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    There are some people who always seem angry, and continuously look for conflict.
    Walk away; the battle they are fighting isn't with you, it is with themselves.
  1. At this stage with Oregon Rep makes the whole bunch look like embittered fools. Or, very upset co-conspirators that are now not getting paid back for what special treatments they permitted Hillary on the presumption she'd win POTUS.
  2. Oh, yes! The Plutonian pink wabby take over of the world! Muahahahahahaha
  3. I want one. Wikileaks Podesta Emails RE: Press Dinners - Full Info
  4. A day without illegal immigrants is a great start.
  5. And is vastly more entertaining too.
  6. Of course you can prove a negative. Evidence of Hillary having off the record contacts with 30 reporters before her campaign is out there. And Super PAC's are not to be discounted as doing a candidates bidding either. Correct the Record%2BClinton final.pdf
  7. Doesn't change the fact that Hillary has media on payroll as reported by the parody site. Maybe address that fact.
  8. True. It is easier to post an articles link reporting the Wikileaks finding rather than a link to Wikileaks that some may not wish to open.
  9. I think all of John 14 is important in order to gain the context of that one remark by Jesus to his Disciples. And while they were gathered together in the upper room.
  10. I would guess the expenditure has increased since the November election. Remember this reporting? BREAKING: Secret List Of EVERY Reporter On Hillary’s Payroll JUST LEAKED! By Danny Gold - October 24, 2016
  11. You're wanting to shoo away a dove that's chosen to bring a family to your rear patio door? How often do you use that rear door? If it is a busy area it's unusual for a pregnant bird to land near an area of busy travel by humans. Maybe see this as a blessing being the Dove isn't following their wild nature when they decide to visit you all. Maybe there's a message there what with the Dove and its identity in scriptures? Maybe see what those qualities are and find why God would deliver this to you, a family in your own right.
  12. Dennis Bratcher is a researcher after all. Christians and Urban Legends Dennis Bratcher
  13. I found this. Neo-fundamentalism * An Essay on Being Who We Are Dennis Bratcher Notes * "Classic" fundamentalism was built around a set of "fundamentals" of the faith that, it was assumed, all Christians would believe. However, the single idea of the absolute inerrancy of Scripture emerged as the defining feature of fundamentalism following the 1920s. That was linked with dictation views of inspiration, later modified into verbal inspiration theories. Fundamentalism gradually morphed into a mindset of infallible interpretation of Scripture (ideas about Scripture) in which one set of beliefs or interpretation was viewed as the only truth of God and all other views were automatically wrong and non-Christian. Neo-fundamentalism has taken that mentality and expanded it to include ethical views on a range of social issues. It is still grounded in a certain ideology of Scripture, but is most often expressed in proclaiming the only "true" Christian position on a range more immediate contemporary issues, primarily certain views of 1) creation, 2) abortion, 2) homosexuality, 4) gender issues, and 5) certain political ideologies. That is what allows those issues for neo-fundamentalists to be the criteria for being "evangelical" (meaning in most cases "fundamentalist") or in some cases for being genuine Christians.