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  1. I had a chat with a post tribber that said God will put an invisible force field around believers to keep them from the wrath He pours out. Do you agree with him?
  2. God will not allow Satan to pummel his church to add to their woes. Rev 4:1 marks the period of the Church removal.
  3. Simple. The wrath of man is not equal to the wrath of God. No power can equal the wrath poured out on mankind beginning in Rev 6. Also, Spirit filled born again saints will not face the Antichrist.
  4. Like I said. no church person, even being full of the Holy Ghost will see the wrath of God on them. The tribulation is God's day of wrath. The bride will be removed before Rev 5.
  5. I have taught and believed pre trib rapture for decades. Basically, it is inconceivable to expect the bride of Christ to face the open seals then the vials of wrath. Lot can be said about it, but the fact is. God will remove His church prior to that dreaded time
  6. 10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. Can't keep the Law....Don't try either.
  7. The Hebrew Roots idea is to fix what God broke. The Law could save nobody, but they save themselves by it.
  8. For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. Christ debunks James?
  9. You just described the living dead. Zombie saints.
  10. How did they burn adulterers and gays in the OT.? Do you also execute rebellious kids as required by Torah?
  11. Does that mean pay my Tithe to the Levites too? What tribe are you from?
  12. Oh sorry. "Sorry my gay or adulterous friend, I am about to burn you to death as commanded by the Law of Moses for your own good....this is what the first century Church used to do, so it is scriptural". Much better.
  13. LOL. You just proved the Law cannot be kept. Oh boy, but you can piecemeal something out of the Law to kinda keep, thinking God pretends you kept all of it. You are not guilty of all...James was wrong, right?
  14. IS abolished....It IS abolished. Dont reinstate that which IS abolished, like backsliders do.
  15. Right. He either came from a different tribe than Levi to change the Law per Hebrews 7 or he was a big time Law breaker. He also told the man to carry his mattress across town in front of the Jews, which was a mortal sin per the Law. Jesus did not care. Jesus came to change the Law. And he sure did do that.
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