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  1. I read through an NIV chronological bible last year and am doing it again. Pretty crazy how books like Isaiah and Jeremiah jump ALL over the place. While i don't believe the chronological interpretation by that group is inspired, it is still very helpful. It was also cool to see in context how different prophets prophesied to the different kings of Israel and Judah. It was definitely edifying, and probably more helpful than reading articles on it.
  2. I agree with whoever said Stryper. I wouldn't call them death metal or screamers or anything (i don't like that type), but if you're looking for some harder stuff with a lot of guitar and strong godly lyrics, they'd be the closest. Especially their newer stuff. 7eventh Time Down and Nine Lashes are also some of my favorites. Stryper - Yahweh - King of Kings - Take it to the Cross 7eventh Time Down - Alive in You - Religious and Famous - Wait for You Nine Lashes - Breaking Out - Break the World - Anthem of the Lonely
  3. Some theologians argue that the only unforgivable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit which is not something that can be done today. Unbelief - which many posts above comment on - is not an unforgivable sin ("unforgivable" in the sense that if you ask for forgiveness for something you won't get it). Any person today in the world who repents of their sins and asks forgiveness from God through Christ will be given forgiveness. If you die without asking forgiveness from God, you can't say that's unforgivable because you've not asked for it. "Unforgivable" does not equal "not forgiven". Blaspheming the Spirit is described by some as those who saw Jesus and His miracles yet refused to acknowledge Him as Lord. They were fully convinced and had all the evidence they would ever need that He was God in human flesh, but they had so much pride and sin that they rejected Him. So if these people asked for forgiveness (and they more than likely never would), they would never be forgiven. Thus it was unforgivable. I would recommend that you are fully considering your life, that you have repented of your sins, and are trusting the finished work of Christ to cleanse you of your sins.
  4. Hi all. Just found this site. Seems pretty cool: lot of members, good discussion, strong theological stances. I grew up Catholic, God saved me when I was 17, spent a few years in the Independent Baptist circle, now part of a non-denom church. So you don't have to look it up, Isaiah 43:25 is "I, even I, am the One who wipes away your transgressions for My own sake." It's a very humbling verse, and for me life changing. As John MacArthur noted, it is possibly the highlight of grace in all the old testament. Looking forward to future discussion! Patrick
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