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  1. so the answer is no
  2. what do you know about loneliness? have you experienced it yourself?
  3. Aryan? which countries are you referring to? true DNA? again noted what i said every other countries where Christianity used to the one and only religion, which means values of Christianity have seeped into many of those culture despite the fact many of them are largely secular now just because many of those countries are becoming more secular , does not mean their Christian history and culture have lost it influences on general societal values can you explain to me why there are so much issues with toxic goods and counterfeit goods coming from China, much more so than other countries? why is it Chinese tourists are known to be inconsiderate and cutting in line? the list just goes on and on those things happens in Western Countries as well, but no where near the same magnitude those things don't just happen by accident either it is quite clear to me you took offense to mine so called "China bashing" but all i am doing is stating facts anyway i will stop here no point continuing the conversation if we can not have a real one that is based on facts As a Christian i don't like it when mine fellow countrymen are commiting evil against others whether or not it impacts me personally is irrelevant that is why it really rubs me the wrong way when i see other Christians get into this tribe mentality and getting defensive about these kind of thing regardless what the truth is but in end of the day God gives all us freewill and we can use it anyway we like as long as we bear in mind we all have to answer to Him someday that is all
  4. noted the term I used I did not say " Christian culture" i said "culture that is not rooted in Christianity" so does that mean A German B French C American or D All of above plus every other countries where Christianity used to the one and only religion, which means values of Christianity have seeped into many of those culture despite the fact many of them are largely secular now you tell me? so you have no reference point to make the comparison on whether or not Chinese are more slanderous than Westerners from countries that are rooted in Christian history and culture? yet you seem offended by mine suggestion? how can you be offended when you don't have the facts?
  5. It is hard for me to answer this question because scripture did not tell us whether or not Rebekah saw Jacob again after he escaped. So we have no way of knowing how Jacob relationship with Rebekah impacted on how he treated his wives.
  6. LOL so you might be an illegal aliens originally what i find funny about your response is you keep engage in false logic to justify not building a wall because a wall can be breached and can fall down, we might not build one at all? instead doing our part we should pray? ok i hear you it still does not change the fact those who violate US laws also sins against God in the process and we all know who God is. and that is He can not condone sins, and He does expect us to do our part.
  7. proverb 21 15 When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers there are situations where we must take actions against sinful behavior against others. if I am responsible for hiring, i would not hire anyone if I know they are slanderers and gossipers. all men sin that is true
  8. also have you had a chance to compare your culture to Western culture?
  9. you said you have been there for 12 years? i thought you might be born in another country and went back to China? or maybe it is opposite? either way, it is just mine personal experience, more with Indians than Chinese but many Indians i have came across are very scary and love to destroy and engage in destroy people's reputation over small things but one person's experience does not make it facts though i came across this article recently by an Indian who seems to have issues with his own culture as well i will stop here because i don't want to offend OP
  10. i did not say all Chinese or Indians social psychologists would tell you it is proven fact that culture is one of the major environmental factor contributes to a person's attitudes and hence their behavior but it is not the only factor of course anyway, Silvia seems to agree with me, and she know something about Chinese culture. lastly, i respect the fact that it is not about the original OP you have started so I will stop here.
  11. the situation you mentioned is that woman born again? if so, has she repented? if she did, the director would still have to wait for a period to observe her just to make sure she has bore the fruit of genuine repentance the position of counselor is not about the counselor, but the people they counsel how can someone who is blind to God lead those young people to God and help them to grow their faith? that is the bottom line it is not about being perfect, it is all about genuine repentance. same applies to most other positions in the church for example, worship, do you think it is appropriate to have worship leader who is not born again and does not have an intimate relationship with God to lead everyone else in worship? do you think it is appropriate to have an unrepentant sinner lead worship for the Holy God through their dirty lips (as in an unrepentant heart)? of course non Christians should be allowed in participate in various different activities so they get a chance to know God and for us to show them Christ's love but the line has to be drawn somewhere it is not unloving to do so, and we don't have to be jerk while we are doing it. but we need to remember Who we are worshiping.
  12. maybe part of the problem lies in the fact Chinese culture is not rooted in Christianity just mine observation, i could be wrong it seems Asians such as Chinese, Filipinos and Indians tend to be pettier and love to slander people over small things, and love to lend a willing ear to evil reports about others as well not that Westerners don't it slander is part of sinful nature it just seems Asians are more prone to it..... like i said, i could be wrong though
  13. immigrant ghetto? so were your family illegal aliens who crossed into US illegally too? i am happy to see your life turned out so well but if your family crossed into US illegally, then you have sinned against the almighty God which i am sure you have repented for you just need to need to stop justifying others from sinning in the same way. either you put God first or you don't