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  1. Actually, both situations leave a lot to be desired. There are further issues here that need to be discussed. According to Matthew 18, there is a procedure for approaching a brother or sister who is "out of line" in the church, whether they be in sin, or like this instance, they are continually violating the dress code. First, a person speaks alone to the offender. In this case, if Judy were in violation, my preference would be that an older woman approach her and gently remind her of the dress standards. If Judy changes her dress to comply, then peace is restored. According to Matthew 18, if Judy does NOT listen, then a group goes, perhaps even including men. If she still does not comply, and the issue is one that is creating discord in the church, then, the spiritual authority should be called in. In this case, Judy has been warned for 5 years. I think any confrontation should be with the pastor, the pastor's wife and perhaps a deacon's wife. If Judy doesn't comply with the dress code, then she must be excused from the fellowship. I find it hard to believe that leadership in this church has allowed a situation to continue for 5 years. If it were that serious a problem, it should have been addressed in the first year. I think the leadership in this church is suspect. And the man is speaking in a tone that, although it is authoritative, it is also too much for the situation. This man is speaking as if Judy is his daughter. If someone approached me or my daughter that way, it would be the last time we attended that church. Blessings all,
  2. My dear Sister, I raised 9 children, but along the way, there were 2 miscarriages. While we never knew why they happened exactly, we did find some clues with baby #9. Our last child, Ariel, had an ultrasound and the doctor recommended aborting it because of 3 blood supplies the baby only had 1 good one. We were shocked and afraid, but we agreed and chose faith over man's report. Ariel was born at 9 lbs , 1 oz and healthy. It was the grace of God. But based upon her physical diagnosis, the two miscarriages were probably similar deficiencies or worse. My choice is to believe that God took them to spare them and us much pain and agony if they had been born deformed or deficient in some way. I can only hope that God took yours to avoid a hard and painful life for both of you. Since then, I have studied the root of problems and all of our problems boil down to some spiritual root. In other words, in the case of pregnancy, too much family stress can affect the baby in utero. After all, babies can hear and their little minds and souls do not have experience, so when they hear Mom and Dad fighting or under severe financial stress, they may decide for themselves that they do not want to enter the world. Sometimes, there are generational sins or generational curses active. For instance, if several other family members such as mom, grandmom, or even aunts have had miscarriages, then miscarriages can be said to "run in the family". There are ways to pray and break the curses. So I would investigate these "inner" problems prior to your next pregnancy. What I DO know for certain, is that if we present ourselves before God and allow His Holy Spirit to work on us, He will guide us into all truth. That may be taking vitamins during pregnancy; it may be doing some counseling to make sure our spirits are in shape for the baby; it may be some light exercise. Whatever the Holy Spirit speaks, is what we should do. Maybe, the Holy Spirit just wants you to daily trust in God. I grieve with you at the loss of your precious little one. I pray the Holy Spirit will come to you as Comforter and give you peace beyond measure. And I also pray that God will open your womb and give you sons and daughters that will be mighty in the earth. Blessings, sister.
  3. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is an amalgum of scriptures that allow Christians to quickly summarize a whole group of scriptures about God, sin and sinners. If we quoted all the scriptures every time, people would quickly tune us out. So a quick summary works to set the tone, then we use individual scriptures for detailed discussion and support. God loved us so much that He sent His only begotten son. That love was expressed to everyone (except Satan) before we even knew who God was...or is. It is stated clearly in Scripture that God hates sin. When you combined these, it comes out as God loves the sinner but hates the sin.
  4. Well, perhaps the Church should consider going "full Muslim" and Christian women should all wear hijabs..... I jest. But even in Islam, the women are "objects". So the problem really is NOT the outer appearance, but the heart. Until we rely completely on Christ, both men and women have "darkness" in their hearts (read lust). NOTE: It is just as lustful to dress to draw lust as it is to allow yourself to look and both men AND women are covered here. Nevertheless, scripture also says to avoid the appearance of evil, so I agree with modesty. But rather than make modesty a "law". Careful teaching and leading by example needs to be imparted in the church and repeated as necessary. My personal pet peeve is those (men and women) who wear jeans that have pre-cut holes in them. As to the approaching of young women who are dressed immodestly, the procedure I have seen is two fold. A mature lady in leadership reaches out and provides instruction. If the offenders maintain their immodesty, then they meet with the pastor and his wife, never man and woman alone. Many years ago, I visited Jimmy Swaggart's college. It was summertime, so I wore shorts as a man. They were not short/shorts or immodest. I was unaware when I got there that they had a dress code banning shorts. Before I got 100 yards on to the campus, I had been told of the dress code a hundred times. I had to hide out in the men's room until someone brought me some long pants. While I was there, I got told about the dress code another 100 times. It's funny now. I was terrified I was going to run into Jimmy and get rebuked by the man himself.
  5. I am hoping you recognized the sarcasm and utter insensibility....and even humor of my post. I think, when speaking of the future, sometimes we get too wrapped up in it and take it too seriously.
  6. What is special about 2020? Well, here is what I heard (don't tell anybody because they can't handle the truth): In 2020, Donald Trump declares himself King of the United States, thus suspending the entire presidential election process. Paul Ryan, having been named Grand High Potentate of Congress for life, pushes through a bill agreeing with the Donald's kingship and the Senate, left with only 2 Democrats after the 2018 Democratic Massacre where only the two senators from California are left in the Democratic caucus. Upon hearing the decree, the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals places an injunction on Trump's coronation and Jerry Brown, Governor of California declares California its own nation and that he is now king. This nullifies the injunction AND the 9th Court of Appeals. Trump is crowned on April 1, 2020, the day after CALEXIT and the stock market zooms through 30,000. The national debt goes down $10 trillion as well. All goes well until, on the 4th of July, when England exits the European Union and Donald Trump marries Queen Elizabeth, thus creating the United Kingdom of the United States of Make America Great Again. On July 5, Donald Trump survives being shot in the head and declares himself to be the AntiChrist and the Queen is now considered to be the Beast of Revelation fame. Israel, shocked at the events in Britain and the U.S. experiences a huge revival and, as a nation, turns to Christ. This triggers World War III when Kim Jong Whatever declares war on Israel for not checking with them first. Unfortunately, however, all of his nuclear missiles explode on the launch pad and North Korea becomes the world's nuclear waste dumping ground. At this point, Donald Trump declares war on Israel and requires the American flag to be changed to a $666 on a blue background. Everyone in America with the exception of born again Christians and other never-Trumpers immediately get tattooed on their foreheads to express their pride in their new King. Suddenly, Phil Collins begins blowing a trumpet and will not quit. After seven days of blowing his trumpet and marching around Jerusalem, two guys from Epstiens Deli in Newark, show up and begin prophesying the end of the world...their names just happen to be Elijah and Enoch. Then a trumpet sound comes from heaven...... Well, that's what I heard about 2020. Of course I had consumed an anchovie and artichoke pizza and a case of ginger beer......
  7. Spock, It is interesting that you used that particular question. 49 years ago, a friend of mine from ROTC asked me that exact same question. I didn't get the answer write, nor the answer to any of his follow-on questions, so he invited me to church. My first time in a Baptist church and I got saved that day, August 10, 1968. People who are not Christians will answer something that is based solely upon works. It's not because of ungodliness but because they are ignorant (they simply don't know) of any other method of going to heaven. That is unless you are witnessing to a Bhuddist, Hindu, Muslim or Mormon. Then you will get other interesting answers to judge. And the New Testament says that we, as Christians are supposed to be wise enough to judge based upon godly standards. When Jesus said not to judge in Matthew 7:1,2, He was not referring to spiritual judgment, He was referring to evaluating each other based upon things other than the Word of God. That kind of judgment still draws a curse, even on Christians.
  8. They separate in the heat of their emotions. Both seem to prosper in the absence of conflict. Diana focuses on her work to "take the edge" off her stress at the loss of another pregnancy and the troubles in her marriage. As a result, she is promoted again, but continues to have problems supervising male subordinates (as in, it wasn't really Lucan that was the problem, it was Diana's issue). She begins to flounder and ends up going to a police counselor for help. In the meantime, Lucan lands a job at a Christian bakery (one that hasn't yet been put out of business by gay lobbyists). Along with the job, he has an apartment above the bakery in the owner's home. The owners, are a very mature Christian couple, who begin to minister to him as they teach him baking. They, in fact, are lay counselors for their church and they begin asking Lucan difficult questions. While he is happy as a baker, he is also conflicted over the separation and the miscarriages. Through hours of friendship and conversation with the owners, not only does Lucan get saved, but he begins studying spiritual healing and begins to recover his joy. He begins to moonlight by making baked goods for some of his friends in the police department. Since he is a great baker, he begins to experiment with other cooking as well and develops some cool lunch recipes which also end up at the police station. After about 6 months, Lucan opens up a lunch wagon outside the station and actually begins to prosper when the menu and quality of food are noticed favorably by everyone in the neighborhood of the police station. Remember Diana and the counselor? The counselor turns out to be the niece of the bakery owners. She happens to be a Christian. Over months of working with Diana, the counselor leads Diana to Christ, and she begins working on her issues. No real progress is made on the marriage because it is still very sensitive. One day, after counseling, the counselor offers to buy Diana lunch at the lunch wagon. Diana hasn't really kept up with Lucan except to know he was working in a bakery. They come face to face when ordering lunch. The first encounter is abrupt and totally cold, business. Diana is shocked to see Lucan at a lunch wagon. She is prepared to denigrate him totally until she notices 2 things. First, the food she orders is better than anything she ever cooked. Second, as she is sitting near the lunch wagon eating her lunch, she notices the interaction Lucan is having with the customers; how he handles the lunch rush; what kinds of things are being said about Lucan; and how joyful he seems to be. She gets really steamed because Lucan seems to be doing so well. It opens the door for the counselor to help Diana process her feelings about the marriage. As for Lucan, he is shocked to see Diana, but his heart leaps into his throat and he can't say anything but "thank you , ma'am" and take her money. He is distracted by her being nearby but the lunch rush returns him to his focus and he works through it. Later, returning home to the bakery, he has a discussion with the owners and they begin to work with him to process his feelings on the marriage. The denouement comes when, on her birthday, Lucan arranges a surprise party at the police station for Diana and bakes an outrageous wedding reconciliation cake, complete with bride and goom kneeling in prayer. Then he arranges to have the owners and the counselor deliver the cake and administer the party WITHOUT letting Diana know it's from him. Diana is shocked and surprised. She is totally floored by the cake. It takes a couple of sessions with the counselor for her to realize that it was Lucan and that the message of the cake is one of reconciliation, but she is still not ready in her heart. The big reconciliation comes as Christmas when both the bakery owners and the counselor invite Lucan and Diana into their family Christmas celebration....where they both kneel before the nativity scene and ask God to forgive them for their hard heartedness. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic
  9. Thank God that we DO NOT have to have our doctrine straight before we get saved. Jesus died for me when I was a sinner. His blood washed away all my sins and set me free from death. If I had to go through a doctrinal indoctrination PRIOR TO getting saved, I am not sure I ever would have. Besides, which doctrine would I have had to get right before being saved? Reformed? Orthodox? Catholic? Hebrew? A doctrine is a man-made structure upon which rules of belief and interpretation are hung so that it it easier to indoctrinate those new to the faith. At some point, all doctrines include something that is NOT strictly the word of God. And at that point, doctrines become pretty much useless. I have a question for you. How many times did Jesus use the word "doctrine"?
  10. The story of Samson and Delilah is a favorite of mine. It is an illustration of how much grace God shows to us, when we make mistakes over and over. Samson ultimately meets the will and purposes of God at the cost of his own life. It is such a great story that movies have been made about it. However, I want to take the time to spin a "what if" yarn. What if Samson had not gone against his parents wishes and married a nice Jewish girl? Because the Philistines were oppressing Israel, Samson would probably have still come into conflict with them and Samson would probably have still killed the 1000 with the jawbone of an ass. The Philistines would probably still have come looking for Goliath to take him captive. Without the distraction of Delilah, Samson could have concentrated on his Nazirite vow and come to a full understanding of his role as a Judge of Israel. He would have continued to kill Philistines until he died of old age....perhaps until he was 70 or 80 instead of dying in his mid-20's. How many more Philistines would Samson have killed. How much more of God's judgment would have been visited upon the Philistines? Or perhaps, Samson would have been so successful that he wiped out the Philistines. But that is what if. In reality, God did not just judge the Philistines, He judged their false god as well. When Samson destroyed their temple, he defied and defiled their god. It was a long time before they could have faith in their false god again. All in all, I like the story as written because it illustrates that God even uses sinners to accomplish His will. I grieve for Samson because he was so controlled by his lusts and his pride...but I am really grieving for myself because all to often I am controlled by my own lust and pride. I wish it were not so. But I thank Jesus every day for grace and mercy and for forgiving my sins. So I can learn from Samson without having to make the same mistakes he did.
  11. I want to also. I believe he wants me to. However experience so many troubles and then it makes me wonder. I have faith, I enjoy doing works, but why am I hit with so much turmoil and where is God when I need him? Sometimes I just get so tired, I wonder if the works are worth it? Sorry for venting. I just wish I had a clear answer sometimes. notsolostsoul, Thank you for being honest. Many Christians feel the same way but do not admit it and then become frustrated because they feel like neither God nor anyone else cares. Good works flow from our faith, simply because we have found "the answer" in Christ and we want others to experience real life. Much of the time, however, our works seem to cause more trouble than help. That is NOT because of us, but because our works are anointed by the Holy Spirit and conviction they shoot the Not to worry. It IS tiring and frustrating, but in Galatians says , "be not weary in well-doing for you will reap in due season if you faint not". Just like planting seeds, we don't get crops the day after planting. But if we are seeing no results in several months, perhaps it is time to ask God what is up. Sometimes we can plant in the wrong field. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us because the hearts we planted in are hard and stony. One other quick thing. Ephesians 6 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in high places. Our trials, as Christians, fall into this spiritual warfare, whether we acknowledge it or not. Yes, we DO get weary of the trials and wish there was a place to go to rest from the war. This is why Hebrews 4 speaks of entering into His rest. We DO need spiritual rest and refreshment. I do not know your situation but I can make a few suggestions. 1) If you aren't in church regularly, start going. When you suffer alone, the loneliness is torture. Others, even when they don't talk to you, share the worship experience and you can draw joy and strength. 2) Praise and worship God...not just on Sunday but find some music that makes you feel really good and spend an hour just soaking it up. It draws God's presence and THAT is a great experience. 3) Keep coming to the forums and communicating. You are interacting with God's children here and we are not supposed to abuse you. At any rate, it keeps you communicating with people who love God. Besides, you may see something accidentally that sets off the "light bulb". 4) Take time out to thank God, on purpose and out loud especially when you need Him to show up and don't know where He is....gratitude always draws Him close. Blessings
  12. One of the gifts God gave man was a competitive spirit. If you leave two guys alone raking leaves for an hour, when you will return, they will have made some sort of a game out of it; taken bets and be heavily involved. All of the sport hunting and fishing is born out of the need for food. As mankind has progressed to have more leisure time, the rise of sports linked to them has increased. Personally, sometimes I think that NFL football is just as nasty as hunting and fishing because of what they do to each other. In this case, as long as people are competing fairly, according the rules, I think it's okay with God.
  13. I am an electrical engineer by training. So when I was younger, I had to replace a dryer cable. When you buy the replacement cables, the lugs that go into the dryer connection are banded together with a metal band. Since I wasn't sure I had purchased the right cable (I found out that day that dryer cables and washer cables are different), I thought I would just make sure the other end of the dryer plug would fit the outlet. What happened next was historic....a huge blue flash of lightning and the power in the entire neighborhood went out as those 3 lugs shorted to the metal band. It wasn't very funny then, but I get a hoot out of telling that story Bugs Bunny would say, "boy, what a maroon!!!"
  14. I am going to blow some peoples' minds here and perhaps be considered a heretic. But a Pastor of mine once said that God did call men into the ministry, but if He couldn't find a man willing to serve, then He would raise up a woman. What I have learned in nearly 50 years of serving God is that God's gifts are given to men (and women) as the Holy Spirit directs. God is Sovereign and He will do what He must do in order that the Great Commission (to preach the gospel to all creatures) be fulfilled. I have recently read of women in Malaysia who were persecuted by Islamic terrorists and imprisoned in women only prisons. Is anyone going to seriously deny a woman functioning as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher under those circumstances? I think not. If we become too legalistic, we become pharisees and we miss the heart of God, which is that ALL MEN (AND WOMEN) be saved. I would rather have a woman pastor, anointed by God and under the influence of the Holy Spirit than a male pastor who is in that position only because he went to seminary and got a certificate of ordination. Please forgive me, but I again state that God is Sovereign. I will not judge a man or a woman until I have heard from God's throne.
  15. Ariel, Thank you for writing. I have an estranged daughter named Ariel. But let me get to my point. It is obvious that this person meant something very much to you and still does. You have something that many married couples do not abiding love and desire to see that person happy. Unfortunately, as others have said here, you cannot guarantee their happiness or well-being. That is a terrible admission to have to make and it could throw you and other people into depression. But look at it from the positive, Christ-centered side. God bless you with a relationship for a period of time. In your heart, that relationship is still alive. Thank God that it is because it means that you can still feel and you can still love and those are gifts directly from God. You may never understand the "why" of what has happened; but, if you allow the Holy Spirit to work this for good in you, then you will rejoice at every memory and begin to understand that God's mercies are new every morning (lamentations). Only God knows if this relationship will ever return. In the meantime, the Scripture says, "occupy til I come..". If that person were with you right now, you would both be serving God; so serve God anyway. This relationship was special to you, dedicate it as holy between you and God (sanctify it). That way let it draw you closer to God. God knows your needs and He knows your heart. Growing closer to Him will allow you to grow closer to the other person, no matter where they are. Then, "in the fullness of time", if God allows, they will return. The only caution I have is that you not allow this other person to become an idol. To worship this relationship instead of the Savior. If you do that, then your spirit will become sick and you will not prosper. I am not trying to be mean. Matthew 6:31 says, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. It seems to me that if you seek God first, then the chances of this relationship being restored go way up. Blessings.