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  1. Hold Thou my hand: so weak I am, and helpless; I dare not take one step without Thy aid. Hold Thou my hand: for then, O Loving Savior, No dread of ill shall make my soul afraid These words are wonderful to pray and hold onto, my mum repeated these words going into theatre. May God grant you peace in your thoughts place yourself into His care. God bless you Maggie
  2. Our mind is a precious organ it holds what we put in it. The Lord Jesus saved her soul she might not be in the right place at this moment but Jesus is still with her and will not let go. Lord and Saviour Yesuah protect the mind of Wayne222 daughter, you have laid up your truths in her mind, bring it back into focus, let your truth over ride any false words that has been spoken to her or over her, give peace and strength and wisdom to Wayne may You shine out of him that his daughter will see you in his life. Grant the answer to this father's prayers Lord Prayed in your name and for your Glory Jesus Amen
  3. Praying for the Lord's will to be done in all your lives. A beautiful cat. I work with animals, and my husband and I love all animals, God created them and told us that we were over them. It should be our well to do all we can God richly bless Indy and both of you for your unconditional compassion
  4. May God bless you dear brother. When I cannot settle I close my eyes and say " Jesus give me your peace" and I am immediately at a place of tranquillity. Only Jesus has the power to give this kind of peace. I pray you find it through Him and healing from all pain in Jesus name. I bring you under the healing blood of Jesus Christ and in His name command your pain gone Amen Thank you Jesus
  5. Praying your wife is recovering well. The Lord carries her when she cannot do it on your own. Continue to stay in His strong arms and receive perfect healing. Bless you both in Jesus name
  6. Jesus heals colds also. When I can't do much, I believe it's a time when you can spend alone time with the Lord. He can use these times to speak to us, He can get our attention better. God bless you with His miraculous healing
  7. Go to the home forum page and scroll to the very bottom. In the purple footer you will see Statement of Faith God bless
  8. The Lord tells us to take up his yolk for it is light, also to roll our burdens onto Him. This not easy for us to do. We all to often take things back because we think we can sort them out on our own I petition our Lord Yesuah give His peace to you Turtletwoand everyone who is in turmoil today. Yesuah your word says if we ask not wavering you will answer. In Faith may all know your peace, perseverance, and understanding in these times of struggle and hardship. You know what we suffer because you suffered also in this evil world. Mercy and grace may you grant to all In Yesuah's name Amen
  9. The true fact  You’re quick to believe in idle banter And a story that someone has told You’re quick to go to the bars at night And adorn yourselves with gold You’re quick to pass judgement on folk Not thinking of their pain You’re quick to take things for granted And revel in your own gain But when it comes to Jesus You’re not so quick on the take You’d rather believe he didn’t exist And blaspheme by saying he’s fake Why is it so hard for you to believe? That Jesus Christ was born And through his life he suffered With redicule and scorn But yet he went up to that cross And died there for our sins Yet you still go on believing That you live for you and not him Put your selfish thoughts aside And just for a time remember That if you live as Jesus wants You will become his names defender. By B Hackleton
  10. Shaping Me  He took my life in his own hands And turned it all around He is molding me in them hands Until my way is found Oh what a blessing it is for me To be in hands so great What will he mould me into? With patience I will wait The hands of the Lord That’s scared by my sin Yet he holds them out To welcome me in In return my dear Lord When I am molded to shape I will walk through my life Doing all for thy names sake In thy perfect hands I never have a doubt That you will always protect me In going the world about. BY B Hackleton
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