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  1. PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! today I was walking and thinking about something unusual. I was thinking about the way to test the Navier-Stokes equation and similar theories, using hot air. In my mind I was thinking: install an electrical heater, build an "air collector pipe system" above it, compress the air and blow it through a pipe using a fan. Surround that pipe with some infrared cameras. Temperature, compression and fan speed could be altered. Camera angles could be altered.... That is the first time I thought about that topic. I got to an intersection and started waiting for the light to change. There was some object laying on the road, right in the middle of the road. I couldn't see what it was. Then a car drove over it, and a bunch of IDs flew out of it in all different directions. Then I realized that it probably was a wallet. I approached it when the road was clear. It was indeed a wallet. It "popped" like a balloon. There were at least 10 plastic ID cards. They spread allover the road. There were still some plastic cards left inside the wallet. There was also about $15, but I didn't count. Since the next traffic wave was approaching, I only had time to pick up the wallet itself and the drivers license. The person was a guy. There were 2 words in his last name. The first one was French. I don't remember if I read the second one. It was a hifinated last name. I took the wallet to a police station and wrote a short report there. I didn't count the money, didn't read the ID in detail and tried not to touch the stuff too much. I just put it in my jacket and brought to the station. It was after I dropped it off I realized: 1) Hifinated last name, 2 words, one of them French --> Navier-Stokes. 2) The whole thing happened as a result of air pressure - at least that is what i think --> fluid mechanics! What are the chances? PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Philippians 2:13!!!!!!!!!!! Something to add, brothers and sisters: fluid mechanics understanding could help us to deeper realize that abiogenesis is impossible. Pray for understanding of that concept, and again, remember Philippians 2:13!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello brothers and sisters, Let's analyze The Blessed Verse! Let us think deeply about it! The way I understand it, The Verse tells us that no special education is needed in order to see that the nature around us was Created! One could have 10 university degrees and 10 PhDs, or one could have a high school diploma, or one could be completely illiterate, not common today, but for inclusion purposes I want to mention that too. The point is, as long as all of the above are adults without any mental defects they should be able to analyze the world around them and understand that the world around us was Created! What are the possible ways to conclude that? Let's analyze one such way: Looking at a wrist watch: something tells us subconciously, that there is no way that it could just occur naturally. Something tells us that it can't come out of some what do they call it "primordial soup?" Let's analyze that and think about the axioms that could back up our subconcience. Now think about a spider. The other day I saw one in my bathroom. I didn't want to hurt the little guy. So I found a cup and caught the spider in it and relocated the speedy crawler. Before I managed to do that, it ran from me on a vertical surface, quickly swang on its web to avoid the cup and hid behind a curtain, before I could catch it. Now, if all the technology producing companies and factories in the world were to unite their efforts and try and make a robot that could repeat the spider's moves, just those moves I described, while being the same size as the spider, I don't think they will succeed. The reaction speed, the decision making, the web production, vertical wall jogging - can the overpaid RND workers emulate all that? Something tells me they can't. Something also tells me that the so called "nanomites" are not getting off of sci fi novel pages any time soon. So, the question is, if the possible to make wrist watch cannot be produced as a result of natural processes, why the impossible to copy/make spider is thought by some to be produceable by natural processes? Those are just subconscious thoughts. Let's try to develop some axioms out of that.
  3. Hello brothers and sisters, The thought came to my mind: it says in those Blessed Verses to put Those Supreme Words on one's head and hand: Deuteronomy 6:8! I heard that our Jewish brothers, whom we should pray for and preach The Salvation! to, do that until these days! Do Christians do That? I was thinking: writing the word "Deuteronomy" in as many languages as could fit on a band, and make wrist bands and shoulder bands, and a headband pointing to these verses. Any thoughts?
  4. Another thing that I thought about for a long time, something about the way natural processes are: If something solidifies, something that was produced as a result of a natural process, that something is "one whole piece". Think rocks, iron, clay, ice, everything. All of the above tends to either be "one whole piece" or disjoint and disconnected. Now, every single cell consists of many components that are different in shape, size, molecules they are made of, etc. All of the above is encased into one container - the cell wall. ... I wad just blessed with being able to see that in my imagination PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Statement(maybe an axiom): one region of space, let's say spherical. That region of space "totally contains" another, smaller region of space. Let's say that the larger region of space is filled with something that has been formed naturally, let's say rocks, metal, anything, even concrete, rubber, if it were to spill unintentionally for example. If such two regions were to exist inside any of the above, let's say inside a piece of rubber, the assumption would be that if the border of the larger region consists of rubber, then the inside smaller region is also made of rubber. If it is mixed with something, let's say a piece of glass, then the rubber is "stuck" to it so that they are still joined as "one piece". I'm not good at writing formal statements, I hope the example helps. And if a little drop of any of the above were to separate as a result of some natural process, it would be "one piece" and immobile. That is the nature of the world around us. And then again, how and why would it separate? Liquids form solids. Liquids stay together as one because of the strong or weak forces, solids, once formed stay as one as a result of the same strong or weak forces. Middle school physics. Once we encounter something like a key in a lock we know that it is not formed naturally. If it were formed naturally it would be one whole piece! A cell contains a cell wall - one whole piece - and a lot of different things that move within it! If it were to be formed naturally it would be one whole piece! It would not have different organelles! And if two things are disjoint in nature they will never be one whole thing, because of the 3 Newton's laws!
  5. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what, we must believe that GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACULOUSLY CREATED everything! There are countless evidence! Evidence that we all could see, as well as personal experiences that we can't deny! Brothers and sisters, rejoice and believe!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Some thoughts on the general approach: The chances of some event equal to the product of all components of that event. P total = P1*P2*P3*P4... Even if one Pn is equal to zero, the chance of the event occurring is zero. That is what we need to do with the abiogenesis, brothers and sisters. Let's find multiple Px=0! - Back to the above vessels: are they hard and durable enough for cell parts to be mounted on them? To contain cell's life and stay intact basically. - The liquid that fills them: could it be simple water, or does it have to be "special water", like plasma, or blood or some biological liquid? The main question here is: could that liquid occur naturally and be present somewhere in sufficient quantity to fill a cell? - Micro electrical signals. Since cells need to move in order to live, the assumption should be that they have a very well functioning electrical/nerv system. Natural process is not able to produce that and place that inside a container/vessel. That requires multiple solid parts. The vessels described above seem to be homogenous, and only capable of trapping and containing liquid, not solids.
  7. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! Reading the above made me think of another simple way to disprove abiogenesis. 1. Lets assume that the laws of nature are constant, and gravity is constant and doesn't change, and time and space are constant, and the time flows constantly and doesn't start and doesn't stop, and the universe is uniformly filled, like we see on the current universe map. 2. If time flows constantly and doesn't start and doesn't stop and all matter attracts all other matter, then every single unit of space that exists would either be empty, or filled with a black hole or a black hole's jet! 3. Things other then those listed in 2. exist. Therefore we were MIRACULOUSLY CREATED!
  8. That's very interesting, my brother. Here are the questions I have about that: - how big are those vessels compared to a cell. What if we were to compare them to say a hydrogen atom? - the substance that the vessels are made of, is that a solid? What if the vessel were to be subjected to some pressure? - how thick are the vessel's walls compared to its overall size?
  9. Brothers and sisters! Romans 1:20 and further! Let's think about cells: Possible reasons why cells cannot originate as a result of natural processes: 1) Cells are like "balloons filled with water". -Natural processes only start/stop when something runs out, when something runs into something else(like a rolling rock hits a wall), or when something is under pressure(running into something could also be a subclass of that - wall "pressures" the rock to stop.) Everything involved in natural processes moves according to the 3 Newton's laws. - Now, with that in mind, how would a cell get "filled" as a result of a natural process? - Even if we were to assume that the cell walls are already in existence, how does it get filled and retain the liquid? - Think of the balloon example. Even if the balloon were to get some water inside of It as a result of some rain/wind/etc., the water would never stay. As soon as there is enough water inside to start pressuring the balloon walls, excess water would leak out. The main point in this example is that there is no way for a baloon or anything like it to get filled and sealed by itself. - Also keep in mind, if a natural process were to do the "filling" it wouldn't "know" when to stop and the balloon would burst. - And if the "filling" were to somehow be done naturally, how would it get sealed after? Let's answer these questions before we move to things like cell functions etc. Keep in mind, I know nothing about biology, I'm just thinking rationally. Romans 1:20 and further tells us that it is possible for everyone to understand such fundamental things about life.
  10. PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some additional thoughts that I would like to add: for it is the number of a man: 1) JEREMIAH 17: 5-8 and 9; pay special attention to 9. 2) Colossians 3:5 - other kinds of idolatry is falsely claimed to be something more than a manmade abomination by those who make it. Wealth, however, is not claimed by anyone to be anything else than "of a man".
  11. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to add that those were just my thoughts on the subject. I prayed and felt compelled to write that. What happened to Solomon in general should serve as a warning for us. We should always stay vigilant, pray and repent every day! And 1 Timothy 6:10 should always be remembered and never ignored. It talks about the root of all evils, not just about one particular sin. And Colossians 3:5 should always be on our minds too. In today's world most of the sinful idolatry that plagued the world during the time when Paul wrote these blessed verses is no more! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should always stay vigilant and thankful in our prayers when James 1:2 is combined with Colossians 3:5. In today's world we could still be tempted with all possible temptations when dealing with money issues. We should always believe and PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 1. Revelation 13:18 : "this calls for wisdom" - wisdom is associated with Solomon --> 1Kings 10:14 - the amount of gold Solomon received yearly. Gold often symbolizes wealth or money. 2. 1 Timothy 6:10 tells us about the root of all evils. 3. In addition to that Colossians 3:5 - "greed, which is idolatry." I must add that these are just my thoughts on the subject.
  13. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brothers and sisters, i knew that there were a lot of Verses in The Bible that supported everything i was blessed with writing above. Those Verses implied that. But recently i found The Verse that directly states that: Philippians 2:13! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. AMEN!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!! I just noticed your post, brother IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hasting to say AMEN!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Something I was blessed with realizing yesterday: Without rounding off: The first 3 digits of Pie: 3.14 - MATTHEW 1!!!! And what happens if we were to multiply them the way they are in MATTHEW 1 and the way the are devided with the decimal point? 3×14=42! Let's do the same with e now: 2.71 - multiply and we have 2×71 = 142! One hundred and 42! That's not all! What if we were to subtract e from Pie? The first 3 digits are 0.42! Could we say that 42 is the "connection" between these 2 numbers? How many more "connections" like that are there between them? Could we find any? Now, about the number 42: After being blessed with being able to write this article: as well as this one: I also realized that 42 is already considered to be a special number by the Jews. One of the reasons is that there were 42 stops in the desert: https://judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/2102/why-did-the-torah-list-all-the-stops-the-jews-made-in-the-wilderness Wow! I realized something just now! Numbers 33: 1-49! But I probably need another post to write about that. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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