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    Jesus. Talking to Jesus. Listening to Jesus. Listening to praise and worship music everyday. I love to write. God used (uses) it to help me heal. Writing to help others work through their abuse. Color pencil drawing. Baking with whole wheat. Creating new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. Web design. Logo design. Designing homes.
  1. Therapist Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider

    During our therapy session I mentioned that I used to be an RN. She said she normally wouldn't ask me what she was going to ask me. I knew what she was going to say. "Can you look at it?" She knew it was a spider bite and the way she described the spider told me it might be a brown recluse. Though I've never seen a brown recluse spider bite. Yet when I saw her arm I knew it was that. I've heard what the bite can do. I told her to get to the ED ASAP and which ED to go to. There's one nearby which isn't the best place to go. Thank you all for praying.
  2. For Letting Go In Therapy

    For me it's hard to let go of my feelings in therapy. I did yesterday for the first time in 40 years. Praise God! It's a huge breakthrough.
  3. Please pray for my new therapist who was bitten by a brown recluse spider. She's the first therapist I've had where I felt comfortable enough to cry in front in 40 years. I feel so comfortable with her. Thank you for your prayers. I won't know anything until I see her in two weeks. I see her every two weeks.
  4. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    The ED gave my husband an extra large dose of prednisone and then sent him home with a prescription for the same for four days and then taper that off to his usual smaller daily dose. He's still hurting but not like he was, thankfully. Thank you God for answering my prayers and everyone here for praying.
  5. Survivor of Katrina Triggered By Harvey

    Turns out she survived Rita and Katrina. Yikes!
  6. Husband's Left Foot Swollen

    My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is having a huge flare in spite of being on his infusions every 6 weeks. His left foot and part way up his leg is swollen, numb, and painful. Yes, painful and numb at the same time. He doesn't get how he can feel both symptoms at once but he does. I prayed for him this morning as he was scheduled to take a ferry to the peninsula and to a job site to take photographs. The job site was 50 plus miles from the ferry. He had already driven 30 miles to get to the ferry. My prayers were that if his foot was still swollen that he'd call off his trip. Well, he got on the ferry, took it all the way to the peninsula, and then told them to take him back. He wasn't getting off the ferry. The staff was so worried about his foot they brought him back to the island. Prayers answered. Prayers now for emergency room doctors to figure out what's going on with his foot. He shouldn't be having this kind of flare up. Thank you everyone.
  7. Survivor of Katrina Triggered By Harvey

    She is feeling better today than she was yesterday. Safer. Thank you for praying.
  8. Please pray for a friend who is a survivor of Katrina. She lives on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. The flooding and rain from Harvey isn't bad where she lives yet it's triggering. She lost everything in Katrina and had to be relocated. Thank you.
  9. My husband purchases vehicles which need restoration with the intention of doing the work himself or having someone else do them. The only problem is he isn't capable of doing the restorations on his own due to rheumatoid arthritis. So he relies on someone else for that and they don't get the work done. Besides we don't have the money to get the work done be someone else. He's bought two project vehicles like that without me knowing about it until the vehicle shows up in our yard. He also bought a small boat that way and had some other guy fix it up while he used it.
  10. New Therapist

    GBU? _______ I had tremendous anxiety problems when I went to the appointment today. Had to remind myself to breathe normal. Yes, this woman is the right therapist for me. She's got a sense of humor. She's easy going. And she can hear my horrors and she doesn't flinch with them. She had me talk about my very first memory. I think she was seeing if I dissociated and/or had alters. I think I dissociate and possibly have alters. Don't know though. Only she should be able to tell. She informed me that the women therapists who violated me like they did should've been reported to their boards and have lost their license to practice. I start my therapy in two weeks. The office manager suggested a way for a lower cost for my appointments. However until my husband gets rid of the many vehicles he owns, we won't qualify for that type of assistance. I know the rules because I've been on that type of assistance before. Thank you for your prayers.
  11. Still About Loss of Bailey and More Than That

    I've put in several puppy questionnaires for getting a new Leonberger puppy. I forgot how daunting the task of applying for a new puppy is. It's a long, drawn out process because the breeders don't do it for a business, at the ones who care about Leonbergers as a breed. They do it for the love of the breed. So although I filled out the questionnaire, we most likely won't see a puppy until this winter or early next year.
  12. Water Damage Under House

    We still need to clear out one area of our home so that the work can begin. That area is basically my husband responsibility because it used to be his temporary office. I don't know where the items go that he needs to clear out or I do it myself.
  13. New Therapist

    I'm nervous about my appointment with the therapist. I've been avoiding triggers outside my home for too long. So just getting to this appointment is going to require tremendous courage and your prayers and the Holy Spirit guiding me. Thank you all for praying. Keep praying.
  14. New Therapist

    Unfortunately that is untrue at this time. It can be managed. PTSD causes physical changes to the brain. All it takes though is something that triggers you and you go into a tailspin. I just had that trigger, my dog's death. Death is my biggest trigger. Seeing the blades of knives is another. Before that I had close to no symptoms except occasional nightmares, and some other symptoms. And then boom!
  15. New Therapist

    Oh wow! I'm totally blown away by the call I just received from the new therapist. I do believe she's an answer to all of my prayers to find a therapist who could handle my childhood abuse. My father was a serial killer. And guess what? My therapist knows about serial killers. So wow! It's quite unusual to find a therapist with this knowledge. Though she's never had a client with this type of abuse. Yet I feel that there's no accident that I've found her. She's qualified in so many ways; 25 years of working with survivors of ritual abuse and childhood abuse and combat vets. She's worked with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which used to be called MPD. I used to have that. I'm integrated as of 2006. My first appointment is next week. Praise God!