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  1. I know Venezuela is a mess.
  2. This is horrible. The company my husband works for moved a plant down there and then was forced to shut it down due to crime in the area. Workers were bused under heavy armed security just to get to work.
  3. More photos from a socialist country....
  4. If I were this church I would be very careful. When an entity starts taking government funds, they open the door for government interference.
  5. We haven't been to Nicaraqua. We would love to go.
  6. We initially planned on Costa Rica, but the cost of living was higher there. We had been to Roatan several times and found it beautiful. The cost of living is great too.
  7. We speak a little and are working on getting better. We are moving to Roatan. There are American and Canadian expats already there.
  8. It could still happen.
  9. It's awesome. I bet you would love it. We have been all over the Caribbean through the years.
  10. Been to Yellowstone, loved it. You couldn't pay me to go back to Disney. We are going to the Caribbean to buy a home. We are moving there next year.
  11. Well, I hope the coal mining jobs in Wyoming as well as other places come back. From what I am reading it is in bad shape. I will be praying.
  12. I am not disagreeing with what you are saying. But most of those jobs will be be low wage jobs through temporary agencies. Still, none of this has anything to do with the strength of the dollar internationally.
  13. More money for the wealthy corporations. The only jobs that corporations create in the U.S. are low wage jobs that you have to go through a temporary agency for. Oh wait!!! There are also the fast food, big box store, low wage jobs that have run out all the small businesses all over America. We now have a service economy instead of a manufacturing one. So to the average individual, it makes no difference, unless you travel or do trade internationally.
  14. I find that often the foreign press has more accurate reporting than the U.S. press. They do not adhere to the Democrat vs. Republican dichotomy.
  15. This is very good for Americans who have money invested in foreign currency. It is also good for corporations who have investment or do business oversees. IOW good for business, not so much for individuals. The main way that this affects the average American is in relation to the exchange rate. For example, my husband and I are vacationing in the Caribbean at the end of the month. Our vacation just became more expensive due to the exchange rate. This is a bad time of year for the dollar to go weak for those Americans who wish to travel outside the U.S. for vacation or business.