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  1. Forgot I used rm 1:21 as reference for glorify and thank also mt 24:13 till the end. While I know faith is of the upmost importance, soul saving, I don't think we should be willingly, knowledgefully sinful either, JM 4:17, LK 12:48, HEB 10:26,
  2. Hi my names Jeremy, just a rightly dividng( what I'm given)bible believing Christian. Thanks
  3. I think Life on earth is a trial to see if we glorify and thank God,follow through all till death. 1 COR 15:25 But God said he won't tempt us above that we are able. So JOB was strong. My opinion
  4. I have to disagree personally from what I've been through, yes. he's a fallen angel. The holy angels watch over us as Jesus said, "their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven"(MT 18:10) what I've been though either he can or has access to them. But weakness is good Jesus says "my strength is made perfect in weakness"(2 COR 12:9) this and you got room for increase 2COR 10:15.
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