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  1. One thing we must first recognize is that God never created Hell for human beings. He created Hell for the devil and all the rebellious angels. Jesus referred to hell indirectly as "outer darkness". Deuteronomy 32:22 indicates that there are levels of hell and that it is a place of fire. Psalm 9 says that the wicked will be sent there along with nations that forget God. Psalm 18 speaks of the sorrows of hell. Psalm 116 speaks of the pains of hell. Revelation speaks of a bottomless pit where there is lots of smoke and normal sun and light are blotted out. So if we take an overall look, we come away with a place where God is not. It is a dark and smoky place where there is pain and sorrow.
  2. There have been many good questions raised in this thread. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but perhaps my comments may provide some clarity. As one writer mentioned, we are all slaves to sin and the sin nature. Apart from Christ, we are bound for judgment. If you have problems with this, then you will have problems with pretty much everything God laid out in the Bible, so the real issue is not slavery but God's Sovereignty. That I leave to your own personal spirit and to God. We must also recognize that slavery is NOT a monolithic concept, meaning the same in every contextual use of the word. While slavery existed in all historical eras, we have different forms of it, as outlined in previous posts. In every case, slavery was basically a form of economic power. A slave, whether a Hebrew under Pharoah, or a Greek tutor under a Roman Senator, provided some form of economic benefit to the owner. In the case of Hebrew slaves under Pharoah, the entire thrust of the slavery was to control an entire group of people and to keep them for the economic benefit of the nation. History records that working conditions were very hard and sometimes lethal. In comparison, the Greek tutor has "sold" himself to a Roman family to provide education to the family of his master. The benefits are not strictly economic, but the treatment of the tutor is much different since a good tutor becomes "like" a part of the family. In this case, physical abuse is not typically called for. However, the ownership is just as sure. The argument that God regulated slavery, primarily applied to its use within the Hebrew nation. And, although it was an economic benefit, its primary function was that Hebrews would not sell themselves as slaves to people outside the Hebrew nation. One previous writer noted that those who had fallen into poverty could "obligate" themselves to a kinsman or relative. According to the law, every 50 years the slaves were to be released and their historic land holdings restored. There were specific rules for "buying out" the slave contract (bad term) and, if a person did not want to be free, it was "their" option to be bound forever as property. This is a key difference in "slavery" in Hebrew society. In fact most societies had their own rules for freeing slaves. IN THIS CONTEXT, God sanctioned slavery. And slavery, IN THIS CONTEXT, was sanctioned throughout the Old Testament. Beginning with Jesus and His teachings, the concept of true freedom came into existence. With His sacrificial death to set the "slaves of sin" free, a new era was born. Souls in Christ were truly free spiritually regardless of physical station in life. The actual practice of slavery was common (please note I did not say justified or right). As Paul returned a slave to his owner in the book of Philemon, the issue of slavery was discussed thoroughly, though not in secular terms. Paul, who claimed to be a slave (bondservant) himself, placed the physical state of slavery on an equal status with being free, because Paul saw the greater spiritual principle overrode the secular principle. God cares about the souls of men most of all. It is this perspective that provides us with a basis for faith...the fact that God has elevated the souls of man to the status of sending His Only Begotten Son to die for them to provide them eternal life. While the Bible does not specifically speak against slavery, it also does not speak against communism, socialism, capitalism or any other "-isms" you might care to name. Why? Because all of them are man-made systems that were created by men using their free will. God laid out His form of government in the Old Testament. He did not endorse any other form of government, yet the New Testament says to pray for our leaders in several places. Slavery, as we have come to know it, is horrible. It is condemned on its own lack of merit without Biblical standards being applied. When we apply Biblical standards to it, we find fault with those who use/d slavery with sin and malice in their heart. But let us consider the historical context for slavery. When Caesar was conquering France, he funded his campaigns, built his riches and paid his troops through the sale of millions of slaves. That is not approval, just historical fact. When Islam was born, it used its captives as slaves, again historical fact, not approval. The concept of slavery has been around almost since Adam and Eve. For that matter, so has money. Yet the root of all evil is the "love of money". Since God is sovereign, He is allowed to condone or not condone slavery. He intervened miraculously to indicate His divine displeasure with the Egyptians. We, as created beings, need to give Him glory for what He has provided us through Christ, and then pray for the end of such practices as slavery, trafficking, etc. Those things are not the result of God's inattention, they are the result of men giving into evil and disobedient ways. That's why He enlisted us as His arms, legs and voices, to preserve the world and to free the captive as He stated in Isaiah 61. Blessings
  3. Though this question has been answered to death, I have one perspective not yet covered: When Jesus arose from the dead and ascended to heaven, according to Acts 2, the Holy Spirit fell in miraculous signs and wonders. Today, when we visit the tomb of Jesus, it is an empty one. No one has ever found Jesus' body....which is appropriate since He physically resurrected. When Muslims make their annual pilgrimage to Mecca, they visit the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed; that tomb is NOT empty. How can Modammed be dead and yet serve as the Comforter to all believers? I suspect the book that was read WAS compelling, but it was not truth, nor was it based upon the Bible, the Word of God. While it is okay for a Christian to study topics like this, one must remember that each believer is first responsible to be secure in their own relationship to Jesus BEFORE looking at other doctrines and religious mumbo-jumbo. Blessings.
  4. For all of its bravado and promises, technology has yet to devise a means to transfer the soul from one place to another, let alone from a human body to a robot. I agree that an eternity in a robot body would be like hell, because I would be separated from that which makes me...well me. My spirit and my soul would not transfer and thus be doomed to roam the universe in search of a body (oh, no...zombie apocalypse....LOL). Seriously, we are supposed to "be careful for nothing". All of this science fiction and science fact and science promises is good to think about and even debate. But at the end of the day, Jesus is still Lord AND He is still coming again. For me, He can't come to soon...if only to take me out of all of this madness.
  5. On the salvation issues, I agree with Cobalt1959 and OneLight. However, Marilyn C was speaking of our dealings with atheists and other non-believers. Romans 12:18 says, " If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. " Since "all men" most likely includes atheists, non-believers and other assorted miscreants, I believe "agree to disagree" would be appropriate. Our agreement extends only to the topic we disagree about and in no way obligates us to any worldly doctrine or heresy. At least by being agreeable, we sow the seed for future discussions at which time we plant another seed for Jesus. While man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, we have been given dominion over words, so we should be able to use them however we see fit to give glory to God and promote the Kingdom.
  6. I think the term "hardwired" represents some semantics. According to Romans, "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". All means all. That means new-born babies have sinned. As it says elsewhere, we are born into sin. While there is grace for those too young to understand their sin, nevertheless all have sinned. That means that none of us get a pass. As we grow older, we become aware that our choices can be obedience or disobedience. Disobedience leads us into sin. Obedience leads us away from sin and toward Jesus. However, we can become so practiced at sin that it becomes a stream of iniquity that we no longer have to "choose" to do...we have developed a propensity to sin. Further sin in this area leads to the development of a curse, most likely a generational one where we pass our sin nature in specific areas down to our children (Deut.5:9,10). If I find someone that appears "hardwired" for sin, I assume I am dealing with a generational curse that the individual may not even be aware of.
  7. In my experience, New Testament prophecies and prophets are given for the edification and encouragement of the body. At times, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, this may include predictive statements. But, in general, a New Testament prophet is one who encourages and builds up.
  8. While it is true that God created Lucifer, it does NOT follow that God created sin. Lucifer appropriated for himself, that which belonged to God and it was his pride that led to his downfall. At that time, apparently, angels had some form of choice or free will because 1/3 of the entire universe of angels chose to follow Satan. God cast them out of heaven and prepared the Lake of Fire for them to reside during eternity. Now, I am not theologian enough to argue the fine points of God creating sin, but I agree with those who indicate that there is NO sin in God. Man, having been given free will, does have the authority to either agree with God's plan or disagree with it and disobey it. It is wrong to assume that God already knows what we will do, so we don't really have any choices. We can continually choose wrong and God's grace has still provided a way back through Christ....until the fullness of time when He closes the door on the Age of grace, then the Blood of Christ will have had its full effectiveness. At that time, there will only be judgment left to those who have not believed. Since God has given man free will, to me that means each day I have a choice to obey God or disobey God. My choices are based upon what God is doing in my heart. If I am growing in faith, then my choices will agree with His Word and His Will and I reap the benefits of obedience. If not, I reap the consequences of disobedience. God's grace and foreknowledge allow me the freedom to make those choices (or not) so that from my perspective, each day is a new experience. If I become to dogmatic about predestination, then I become the opposite of joyous because I have begun to believe that no matter what I do, God has it under control and that is lazy thinking. It presumes upon God to keep me straight and it also presumes to give Him my free will decisions and become nothing more than an automaton....who has no choice. That is not the position of dominion that God decreed when He created man in His image. If I come into the presence of God with sin, I will either bow my knee and repent or I will be judged and expelled. But the choice of condition is mine alone. Thank God for Jesus, who redeemed me.
  9. What I have read is a lot of discussion about corruption and unrighteousness in our government and by our government officials, regardless of party. What I have NOT read is the exhortation from I Timothy to pray for those in authority over us....regardless of party or ideology. And when I say pray, I mean to pray blessings over those who rule over us, regardless of whether they are Christians or not. And that prayer, while asking God to influence them to govern according to godly principles, needs to be one of asking God's favor upon that individual. We need to pray for those government officials at ALL levels of government so that they will rule well and do that which is best for us as we live our lives in a fallen world. While voting is a responsibility, it is also a privilege so we need to cast our votes according to the way God leads us....that does not always mean we will cast votes for the winning candidate. Remember, we as Christians are in the minority so that sometimes we find ourselves outvoted by unrighteousness...yet, God still reigns and He is our supply, so He will operate through or in spite of an ungodly ruler. Donald Trump is NOT a godly man. However, since president, he has honored God more than his predecessor and he continues to espouse values that Christians can agree with. On those issues he is deficient, we protest using methods available to us. On those issues we agree with, we also let him know via text, twitter, email, etc. In either case, we pray for him and his family everyday as though he were a member of our own family. We cover him in prayer so that evil will not enter into his head, heart or any other part of him. Had we been praying sufficiently, this entire Russian thing might have been warded off in the spirit...I say might because the press is committed to resurrecting dead issues until they get what they admission that Hillary should have won....:( sad face
  10. Yes, I know a few prophets
  11. Mishael, While I am mostly in agreement with the other posters to this question, I would ask you what differences it makes in your personal relationship with Jesus? The concept of a dual personality does NOT immediately scream split personalities, but then again, I look at it from a geometry point of view. I can have a triangle with 3 distinct sides, yet have only one triangle. So it is not a problem for me to recognize that Jesus had both a divine and a human nature that operated together. I am willing to discuss how your beliefs affect your faith. Blessings
  12. Your question hinges on the word "need". I will share from my own life. God never really asked me to give up everything. As I began to grow in faith, I found that "other" things such as alcohol, smoking, work, etc. became hindrances to the development of my spiritual life. Now since I couldn't "give up" my job and survive, I had to learn that putting the job in proper priority with respect to God was "giving up" my job. In other words, my relationship with Jesus became more important than my job. That manifested in me being a better employee because Jesus did not want me to be habitually late. In addition, I adjusted my attitude towards management because they represented God's authority over that part of my life. I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years and I can say that I pretty much have "given up everything" to follow Christ. But the "giving up" was more a process of learning what pleased Jesus and then removing things that did not please Him. Since he is gracious and forgiving, we can take our time and get rid of things as we are ready to do so. But the process of "giving up" things is not as terrible as one might think. Because Jesus is a God of exchanges. Even though it might not be crystal clear from Scripture, there is not one thing you give up for God that He does not give you something better in return. For example, giving up my bad attitudes toward people, allowed God to give me joy and peace which caused my own mind to come into order and caused me to change my thought patterns from negative to positive. So while the concept of "giving up" everything is radical, the actual process may or may not be so. It's up to Jesus and each individual. My question is this: do you want 10% of Jesus; 50% of Jesus; or 100%. You can have which ever one you want. But with increasing percentages, you will find greater sacrifice is required...but there are greater rewards as well. Blessings
  13. Freebird, My dear, you have a real challenge. While the alcoholism is a terrible burden to bear, you cannot help but be angry at the womanizing because that tears at the very basis of your marriage. And feeling numb is not a desirable outcome either because if you become numb to your husband, you will have a tendency to become numb to God as well....and that is NOT good. According to I Corinthians 7:14, " 14 For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy." That means that, as a believing wife, you are now sanctifying your husband, which is a high and holy calling. Just because you sanctify him though, does not make you responsible for his sins (alcoholism and womanizing), nor does it relieve him of his guilt. When you sanctify someone, you dedicate them as holy to God....which means that God is now responsible for them. He gets the job of fixing them...which is His job anyway. Now, because of the nature of your husband's sins, he is transmitting a LOT of sickness to you in the form of stress and potentially in the form of physical or emotional abuse. When you are trying to be holy and pure, that sort of thing really discourages you. My response is that you first find a church with people willing to just pray for you and love on you. That will feed your spirit and soul and provide a source of divine love "with skin on". That love is supposed to come from your husband, but he is not giving it to the church should. If you are experiencing financial or physical trauma as a result of anything he is doing, please seek counsel from a pastor, lawyer or even a Christian psychologist. You DO NOT want to stay in an unsafe relationship. Assuming you are "working through", you need to spend time every day in the Bible. These are the words of God Himself and they will provide food for your soul and food for your heart. Besides, God blesses those who read and study His word. That will build your knowledge of godly ways the quickest. If there is a bible study or women's bible study available once a week, put that on your schedule. That will do 2 things: first, it will provide you with fellowship and prayer support and second, it will provide you with knowledge and learning. Last, find a way to be thankful. Start with the little things, and build up. God appreciates it when we are thankful. I am sure there are some blessings you have or even things you are working on. Gratitude often leads to joy, which is spiritual strength, which is what you need to deal with your husband. As I am sure you have found out, nagging him about his "issues" isn't really working. So here is what you do. First, hold him accountable for things that he is responsible for. Tell him once and only once (unless it is life threatening). After that, take the issue directly to God and speak your mind. God can handle it. Remind God of His promise to fix your husband. Let out all the anger you have for your husband on God. When you have all the emotion out, wait in silence and let the Holy Spirit fill you with the sweetness of His presence. Once you are fully sweet, you can deal with anybody. Stay focused on God even if NOT doing something might cause the rent to be late or something similar. When things fall apart, you will have a clear indicator of what he is or is not going to do. At THAT point, you protect yourself and do what you must. REMEMBER: the goal of the exercize is to win your husband to Christ. If that is not possible, your husband will make his own decision. Be blessed. We are all in prayer here.
  14. "Being" gay is a basic assumption about life and who created you that happens to be blasphemous. To "realize" you are gay is to suddenly "realize" that God's creation was "not good". This flies directly in the face of Genesis 1 when God pronounced creation "Good". As a matter of fact, the first thing that God said was "not good" was that a helpmeet was not found for Adam. So, according to Genesis 1, God put Adam to sleep and created woman out of man. So "being" gay is also to tell God that His creation is flawed. In doing that, a person then becomes responsible for their own salvation. So yes, "being gay" is essentially sinful. Thank God for Jesus, who died even for "gay" people to redeem them. I think the Bishops need to return to the King James Version Bible (actually to ANY version of the Bible) and rethink their pronouncements....unless of course they are renouncing the Bible as well.....heavy sigh
  15. Dearest Kelly, I truly understand much of your pain and frustration. In addition to diabetes, and coronary artery disease, this year I have succumbed to kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Being chronically ill itself is enough to be discouraged by, much less when we add spouses and other relatives into the mix. However, let me provide some hope. First, I am assuming you are a Christian, because if you are not, then there really is no hope. So the first point is that there is no hope outside Jesus. Second, if you ARE a Christian, then you need to find a good church so that the family of God can pray for you and love on you. From your description, it sounds like your husband and family are not there for you to love and support you. A church family will provide the love and support you need to keep encouraged. Third, find a Bible that you can read and begin reading. The Bible is God's Word and it is life to you. Start in the New Testament and read it straight through. You will learn about Jesus and how much He loves you. And you will learn that trials are useful to build character and faith. From the sound of it, you have had plenty of trials. Fourth, find a reason to be thankful each day, on purpose and out loud. As BK1110 has said, find reasons to be thankful. As you concentrate on being thankful to God, you will sense His approval and even His presence. This is important for you to know that you are not alone. Fifth, begin to offload your burdens to God. This is a bit more difficult, but it is something you need to do. You are not responsible for your husband's misdeeds, even though you are married to him. At best, you can pray for him and ask God to deal with him. This often seems like it's not very effective, but it really is the ONLY way to get him to change permanently. Sometimes we must completely let our spouses "go" in order for God to get hold of them. As for your step daughter and your brother, these relationships need to be prayed for as well. Jesus said He would take on your heavy yokes and burdens. We need to practice giving them to Him until we sense that He has taken them. I prayed for my mother for 40 years to get saved; at her death last year I do not know whether she ever accepted Him or not. But whenever something was wrong she called me and asked me to pray. These are steps you should take to ease your own suffering, because, if you are like me, you take things upon yourself and you suffer for the others in your life. It is affecting your health and your attitude. Your family does need you. They need your faith and joy to sanctify them. God send His Son to redeem you. He loves you much more than you realize now. The good news is that you posted here and we are all praying for you. Blessings and keep in touch