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  1. LAST is here with me....πŸ˜„
  2. --LAST-IS-BRICKS-- πŸ˜„
  3. New and looking for friends

    Hello Jax πŸ˜„ Welcome to Worthy ! Lots of great folks here!
  4. Last gets out the lock picks and sneaks away into the night in a hurry to get back home to BRICK!
  5. Look >>>>>. LAST .<<<<< is here with me!
  6. Jade if last makes you brownies don't eat the whole pan like I did I was looking over the recipe last used and the two main ingredients were THC and LSD
  7. Oh my rifle ....It's the special penguinator..... Leave my last alone !!!!
  8. πŸ˜„last is asleep on MY sofa .....LOL and I have a rifle
  9. Fire brick used in coal and wood stoves kilns any high temp places where regular brick won't hold up refractory BRICK will last and LAST ! πŸ˜„
  10. Yes you are And when you said "brick is last" I agree and have to admit your right Jade!πŸ˜„
  11. Delusional? Me? Nah....but I am LAST