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  1. There's a similar free program called Gimp. It can use almost all of photoshop/elements actions and plugins. It also has many that you can't get with photoshop. Like with Photoshop some ar free and others you have to pay for.
  2. My favorite freebie is Zone Alarm. It has both free antivirus and firewall that work very well. I also use malwarebytes, and malwarebytes antiransomware. I used to use comodo but they started downloading their paid version without my consent and nagging me to buy it.
  3. Checkout Practicing Kindness on Youtube. The go to stores, mostly around Christmas and pay for peoples things and take the m to their cars. Most of them involves kids. It's amazing how many times the people they bought stuff for were obeying God and helping others in need and not their own families. It will bless you.
  4. For me it usually happens during my quiet time with God or when I'm going to sleep. He puts a thought in my mind that I hadn't thought of and I can't think about anything else. It also comes with a peace usually. If I'm not sure and don't do it, I feel convicted and sad. God will lead in a calm loving way. Satan will come on like a lightning bolt and be forceful. If you don't yet have the gift of discernment pray for it. That will help you a lot. I will be praying for you and will look for a praise report soon.
  5. This is exactly the kind of posts that make me want to go.
  6. WOW, I didn't realize that many people cared about me. I do appreciate it very very much. I will pray hard about it and see what the Lord says. If i do go I will miss a lot of you. God bless you all.
  7. Hi all, I joined this forum expecting to find a place where Christians support each other and to have positive fellowship and grow in my faith. I have found it to be a place to debate and argue the Word of God which is unbiblical. I've seen people who claim to be Christians tearing each other apart over simple doctrines that don't effect our salvation. I will continue to pray for this forum to be what God intended it to be and for the admins who run it but I just can't contribute to it anymore. In some ways it has hurt my faith more than helped it. God bless you all. I will still check now and then for any replies and answer any questions (within reason).
  8. What I do is just start a normal conversation and see what they like and then mention a Christian that does that and tell them I believe the same. God gives me the words to say after that. I have seen some accept Christ after talking to them and some that didn't. I believe that those who din't right away will someday because I sewed the seed. Someone else will water it and it will grow. I believe that everytime they sin that the spirit will make them feel bad for what they did. When they feel bad enough I believe that someone else will witness to them and they'll understand.
  9. After reading this post again I need to update my reply. What exactly do you mean by reaching out with your senses? Tingly feelings sound more like fear which do not come from God. This is the part that I guess got my attention because I have felt that too. I've had strangers glare at me in anger walking down the street and the Lord has told me they don't hate you they hate me. I've read your other posts and I believe you are a strong Christian. This post I think may need a little tweaking to sat what you mean. I feel in my heart this is of the Lord. I'm not good with words either in writing so I know what you mean.
  10. That is one of the Spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 14, The discernment of spirits. I also have this gift to a point. So far my gift so far has been word of knowlege or maybe it's prophecy. I've been led to tell somebody something the Lord has told me and it's really happened.
  11. God took Mindy to be with Him this evening. My aunt told my mom that she was happy an playing and then told her mom she was tired and wanted to lay down. When the nurse came in to check on her she was gone. It was quick and peaceful thank God. Thank you for all the prayers.
  12. I got that message too when I tried to attach a picture to pray for our troops. I tied resizing it and even when it was below the dimensions required I still got it. I just finaly gave up.
  13. Fox News is saying 13 victims, 5 dead and 8 taken to hospitals. Shooter is in custody.
  14. My aunt called this evening cause Mindy wanted me to sing to her over the phone. I sang to her and talked to her and she told me there were angels in her room. I'm not sure if that means God is taking care of her or ready to take her home. Either way she will be better off. I did get to give her a kiss yesterday and hope it wasn't a goodbye kiss.
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