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  1. Try just telling him everything that is going on in your life. Every secret, every doubt just everything. He already knows them all but I got peace from telling him everything, and I think it builds a relationship
  2. I could see a "certain" type of Christian not wanting to marry another Christian girl. But a really devout Christian couldn't do it. It would be Torture to not have someone like minded in the thing that's most important to you. Your non Christian wife wouldn't want every second conversation to be about Jesus. And let's be honest, we talk about him a lot
  3. god still and will forever love you. You could try going to a conference? I had the Holy Spirit poured out on me at one of those
  4. It's just really sad that this is what the world has come to, but then again I guess it was supposed to
  5. I was not a good person and was undeserving of Jesus love. But it doesn't matter. He loves us no matter what. He is our father and just wants to rap us in his love. I have felt it. No one is to sinful for Jesus because his love for us is so much greater than anything. Death is not the way out. The answer is truly Jesus
  6. Hey man I just want to say that I think Jesus hears every prayer that we say in his name. So I dont think anything is blocking that, I think the dark entity is trying to deceive you that he is blocking it so you don't believe. But Jesus is hearing
  7. Is this one of the hardest things to do? what are some examples of how you guys love your enemies
  8. Oh my gosh hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg omg
  9. Hey guys, so I am a new Christian and have been confused lately. I received the Holy Spirit last weekend at a conference and it was awesome and I felt god love me. So last night I tried to get into it again and it was weird. I had like electric hot flashes going through my body. But I didn't feel a closeness to god like before. Now I've been reading on the Internet of some stuff that kinda freaked me out like it could have been something demonic that got me and gave me a false holyspirit thing. I dunno if it was god doing it or what but I want to know! I was praying in Jesus name and everything. Also I have this constant heat in my chest all the time after the conference, can anyone relate?
  10. 3 posts?