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    Jesus. Talking to Jesus. Listening to Jesus. Listening to praise and worship music everyday. I love to write. God used (uses) it to help me heal. Writing to help others work through their abuse. Color pencil drawing. Baking with whole wheat. Creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Web design. Logo design. Designing homes.

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  1. Mea kakau

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Thank you everyone for your prayers. I've finally found the therapist who I can pour out my problems with and who cares deeply about me getting better. She's a woman of God and it shows. I working on some tough issues with her. First time to share it with a therapist for some of these things.
  2. Mea kakau

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I haven't suggested that anyone stop taking vaccinations! I think you misunderstood what I was writing about. Aluminium salts have been removed from some vaccines such as a the new flu shot called Fluaid.
  3. Mea kakau

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Here's something from the article in its entirety sited from the first post for this topic: Lymphocytes are part of the immune system. Could the adjuvant be responsible for pushing the aluminum into the lymphocytes and the inflammatory cells? It states later in the article that not only is aluminum passing through the blood-brain barrier through lymphocytes, it is passing intracellularly through inflammatory cells. I think these scientists need to study the obvious. The adjuvant aluminium salts (contained in vaccinations) stimulates the immune system to respond to the introduction of the ingredients of the flu shot and/or vaccines. So what are the possibilities that the immune system sees all aluminium like that? Thus producing an immune response to any bit of aluminium. It should be noted that aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth.
  4. Mea kakau

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Your food doesn't have an adjuvant with it. I suspect that maybe more of the issue than just the actual aluminum itself. It's more than AL; it's the reaction in the body and across the blood brain barrier. I have aluminum baking sheets and such and use either parchment paper or silicone baking sheets with them.
  5. Mea kakau

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    But maybe it is not the child accumulating the aluminum first. Maybe it is the mother and the father getting their shots and then the flu shot every year. Flu shots, the old type (a new version called Fluad doesn't have it), contain aluminum. Aluminum first started being used in the vaccines 80 years ago. That's a long time for building up in generations of people. Even though it's a small amount, imagine it gets into the body in which the way it is used, an adjuvant, which helps the body build resistance, and that in turn causes a build up in the parents, then the children of the next generation, then the next one, and so on. I found the following on a website: The last line states that it's an incredibly small amount. However, if it builds the body's resistance against the disease, who knows what happens to that small amount? An adjuvant is: a substance which enhances the body's immune response to an antigen. That could mean that aluminum in the body causes an autoimmune type response. Don't know. I'm not a scientist. I think this a little more complicated than a bit of aluminum in the vaccines accumulating in the body. It's got to be what that substance does in the body. And it has to do with the immune response. That much is obvious. Unless you eat the aluminum on your cookware by scraping it with metal utensils thereby getting it into your food, it shouldn't be a problem. All aluminum bake ware comes with a warning not to use metal utensils with it. Clearly the aluminum salts in the vaccines are the culprit with accumulation over generations. That's 80 years. And one more thing, the aluminum salts must be crossing the blood brain barrier in order to show up in the brain.
  6. Mea kakau

    Aluminum Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Any scented products you use interfere with your hormones, such as scented soaps, clothes and dish washing detergents, scented fabric softeners, scented air fresheners, scented cleaners, scented dusting cloths such as Swiffer brand, etc. They increase the bad estrogens within your body. I stopped using anything scented about ten years ago. It takes awhile for the body to release these toxins and normalize itself. On one brand of unscented clothes detergent it says, "If you want to smell flowers go outside and find some to smell." I think artificial colors and flavors can't be good for one reason: They are made from petroleum. When is the last time someone drank a bottle of motor oil while standing in line to purchase it at the gas station? No one goes around drinking or eating petroleum willingly yet it's found in the additives mentioned and natural flavorings now used in products instead of those other ones. There's no difference.
  7. I recently learned that my father was into cannibalism. It's so hard to remember these horrible memories with him. I want to pretend it never happened yet that's impossible. I won't go into the details. I was a young girl when he forced me to participate with him.😬
  8. Mea kakau

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Thank you for asking @KPaulG ! It's tough going and Jesus is bringing me through some of worst memories. Going to a Christian therapist since the end of June has helped considerably. Realizing and learning that my father was into some evil practices was hard to deal with at first. Now much better. Though still on my mind sometimes. I keep giving it to Jesus.
  9. Mea kakau

    Living Trust and Stealing

    Thank you all for your prayers. My brother was able to obtain the conservatorship of our aunt's trust and finances. Please pray for his salvation.
  10. Mea kakau

    Finding a Christian Therapist!

    And she's the real deal with great boundaries! Finally!
  11. Wanted to put this under prayer requests yet it's awkward. So I'll put it here. My father delved into satanism more than I originally thought. It answers many of my prayers as to why I couldn't handle hearing praise and worship songs when I first became a Christian. I found them so triggering I was forced me to leave the church building many times. Later I came to love praise and worship music though right now I'm having a difficult time with it again. Sigh. That's because I'm remembering the ritual my father performed during each of his murders. Thank you for listening and praying.
  12. Mea kakau

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    Please pray for me as I navigate through these horrific memories of abuse for myself and the many boys my father assaulted. It's all mixed together in a disturbing way. I won't go into details in this post. Thank you!
  13. Mea kakau

    Living Trust and Stealing

    A relative who has no children or spouse accumulated wealth through simply saving her money. Now an investigator with some lawyer group is trying to claim that the conservatorship, one of my brothers, is not competent enough (A lie as he has accounted for every dime spent on behalf of the relative and kept meticulous records.) to be the conservatorship. This is a common ploy by certain groups of lawyers to take over conservatorship and milk every last dime from an estate by charging ridiculous fees for their services. It's quite common in Michigan and California. Possibly other states as well. Please pray for this situation. And pray for strength for my brother as he's dealing with our father's death and living trust situation at the same time he's dealing with this. I've been praying about it for several months. Thank you.
  14. I look forward to that day @Abby-Joy with all my heart because at last I'll have the peace which passes all understanding and my suffering will be done.
  15. I wish it was true that MK Ultra was a hoax. Then I could erase all of the horrific abuse my father perpetrated on me. Then his belief system would not have caused me any harm. And his belief system would not have caused anyone else harm. And numerous people would still be alive. Wow! What a fantasy that would be! If only it was true.