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  1. I have a lot of questions to ask and I would be very happy if I can get your ideas on what to do. I have been dating this lady for a year now who has a son and also married to my former boss who I once worked with on a site. I knew she was married but we had the chance to talk and gradually she opened up and told me a lot of stuffs. She was so depressed and sad that she didnt know who else to talk to. She was facing a lot of problems in her marriage. Just to keep things short, I was always there for her when she needed someone to talk to. When she needed someone to cry to and share all thats eating her up. Now we are no more in the "friendship" zone. She has built her walls around me, made me the only person she can talk to about anything, someone she can run to troubled and someone she loves so much. Me on the other hand also do find happiness in her, I love her and I want the best for her. We have been through a lot for a year now since we met and we have plans settling down together in the future. We both are happy and its obvious I brought a change in her life. Now she is no more deppresed, now she has made me her everything and I know its going to be very difficult for her if things dont go on well or I end up hurting her which is something I have no plans doing. Now the problem is, I sometimes feel "guilty" moving on with "someone's wife" since they never got a divorce. I do love her and she does too. She has changed my life and I've changed hers. We both want to settle down in the future and she has already spoken to her mom about a divorce since she finds no happiness with his Husband. I dont want to hurt her and I dont want to have this guilt feeling moving on with someone wife. There has been a lot of change and I sometimes think we met for a reason which am very sure of. I know God brought her into my life for a reason. I want to settle down with her and the right time comes but I dont know if thats a "Sin" before God. Maybe God brought her to me because He knew she needed happiness. Maybe to stay for good or maybe to help her find happiness again just to make her a better person. She does not want to go back to his husband house. She moved in to his brothers house and now all she wants is to be happy with me forever and I want that too. If we met for a reason is there any prayer I can pray to find out? To have a dream that we met for a reason? I dont want to hurt her and I dont want to hurt myself because I love her and we both cant do with each other. I NEED HELP!!
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