented from historical point of view. 2) Let's compare the invention of atomic bomb to other inventions. - it is very unique no doubt. It is the only invention in the world to date that allows a quick victory without a long costly war. - regardless of who invents it first, invention of nuclear weapons is a turning point in history. 3) Lets look at the time and place: - it could have been any other time between probably the second half of 1800s to late 1900s. Those are just my rough estimates. And that could have been any other place in the world. 4) Lets look at the inventors: - it could have been any other group of people, not a group composed of mostly Jews, or it could have been a group of Jews but at another place and at some other time. Conclusion: - if the things were left unchanged and the inventors didnt have to leave the nazis would very likely have nuclear weapons and enter the war with them. - with the above in mind there is a very high chance of them conquring at least all the territories they initially wanted. That would probably end up being the entire Europe, a half of Asia and a half of Africa. - there is also a chance that with that kind of turn of events they would end up conquring the entire world. - in any case, nazi defilers would secure a lot of conqured lands. With nuclear weapons at their disposal they would get to keep those lands. - the above would mean that the most evil and abominable group of invaders that ever existed would end up controlling at least the largest part of the world, with their abominable doctrines and with their idolatry. - Yes, idolatry. I was surprised to learn that they were in fact trying to bring pagan traditions back to life with the disgusting idolatry! Idolatry has been dead for many centuries in most parts of the world. They were trying to bring that evil sin back to life! - what about the many prophecies about Israel returning? After so many years! - instead of the world most of which is polluted with radiation and controlled by evil racist idolators we were blessed with their defeat and with fulfillment of prophecies! What are the chances?
  7. Hello brothers and sisters. Im not sure if this is the right place for my question but here it is: I've been going through the 2 chapters several times already and I have difficulties picturing everything described. The Temple, the two pillars and their tops, the rest of the items. I tried to look online, for pictures, but couldn't find any good sources so far. Any recommendations?
  8. disproving evolution in 5 minutes or less

    Brothers and sisters, let us just remember what we focus on. We are focusing on praising GOD!!!!!!! Wether the earth is "old" or "new", wether something is litteral or metaphorical, that could lead us to debates and thinking and research. But we should never forget about why we are doing that!
  9. disproving evolution in 5 minutes or less

    Oh, I just realized something. I was going through Genesis. I was looking for something that was not related to topics discussed above. First, about what I was looking for: I was looking for the verses that support vegan lifestyle and love for animals. Look first at Mathew 19:8. Let's think about it in depth. On top of the topic of marriage that is being discussed at the moment there is also a clear general message in that verse. The message is: we must try to do everything the way it was, or as close to the way it was in the beginning. Therefore, what we read in the first 3 chapters of Genesis, about the way it was in the beginning, that's the way we need to try to do things. And about vegan lifestyle - Genesis 1:29. About love for animals in general - there are many places in The Bible that point to that. Now, about what I found relating to the above discussion: I was reading through Genesis 2. Look at Genesis 2:17. Adam was specifically told that on the very day when he eats of the forbidden tree he will surely die. Now, there is another possible meaning for that. (We know that he died many years later). The meaning could be: on the day he eats the fruit the process leading to his death will start. Therefore his death will be inevitable. And death is looked at not as an instantaneous event but as a long process. And the date of death is the beginning of the process in Adams case. If that approach were to be applied today then a person's date of birth would coincide with their date of death. Now, what if the same approach were to be applied to the days of creation? May GOD!!! be praised!!!!!!! May GOD!!! be praised forever!!!!!! When writing these posts I never want to achieve anything for myself. I write them because they seem like "money" and posting them here seems like giving them to the "exchangers" - Mathew 25:27. Therefore, as soon as I think that I found something that looks like it might be "money", I'm in a hurry to give it to what seems like "exchangers". And about myself I shall always add: I am a dead dog and a flea - First Samuel 24: 14.
  10. What are the chances?

    Hello, brothers and sisters, I wanted to comment on the second last reply I received: Deuteronomy 13 - first 5 verses. Also 5:13 - The Fifth Book - Chapter 13. Read it carefully. Any sign that may appear troubling is there to test our faith! And absolutely everything is under absolute control of GOD!!!!!
  11. What are the chances?

    i'm continuing to write here. this post is sort of becoming like my blog. I wanted to describe December 10 of both this year and of 2014. That date is also special for me. that is the day when I was healed from my alcohol dependence. and the way I was healed from it was through seeing these signs! I had a really serious drinking problem. it was really damaging and detrimental to others around me and myself. slowly but surely I was heading towards one of the 3 alternatives that they say severe alcoholics have: death, jail, or a mental institution. I had been a Christian, I should say I had been trying to be a Christian during all that time, time of my addiction. looking back and analyzing the events of my life I see that all the hardships that I had to go through were results of my sins. they were the consequences of me being lukewarm and not being a passionate dedicated and 100 percent committed to following The Bible! but thankfully, I still prayed every day and never stopped believing! believing is truly a gift from Above in every situation! I prayed. my prayer was about my drinking. after another binge with sad consequences I needed to know what to do next. u see, even after all my problems I was never ready to give up drinking until that day. all my previous attempts to stop were "fake". I was always waiting for my next binge, even when sober. the only time when I decided to completely quit was after I got my drunk driving charge 10 years ago. I left the police station where I spent the night and firmly decided to never drink again. I changed my mind only after a couple of days. I started "waiting" for the next time when I can "relax" - for my next binge that is. that time I stayed sober for 45 days and that was sort of my record for a long time. but despite those 45 days of "technical sobriety" the real sobriety only lasted for a couple of days - those days when I wanted to give up alcohol completely. on the 10th of December 2014 I was praying! I was praying for a sign. I wanted to know what to do next. I wanted to know if I could continue drinking. u see, all that time I had been desperately trying to learn to drink "in a civilized manner" - problem free drinking that is. I thought that was possible for me. in my sinful weakness I knew that stopping completely would be impossible, that it would be way too hard and undoable in my case. I was praying for a sign. I thought: "if the first moving car on the road that I see has an even plate number - that means that I am allowed to drink again". I thought that on my way out for a walk, or to do some chores, I don't remember exactly where I was going. I thought that while in the elevator. there is another number that I have "imprinted" in my mind. that number is 611. for me it symbolizes blessing. long time ago that number was associated with one of the first of these beautiful, great signs that I've seen. I had a telus cell at the time and it was on my phone screen. you know the telus moto - "the future is friendly". that is how that number got to symbolize blessing, good life, good outcome, and friendly future for me. so, on that day, dec 10, 2014 I prayed in the elevator. that was in my apartment building where I lived at the time. as soon as I exited the building I saw a car with 611 on it's plate parked right next to the front door. I was excited. I kept on praying! I believed that to be the answer to what I prayed about, or a part of the answer. You see, I believed that I just needed to learn to drink "safely" or "normally". until the very end of my alcohol abuse I haven't been able to realize that I need to abstain completely. I even started attending AA meetings. I later stopped attending those, but that's another story. But all that time regardless of how serious and desperate and dire my situation would get I kept on being stupid and blind. I kept on thinking that I needed to learn to drink safely. I failed to realize that every time I start a binge I loose my mind and become unable to control the amount of alcohol I consume as well as any weird, dangerous, shameful, or illegal behaviour that follows as a result. On that day when I prayed, in my sinful blindness I was hoping to see a comforting sign that would mean that I am still allowed to drink and look for ways to make my drinking "safe and normal". And seeing 611 initially made me think that it was the sign that meant that I was still allowed to drink. but then I remembered the actual condition that I prayed about, namely for an even number on a moving car. so I kept on walking and waiting until I see one. finally I saw a car. I looked at the plate number. the number was 116. in my mind the reverse of something means the opposite of it. therefore, if 611 means that future is friendly, then 116 means that it is unfriendly. therefore, the meaning of what I observed was clear to me. it meant that if I were to continue to drink then the future would be unfriendly. After that I prayed for another sign. I asked if there was any way I would be able to learn to drink responsibly and if there was any way I would be able to continue to drink. as soon as I prayed about that I saw a plate with 382 on it. in my mind the number 82 is associated with decease. Then I prayed again and asked if I could ask about all of that again, one more time. I thought - even means yes, odd means no. the first number that I saw was odd. That was it for December 10, 2014. In my sinful mind of an addict - alcoholic is an addict - I still was thinking, that maybe soon I will be allowed to drink again. I thought that maybe I misunderstood something and that wonderful sign was a warning and not a complete ban. So, on December 20, 2014 I went for a walk. that was a long walk. at some point during that walk I prayed. I asked if I would be allowed to drink again soon, when things calm down and I become a bit more responsible and learn to "manage the situation". that is approximately what I was thinking at the moment. I looked to my left and saw a car with 382 on its plate parked in a driveway. immediately, when I prayed and asked that question that was the first thing I saw. About an hour later I was coming back home. I prayed again. in my sinful mind I still didn't realize that I needed to quit drinking for good. I asked for a sign confirming that I should stop drinking for good. I didn't have anything particular in mind, at least I don't remember if I did. I just thought, "a sign in general". I was thinking: "as I understand, I need to stop drinking for good. That is what I am going to do. This is what I am ordered to do! I hope I understand everything correctly". and I was hoping to see a sign confirming that I understood everything right. and right away I saw a car with 611 on it. I was walking alongside a busy street and it was driving past me. That is the end of the events that happened in 2014. Now, the events that happened on December 10 of 2017: My mom and I were having a conversation about the fact that I have been sober for exactly 3 years on that day. I calculated the number of days in my head - 1096 days - 3 years one of them leap. On that day we were going to Church. The first bus we took had the side number 5109, (root number 83). The second bus that we took had the root number 96. Put that together and: 5109 96 - 1096. These numbers also are associated with other numbers that are imprinted in my mind in a similar way. 510 - there is a song in my language which translates "JESUS!!! is the King of the whole earth". It has the length of 5 minutes and 10 seconds - 5:10 - 510. That is the version of it that I have saved on my cell. The number 109 has the meaning imprinted in my mind also - "Love from Above!" The number 83 means something important as well for me. It means: "gift of friendly future in order for me to be able to serve and worship" That is the way of putting that into words. It is from another day 2 years ago when I saw one of these wonderful signs. On that day I saw a number 61183. I was wondering in my mind, what could 83 mean? When I came home (it was my birthday) my friend bought me a gift and there was a number on the package of that gift. It was 61141183. I still have that package. So, in my mind that number started to mean "a gift of friendly future in order to enable me to be an efficient worshiper and servant". I described above the meaning associated with the numbers 411 and 611. After we came home from Church I went to a store, to Walmart. I got the receipt and looked at the numbers on it. The top corner numbers were 611 and 94 on the left and on the right top corners respectively. And 94 started to mean "post that on line/share the story/post that on the forum" for me after I started this post. Therefore I decided to post everything about that day. It took me a while to write everything. I have fybromialgia and tmj. Those things give me headaches and sleepiness. I can't function. That is why it took me so long. I will post the pictures a little later. I will need to add additional explanations to those pictures.
  12. What are the chances?

    Here is an addition to my initial post, the continuation of events! Briefly: I was walking. I was approaching an intersection. I raised my eyes and saw the car standing on the intersection. It was a car with a phone number written on its side. The phone number had 411 and 94 in it. I saw that and started thinking about this - this post, those events, this! I took a picture of the car. After taking it I walked to the stop - 10 metres or so. In about 40 seconds I saw a bus. License plate 949 9 - photo. Number on the side of the bus is 5139. 513 - the other prominent number - Revelation 5:13 - total Devine Superiority! Then i pay attention to the time - i say pay attention because i've been looking on my cell screen the whole time taking photos - the time was 9:49 pm. Praise praise praise! Praise forever! I walked for about 15 minutes. I did not pay attention, but there were probably about 5 buses that passed me. Then I saw the bus 6694 - the one that started the sequence of events - took a photo.
  13. What are the chances?

    The discovery is really amazing! I also just paid attention again to the fact that there are 27 books in The New Testament. And the Gospel of John, although fourth, could be looked at as the most prominent one. And both Genesis 1 and John 1 talk about "in the beginning"! 27 - e to one decimal - 2.7.
  14. What are the chances?

  15. What are the chances?

    That is amazing! Recently I started studying Hebrew and started trying to read The Bible in Hebrew. I actually memorized Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew.