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  1. Brothers and sisters, just research it! What are the chances!!!!!!! I'm researching it now, together with DANIEL 9:25-27!!!!!!! Note: JOHN Chapter 20 - 4th Gospel Chapter 20 - 4:20 here, as well as there! Look at the content of the Chapter and the Verse in detail!!!!!!! Note 2: There are not that many times when The WORD מְשִׁ֣יחַ - MESSIAH!!!!!!! is found in The Bible!!!!!!!
  2. justme007

    bias or unreasonable thinking in science

    Great observation!
  3. justme007

    bias or unreasonable thinking in science

    Hello, Thomas, pray and believe, dear friend! You said that the unreasonable "scientists" might have found a reasonable explanation. That is impossible in this case. Here is what is going on: The very basic and fundamental law of logic, or I don't know what it is called officially, states: if A implies B and B implies C than A implies C. A: "An observation that suggested that when the main food source of birds increases in size then their beaks tend to increase in generations to come." B: "Suggestion that A happens during some very long time" C : "The multitude of statements/"theories"/etc that take B as a given" The way I see It, C is what is known today collectively and informally as "the evolution". I haven't been studying any of the members of the "class C" for fear of sin, after I learned THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what happened was, now we clearly see that B is not true! I mean it is an observed fact that the beaks grew in only a decade! And, A has been proven to be true as well, by these very same observations. So, here is what we have: A is true, B is not true - both have been proven by observations. With B not true any statement based on B being true, is in turn not true. All that "theory of evolution " - the set of Cs - (C1, C2, ....), whatever they are, all imply that B is true, but B is not true! Thusly, the entire set is false! Dear friend, I have for you! There is nothing that "scientists" could possibly know that could make any of the statements in class C true! That would contradict the very fundamental logic - a part of the very foundation of our world! They must admit that! They must admit that all the statements mentioned above, all those "C statements" are untrue! Dear friend, look at what kind of evil atheism leads to! Remember Nuremberg trials? During those trials one of the captured defendants admitted that "C statements" lead to the rise of all that nazi abomination! At least once that was admitted as a given! Look all criminals, liers, evil doers, are there any true Christians among them? Or ask yourself this, be honest to yourself: is there any meaning in life whatsoever, if one doesn't believe? Isn't it empty and hopeless and wrong? But worry not my friend, there IS GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! Go to shroud.com - that's how I started believing when I was 13! And also, take a look at this: https://www.shroud.com/latebrak.htm#debunk Dear friend, there is overwhelming evidence that proves beyond any doubt that there is no place for atheism in our world! All around us! My reply is getting a bit too long. I would also like to talk about The Bible quotes mentioned above. I would also like to work on listing the multitude of evidence that I mentioned, that I have been blessed with understanding and witnessing!
  4. Hello brothers and sisters, I just noticed something, that I thought needed to be researched, and I thought I need to ask about that. In EZEKIEL 23:23 it says: "Pekod and Shoa and Koa" - "פְּק֤וֹד וְשׁ֙וֹעַ֙ וְק֔וֹעַ". And in ISAIAH 61:1 It says "and the opening of the prison to them that are bound"(The King James version) - "וְלַאֲסוּרִ֖ים פְּקַח קֽוֹחַ" Observations: 1) "asurim" - one can't help but notice the striking resemblance to the word "Assyria". 2) "peqach-qoach" translates simply as "an opening" on the Biblehub website. Two words with a dash translate as one word. And again, one can't help but notice the resemblance to "Pekod" and "Koa". 3) "Shoah" - is another term for "the holocaust". Please, don't find me insensitive. My grandpa's family died in the holocaust too. The reason I am trying to understand this is because I'm trying to worship THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! trying to understand HIS!!!!!!!!!!! Word! I also really love learning Hebrew too. My question is: did those words originate from those 3 places in Babilon - Pekod, Shoa and Koa? And did "asurim" originate from the word "Assyria"? And are there more words like that?
  5. I want to say that I pray with compassion for everyone. I pray with compassion for atheists. It is the atheism itself that I find foul evil insane and unacceptable. So, please read the following: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/11/28/science/birds-beaks-evolution-snails.amp.html This is the article I accidently stumbled upon. It was on the front page of msn, when I was checking my mail, I think. What does the data discussed in this article prove? That the change that happened in the beaks of these birds, the size of their beaks, and the size of their bodies happened as a response to the introduction of the new snail. I mean if we were to calculate the chances of that happening as a coincidence the chances would be really close to zero. As they would say in court, that fact is beyond any reasonable doubt. The fact that the change of the sizes of the bird's beaks and bodies happened as a direct result of the introduction of the new snail and not because of random genetic mutations is beyond any reasonable doubt for any reasonable person. So, why is this important? Well, because the whole evolution - darwin thing was initially based on exactly the same scenario! darwin went to the Galapagos islands and documented this kind of change in some birds. It wasn't kites, and their food wasn't snails, but it's the same species - birds, and the same kind of change - beak size increase. And that started the whole thing! That's why they wrote all this multitude of insane, evil and false atheistic statements. I am praying for atheists with compassion, but this evil is unacceptable! Now, how is that connected to being biased/unreasonable/illogical/etc? Well, 1)the above facts prove beyond any doubt the fact that it doesn't take long for a change to happen, when survival of some species depends on that change. It took just one generation for the kites to change. And the whole evolution "theory" is based on the assumption that it all happens very slowly during a very long time. 2) it proves that birds were CREATED with a safeguard mechanism. In case their main source of food suddenly increases in size, their beaks grow. That is a logical conclusion! 3) evolutionists had to admit that and admit that the entire theory is a mistake! Did they do that? No! Why? Because they are unreasonable, or biased, or because of some other reason. I pray for them with compassion and hope that they will give up their sinful ways! Romans 1:20! We don't need to have any special education, any special knowledge or anything like that. If we pray and believe, it should be visible to everyone without any doubt that we were CREATED!
  6. justme007

    Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to describe the last 1 and a half or so years of my life. And then describe the last weekend. This is going to be a long testimony with many parts. They are all connected. I wanted to describe everything together and after that post every part separately. Part 1. First, the events that happened about a year and a half ago. During that time at some point I have been walking around and thinking of ways to disprove abiogenesis. I was thinking about plants and their reproduction. Evolutionists say "survival of the fittest". I don't want to commit a sin and say that under any circumstances any of their theories might be true. Neither do I want to say something hurtful or hateful towards evolutionists/atheists themselves. On the contrary, I want to pray for them with love and compassion. It is their "theories" that I hate. So, with that in mind, I was thinking, if we were to assume that "survival of the fittest" could be in any way true, just to disprove it, and not because we believe in it, then how is it that there are plants that reproduce in a vegetative way, by simple devision, and there are "simple" seed producing plants, that exist at the same time, and there are also the plants that have very sophisticated and well functioning seed-spreading systems? That was the question I was thinking about. I am not a biologist or anything, I'm just observing. Romans 1:20 tells us that we don't need any special skills or education. Everyone is supposed to be able to see that we were MIRACULOUSLY CREATED, if we pray and believe! Observing plant reproduction systems. Let's take a look at maple, poplar, flowers(regular), flowers(tropical, that smell like rotten meat to attract flies - pollinators ), plants that reproduce using needles that stick to animal fur and linden trees. Those are just a few examples - a small part of the immense variety. And here are questions that one would have while considering all of the above: If the evolution mutations were to exist and if they were random, the way evolutionists claim, then here are the questions that they must answer: 1) Given the existence of vegetative reproduction, how does the seed reproduction still exist? What I mean is that plants that reproduce vegetatively clearly seem to be more resilient. One example would be lawn grass. The grass that landscapers cut in rectangles and roll up. That grass looks like it doesn't have any seeds. And in the spring, after the snow melts, it is the first to turn green and "wake up". And in terms of simplicity vegetative reproduction is clearly a lot simpler. Vegetatively, a plant reproduces "within itself". In all other cases mentioned above the plant has to rely on the world around it. Flowers have to rely on pollinators, the insects. And then, after the seeds are grown, they have to rely on the surrounding world to get spread. Actually, not all of them! Wheat, for example, "falls straight down". 2)But look at the multitude of ways the seeds get spread: Maple - helicopterlike seeds. The seed is encased in a "propeller" that is different in texture from leaves, bark and the rest of the tree. Poplar - seeds encased in soft, light, featherlike substance that allows the seeds to fly and spread around. Linden - the seeds are attached to a leaf that is different from regular linden leafs. It looks like a sail. How effective is it? One time I was walking through a parking lot. Concrete as far as one can see. No trees around. And yet there were those linden seeds with "sail" leaves attached to them. Seeds that get stuck to animals. It is hard not to notice the degree of precision here! The needles are just perfectly balanced! They are hard enough to hold, yet not long and not hard enough to hurt the animals, otherwise they would avoid them. And the frequency of occurrence of the needles, the space between them. Too much, or too little space between them would make them ineffective. They would not be able to stick to animal fur. There is also the fact that the plants that use those seeds have a different texture than other plants in general. Once winter comes and they dry up, they remain standing even after they dry up. They don't "lay down" like most of the other grass. Flowers - regular. That is what happens before any seeds develop - the pollination process. So, for pollination to be successful, pollinators must be attracted. Pollen must be light enough and sticky enough to be transferred by those pollinators. Flowers - exotic tropical. They smell like rotten meat! Substance that is completely foreign and uncommon for plants. How far in terms of smell are regular flowers from rotten meat? And that smell attracts flies - the pollinators. The point I'm trying to make is this:(assuming evolution is true, I don't want to commit a sin and say that there is any way it could be true, just for the sake of argument and for proving that it is not true) how many generations of plants would it take for all of that to evolve? Things to keep in mind: -there is only a "narrow life pass", meaning that if something deviates from that pass, "evolves in a wrong direction", then it is going to die. It will just not be capable of living. So it has a limited room for variability in many ways. - all these systems - the flowers, as well as the seed spreading systems are really different from one another. Just look at the 4 described above. There is nothing in common between them. - all these systems are very well integrated into the surrounding world. Poplar seeds fly like snow flakes. Maple seeds spin like propellers. Linden seeds "sail" through the air. As for the spines in the fur, I remember how challenging it was to pull those out(had to manage not getting bitten too:). But if one doesn't pull them out, the dog is gonna scratch and they will eventually fall out one by one and spread that way. These are only a few examples. There are a lot more seed spreading systems. With all that in mind, there are plants, like wheat, that was mentioned above, that reproduce successfully with seeds that simply fall on the ground. And there are, of course, as already mentioned, plants that reproduce vegetatively. With all that in mind, if evolution were true, then 3 questions must be answered: 1) how many generations of plants would have to change before such variety that interacts with the outside world so well would develop? 2) what happened with the missing links? Even if some plants fail to develop seeds they could still reproduce vegetatively with undeveloped seeds. And even if some plants start developing seed spreading systems and fail(assuming that seeds are already successfully developed), with seeds already developed and functioning, they could just drop the seeds on the ground like wheat, or, again, reproduce vegetatively. They would have non functioning casing for the seeds(untasty apples, or unspinning propellers). Or they would have unpollinatable or otherwise undevelopable seeds, but would still reproduce well vegetatively. Because of 1) the number of such missing links surely would be pretty large and alive today. 3) with that great number of plant species required for such variety as we observe the evolution should surely be pretty rapid. Why would the process stop? How come we don't observe any more evolution? With that many generations of species required we should rarely have a child plant look anything like a parent, it's immediate ancestor. Let alone the generations and generations of stable unchanging plants, without any changes, maybe just some minor ones. And how would the process stop? The evolution process? If there is a great multitude of evolving species, that evolve so rapidly, why would they stop? *Note: analyzing the question of why they would stop evolving(for the purpose of proving that they would not stop) could be a part of a larger analysis. That analysis could lead us to the ability to prove that abiogenesis is impossible, using Newton's laws that deal with motion. That analysis could lead us to the ability to disprove the possibility of cell formation due to natural processes. There are many more goals that we could possibly achieve, using that analysis. Describing that takes time and would require another post. Going back to this pist: I'm assuming that the answer to 1) is a really large number. It is really easy to see that. Just think about shape, for example. Assuming uniform texture. How many possible shapes are there? Shape of seed casings. Imagine a rectangle. Or any 3d shape. Let's assume we don't know what the initial shape was. I'm talking about seed casing. Or let's assume the most common shape - sphere. Think all fruits and vegetables. I'm just making rough guesses here. So, let's take a sphere and devide it into sections. How many sections would we need? And then we shift those sections in such a way that a sphere turns into, say propeller, like the maple seed propeller/wing, or anything else of the above. Remember, those are random changes. So, let's say we devide the sphere into 10 sections in every direction. And the next generation, the child of this sphere, could have every one of these sections randomly changed. The section surface could shift some number of units of length in some direction. Left, right, in, or out, contract, expand, and so on. Roughly, for a sphere to change into a propeller, for example, how many generations would be needed? That's assuming uniform texture. * Note: we are not only interested in knowing how many generations it would take to change from one shape to another, but we also need to build a big picture in terms of shape variations and the number of shape possibilities. We could actually, if we wanted to, build a computer simulation of that. We could use less sections with more directions options, or, the simpler and easier to see approach, devide everything into 3 dimensions, and work separately with each of them. Each section would have an option of staying the same, or adding plus or minus some number. That would correspond to a generation change. With each new generation the number representing each section will either stay the same, decrease or increase. It is easier to explain what I mean using examples. Imagine graphing a shape, using 10 numbers. A sphere's projection on the xy plain could be represented by 1578998751. That is only one half of a circle's rough approximation - the upper part. I mean those are the y values. The x values are 123456789 and 10. And the points to be plotted are (1,1), (2,5),...(9,5),(10,1). That way we would get a partial approximation of a partial projection of a sphere on the xy plain. I should say "spherelike shape". I realize now that it is not really a sphere. It is something similar to a sphere. But it might as well be our initial shape. I mean there are many different shapes when it comes to fruits/vegetables/seeds/seed "casings"/seed "containers". This could realistically be an approximation of one of them. Now, if we were to do the same with a maple seed, with the curved part, the sequence would be something like 3454322223. Again, that might not exactly resemble a maple seed, but it is somewhat similar in terms of shape. Now, we could run a computer simulation. The purpose of that simulation would be to find out how many steps on average it would take for a shape to change from something sphere like to a maple seed curve. Every step represents a generation. Here is what happens during a step: - Lets introduce a formula: P=1/nv, where n is a positive integer, v is our variability. That's just a parameter. It could be a constant, or it could be some function of n, and P is the probability that a y value will change by n units in either direction. P, therefore, is a function of n. We could also develop a similar function to determine if the change is going to be positive or negative. - after that we could develop a subroutine/function/method that would produce random numbers. After producing a number it would check wether the number is even or odd. After that it would produce another number. If that number is the same as the first one in terms of being even or odd, the subroutine will keep going. It will stop once it produces the first different number. Example: even, even, even, even, odd - stop. Or odd, odd, odd, even - stop. After that the subroutine will calculate the probability of, for example, 4 even random numbers in a row being produced, as in the first example. Or, it will calculate the probability of 3 random numbers in a row all being odd, as in the second example. That probability - the number as a fraction, or as a percentage could be what the subroutine is going to return. That number could be called P1, for example. After that we could produce a table based on the formula for P. That table would contain probability for every consecutive n - 1,2,3,4... After that we could compare P1 with the values in the above table. We need the 2 values of P between which P1 falls. After that we could take, for example, the greater of the 2. Then we will look up the corresponding n for that P. That is going to be the absolute value of our shift. The distance by which our y value is going to change. After that we could simply produce another random number. If the number is even, the y going to increase. If it is odd, y will decrease. Or vise versa. That is all we need to get the new y. Now we could do all of the above for every y in the sequence. That will give us the new shape. The shape of the first generation descendant of our hypothetical plant. Now we could run this simulation until we get the desired shape - until the "curve" randomly changes into the "propeller". Let's see how many generations that is going to take. Let's do that many times and try and develop an average number of generations needed for that kind of change. After that we could calculate the total number of descendants - plants in each generation. And we would also calculate the area of the ground that would be needed to support them - where they would grow. We also need to calculate how likely the plants would be to stay without changing, and how that depends on our v variable - the variability. If the variability is too high, for example, the plants would not be able to stay the way they are for long. Each subsequent generation would either be incapable of life or too different from its parent. And that is what i was thinking about at the time. I was only blessed with realizing the above formulas this past week(2 weeks ago now). I am saying blessed because I truly believe that anything of potential value that we are able to realize is a blessing given to us. We are not discovering/realizing/understanding things on our own. GOD!!!!!!!!!!! controls absolutely everything, including our every thought! Part 2 While thinking about that, during that time, I was blessed with something unexpected. I was given the understanding of the solution of one very famous problem. It is one of the so called millennium prize problems. One day I was watching a video about that problem. I don't remember the video much, what I do remember is that the person explaining the problem said something like "if you want to make a million dollars there are many easier ways to do that. Trying to solve this problem is one of the harder ways." (Solving a millennium prize problem is awarded by a million dollar prize). But that is not the money part that I was focusing on, but the level of difficulty. Oh Mercy of THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! yes, I am unemployed. I am a former alcoholic, (to be more exact, a current alcoholic, but a former drinker), less than a month short of four years of sobriety. By Mercy of THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! I was given this sobriety! I wrote another testemony about that here. It's a part of my larger testemony called "what are the chances?" And I should stress that it was indeed a miracle! No human methods, no aa(no offence to them, they are nice people, but they need to repent and read The Bible instead of the big book), nothing helped! Just seeing a miracle and believing! After that, by Mercy of THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! about a year ago I received a college diploma - law clerk, aka legal assistant. But there is more to the story in terms of my education attempts: About 15 years ago in my teens/early 20s I was a university student. I was first studying physics and after that I transferred to a program called computer mathematics. During that time I sinned. I became a Christian when I was 13 years old. But during my university years I committed many sins. First I cheated on my fiancee. After she broke up with me I got to the point when I was thinking to myself approximately like this: "i will get my degree, will get a well paying job and will impress a lot of ladies to fornicate and commit acts of immorality." I thought in my sinful mind that if nobody gets hurt then it's not a sin. Why? Maybe that was a result of being "lukewarm", not studying The Bible diligently enough and as a result of "being too friendly to the ways of the world." Maybe there was some other reason. But the result was that I became one of those who are mentioned in 1 Cor 5:11. What I am really thankful for in my prayers is that I never stopped believing and praying, despite my shameful sins. What happened to me as a result of that? Well, shortly after all that I fell into depression and anxiety. I wasn't able to study. I wasn't drinking yet, but I was totally unable to do anything, or so it seemed. I mean I was still able to walk and do pushups. But I would get periods of dizziness and more often than not I was too sleepy to be functional. I failed most of my courses. But because my parents kept encouraging me to study, and because that was something I wanted as well, and because they kept helping me I continued going to the university. I ended up taking computer science 101 5 times. Yes, 5 times - 4 f's and a d. It was introduction to java. I don't know how that happened. Maybe my condition, my dizziness, sleepiness and lack of concentration were to blame. Maybe my inability to be organized and immaturity contributed to that. But that was the result. I managed to avoid suspension somehow for 4 years. But after that they not only suspended me, but got me debarred(difference is that the latter lasts 3 years - Carleton university's rules). Yes, all that lasted 4 years. And I never advanced past being a 1st year student. So, after going to Carleton U for 4 years I was not allowed to come back there for 3 years. The rules are(at least they were at the time) that if one fails the same course 3 times, one has to get debarred(suspended for 3 years). I failed it 4 times! Somehow they overlooked that and let me stay after my 3rd fail. So, instead of landing a good job and spending the earnings on adultery as planned, I never past the 1st year during a 4 year period and the only thing I got out of that was an opportunity to come back after 3 years and try again. Well, shortly after that I started drinking too. My depression was getting worse. I never went to get it diagnosed btw until 2013. But THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! IS MERCIFUL!!!!!!! during all that time because of HIS!!!!!!! Mercy I never stopped believing and praying! By Mercy I received the gift of sobriety! As I mentioned, I was blessed with the ability to receive a college diploma too. My depression and anxiety got better. The most important is that I started trying my very best to do whatever possible to worship THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! to do whatever possible to look for righteousness and grow spiritually. I read The Bible every day as much as possible. I try my best not to walk the worldly ways. I still suffer from fybromialgia. That is my opinion at least. I told that to my doctor and he seems to agree with me. That reduces my ability to function. I get dizziness, tension and headaches. Different doctors tried to put me on antidepressants, but I don't trust those pills. I did, however, start taking codeine. I discovered that it helps my neck tension and related headaches when a dentist prescribed it to me. My family doctor okayed it too. For these and for similar reasons it is challenging for me to work. But I keep praying. I know that when my situation got hopeless I was blessed with a miracle and was healed of my alcohol dependency. I know that if I keep praying and believe I will be blessed with the ability to stop taking codeine too. Codeine, caugh syrop and coffee. Those 3 things are what I'm addicted to now. I take them because they relieve my tension. Tension seems to be the main problem for me now. I keep walking and working our too, no pain- no gain, right? But the only thing that matters is believing and praying! Blessing and healing from Above is what can give us the real relief! Another thing that we must realize is that our health, well-being, as well as other things such as wealth, employment and everything else, anything we could possibly think of, anything that we have in life - all of that must be used to worship THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means that we must give THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all that we have! And we must also pray to HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS SO MERCIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL help us because HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVES us! With all my issues I applied for a disability. When it comes to a disability, upon researching The Bible, I thought that it is all about honesty. If one honestly believes that they are one of those who needs support, mentioned in Acts 20:35, then they should apply. Otherwise it must be Acts 20:34. I applied. At the same time I tried to look for a job. I thought I was "borderline" in that sense. But lately, because I needed to finish up working on the project that I was blessed with, p v np, I put on hold my disability application. I still try to look for a job though. But my search is not as intense as it could have been. And every day I pray for my daily bread. That is what it is all about - praying! Part 3 A week ago, as I mentioned, I was at a Church. I was invited there. It was my first time there. And it turned out there was a famous speaker there that day. I'm not sure, maybe they want to keep a low profile, so I won't name them at this point. That speaker started telling their testemony. It turned out that at some point in their life they received a sign from GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were told to do something employment related, and it was totally unexpected for them. They have never done that before. But they went ahead and did that and that turned out to be a success. That reminded me of my situation so much. I even got up and testefied. There is a chance I ended up on YouTube somewhere. I thought: "what are the chances, I must say something!" So, despite my awkwardness and shyness I got up and spoke. That inspired me to write this testemony. Oh did I mention why I started thinking about science again in the first place? I got really moved when I saw the bias that the atheists display when it comes to discussing the origins of life, for example. Like the article on Wikipedia, that discusses irreducible complexity and flagellation - propellerlike tail that cells have that they use to move - swim that is. I watched a video about that and got inspired. Then I read a Wikipedia article about that and was stunned by the amount of bias there. From then on I try to avoid Wikipedia all together as a tainted, sinful source. I don't want to say anything negative about those who wrote it. I pray for them sincerely! But I must say that about the foul sinful disinformation that they wrote, in order not to sin. I don't want to sin by not saying that. After watching the video and reading the biased "scientific" article I started intensively thinking about scientific topics, after many years of not dealing with it in any way, more than 10 years. And unexpectedly I was blessed with the realization of that solution, the p v np solution that is. Oh, there is also an addition to the story: Around the time, like probably August last year I read an article online about the n-queens problem. I was busy writing/thinking about the solution to p v np at the time. I prayed! And I believe I was given a sign to switch from p v np to n-queens. By Mercy of THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! i believe I was given the ability to get closer to the solution of that problem than the point where the "official science" is at now. They run a "total brute force" algorithm to solve it. I was given the understanding of how to look for the "most compact queens", and I believe that algorithm is polynomial time, I have to double check it though. After finding that algorithm I believe I was given a sign to continue with p v np. But I actually posted the program(the rough copy of it) here, as one of the replies( to myself) to the post I started right after my encounter with the Wikipedia article. The "disproving evolution in 5 minutes or less" post. I just posted that as a reminder of the Miracle that happened! I mean I am not a good writer and sometimes I don't know how exactly to express my thoughts. But I feel compelled to write. I want to praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! What i want to say is this: while working on the program that I posted here I also realized the things that were confusing to me during my university time. The things that made me fail computer science 101 4 times. The above makes me realize the following: intelligence and ability to understand are not something we are born with. They are blessings given to us, so that we could praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I wanted to use intelligence for sinful purposes I was so stupid that I failed computer science 101 4 times! I mean that is really stupid! I had no intelligence! When, I started thinking about science for purposes of righteousness I was blessed with understanding something that no one else has been blessed with understanding of! Does that mean I'm smart? No! It means that I was given the understanding by The Mercy of THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, something important to mention: compare Romans 1:20 with Psalms 14:1 and Psalms 53:1. We don't need to go to school, we don't need to be smart or gifted, we don't need any sophisticated experiments to know and see that the so called theory of evolution is totally fallacious, wrong, insane and evil. Romans 1: 20! And the reason I was working on all that is not money. I mean if I were to ever get any money for anything I will only take what is necessary. The rest - MATTHEW 19:21! What I really need is to PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with everything I do. Whatever I do is to worship! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THE ONE!!!!!!!! WHO!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally controls every thought in everyone's head! HE!!!!!!!!!!!! makes one person realize, state and write down a problem and HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes another person do the same with the solution! Sometimes, if we look closer, if we pray and if we seek HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with all our heart, we are blessed with observing HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing Work! What else did I want to say? Realizing the solutions to these problems demonstrated me how limited and flawed the official science's understanding of the world is. Yes, they are good at processing and producing empirical - experimental that is - data. But when it comes to actual understanding, it is very limited and incomplete. In many cases it is simply wrong. And biased too. Examples: First example: They still officially declare that they don't know what one to the power of infinity is. Answer: It is one that is being constantly processed and the processing never halts. Think a "sock in a drier" situation. A sock, if folded and put on a shelf, is a sock, right? It's stable and is not subjected to any action/process. But if the sock were to be put in a drier, would it stop being a sock? No, it wouldn't. And if the drier never stops spinning the sock would still remain a sock. (Off course, a real world drier would stop at some point, and a real world sock would get destroyed due to wear and tear if it were to be put into an "infinite" drier. But if we are talking about theoretical things then that is the situation, the algorithm never halts.) Second example: They say we cannot divide by zero, right? Well if we were to write a division algorithm, what would it be? How about this: <h2>Quotients</h2> <p id="demo"></p> <script> var text = ""; function findQuotient(x,y){ var dividend = x; var divisor = y; var quotient = 0; var currentState = divisor; while ( currentState <= dividend) { currentState += divisor; quotient++; if (quotient > 1000000000) { break; } } return quotient; } document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = text + findQuotient(4,2) + "<br>" + findQuotient(5,2) + "<br>" + findQuotient(5,0); </script> Basically this is the program that finds a quotient. It is just a part of a division algorithm. We also need the reminder, but that is easy to find. Oh, in order to avoid a crash, I added a break statement after 1 billion. If it weren't there, the quotient would keep increasing infinitely and the program would crash. What I was trying to demonstrate here was the way to approach devision. Question "what is x devided by y" is equivalent to the question "how many times does y fit into x?" Imagine that in terms of space. The space is equal to y, that is measured in some units. How many things that occupy the space equal to x could fit into that space? Well that would be y/x. And the above program represents an algorithm where we add objects of size x one by one into the space equal to y. Every time we add one object, the available space is reduced by x units and the number of objects contained in that space is increased by 1. And the total space that is occupied by objects that are already added is represented by the variable that I called currentState. Question: what happens when we add an object that occupies no space? Answer: the amount of total space occupied remains unchanged. But the number of times we ran the addition operation is increased by 1. That is represented by our quotient variable. Since the occupied space never changes, because the object being added always occupies zero space, our quotient keeps on increasing forever. And that would be one way to define infinity - something that keeps increasing forever. Ofcourse, they are going to say that devision by zero contradicts the rule that when x/y = z then x should equal zy. But that could merely mean that multiplication and division algorithms that are considered as universally accepted in today's science need to be amended. What is that an example of? That those who claim to "know it all" are in fact unable to grasp the most basic things, the very foundations of science, such as devision and multiplication. Yes, they are good at processing imperical, experimental observations. Why? Because they were Created that way by THE CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!! They have eyes, ears, hands and parts of brain that can do the calculations/computations/processing of what they observe. But nothing of that is their own! There is absolutely nothing that they accomplished/developed/produced on their own! Everything they have have been given to them! And every single thought that they(and all of us ofcourse) have is not their own! It has been miraculously produced and given to them(and to us all), because everything is under TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That what compatibilism is! It is beyond our understanding, beyond anything we can imagine! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Third example: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/11/28/science/birds-beaks-evolution-snails.amp.html This is the article I accidently stumbled upon. It was on the front page of msn, when I was checking my mail, I think. What does the data discussed in this article prove? That the change that happened in the beaks of these birds, the size of their beaks, and the size of their bodies happened as a response to the introduction of the new snail. I mean if we were to calculate the chances of that happening as a coincidence the chances would be really close to zero. As they would say in court, that fact is beyond any reasonable doubt. The fact that the change of the sizes of the bird's beaks and bodies happened as a direct result of the introduction of the new snail and not because of random genetic mutations is beyond any reasonable doubt for any reasonable person. So, why is this important? Well, because the whole evolution - darwin thing was initially based on exactly the same scenario! darwin went to the Galapagos islands and documented this kind of change in some birds. It wasn't kites, and their food wasn't snails, but it's the same species - birds, and the same kind of change - beak size increase. And that started the whole thing! That's why they wrote all this multitude of insane, evil and false atheistic statements. I am praying for atheists with compassion, but this evil is unacceptable! Now, how is that connected to being biased/unreasonable/illogical/etc? Well, 1)the above facts prove beyond any doubt the fact that it doesn't take long for a change to happen, when survival of some species depends on that change. It took just one generation for the kites to change. And the whole evolution "theory" is based on the assumption that it all happens very slowly during a very long time. 2) it proves that birds were CREATED with a safeguard mechanism. In case their main source of food suddenly increases in size, their beaks grow. That is a logical conclusion! 3) evolutionists had to admit that and admit that the entire theory is a mistake! Did they do that? No! Why? Because they are unreasonable, or biased, or because of some other reason. I pray for them with compassion and hope that they will give up their sinful ways! Fourth example: https://www.shroud.com/latebrak.htm#debunk So this is what i wanted to say. If I left something out I will add that later. My testimony is getting too long and it's getting difficult to edit it. I just want to worship THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And want to give money to the exchangers - MATHEW 25:27.
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    Money to exchangers

    Yes, my brother, you are right. I should have been more careful with wording. What I meant was that if a coin were to actually hang in the air for real, without any magicians or anything of that nature involved. In that case we would deal with something that cannot happen in this world, that overrides the laws of nature. But overriding laws of nature is one thing. Any Devine Gift is Holy and Precious, and in my foolishness I spoke about it in such a way, I repent! What I meant was that the idea of a cell originating due to natural processes and similar ideas are just as realistic as a coin hanging in the air. But I need to choose my words carefully and repent! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brothers and sisters I must continue. Some events happened this weekend that I must write about. I did not add that to my initial testemony because that would make it too long. Or maybe I forgot to add that. It is difficult to include everything when one tries to describe something. In my dream there was some kind of observation room located on a mountain/hill. I was inside of it, but could sort of guess what it looked like from the outside. Shortly after I wrote this testemony I was riding a bus. I looked out the window and saw something that strongly resembled what I just described. It was an observation room on top of a small hill. I passed that place many times, but never paid much attention to the hill and to the room on top of it. This time I got out of the bus and walked around to investigate. The room, the little structure was on the territory of some hospital. The place seemed like it wasn't really open for public, even though the gate was open, so I didn't go in. That was it for that day. I was unable to see anything else related to the dreams that day. Shortly after, however, right next to the bus stop where I got off to investigate, in the little park adjacent to It, they painted a mural. And I will add that mural as an attachment here. I took many pictures of it. A part of that mural strongly resembles what I saw in my dream, namely, an explosion above what seems like a river. That was sometime in May or June if I'm not mistaken. And that mural is still there, last time I checked. What happened this weekend: The same sister IN CHRIST!!!!!!! invited me to another Church. And there are actually several events related to that that I want to testify about. The first one was this: The pastor called volunteers to testify. The lady came out and she gave a testemony about her dreams. And the church was located about less than 5 minutes of walk from that mural! What are the chances? It's not often when you hear a dreams testemony in a Church, and how many murals depicting an explosion above a river are there? Yet it all happened within one city block! So, I volunteered to give my testemony too. I testefied briefly about the above. It also happened that a well known speaker was invited there too. But I only realized that later. What I want to say in conclusion is this: GOD!!!!!!!!! is in absolute control of everything! Our thoughts, our dreams, our actions and every single event in our life!
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    Money to exchangers

    Gonna add something here. Just a little testemony. I have been actively thinking about these subjects. Walking around and thinking. Reason - just doing anything I possibly can to please and to worship THE LORD!!!!!!! In the process of thinking about disproving abiogenesis THE LORD!!!!!!! blessed me with understanding of many things that I want to testify about in detail. Something all of us should know is that there is so many wonderful miraculous beauty around us. That beauty testefies about miracles of Creation. If we believe and pray and do everything we can to find GOD!!!!!!!!!!! then we are going to see that beauty.
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    God is Love vs Pharaoh ???

    By the time pharaohs heart was hardened 2 things happened: 1) Hebrews have been enslaved for 430 years. And there was no single thought in pharaohs heart to free them and give them equal rights. Instead he 2) arranged that they would kill their own children. If not for Miraculous Intervention, they would have been tortured like that indefinitely. By The Great Mercy from Above pharaoh got way less than he deserved. Psalm 69: 26-27
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    What are the chances? World War 2 events

    One thing we should remember, brothers and sisters is that GOD!!!!!!! is in absolute control of everything!!!! Even if some people tried to plan something, it is because GOD!!!!!!! created those thoughts/plans in their head. Just like David said in Psalms 69:27. And there are countless number of other examples that absolutely everything in our life, including our thoughts is under total and absolute control by GOD!!!!!!!!! You say people might have tried to plan WW2? But how would they plan making sure that nuclear weapons don't get into nazi hands? How would they plan that in 19th century if they had no idea what those weapons were? That's just one example out of the great multitude of examples that demonstrate that there is absolutely nothing that people could change or influence. What we all must do is pray, repent marvel and believe!!!!
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    Suspicion Against Scientists?

    Obvious reasons such as "science" being flawed and biased and overwhelming evidence to back that up.
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    Suspicion Against Scientists?

    How about this? http://www.shroud.com/latebrak.htm#debunk
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    Money to exchangers

    I wanted to write about this for a long time. For some reason I can't seem to find the right words. Yet I believe that this is something important that we all should focus on. And in order not to be guilty of not handing my money to exchangers in due time, I want to hurry and invite everyone to work on the subject that I am about to talk about. I am not a scientist, I just try my best to think rationally. How do you define a miracle? It is something that cannot happen naturally. It is something, therefore, that has a chance of occurrence equal to zero. For example, if we have a standard/regular/usual coin, and we toss it, what are the chances of heads/tails? Both 50 percent. What are the chances of the coin never reaching the ground and just hanging in the air indefinitely after it leaves our hand? Assuming there are no magnets/hidden strings/anything else that could keep it hanging? Assuming there is nothing like that and the situation is "plain", the chances are zero. Therefore, if we were to witness a coin hanging in the air in a situation like that we would say that it is a miracle. That is just an abstract example. Let's look at the world around us: Organic world: 4 levels of life: 1) Organic materials: molecules and materials that living organisms are made of. 2) Cells: single cell organisms and single cells within multi-cell organisms. 3) Multi-cell organisms 4) Species/communities/etc. Now, let's think of the way things are connected and the way things are moving in the world around us in general: 1) The way things are connected: Observations: A) 4 fields, strong and weak forces in particular are connecting everything around us in non-organic, artificially untouched part of the world, as well as in the organic world. B) Things can be in 3 states: solid liquid and gas. Solids can preserve stability well, but are almost incapable of change. Liquids and gasses can change pretty well, but are incapable of preserving stability. When a thing is a solid then all its parts are stationary with respect to each other. That is why stability is preserved. With liquids and gasses it is the opposite. C) Even liquids and gasses experience strong/weak forces that cause them to gather together in groups/chunks that tend to be spherical in shape with smooth surface. Another way to phrase that would be that liquids and gasses gather in spheres that become single objects. The way things move: Fundamentally, in terms of Newton's laws, absence of an imbalanced force means absence of acceleration, which implies either staying at rest or moving in a straight line with a constant speed. When an imbalanced force is acting on something then that something is moving in the direction of the imbalanced force. It is moving exactly in the direction of the imbalanced force. What does the above imply? There is a short, one word answer: limits. Limits in terms of what kind of objects can be formed naturally. Consider the following example: you are on an uninhibited island. U walk on the beach and find: a watch, a pencil, a pen, and a brick. Is it possible that they formed naturally? Why or why not? Think in terms of what you know about the world around you. Think in terms of Newton's laws. Think in terms of how things stick together when they are liquids/solids/gasses. Consider the following points: - in nature when things separate that is because they are either broken, torn, or are liquid/gaseous, or become liquid/gaseous because of heating up. - Newton's laws describing simple objects also apply to movements of complex groups/processes. If a balanced system/group of things is moving in some way it is going to keep moving that way(or stay at rest) until some force puts it out of balance. When looking at a brick, think of the way clay is found in nature. Even if there is a fire that turns clay matter into "brick matter" how would a brick get its shape and separate from the rest of the clay? Remember, clay is found as one large "whole piece". Same argument could be applied to a pencil. In case with pencil we would also need to explain how graphite got inside the wood, how it obtained its perfect circular shape and how the ideal fit happened. Same arguments for our pen. In this case we will also need to explain how the ball is installed inside the pen and how it is able to move freely. Imagine liquid metal. When it solidifies it is usually one large piece, just like clay. It is one large piece or many disjoint pieces. There is never a possibility of finding any likeness of pen/ball combination in nature. Same argument could be applied to a watch. We don't need to be scientists to know that none of those things could ever, under any circumstances form naturally. If we look at living organisms what are we going to notice? A)Cells: Let's go to cells. Single or multi cell organisms - all cells. What do cells have? All cells have: 1) a wall - a solid cover, filled with, 2) correct me if I'm wrong, some special liquid - regular water would not do, and 3) nucleus with nerves connected to it, that 4)sends and receives electrical signals from other parts of the cell through these nerves. Am I right? Now, let's look at all non-organic matter that has not been artificially processed. What do we see? Everything in nature, rocks, sand, clay, water, air, and everything? In non-organic nature: 1) Do we ever see liquid inside a flexible container? 2) distinct "non-melted together" complex parts. Nerves and cell walls, and other parts of cells. Many of those parts are mobile too! B) Living beings. All living beings that are mobile are by far more complex than a pen, a pencil, a watch or a brick. They have a great multitude of organs that are shaped and connected together in a way that has never been observed in non-organic world. What I'm trying to say is that based on Newton's laws and on what we know about how things stick together due to 4 fundamental forces, and on other fundamental things like that we could develop axioms/theorems that could prove that abiogenesis is not just highly improbable, but completely impossible!
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    What are the chances?

    The day of summer That was going to be the name of a new post that I initially wanted to start in the "testimonies" section. Then I realized that I just need to continue here; it fits here logically. Yes, the day of summer. That is what I call that day in my diaries. Here is why: That was sometime in May, so it was getting close to the summer. And I think it was one of the first days with summer temperature. But that is not why that day got imprinted in my memory as "the day of summer". Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, I was on the same stop where I took the pictures that I posted in the very beginning of this post. That is a very big bus stop actually. It has many areas that are connected with overpasses. I was taking pictures of a bus again. And when I was taking those pictures I heard a girl laughing. I didn't look at her, I just sort of saw her with my peripheral vision. She was probably a teenager and laughing about something with another teenage girl. And the way our mind works sometimes is when we hear someone laughing we automatically assume that it might have something to do with us. And also, sometimes when we are destructed, the way our mind works is it runs different random thoughts "on autopilot". Like it starts a particular thought, which could be a little story - a little sequence of events, and it runs it further and further. Example: You are walking on the street and you see a door. You imagine that you enter that door. You imagine what kind of room it leads to. You imagine that someone you know will meet and greet you there. In reality the door leads to something totally different than the room you imagined. And the person you imagined meeting and greeting there has nothing to do with that place, and then you find yourself wondering why you ever thought of that. That is an example of what I mean. So, my thoughts produced "an autopilot story" as a result of the events that happened to me on the stop. And here is the story: I imagined passing by a girl that was laughing, assuming that she was laughing at me. I imagined the girl I saw in my peripheral vision. And then I remembered what my dad taught me long time ago, when I was concerned about school bullies. He taught me that if I feel insecure, and think that someone might be looking at me, or if I see someone laughing and I think they might be laughing at me, to just look them in the eyes with confidence. That should cause them to look away. So, that was added to the story my mind was playing. In my imagination after I saw the girl laughing I not only stared her straight in the eyes but did that in a mean and threatening way. I think, i even did some gestures like "what do u want?" kind of gestures with my hands. After that an imaginary guy, her companion, confronted me about that and asked why I was acting that way. Again, that is a story produced by my imagination "on autopilot". I replied to the imaginary guy, who was standing up for the imaginary girl, something like "my dad taught me to confront those who laugh at me that way". All of that took me about 10 seconds. During those 10 seconds I was walking through the bus stop and going up the stairs to one of the overpasses. Now, the real girl probably did not even notice me and her laughter had nothing to do with me. And even if I suspected that she was laughing at me, I wouldn't stare at her in a mean way, or anything like that, in reality. I would just smile and mind my own business. That is what a reasonable adult is supposed to do. But that is the story that my mind produced. And here is what happened next, 20 or so seconds later. I got up to the overpass and started crossing it. On the other side a guy entered the overpass and started walking in my direction. That guy looked homeless. And the next thing that happened was: the guy looked me in the eyes and started making faces. Yes, he started making faces! How often does that happen? And then I noticed a girl who was walking in the same direction as I was, which is towards the guy. I was walking pretty slow, and she passed me. That was when the guy was also passing me, walking towards me in the opposite direction. I was walking close to the windows and so was he. The girl passed between us. And the girl was from the same region of the world as the girl that I described before that, the one that was laughing. And the guy, after making faces to me switched to the girl. He looked her in the eyes and started sort of growling, like exposed his teeth, just as she was passing him. And he was sort of making gestures with his arms too. And he looked mean and angry. The girl tried to avoid eye contact with him and started walking faster, like she almost ran. After that the guy went his way, I went my way, the girl hurried to get on the bus - basically all of us went our way. Had that lasted longer, I would need to intervene in some way and defend the girl and restrain the guy in some way until emergency services would arrive - wouldn't that be a sin if I didn't? But thankfully, we all went our way peacefully. And that is the short version of the events. If someone asks, I could expand and do my best to tell the story in a full, detailed way. So, to sum up, I randomly thought of a very unlikely scenario, like how often do u see an adult making faces to strangers? Oh, I have to add one thing: before the guy started making faces to me and to the girl I sort of stared at him. Not even stared, but more like looked at him in an investigative way. The reason I did that was because I mistook him for someone else. Someone that had to do with one very sad and awful sinful story. But that story was not in any way related to these events. So, the guy started acting the way he did as a result of being stared at, initially by me and then probably by the girl. I dont know if she looked at him too, but she probably did because his initial reaction to my supposed staring probably attracted her attention. So, again: I'm thinking of a very unlikely scenario, a situation that happens very rarely - and the next thing I know is it happens right in front of me! A situation that I actually saw for the first time in my life. And one of the participants - the girl - was from the same cultural background as the girl that took part in my imaginary story. Again, how often do scenes like that happen? Once in a lifetime on average? Less frequently? How often do you see, if ever, scenes like that? Yet in that situation it happened some 25 metres and not even a minute after the thought randomly "played" in my head! And now I need to explain why I called that day "the day of summer": I have been listening to The Bible. The Chapter was Luke 4. I listened to it several times. This Chapter points to another Chapter in The Bible - ISAIAH 61. The first 3 blessed verses of this blessed Chapter! There were many miraculous events in my life associated with those 3 blessed verses! And there is a beautiful song associated with them too! In the song the first 3 verses are being sang in Hebrew up to the words "spirit of despair". That has been my favorite song since January 25th 2015 - the first miracle I saw that was associated with these verses, with the song that is! Why the day of summer: The version of The Bible that I listen to is the Russian Synodal Version. It translates ISAIAH 61:2 which is also Luke 4:19 in a unique way. I didn't find any other versions with such translation. It translates שְׁנַת רָצוֹן֙ as "favourable summer". I'm only a beginner when it comes to studying Hebrew, even though I've been trying for 4 years. I don't know if the word "shnat" could be translated as summer, if that is one of its possible translations. The internet translators gave me "second" and "you have changed". But the Light of the Miracle warmed me up! It brought me rejuvenation and hope! That is why I called that day the day of summer. Every one who was involved in the story could be looked at as a prisoner who dreams of freedom, just as the blessed verses say! The guy who was making faces probably struggled with addiction and/or mental health issues. The story that was unrelated to these events, that I briefly mentioned - everyone involved in it really needs help and healing. And myself, am a former drunk, struggling with fybromialgia and anxiety, as well as other challenges. Everyone, everyone needs Freedom to be proclaimed to them and we all need The Healing Light of THE SAVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!