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  1. justme007

    Going through The Bible

    Daily Bible studies. Listening to the chapters over and over again and reading them at the same time. Understanding something new every day. Witnessing miracles! The less of the world - the better! All the time we have needs to be used for worship and spiritual growth!
  2. justme007

    beware of sects

    Oh, yes you right exactly. It's name is eastern lightning
  3. justme007

    beware of sects

    I ran into a sect recently. It was established in early 1990s and for some reason they are getting more active these days. They are attacking the authority of The Bible and portraying Christians as corrupt and dishonest in their videos. That's how I ran into them. I was looking for something good to watch on youtube. I typed in "Christian faith" and ran into one of their videos. That's how I learned of their existence. A week later a guy from that very sect befriended me on social media and tried to invite me into that sect. At first they pretend to be regular Christians. I deliberately don't want to mention their name or anything about them. I think that we as Christians should be reluctant at least when it comes to learning things about sects, that's why I don't want to mention anything about them. What we should learn is The Bible! What I want to say is that that particular sect's message is easily and totally disprovable by Mathew Chapter 24. That sect uses The Bible and The Message of The TRUTH!!!! as a foundation of their beliefs but they add a lot of unacceptable and unbiblical additions to the Blessed Message. What I want to say is simply this: read The Bible and believe! Pray for guidance and for mercy for yourselves and for everyone! Always walk the straight and narrow way and pray for those who don't.
  4. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!! There is something I want to say and am looking for the right words. I am afraid that I might say something wrong and sin that way. My only goal is to praise THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should repent in advance and in case if I say something wrong! Brother Alex, first of all, the most important is that we realize that THE MOST HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS always ABSOLUTELY JUST, LOVING, FAIR, WISE AND PERFECT!!!!!!!!! THAT IS ALWAYS ABSOLUTELY UNCONDITIONAL!!!!!!!! The most important part is that we realize that and believe that, and that is great that you do! That is most important! I just feel the need to point out some things in The Bible. Exodus 20:5 as well as Deuteronomy 5:9! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! in HIS!!!!! ABSOLUTE WISDOM LOVE AND JUSTICE reveals to us who is being punished by HIM!!!!!!!!!!! Up to 3rd and 4th generation! People, however, are told to not punish fathers for sins of children and children for the sins of fathers, but everyone for their own sins. We are given limited minds and limited understanding, that is why we are not allowed to extend JUSTICE past those who are directly responsible for committing the sins. 2nd Kings 14:5-6, Deuteronomy 24:16. Also take a look at EZEKIEL 18:4 and 18:20.
  5. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    You are right, Alex. I pray that everyone who calls themselves Christians would pray, repent, and start applying as much effort as they can to worship, grow spiritually, and work for GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! as much and as hard as we can! It is so easy to become lukewarm unfortunately. That's what happened to me. My life fell apart completely at one point as a result. By Mercy from The Above!!! I am still alive and well and very thankful in my prayers! Worldly things can lead us away from the right pass. If instead of working for GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! we start living in a worldly way it's just sad. Like thinking about that always makes me depressed. Thinking about the worldly things I mean. There is always that depressing thought on the background that everything is so fragile and unstable and short and as a result hopeless. The ONLY HOPE IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can fix everything and make it right and perfect and full of logic and meaning! HE!!!!!!!!!!!! can regenerate and restore everything!
  6. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    Oh, the blessed Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!! The comandment found in the Old Testament says not to say THE HOLIEST NAME!!!!!!!! in vain! The commandment in the New Testement, THE FIRST and THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!! we all know these commandments, brothers and sisters! So, THE FIRST COMMANDMENT!!!!!!! of The New Testament is found in Deuteronomy 6:5!!!!!!!! The verses from Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!! to 6:9 are collectively known as SHEMA!!!!!!! - the most well known prayer in Judaism! I learned that while studying Biblical Hebrew. I am just trying to follow the commandments! I am afraid to say THE HOLIEST NAME!!!!!!! or THE HOLLIEST WORD!!!!!!! in vain. Or I am afraid that I might not be clean or worthy enough to say THE HOLLIEST NAME!!!!!!! or THE HOLLIEST WORD!!!!!!!! that is why I try to just say The FIRST COMMANDMENT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT!!!!!!!! or Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. justme007

    Acts 12 - Mercy

    Going through Acts 12, studying the Chapter in depth. So much Mercy has been given to Peter!
  8. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    Oh, I forgot to mention JOHN 9:3!
  9. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    Thank you Alex, You are right in terms of wovels, this is the original word, I copied it from the Biblehub website: גִבְע֜וֹן the word is supposed to be transliterated as Giveon, with an "e" that is supposed to be very short. The second consonant is v, because there is no dagesh inside the letter Bait. At least that is what i think, i can only understand Hebrew on a very basic level, i could be mistaken. And here is the complete verse: http://biblehub.com/text/joshua/9-3.htm I am reading(listening mostly) to the Russian Synodal version of The Bible. It has been revised in 1994 and is said to be very accurate. The only thing, as we can see is the names. They are often slightly changed(or more than slightly) when the text is translated. That's the version I've been reading since I was a kid. In another version that they added later the names are different and they are a bit closer to the original ones I think. It is always best to try and read The original text. I want to get better at Hebrew as well as learn Greek and Aramaic if I can. Another thing to note here, while we read Acts 7, there is a reference to Genesis 15, I believe. And in Genesis 15 the 7 nations of the land of Canaan are named differently; different names are used to refer to them. When we read this wonderful chapter, it is important to focus on the main message here, which is faith. Paul mentions verses from Genesis 15 too when he talks about faith. And when it comes to wether or not someone is innocent, we must believe!!! Let's look at Lamentations 3:38 -40. There are no innocent victims when it comes to punishment From The Above!!!! We must always believe! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! controls absolutely everything!!!!!! With absolute Love and Justice!!!!!!! The fact that those men who got hung ended up that way means that there was a reason for that. Nothing is random, nothing is accidental! Let's look at another event that had to do with Saul. He sent his servant to kill the priests and everyone in their city. There was only one survivor, Abiatar. But it was foretold to Eli, who was the high priest when Samuel was born, that because of the sins of his sons and because he failed to stop them his house will be purged - 1 Samuel 3:14. There are so many places in The Bible to show us that GOD!!!!!!!!!!! controls absolutely everything - our lives, our thoughts, everything around us, our decisions - everything!!!! Let's believe, brothers and sisters!
  10. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    I want to write little notes like this while studdying The Bible. This is not the first time I read Acts. But somehow this story completely slipped my mind. I forgot the story completely to my shame. When it comes to The Bible, nothing should be forgotten; we must study it delegently and with zeal every day! It's sad that my mind is so limited and my memory is so weak.... The most important thing is that we all should remember that THE LORD!!!!!!!! loves us and that HE!!!!!!!!!! Is the ONLY REASON!!!!!! for our life!!!
  11. justme007

    Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!

    Praise THE LORD!!!!!!!! I just wanted to write a little note. As I proceed with my Bible study i just want to note certain things in order not to forget them. Acts Chapter 8. Take a look at Acts 8:21. Notice how similar it is to NEHEMIAH 2:20. And in both cases the person spoken to appears to be a Samaritan. First of all, we know that all races are equal before GOD!!!!! Just take a look at when king Saul 's relatives were hung because Saul was committing a genocide against the Gavaonites! But why is it that 2 similar verses are spoken to the Samaritans? Perhaps it is because they are guilty of the similar sin! It says that the Samaritans, when they were first mentioned in The Bible were guilty of idolatry even after they were given the blessed opportunity to know The Truth; after the priest was sent to them to teach them. And in the latter case too, the Simon person was involved in some abominable sin, like sorcery. He lived in a Samaritan city. Later he accepted The Truth. But has he completely abandoned the abominable sin? Probably not. That is probably the reason for his attempt to "bribe" the apostles. And by Mercy From The Above he is given a second chance!!! What do we learn from this? We are reminded again: Deuteronomy 6:4!!!!!!!!!
  12. justme007

    Predicted name - what are the chances?

    Praise the LORD!!!!!!! I just noticed another beautiful pattern! ZECHARIAH 11:14 to Revelation 21:14 - 11:14 to 21:14! I noticed while reading this: http://bmarkanderson.com/how-many-apostles-in-the-new-testament-12-or-25/
  13. justme007

    Predicted name - what are the chances?

    There is another important thing to add: In the time of ZECHARIAH the tribes of Judah and ISRAEL lived together, those who were left of them, the remnant. The land that previously belonged to the tribes of ISRAEL was now occupied by the Samaritans. They, Judah and ISRAEL, had to face the hardships of survival together. The Isralites of what used to be the Northern Kingdom no longer had that land. They all, both ISRAEL and Judah had to live together and stand up against the outsiders to defend the land of Judea. With all that in mind it is really unlikely that they had any serious disagreements, the kind that would mean that the union between them is broken after the time of ZECHARIA
  14. justme007

    Predicted name - what are the chances?

    Oh, I was just thinking that it is pretty unusual for someone to die when the cause of death involves a rope. Most people die of natural causes I would guess. If there is an accident it involves a fall of some kind. And back in those days most people who got executed or killed were stoned to death or killed by a sword. It is true, there were those who's death involved a rope, but it was an unusual way to go. But that is what happened to Judas. He could have died of natural causes or got killed in some other way. That is the first part that I thought needed researching. The second part that talks about him falling and his inner organs falling out. That is a very graphic and sad picture. But that tells us that it was either the rope that he was hanging on that broke, or that whatever the rope was attached to broke. The latter object is very likely a stick or a tree branch or something like that. Those 2 facts make his death unique. I don't think there is anyone else mentioned who first hang themselves and then fell because of the rope or the support breaking.
  15. justme007

    Predicted name - what are the chances?

    That is an inspiring analysis! And the conclusions that you write are very inspiring too because they revolve around the recognition of our need to repent, believe and strive for righteousness. What a nice world would it be if everyone were to repent of their sins and pray in the NAME OF JESUS!!!!!!! if everyone would leave all the sins corruption and abomination like idols and atheism. And the money, if everyone would just try to spend what is necessary for them to survive and give the rest to the poor. MATTHEW 19:21