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  1. These things take time. If it always seemed like He was there all the time guiding every detail, it would be too easy. Please be patient. Slow it down, not everything happens on our timeline or terms. That would also be too easy. Is it possible to request a grace period/extension for the approval letter? Just look after yourself, for no one can run on an empty vessel. Keep us posted
  2. Hi, thanks for replying. Very true, not all "Christians" are on the same page I'm actually glad you reconsidered, it really is better to pursue a future with a godly partner on the same journey as you Really, this is a big decision, you should take more time to decide this before committing to anything. Now would be a good time to ask God to guide you. Let us know how things transpire
  3. Stand by your statement as you wish, George and I haven't had issues or he would've approached me, nonetheless people should be more gracious with their opinions
  4. No, it was your comment to my post being distorted and short-sighted that was scornful. I don't encourage this lady to go bed-hopping, just that the church shouldn't dictate that a would-be couple shouldn't cohabit before marriage
  5. Something needs to be done about the scornful comments on this post. People should check themselves before proclaiming themselves a Christian
  6. Hi, thanks for sharing. Cohabitation has proven to be the best tester in terms of the viability of a relationship. Although a lot of "rules" haven't changed, the church has accepted and embraced a lot of change. God only asks that you respect His Word and Ten Commandments. Any "fine print" and monopolizations dictated by the church are overthoughts
  7. Hi, thanks for sharing. I applaud your efforts at trying to bring a non-believer closer to God. However, if she continues to resist, it's not worth exhausting yourself. You have to think long-term. It really is to your benefit to find someone on the same journey as you are
  8. Hi, thanks for sharing. This is perfectly natural, as we don't predict "catching feelings" for someone until it actually happens. If you can't eradicate these feelings, would you be willing to change churches? You need to maintain a sound mind when you are consulting with a community member providing a service for you, especially at a spiritual level
  9. Hi, thanks for sharing. It would depend on whether you're using your phone or a PC. When using a desktop computer, you have to save an image to a file first before uploading/pasting it. You may have to Google instructions if you can't paste the image after clicking/tapping on the photo icon
  10. Hi, thanks for sharing. It's actually a good thing the relationship ended. She was married. She's proven she can't be trusted. You were her "side guy" for 9 years. Don't feel guilty about anything involving her. You're not responsible for her. She's a big girl and I'm sure she'll know how to deal with her spouse long after you fade out of the picture. Move on with your life
  11. Hi, thanks for sharing and reaching out. It takes a lot of humility to break your silence. First off, avoid all the negative people who don't know better. When people don't understand a disorder, they judge. Only associate with those who will support you. Second, I can understand it's difficult to network in an area or community that doesn't coincide with your spiritual life. Third, you and your boyfriend need trust. If you don't have that, it's not healthy for you. Fourth, now that you're now aware of your underlying diagnosis, try to access the help you need. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually
  12. Hi, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a dysfunctional parish, and it's not healthy. This is definitely the reason their fanbase dwindled. Is there another church in your area or community? Are you planning to move again in the future? I don't advise you to revisit the church, as you've done your part being a blessing and it didn't suffice. Move on to a better church that will appreciate you more. In the meantime, maybe just have simple gatherings with family and colleagues
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