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    Jesus. Talking to Jesus. Listening to Jesus. Listening to praise and worship music everyday. I love to write. God used (uses) it to help me heal. Writing to help others work through their abuse. Color pencil drawing. Baking with whole wheat. Creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Web design. Logo design. Designing homes.
  1. Prayers Needed for My Intense Itching

    I purchased the homeopathic supplement called Hepar Suphura Calcareum because it fit all of the symptoms I'm having almost to the "T." I was amazed with all the symptoms correlated to it. I've about 75% of them! It arrived today and I started taking it. I've taken homeopathic supplements before.
  2. Eye Infection - Prayers Needed

    So it turns out that both of my eyes have infections and my right one has a corneal abrasion as well. Lovely....no...horrible...painful...eye problems. And my darned insurance company is going to give me the run around and deny the special medication I need. I'm allergic to preservatives and the most antibiotics have preservatives in them. So my eye doctor, a great one who prevented me from becoming blind in one eye in 2006, is doing whatever it takes before the New Year's weekend holiday to get things going for approval of the ointment portion of my antibiotic. I've had a corneal abrasion before and it's painful. This is a corneal abrasion on steroids because of the infection. She happened to have this super expensive antibiotic which someone donated to her. It was unsealed and sitting in her cabinet. She gave it to me for free. It is an eye drop which does not contain a preservative. So in the meantime I have an antibiotic for my infections. Though I need both of them. I'm putting the eye drops in my right eye every two hours while awake and my left eye four times a day for two days. And then it's both eyes four times a day. I can barely do anything right now because of the intense pain in my right eye. I just got finished calling the insurance company and discovered that no preapproval protocols were initiated through the pharmacy which means I wont be getting the ointment until after the new year. I'm on both medications. Thankfully that other medication was given/donated to the doctor or I would have nothing. Thank you for your continuing prayers.
  3. Prayers for A Curious and Seeking Woman

    So thankful all of you are praying for this woman! Praise God!
  4. While I can't say much about where I know this woman, I will say that she's intrigued by my walk with the Lord. We're on a support forum for abuse survivors. A missionary friend of hers is also praying for her to come to the Lord. Without Jesus in my life, I'd be six feet under and would've never known Him. He had a plan. And I believe he has a plan for this woman as well. She has followed my diary online where I've shared my journey. God is good.
  5. Hello prayer warriors! Think I figured out the source of my itching. It's an infection in one eye. Started with one side and now the other. I'm seeing the eye doctor on Friday and hopefully get some long needed relief. The appointment was supposed to be for my yearly eye exam. The itching all over is a side effect of the eye infection. Lots of warm compresses until I see the doctor. The moist warmth has felt good. Normally these problems dissipate quickly yet I'm under stress with kitchen renovation. I've been praying. Thank you for praying!
  6. Kitchen and Dining Floor Going in This Week

    I'm still squeaking my wheel to get the estimate for plumbing. I suppose it won't happen until after the holidays. I so much wanted all of this finished by Christmas.
  7. Prayers Needed for My Intense Itching

    Itching is a lot better this week. I took Benadryl a couple of times last week. Thank you all for your prayers.
  8. Prayers Needed for My Intense Itching

    I stopped getting the flu vaccine because it caused sub-acute thyroiditis every time I got one. Which resulted in a slew of other problems. That was about three years ago. Couldn't be happier not getting the flu vaccine. Of course other vaccines are vital so I do them.
  9. Prayers Needed for Husband's Right Foot

    Thank you for your prayers! It turns out that my husband's toe was broken somehow. The podiatrist showed him the x-rays which the ED took of his foot. My husband doesn't remember stubbing his toe. He's got neuropathy from Rheumatoid Arthritis so he can't feel much in his feet. The podiatrist gave him a special boot he's supposed to wear so he doesn't injure his foot again. The broken toe led to an infection and then cellulitis. His toe is pretty much healed and now needs to be protected. We do have a construction zone in our kitchen so it is possible that he stubbed it on something in there. And he has restless leg syndrome where he kicks his feet while sleeping. Who knows what he kicked during his sleep.
  10. Prayers Needed for My Intense Itching

    Would love to eat red meat yet I've got an aversion to it right now because of PTSD and memories about things which happened during childhood. So no red meat. I'm not tangled up with the idea of lentils being better food. I happen to like lentils. Though it appears that every food I like a whole lot are the foods I'm allergic to. I used to love carrots and celery until I discovered the reasons I loved them were the reasons I was allergic to them. I loved the reaction I got. I've read extensively about allergic reactions and their side effects being somewhat like an addiction. Then I started getting more and more skin eruptions after eating them. I've been allergic to celery and most of the parsley family my whole life yet didn't know it. As I got older, of course my immune system weakened, and the allergies started piling up and they were all related to the parsley and birch families. Lentils is one of those on the list.
  11. Prayers Needed for Husband's Right Foot

    ED doctor diagnosed him with cellulitis. Yikes! I've had the same thing twice. They took tests of the blister and his blood. That tells the level of and what bacteria they are dealing with. Husband had one dose of IV antibiotics and is set for his second one later this morning. He's also on oral antibiotic. I saw where the ED doctor drew a line around the redness. I pray it doesn't worsen by later this morning. Oh Lord heal my husband's foot. Amen!
  12. Hello fellow prayer warriors. Please pray for intense itching all over my body though especially on abdomen and legs. My eyes are reddened too. Last night I ate lentils, haven't had them for a while and last time they caused itchy skin. I just didn't take notice of the symptoms. It happened again last night, several hours after eating the lentils I started itching on my abdominal area. I had something with lentils in it today and had the same reaction. Yikes. Putting two and two together and it doesn't look good for lentils. And aduki beans were in the mix as well. Cross reaction to other beans is possible. I woke up this morning itchier than normal as well even though I took an antihistamine last night. I just took another one due to intense itching. I love lentils so this is a huge blow to my diet as they contain plenty of protein. I'm mostly a lacto-ovo-vegetarian though I occasionally have fish or turkey. So when I'm not eating fish or turkey I rely on high protein beans. Thank you for your prayers.
  13. Hello fellow prayer warriors, My husband's right foot is now giving him problems. Last night before going to bed his toes hurt, and he took off his socks to look at his foot. Two toes were bright red and one was black and blue with a huge blister on the base of that toe. He went to the foot doctor this morning and then to the ED this afternoon. I haven't heard back from him yet. This time he didn't go to the same ED as last time where they didn't do the right thing and told him it was his Rheumatoid Arthritis. This other ED is about the same distance to go yet a better hospital. I believe they'll do the right thing. Plus the foot doctor has privileges at the hospital so he could see my husband in the ED. Thank you for your prayers.
  14. Kitchen and Dining Floor Going in This Week

    Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Here's an update: The island and cabinets: My husband and I configured the cabinets ourselves. Then we discovered the kitchen island was just too big for the space. It's been cut down by a foot. That left us with extra re-purposed cabinets (these originally were made for a bedroom), and we found places for each of them in our home. We ordered cabinets which matched the other cabinets making a nine foot island. Nothing has arrived yet though. This is taking way longer than it was supposed to. I'm so frustrated. Difficult when I have PTSD and the renovation. In the meantime my husband has prepared several cabinets for the next phases. Two of them will be the base for the island countertop. One of them is the base for the wall oven. This preparation is an important part of the kitchen renovation. My husband is doing a professional job of it. He used to build boats and knows how to add fascia to cabinets. I am pleased with the results so far. The guest bathroom: A plumber finally took a look at the work needing to be done in the bathroom. He promised an estimate this last Tuesday, 12 December 2017. Nothing happened. The flooring company was supposed to oversee the whole plumbing situation. I've had to constantly hound them to get anything done. It's unfortunate that this is the only flooring company in our area. We live on an island in the Pacific Northwest so there isn't much of a choice. The plumber is local and that's an answer to prayer. No surcharges for traveling. Last night I had a strange dream about the guest bathroom not being finished and my husband renting out rooms in our home and letting the people use our master bathroom which was huge in the dream. It was more like a nightmare. LOL The electrical upgrades: A new, larger electrical panel has been installed to accommodate the extra electrical needs in the kitchen renovation and other places in our home. Insulation under the house: Nothing done until the plumbing is finished. The plumbing by the way it was explained is a two part process. Can't wait for this insulation and plumbing situations to be finished once for all. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers.