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  1. justme007

    What are the chances?

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brothers and sisters, i knew that there were a lot of Verses in The Bible that supported everything i was blessed with writing above. Those Verses implied that. But recently i found The Verse that directly states that: Philippians 2:13! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. justme007

    What are the chances?

    AMEN!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! I just noticed your post, brother IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hasting to say AMEN!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. justme007

    What are the chances?

    Something I was blessed with realizing yesterday: Without rounding off: The first 3 digits of Pie: 3.14 - MATTHEW 1!!!! And what happens if we were to multiply them the way they are in MATTHEW 1 and the way the are devided with the decimal point? 3×14=42! Let's do the same with e now: 2.71 - multiply and we have 2×71 = 142! One hundred and 42! That's not all! What if we were to subtract e from Pie? The first 3 digits are 0.42! Could we say that 42 is the "connection" between these 2 numbers? How many more "connections" like that are there between them? Could we find any? Now, about the number 42: After being blessed with being able to write this article: as well as this one: I also realized that 42 is already considered to be a special number by the Jews. One of the reasons is that there were 42 stops in the desert: https://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2102/why-did-the-torah-list-all-the-stops-the-jews-made-in-the-wilderness Wow! I realized something just now! Numbers 33: 1-49! But I probably need another post to write about that. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. justme007

    What are the chances?

    I wrote the above and went to register to gym with my brother. Since I'm still unemployed, I am still in receipt of social assistance. I do try my best to look for a job, and be busy, despite my disability. I do that to avoid committing a sin. I also always pray for my daily bread, being always content with what I have, and being very thankful in my prayers! The reason I wrote about my financial situation is this: I had to apply for subsidide membership and I had to fill out the "income" section. I put down my monthly income - $718.00. The receptionist told me to put down my yearly income. I took a paper, an envelope I brought with me, and calculated: 7180+1436=8616. The above post, the one I'm quoting here was about the number 1.618! What are the chances! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. justme007

    What are the chances?

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! coincidence? Take a look: Ofcourse this is not a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! rejoice, brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. justme007

    The prophecy - 42!

    Brothers and sisters, please take a look: The Hebrew verb "to anoint" is transliterated as "mashah". The above word is found in 1 Kings 19:15-16. 3 people were to be anointed. ELISHA, JEHU and HAZAEL. Keep in mind the word "to anoint"! MESSIAH!!!!!!!!!! MEANS THE ANOINTED ONE!!!!!!!!!! Now, in the cases of ELISHA and JEHU there is something that really stands out when one reads 2 Kings. In the case of ELISHA it is 2 Kings 2:24. In the case of JEHU it is 2 Kings 10:14. Let's PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!! THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS MERCIFUL AND JUST!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD NEVER LET injustice to happen! That is the reason these verses should make us think and do research. And by MERCY OF THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! i believe that there is a hidden message in Those Verses. It is the number 42! If we go to MATTHEW 1, that is the very first theme that we see. That is what The New Testement starts with! It is 3 times 14, which is 42! Now, after noticing the pattern with ELISHA and JEHU i tried looking for it for HAZAEL as well. And let's look at 2 Kings 8:9 - that is where the pattern is found again! There are very few Verses written about HAZAEL, let's keep that in mind! That is what makes finding a specific number associated with him very unlikely! We need to think and investigate This Verse to see 42! HAZAEL brought 40 "camel loads" of gifts. That is 40. He had one gift in his hand. That is 41. Where is the gift #42? That was the gift that ELISHA brought for HAZAEL. It was the information - the anointing. The 2 of them met and brought 42 gifts in total to the meeting! Then we need to pay attention to The Verse 2 Kings 8:12. Now, in order not to sin i need to be careful with the way i phrase what i say. There is no single human that is innocent. Every single one of us is guilty! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE everyone! It is to our sinful minds someone could look innocent, although they are not! That is what we observe here. Normally, as mindless, clueless sinners, we would say that the people mentioned in 2 Kings 2: 24, 2 Kings 10:14 and in 2 Kings 8:12 are innocent, although, no person is innocent: Lamentations 3:37-39! Pay attention to 3:38! And what could be the meaning behind everything that we observe here? SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!! WHO!!!!!!!!!! IS TRULY INNOCENT DIED FOR us! And that has been predicted in The Old Testament and hidden in Those Verses! And, ofcourse, the 3 of them, JEHU, ELISHA and HAZAEL were anointed! That points us to THE BLESSED ANOINTED!!!!!!!!!!! THE MESSIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. justme007

    What are the chances?

    I have something to add: Today I saw another sequence, a very unlikely one, with a 41. Shortly after I felt the desire to listen to a Messianic song that I haven't listened to in a while. That song is made up of The Psalm 118 Verses. I wanted to read The Bible, Hebrew version while listening to it, that's why I set the music player to "repeat the same song" option. While doing that, I have to click on the song. Duration of the song appeared on the screen -4:13!
  8. justme007

    What are the chances?

    I'm sorry, my brother, I was told i need to work on my writing. When I try to write something it ends up being confusing, and it is difficult for me to express my thoughts in a professional manner. What I meant was that the brochure told everyone to believe and repent! The 64 on the 6413 bus pointed to Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!!!!! Read together, it is going to be, oh, the beauty and joy: GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! repent and believe!
  9. justme007

    What are the chances?

    Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!! It is a strong sign! - first of all the 413 is a pointer towards the brochure itself. Right before I got it, the number 413 got repeated twice! The 41 before it, twice, the last one at 14:10! - 64! Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!! - The brochure itself could be summed up like this: repent and believe IN JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!! IS TELLING us that HE IS ABSOLUTELY SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that we should repent and believe!
  10. justme007

    bias or unreasonable thinking in science

    Dear brother, immediately a few verses came to mind: Please take a look at 1st Kings 19:11-12. What do you think about the end of The Verse 12? ... effort and zeal, effort and zeal, effort and zeal.... If we are giving everything we have to THE LORD!!!!!!!!!! our hearts, our minds, our time, our thoughts, then we will be BLESSED with the superb joy that will keep us alive and rejuvenate us! That joy is found in Deuteronomy 8:3! We will be able to see THE BREAD OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! And we will see THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! And THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL SET us free! Speaking of what you wrote here, please take a look, I published these 2 posts here recently - finding prophecies that came true in The Bible: There is a lot more I want to talk about, that I was BLESSED with noticing. By the way, it has a lot to do with The Above Chapter - 1 Kings 19. What I mean is that if we live in such a way that the only meaning of our life could be found in Psalms 1:2 and Ecclesiastes 12:13, than we will be able to find what we never thought possible!
  11. justme007

    The prophecy!

    Something to add - could be another fulfilled Prophecy! Luke 12:51-53 - and all the denominations today, all brothers and sisters who are Christians. How sad and intense is the quarreling between them! What could be more sad and intense? The quarreling between Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters. Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! May we see the Prophecies! May The True Bread feed our hungry hearts!- Deuteronomy 8:3!
  12. justme007

    The prophecy!

    These Blessed Verses are the last in The Book of DANIEL. They follow the rest of The Chapter 12. Chapter 12 talks about the resurrection of the dead - The Second Verse. That is how we know that it talks about the future events. Then it talks about a vision that DANIEL did not understand. Neither can we, according to Acts 1:7. Then The Chapter transitions into These Verses. Therefore, These Verses, DANIEL 12:11-13, follow The Verses that talk about the future, DANIEL 12:2,4, and directly follow The Verses 8 and 9, where DANIEL inquires about the meaning of 5-7 and is told that it is sealed. The Verse 1o is a transition Verse, and or a part of the end prophecy, 11-13. Now, let's look at The Chapter 9: The Blessed Chapter predicts our Salvation! It predicts that our BLESSED SAVIOUR WILL DIE for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was written in DANIEL 9:26. The Verse 27 is the one that contains these 3 prophecies and immediately follows The Verse 26! No one can deny that: 1) Christianity - The New Testement! - The TEACHING OF our BLESSED LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS shining in the entire world, and has been shining for 2000 years! 2) The daily sacrifice. Christians do not practice that. Since the year 70 and until today neither do the Jews. I don't want to say anything hurtful to my Jewish brothers and sisters in any way! The year 70 was very terrible and tragic! But, brothers and sisters, rejoice! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!! LOVES you! 3) the "shiqqutzim" - the abominations/idols. The whole Earth has been infested with them! Yet we can see that almost every single one of them has been abandoned and desolate!
  13. justme007

    The prophecy!

    DANIEL 9:27! 3 prophecies! We can see all 3 of them fulfilled! Very vividly and undeniably! We just need to read The Blessed Verse correctly! In order to do that we need to compare different translations/versions of The Bible. Many people laboured with zeal throughout centuries to translate The Blessed Book. We also need to try and analyze The Source - the original Hebrew text. My own knowledge is very basic and limited. But even with that knowledge, I'm trying to use different tools, such as online translators and online Hebrew lessons to try and work on that. I'm not saying that to brag in any way, I'm just trying to inspire those with more knowledge and experience to work on this blessed project! Here is The Septuagint version: Brenton Septuagint Translation And one week shall establish the covenant with many: and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and drink-offering shall be taken away: and on the temple shall be the abomination of desolations; and at the end of time an end shall be put to the desolation. 1) "And one week shall establish the covenant with many". Notice that this version is uniquely implies that The "Week" is The Object, The Doer of The Action that is talked about here. If we were to assume that "weeks", talked about in DANIEL 9:26, are generations - there are 62 generations from Adam to JESUS!!!!!!!! according to MATTHEW 1 - then we could read the first part the following way: "ONE GENERATION!!!!!!!!!! WILL ESRABLISH The Covenant with many." This is the prophecy about The New Testement! The Covenant HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED with many, they believed and became Christians! Even the word for The Testement in modern Hebrew is "Brit" - בְּרִ֛ית - Covenant! 2) "Sacrifice and drink-offering shall be taken away". This part is another Blessed Prophecy! This is very easy to see! There are no more sacrifices and drink offerings - they have been completed! Romans 10:4! 3) Now, let's look at 2 other versions of The Bible: New American Standard Bible "And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate." King James Bible And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Now, let us focus on the word "abominations" - plural - שִׁקּוּצִים֙ Now, where else in The Bible is that word used and what does it refer to? That word is used to refer to idols! In fact, when you read 1 Kings 11, for example, it is used as a substitution, as a synonym of the word "idol", kind of like car/vehicle, or seat/chair. Substitution of the words idol/abomination is happening in the same manner! And despite the fact that some, myself included, find it a bit difficult to understand the symbolism here in its entirety, there is one thing that I believe is indisputably clear - the fact that the abominations will be subjected to desolation, or abandonment! And what a joy! All, or almost all of the abominations that were defiling the Earth and the countries/territories referred to in the times of The Old and The New Testements are abandoned! Who could have thought! The beauty! The liberation! The earth was infested, flooded, defiled by all kinds of idols! And now they are gone! The prophecies came true! Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. justme007

    What are the chances?

    "Do you need this one? Right there!" Continuing here, I'm very delighted and do rejoice greatly! Above is the title that I would like to label this entry with. In point form: - The last photo from yesterday - time 23:30:41 The sequence before it was 741, 731, 72, all in a row, no gaps! - The first photo from today - time 14:10:41. 2 photos in a row! - Right after taking the last photo(described above ) I saw a car -licence plate 413. - 2 minutes after that I saw a bus 6413, only 3 buses - about 7-8 numbers that I saw between the 413 car and the 6413 bus. - After that I got on the bus(another bus that i will describe below), and started picking a seat, I'm picky when it comes to bus seats. I wanted to go to the very back seat, but there was something I saw there that made me change my mind. I sat on a different seat, headphones in my ears. All of a sudden a guy comes up to me and says: "Do you want this one? Right there!" (He probably talked about the seat itself, when he said "this one".) At least I'm pretty sure that was what he said. I had the music on, and couldn't hear well. He pointed somewhere to the corner of the seat. I thought he forgot his cell or something. But he quickly walked off the bus. Between the seat and the bus wall I found a brochure. That must have been what he wanted me to find! It was one of those street ministry brochures: Brochure name: " Merry CRISTMAS!" The brochure talks about The Good News! The phone on the brochure contained 413 - right after the bus 6413 -Wow! Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! - The bus i got on was route 62, number 6562 - yesterday I added more entries about DANIEL 9:26 and wrote about the significance of the number 62. Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. justme007

    Lamentations 4:20 --> JOHN Chapter 20!

    The period between The Old and The New Testements - 400 years of silence. Now, let's turn to Numbers 14: 22-34. Let's look at 34! And it's 14:34 - 434 occurring again! Just realized that! What I was going to say was that let's look at 34! https://biblehub.com/text/numbers/14-34.htm Let us think about this! Especially the very end of the verse! The worst that can happen to us is REJECTION BY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! We can see a lot of symbolism in "being in the desert" as opposed to "crossing Jordan" - crossing - Ever - the symbolism of the name. But rejection, " being in the desert". By the way, 400 occurs again! Verse 22 - 10 times! Punishment for 10 times - 40 years! 40×10=400. Which takes us back to the Egyptian captivity. Wow! I just realized it! I remembered the words in the verse, but I didn't know the book and the verse! I actually thought it was somewhere in Numbers or in Exodus! But - Deuteronomy 4:20! 4:20 Again! That was the verse I was thinking about! 400 years in Egypt - the captivity! I wanted to talk about all this in detail, there is so much to add to that, brothers and sisters! This is miraculous! I started this research 2 weeks ago. I got really inspired when I realized that The Old Testament actually tells us that THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! WAS GOING TO DIE for us! I mean for some reason we don't hear DANIEL 9 discussed too often. The above lead me to research the places in The Bible where THE WORD MESSIAH!!!!!!!!!!!! IS FOUND. The above lead me to discover Lamentations 4:20, which could not have been written about anyone, any human who lived at that time. Then I discovered the amazing connection of the above to JOHN 20. Then all of the above. There is much more!