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  1. One of the gifts God gave man was a competitive spirit. If you leave two guys alone raking leaves for an hour, when you will return, they will have made some sort of a game out of it; taken bets and be heavily involved. All of the sport hunting and fishing is born out of the need for food. As mankind has progressed to have more leisure time, the rise of sports linked to them has increased. Personally, sometimes I think that NFL football is just as nasty as hunting and fishing because of what they do to each other. In this case, as long as people are competing fairly, according the rules, I think it's okay with God.
  2. I am an electrical engineer by training. So when I was younger, I had to replace a dryer cable. When you buy the replacement cables, the lugs that go into the dryer connection are banded together with a metal band. Since I wasn't sure I had purchased the right cable (I found out that day that dryer cables and washer cables are different), I thought I would just make sure the other end of the dryer plug would fit the outlet. What happened next was historic....a huge blue flash of lightning and the power in the entire neighborhood went out as those 3 lugs shorted to the metal band. It wasn't very funny then, but I get a hoot out of telling that story Bugs Bunny would say, "boy, what a maroon!!!"
  3. I am going to blow some peoples' minds here and perhaps be considered a heretic. But a Pastor of mine once said that God did call men into the ministry, but if He couldn't find a man willing to serve, then He would raise up a woman. What I have learned in nearly 50 years of serving God is that God's gifts are given to men (and women) as the Holy Spirit directs. God is Sovereign and He will do what He must do in order that the Great Commission (to preach the gospel to all creatures) be fulfilled. I have recently read of women in Malaysia who were persecuted by Islamic terrorists and imprisoned in women only prisons. Is anyone going to seriously deny a woman functioning as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher under those circumstances? I think not. If we become too legalistic, we become pharisees and we miss the heart of God, which is that ALL MEN (AND WOMEN) be saved. I would rather have a woman pastor, anointed by God and under the influence of the Holy Spirit than a male pastor who is in that position only because he went to seminary and got a certificate of ordination. Please forgive me, but I again state that God is Sovereign. I will not judge a man or a woman until I have heard from God's throne.
  4. Ariel, Thank you for writing. I have an estranged daughter named Ariel. But let me get to my point. It is obvious that this person meant something very much to you and still does. You have something that many married couples do not abiding love and desire to see that person happy. Unfortunately, as others have said here, you cannot guarantee their happiness or well-being. That is a terrible admission to have to make and it could throw you and other people into depression. But look at it from the positive, Christ-centered side. God bless you with a relationship for a period of time. In your heart, that relationship is still alive. Thank God that it is because it means that you can still feel and you can still love and those are gifts directly from God. You may never understand the "why" of what has happened; but, if you allow the Holy Spirit to work this for good in you, then you will rejoice at every memory and begin to understand that God's mercies are new every morning (lamentations). Only God knows if this relationship will ever return. In the meantime, the Scripture says, "occupy til I come..". If that person were with you right now, you would both be serving God; so serve God anyway. This relationship was special to you, dedicate it as holy between you and God (sanctify it). That way let it draw you closer to God. God knows your needs and He knows your heart. Growing closer to Him will allow you to grow closer to the other person, no matter where they are. Then, "in the fullness of time", if God allows, they will return. The only caution I have is that you not allow this other person to become an idol. To worship this relationship instead of the Savior. If you do that, then your spirit will become sick and you will not prosper. I am not trying to be mean. Matthew 6:31 says, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. It seems to me that if you seek God first, then the chances of this relationship being restored go way up. Blessings.
  5. Without becoming too theological, "paradise" is typically considered to be a place of rest where those who died went until judgment day. Before Christ, anyone who died went to Sheol (or paradise) which is a holding place where souls wait until the Great White Throne judgment. So when Jesus told the thief he would be with him today in paradise, it was a true statement. Jesus, after dying, went down to paradise to "witness" to all those who had died prior to His arrival on earth. Eph. 4:8 says He led captivity captive. Generally this is taken to mean that all of those in "paradise" who accepted Him as the Christ and Savior of the world, got to go with Him when He ultimately ascended to Heaven. While we do not know who all "accepted" Him, we are pretty certain that Moses, Abraham, David and Daniel went with Him. My personal belief is that even Saul was given another chance to be obedient to God. And, at this point, only God knows who is still in "paradise" awaiting judgment. I am not sure what kind of a place it is because it is not strictly "in the presence of God" as Heaven is described in Revelation. But it is not the "lake of fire" either. One can see where the Catholic church gets its doctrine of Puratory. The only problem is, there is no scripture after the account of Christ's descent in Ephesians that anyone can be gotten out of 'paradise' before Judgment Day. So Catholics and Mormoms (who believe in baptism for the dead) are kind of "scriptureless" to justify their doctrines. But it strikes me as tremendously fair of God to send Jesus "down" into paradise to provide the opportunity for ALL those who died prior to His work on the cross an opportunity to believe. Of course theirs is the greater sin because it was Jesus Himself they denied. I am anxious to get to Heave because I want to know who all made it from the Old Testament and who didn't. I am sure I am going to be surprised. Please be reminded that "hell" or the "lake of fire" or eternal separation from God was not designed for humans: it was designed for Satan and his demons. So when "paradise " is emptied for the last time at the Great White Throne Judgment, those who did not accept Jesus will finally come to believe in Jesus (because the Bible says every knee will bow and every tongue confess...). But by then it will become too late and THEN they will suffer the second death or separation from God forever. I cannot imagine that torment, nor do I really want to even consider it. Hopefully that helps.
  6. It is sad that the subject of tongues is so divisive in the Body of Christ. Paul himself said he spoke in tongues more than all of the people he was writing to. He came after Jesus ascended into heaven. Actually speaking in tongues occurred AFTER Jesus ascended into heaven, so the idea that tongues ceased with Jesus is illogical at best. There are enough instances of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues to support the concept that tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit. There appears to be an indication that Peter and the original disciples thought tongues was only for Jewish believers until Gentile believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit after one of Peter's sermons. The only scriptures I know of that would indicate when the gifts of the Holy Spirit would be over are those referring to the end of the age or dispensation of the Holy Spirit at Christ's return. He obviously has not returned yet (because if He has, everyone in this forum is in a whole heap 'o trouble). So the Spirit gives gifts as He will (according to I Corinthians) and even Paul admonishes us to seek the best gifts. I agree that there has been a lot of abuse of tongues in the Body of Christ at large. That is why the Bible encourages us to fellowship with those of like precious faith. For myself, I have seen too much miraculous stuff to restrict God from operating anyway He sees fit. As a church leader one must set good examples and order for the exercise of the gifts. The reason this is not done is because even church leaders have not completely studied the gifts of the Holy Spirit; how they manifest; and how they are administered. Solid teaching of Scripture is the answer. In some cases, where people will not operate under the order set down by the church, I actually agree with restricting the gifts of the Spirit. However, that is an entirely different situation than saying the gifts are not for today. I do not think anyone who says that can prove, from scripture that is so.
  7. Christianity is the only TRUE religion because it is NOT a religion but a relationship with a Savior who died for the sins of all mankind THEN rose from the dead. Of the major religions in the earth, Christianity is the only one whose MAIN figure is still alive. Allah, whose main prophet is Mohammed, considered Jesus a great teacher. Yet Allah's main prophet is dead and we know where he is buried. Apparently Allah never sent his own son to do anything for mankind, yet wants mankind to die for him. Bhudda is not alive, unless you consider reincarnation reality. Yet Bhudda achieved total enlightenment and also did nothing for mankind except leave a tremendous legacy. The Hindu gods, the Greek gods, the Egyptian gods all received sacrifices, yet there is no evidence that they ever sacrificed anything for mankind. One by one, as you go down the list of religions, you are struck by the fact that the "gods" are either myths or they are dead. The Jesus of Christianity came to earth and, according to the Bible, "was tempted in every way we are, yet without sin". He gave up His divinity to live life just like us. He knows how we feel; He experienced temptation just like us. He did not sin, yet He took upon Himself bodily ALL of the combined sin of mankind past, present and future. Yes, Jesus died. But even the Bible says there were more than 500 witnesses of His resurrection and the resurrection is one of the most legally provable facts in history. No other "religion" has a Savior that did that. No other "religion" has a Savior that is still alive. And that, sir, is why Christianity is THE ONLY TRUE religion.
  8. Starlight, Thank you for opening up this topic. It is a very sensitive and important one and I am enjoying the responses here. The only unforgiveable sin is "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit". Though it is close, I think that suicide falls short of that. I think God's grace can extend to cover that. Yet we need to have more discussion. For a Christian to even consider suicide, they must be in tremendous trial and great stress. For them to see "no way out", there has to have been a terrible degradation of their faith at the very least. If a Christian renounces their faith, then commits suicide, I do not believe they would go to heaven. But such a terrible state of faith means that they have shut themselves off from the Body of Christ and the Word of God. This is why Hebrews tells us "forsake not the assembling of yourselves together..." I agree with those who have said they would not like to test God in this area. If anyone knows of someone in this degree of need, we all need to know so we can pray and intercede.
  9. Amen and amen. Thank you, Jesus for speaking so clearly to our friend. When you cross that invisible threshold where you are fulfilled by serving and ministering to others, it is a special place...almost like another dimension of existence. You are now entering the Miracle Zone, where God, because of your obedience will begin to do things far beyond anything you have imagined. Blessings my friend, keep in touch, we all need a testimony from time to time
  10. I agree with you. There is much NOT to like about Contemporary Christian Music. It is not that it is ungodly, which some of it is. Nor is it because some of it is doctrinally shaky; because some of it is almost blasphemy. I like music with a message and a "spirit". Much of CCM has no spirit and barely any message. I am not speaking of any artist or group in particular, but across the spectrum. Sadly, listening to Christian Music stations is very little different than listening to top 40 Rock or Country stations. You end up hearing the mostly the top 10 or so most popular songs currently. I also agree with you that I listen to more than just Christian music. Music for me, must speak to my spirit. And there is secular music in some cases that does just that. My father liked "pretty" music. He was raised on Country and Western, but even he admitted one time that one of the Beatles' songs was pretty. Anyway, my choice in music, like my faith, is my own. Jesus and I have a special, intimate relationship and part of that is the music that I listen to that keeps me in His presence.
  11. Gentlemen, I think it time for some dispassionate reason to enter into this debate. I side with Jesus, who stated, "In my Father's house are many mansions..". Now I tend to be a literalist. When Jesus stated something, in general, the literal interpretation was the correct one (and I know that He did speak a lot in parables; we will discuss those later). So when Jesus speaks of God's House, I am admittedly assuming God lives in a dwelling which we interpret as Heaven. Implied in this terminology, of course is location or a physical place. When I read the entire scriptural body of verses on Heaven, I get a description of a pretty neat, 3-dimensional place. What I do NOT get is a specific GPS coordinate for where Heaven is at....why should it matter? If there are no more tears, no more disease and constant worship of God going on, who would care about anything but being in God's House (Heaven for short) and WITH God for eternity? I take my views on Heaven directly from Jesus.
  12. Rather than dive deeply into Scriptural interpretation, I am going to go back to my basic Christian training. In general, the first death is physical death and the second death is a negative result at the Great White Throne judgment where failure leads to eternal separation from God in the Lake of Fire. Now, we go to resurrection. Jesus was the first person resurrected that stayed that way, so when we speak of the first resurrection, we are speaking of an event where those who are dead in Christ, come alive and stay that way. If you believe in the rapture, then the first resurrection occurs at the rapture where all the dead in Christ arise and go to be with Jesus. If you do not believe in the Rapture of the Church, then the first resurrection occurs just before the final Great Throne judgment where EVERYONE stands judgment. Thus, if you don't believe in the rapture, you generally don't believe in a second resurrection because God resurrects everybody before the final judgment. However, if you do believe in the Rapture, the second resurrection occurs after the Millenial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth, again when everyone is resurrected for the final judgment day. The real bottom line here is that each of us should be living our salvation out daily so that we have no worry about our eternal destination or the outcome of the judgment. Having trusted in Christ, we have an Eternal advocate with the Father, even Jesus Christ the righteous.....Yaaaaay!!!!
  13. Arphaxad, Congratulations, my brother, on keeping your marriage vows inviolate. That is apparently very rare these days. While your position may appear to be extreme compared to "modern" business standards, you are complying with the biblical injunction to "avoid the appearance of evil". I have been in such situations where I was required to meet in an office with a female supervisor....I requested the door be left open for exactly the reason of avoiding the appearance of evil. In most corporate settings, you are allowed to have an HR representative at any meeting with a supervisor, male or female, so there is no excuse for relaxing your standards. Your standard is yours. It does not apply to anyone else but you. Nor should you apply it to anyone else, lest you become a pharisee. You live with your standard and find joy in keeping it. If the Holy Spirit moves you to reconsider, then most likely you will and He will guide you on any changes to make. Otherwise, go forth and rejoice because your witness speaks volumes about the integrity of Christian men. I hope your wife sees your actions and praises God for the Mighty Man of Valor she is married to. Yes, you are a Mighty Man of Valor because you are willing to take a stand where most other men would "give in" to convention. Blessings and prosperity to you, my brother.
  14. "My wife fell pregnant".....This is a new one on me. I raised 9 children and not once did my wife become pregnant by falling. I am jesting a bit. This is a serious situation. There are few people AFTER 25 years of marriage that consider pregnancy as a viable option. My wife was 42 when our 9th was born and that was NO easy delivery. I am sensing that communication concerning sex and pregnancy was lacking in order for her to "accidentally" become pregnant. That means there are other issues in your marriage than just the pregnancy. But now ALL of the issues are magnified because now we are speaking of a new life. You do not want the child and I am guessing that she does. I do not condone abortion. However, you might suggest some genetic testing to eliminate the possibility of major birth defects. You certainly need to have a conversation about the safety of child bearing at her age (I am assuming she is in her 40's or older). These are conversations that must take place. Unfortunately for you, you have only two choices. First, you can divorce her. That may make you feel better but it will be abandoning both her and the new baby. Second, you can stay married and learn to enjoy being a father. This is the choice I vote for because, in the long run, being a father has many advantages both in this world and in eternity. Either choice you make, things are going to be difficult. Personally, I would choose the option where there is the most chance for happiness and fulfillment....choice 2.
  15. Sight, Thank you for being honest and transparent. It takes courage to admit that you cannot feel God's love. I give you honor as a result. Perhaps it is not so much that you do not feel God's love but more that you do not feel connected with God in a spirit-to-spirit fashion. Though this is hard to describe, it IS what God created Man for and God really does want to connect with you. The others who have responded are correct, that God loves you whether you can feel it or not. But Christianity is essentially a relationship that requires 2-way communication. We do need to "hear from God" for ourselves. And though I can tell you how I connect to God and recommend some things to do to enable you to connect with God, only you can finalize that connection. You have stated that you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. That is good because your eternal destiny is settled. We do not have to worry about that. But Jesus promised us blessings in this life, and I sense that is what you are desiring. Others have said to be thankful. I cannot disagree. An attitude of gratitude for what you currently have and where you currently are is essential. It is essential because thankfulness prepares our heart to connect with God. It causes us to look on the "bright" or "light" side of things. That means instead of looking for flaws, we are more interested in what is right about things. That change in our heart attitude draws God's attention to us. And when we get His attention, what do we ask Him for first? Rather than asking Him to meet my own emergency, personal needs, I have learned to ask God to give me joy. You see joy is a gift of God that provides me with strength to "go through" all of the bad stuff that happens in life. Happiness is not really promised in the Bible because happiness depends upon circumstances. If I get a speeding ticket, I can't really be happy about the fine or being late to work. However, if God has given me joy, I can thank God for the officer defending the law and I can thank God that I made it to work and that I have a job. Joy is the strength to work in a pile of horse manure and think that at the bottom there just might be a horse in there. Connecting with God happens around reading the Word. My wife and I do the "one year bible challenge" with people. We each read one chapter a day (starting with Matthew 1) and pick a verse that stands out to us. Over a 9 month period of daily bible reading and choosing a verse, we have a new understanding of who Jesus is and what His purpose is for us. The Bible says that it is "living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword...". That "living" part is key, because the Bible IS God. The first step to connecting with God is to connect with His word and find some verses that speak blessing and peace to your own situation....then thank Him profusely for that...and you will find yourself "in the Spirit" and sensing His physical presence in your life. Blessings. Let me know how your search for connection comes out.