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    Jesus. Talking to Jesus. Listening to Jesus. Listening to praise and worship music everyday. I love to write. God used (uses) it to help me heal. Writing to help others work through their abuse. Color pencil drawing. Baking with whole wheat. Creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Web design. Logo design. Designing homes.
  1. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    Yes, blood sugars were checked. A slightly elevated and that's why the podiatrist had him go to the emergency room. They were not even the bit concerned about it. That hospital is known to not focus on the important aspects and not see the entire picture. My husband's toe is healing nicely according to the podiatrist. With epsom salt foot baths and an antibiotic, the infection is clearing up.
  2. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    Apparently, as I have often said to my husband, he should not have gone to that particular hospital. My husband was attempting to articulate that he had the problem with his toes. The ED doctor basically told him that his problem was in the heel not the toes and that there was no infection. I had a horrible experience with that same hospital. They basically told me that I was a hysterical female going through menopause, and I should take two aspirin and go to bed and never go back there with my symptoms because there was nothing wrong with me. I had chest pain. They obviously thought it was anxiety. That was March 2007. Six months later I was finally diagnosed with a serious illness which nearly killed me. I had pericarditis, and it had gone into my heart muscle as well. So my diagnosis was myopericarditis. When I visited the first hospital their x-ray showed an enlarge heart which that ED doctor erroneously believed was a symptom of under-treated hypothyroidism. In fact it was the pericarditis before it developed into myopericarditis. My husband made an appointment with the podiatrist two days later. The podiatrist spent over an hour expressing pus out of two toes on my husband's left foot. He placed him on broad-spectrum antibiotics, covered his toes with Neosporin and a bandage, and then wrapped his whole foot and part of his leg in a gauze bandage. The podiatrist saw him again on Thursday and performed the same procedure as the day before. He told my husband that the infection had improved considerably and to keep taking the antibiotics. Then he gave him a routine to follow; soaking his foot in epsom salt, applying the Neosporin, and then bandaging it as he had done. Prayers are needed for the infection and for my husband to follow the routine the podiatrist set down for him. Thank you all for your prayers. I am thankful to God that my husband finally got the care he needed for his infected toes.
  3. Worker's Swollen Knee

    I'm not certain of anything as of today. The worker's leg is in a brace. I don't know if he had surgery and what they found. I'll try to discover what transpired as soon as I can. Thank you all for praying and God bless you.

    Praying for you @Abby-Joy and your precious son.
  5. Football Boycot

    This particular player lied about police brutality directed at him. That's what did it for me. I don't like people who lie and especially don't like people who lie to gain notoriety to sell their books and their name. It discussed and sickened me. I actually tweeted the player in question and told him to tell the truth to his fellow players and coach and to apologize. I doubt he ever will.
  6. What @simplejeff was talking about was discernment and that is a kind of judgment. We are to discern whether someone is who they say they are. There's a gift of discernment yet that is not the same thing as every Christian using their judgment to determine what is truth and what is a lie. It is this very issue which gets many Christians in trouble with the churches they attend. They blatantly believe the pastor's truth without discerning/judging it. I've seen whole churches go down the slippery slope to complete ruin blindly following a pastor who is no longer following Jesus. The church members forget their duty as a Christian to discern/judge. Coming from an abusive childhood where many adults fed me lies and twisted truths, I learned quickly to figure out what was the truth and what was a lie. After I became a born-again Christian that gave me another dimension from which to see the truth.
  7. I didn't read or watch these things @MorningGlory , they happened to me. My father was in government law enforcement (won't tell you which of the 130 divisions he was employed by), don't know the extent of what he knew though I'm certain I'll discover that as I uncover more of what he did to me. He used mind control techniques on me that the CIA developed in MK-Ultra and other programs. For one of them used to handcuff my arms behind my back and place me in an underground bunker with steel doors and throw spiders and snakes on me and then lock me inside for several hours. I was under five years old. My father performed a lot of twinning experiments on me as well. These came from the Nazi doctors who used them to experiment on innocent children in the concentration camps. Although my father created his own version of them. I won't go into the details here as they'd be too gory and horrific for 99% of the people to read. And I don't want to glorify evil on a Christian website. I have shared them with a therapist who could handle the horrors I've witnessed and had perpetrated on me. I wished I'd made it all up. I wished I made up the fact that my father was a serial killer as well. I can't get the first two murders I witnessed out of my mind. I was only three years old. Who says a three year old doesn't remember what they see? I did. I had PTSD so bad from early childhood and past midlife that I had to sleep with my light on at night for over 45 years! I was afraid of The Crazy Man, my father, coming to get me. Like I said @MorningGlory I wished that it wasn't true what happened to me. You don't get PTSD from normal life experiences. You just don't.
  8. Kitchen and Dining Floor Going in This Week

    The window: The 8 X 4 foot window has been replaced with a 4 X 4 foot window. Started and finished today for initial framing in and drywall. And it looks wonderful. The drywall needs to be refinished with a textured wall and then painted. Our son found us a general contractor to do it. My husband cannot do something like this at this point in his life. The island and cabinets: Next the island needs to be configured with the cabinets. I took the kitchen renovation plan I designed and made a copy, removing all extraneous measurements from it. Now it's clear where the cabinets go in the kitchen. Our son believes that the contractor can help us put this together. He would do it himself, but he doesn't have time for it. That's why he hired the contractor for us. He's offered to pay them. The guest bathroom: The plumber, who is a close friend of my husband, has been notified and he said he'd change out the fixtures for us in the bathroom. Though he has yet to show up this week as he promised. The electrical upgrades: Our son is in the process of getting his journeyman's license as an electrician. So we've got ourselves an electrical company to get the upgrades done. After the kitchen cabinets are configured and in place, he'll take care of that part of the kitchen renovation. Insulation under the house: Long story which I'll make short as possible. The first contractor the flooring company hired never came through with their bid. The second contractor is coming on Monday, 13 November 2017, to measure and provide an estimate. We requested an alternative option of 1/2 inch hardware cloth instead of the plastic sheeting used against the insulation. So they'll estimate that as well. Our flooring salesperson's assistant is obviously new to the flooring industry and failed to understand where the hardware cloth attaches. She thought is was wrapped around the pipes and informed me that the contractor said they don't wrap pipes in hardware cloth. I had to give the assistant a detailed description of where the hardware cloth goes. I've got zero experience in the flooring industry and I'm not a contractor. I'm frustrated with all these delays and the confusion on the part of the assistant. She should've known. I definitely need prayers for patience. Normally I'm an extremely patient person and definitely long suffering, yet this whole situation has me feeling as if I'm going through another Job experience. I've been through several of those in my lifetime. My living room is filled with our kitchen dishes and pots and pans and the new appliances, and my husband's office stuff is added to the chaos. And then add my PTSD on top of it all. Thank you for your prayers.
  9. Daughter-In-Law Is in Therapy

    I've prayed about this for a long time and now the Lord has answered my prayers. Our daughter-in-law is in therapy for the first time in her life. She comes from a childhood of severe neglect which she doesn't even recognize. I do because I've been therapy myself and I see the signs in her. Everyone in my son's family is in therapy except him. They all need it considering what's going on in their family. Praise God! Praise God that the funding has come through for them and that my daughter-in-law is receiving everything the state will offer their family. Insurance covers the two children's therapy completely. It brings tears to my eyes to see this happening for this family. Thank you Lord!
  10. Kitchen Renovation

    Praise God! Two answers to prayer for the kitchen renovation. Our son got a contractor out to the house today and the contractor and his crew got our larger window replaced with a smaller window. Now the refinishing of the new drywall starts. The contractor will be able to help my husband and I get the cabinets in place where they belong.
  11. I was amazed when my therapist said she knew about MC. I feel I've gotten more done with her in a shorter time than all my other therapists put together. I think it's in her believing me. I've never really been completely believed before especially with the abusive therapist I saw ages ago who tried to have me committed because she thought I was crazy for the things I remembered. This therapist and I are looking into the possibility of the abusive therapist putting false memories in me, forcing me to believe my parents were involved in the SRA based on my first two memories which were all about my father and no one else. I've since learned more about my father and now believe he was doing SRA stuff to me and others. So this puts the false memories from the abusive therapist in a new light. I'm the one who brought up my skepticism about the SRA being about my parents and false memories implanting. I think my therapist was shocked that I did. This was before I knew more about my father.
  12. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    Hubby came home from the hospital with a special open toed shoe on his left foot. Now he's determined to get the special shoes which the podiatrist recommended. I don't think my hubby listened very well to the podiatrist. He thought it was a brace. And the ED physician said there is no infection. The toes are swollen and curled under and then the bones coming into those toes are moving and causing the problem. So a shoe which doesn't pressure the severely deformed toes is the key for less pain. My hubby already said the pain had almost completely disappeared with this open toed shoe. Also he has orders to stay off his feet as much as possible as that aggravates the condition. We got recliners which elevate our feet. ED doctor said that is highly recommended. Thank you for the prayers. My hubby thought nobody cared about his pain or what he was going through. I told him last night that I asked for prayers for him. He was shocked and pleased and thankful.
  13. Therapist Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider

    Hello fellow Christians and prayer warriors. Looks like my therapist is healed from her ordeal. Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers.
  14. Worker's Swollen Knee

    Please pray for my son's sole worker besides his journeyman electrician (A team of three). His left knee swelled up huge. He requires surgery. The doctors aren't certain what the issue is with the knee either. Infection or injury? He's had an MRI to rule out problems yet it didn't help much in the diagnosis. Thank you.