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    Jesus. Talking to Jesus. Listening to Jesus. Listening to praise and worship music everyday. I love to write. God used (uses) it to help me heal. Writing to help others work through their abuse. Color pencil drawing. Baking with whole wheat. Creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Web design. Logo design. Designing homes.

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  1. Hello David, I guess I should specify that they are criminal offenses in some states. Saying that they are nobody's business but his isn't true at all.
  2. My therapist came through surgery fine and is resting still. Bless you all for your prayers!
  3. A dermatologist might be necessary. There are treatments they can prescribe for a bad sunburn especially if it involves peeling skin.
  4. I wanted this in a separate prayer request. My husband has a history of committing egregious sins. That's all the detail I'll share. Please pray that he repents of his evil behavior and turns back to God. Although he's had the opportunity to tell a therapist about these behaviors, he has told me it's none of anybody's business but his own. He's never even brought it before God or a priest or a pastor. He's kept it hidden, revealing only pieces of his history to me. He's blamed the victims, taking no responsibility himself. I've reported these incidents to my therapist who is reporting it to the proper authorities. Please pray that this egregious history will be exposed fully and that he will be repentant. Thank you.
  5. Haven't been here in awhile. Hello all prayer warriors. Please pray for my therapist as she requires foot surgery after breaking several bones and severing ligaments in her foot. Surgery is today, Wednesday 12 June 2019. She is a Christian and an amazing woman and therapist. I thank God everyday that I found her at this time in my life. Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much Michael37! May God bless you.
  7. I haven't been on here in a long time. So many things going on in my life; good, bad, and ugly. 1. My husband has been in a skilled nursing facility for the past plus four weeks. He'll stay there until Christmas Eve Day for a total of six weeks! This is all because he requires daily antibiotic infusions which Medicare won't cover for in-home care. My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis. A bone in his right foot deformed and caused a hole in the bottom of it. This resulted in an infection in the bone thus the need for six weeks of antibiotics. He required surgery to fix the bone deformity. In addition the bone deformity resulted in an amputation of the toe which caused the problem. The good news about all of this is my husband's severely deformed remaining toes got corrected by the surgeon. So it was the good, the bad, and the ugly for his right foot. 2. Now he risks a secondary infection in the bowel caused by long term antibiotic infusions. Please pray that he makes it through the whole six weeks and then for several weeks beyond that without the possibility of the bowel infection (which I will not give power to by naming it). 3. My husband retired from work yet didn't retire. He kept accepting jobs in his sign business even though he needed to stop. So please pray for him to completely let go of doing any business in signs. Retirement has been difficult for him. He likes to be doing something with his free time as he has ADHD so he can't sit still and be idle. Believe me there is so much which needs to be done around our home. 4. Due to an error in measuring on a support post in our kitchen island, the kitchen is still not finished. This project started in 2017! Please pray that when my husband comes home that he completes the job he began far too long ago. My husband taking on new sign jobs also interfered with completing the kitchen renovation. 5. One thing which has occurred since my husband's ordeal with the RA, bone deformity, subsequent surgery, and antibiotic therapy is that his priorities have drastically changed. He finally let go of his contractor and business licenses. These are huge steps in letting go and moving on with his life. 6. In the meantime, I discovered an allergic reaction to all laundry soaps even a homemade one which I liked a lot. It contained borax and washing soda both of which I'm now allergic to. So I need prayer for these allergies to completely subside. I am on the mend...finally...after itching like crazy all over my back, arms, and legs. I now use only baking soda for washing my clothes with an occasional use of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. 7. And last for me: I found an excellent therapist who is a Christian. She's helping me more than I could have asked for, and I'm starting to see changes. Now Medicare has considered changing how much therapy they'll pay for, going down from 55 to only 45 minutes. My therapist has told me this isn't enough time for dealing with extreme traumas like I've been through. Please pray that Medicare doesn't change this. Thank you all for reading this long post.
  8. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I've finally found the therapist who I can pour out my problems with and who cares deeply about me getting better. She's a woman of God and it shows. I working on some tough issues with her. First time to share it with a therapist for some of these things.
  9. Thank you for asking @KPaulG ! It's tough going and Jesus is bringing me through some of worst memories. Going to a Christian therapist since the end of June has helped considerably. Realizing and learning that my father was into some evil practices was hard to deal with at first. Now much better. Though still on my mind sometimes. I keep giving it to Jesus.
  10. Thank you all for your prayers. My brother was able to obtain the conservatorship of our aunt's trust and finances. Please pray for his salvation.
  11. And she's the real deal with great boundaries! Finally!
  12. Please pray for me as I navigate through these horrific memories of abuse for myself and the many boys my father assaulted. It's all mixed together in a disturbing way. I won't go into details in this post. Thank you!
  13. A relative who has no children or spouse accumulated wealth through simply saving her money. Now an investigator with some lawyer group is trying to claim that the conservatorship, one of my brothers, is not competent enough (A lie as he has accounted for every dime spent on behalf of the relative and kept meticulous records.) to be the conservatorship. This is a common ploy by certain groups of lawyers to take over conservatorship and milk every last dime from an estate by charging ridiculous fees for their services. It's quite common in Michigan and California. Possibly other states as well. Please pray for this situation. And pray for strength for my brother as he's dealing with our father's death and living trust situation at the same time he's dealing with this. I've been praying about it for several months. Thank you.
  14. This prayer has been answered. I spoke with the Christian therapist today! So excited to see someone who's a Christian. She's got a Master of Divinity and told me she doesn't bring it into therapy sessions unless a client requests it. That's the way it's supposed to be. My first appointment won't be for another month.
  15. I finally found what I've been looking for...a Christian therapist! I spoke with her on the phone and won't see her for several more weeks. I'm looking forward to that first appointment. It's been a long time since I've seen a therapist who is a Christian too. I'm so excited. Thank you God!
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