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  1. You didn't have to respond to my post. I really didn't expect anyone to. Had that been the case, I wouldn't have said another word in this thread. I visit this forum quite a bit and rarely post. If threads on this forum were offensive to me or if I wanted to argue every time I read a post that went against the way I personally believe, then I would be posting a whole lot more than I do. I don't like to argue, but when I get attacked like I have in past threads, I will stand up for myself. Personally I come here mainly to read and to get different people's viewpoints on various subjects. This forum can be quite edifying despite the various points of view and interpretations of scriptures that the members here have. If people believe differently than I, then so be it. I choose respect all people regardless of how they believe.
  2. The term "God" is also used by a lot of false religions. The terms "God" and "Allah" are just words, nothing more. There's only one creator who gave His only begotten son so that the world may be saved. Since I speak English, I refer to Him as God. My Italian grandfather called Him Dio.
  3. I was reading through the tread and came across a post that said: "You know, some call God Allah, which is not correct according to the bible." That was an incorrect statement, and I just wanted to point out that Christians who speak Arabic or Maltese would use the term "Allah" for God. It's all about translation into different languages. I wasn't trying to derail the thread and I certainly wasn't trying to start a debate about how other denominations or religions view God. Since my post was based on fact, there shouldn't have been anything to debate.
  4. I would expect many Arabic speaking Christians around the world would be offended by this article. They would not be confused in any way shape or form what God they are speaking of when they used the word "Allah" to describe God, the father of Jesus. How would you feel if you were told by a Hebrew speaking Christian that you can't use the English word for God and could only use the Hebrew word for God? Would that be right?
  5. If an American Christian is visiting a church in Jordan or Lebanon, they are going to probably hear the word "Allah" at some point during the sermon. In that case, there would be no question as to which "Allah" they were referring to. Someone hearing an Arabic speaking Lebanese or Jordanian person in America say "Allah" without knowing them personally, may not know if the "Allah" they are referring to gave His only begotten son to the world or not until they find out if they are a Christian or a Muslim.
  6. So it's wrong for people to speak their own language? To read the Bible in their own language? The Christians who speak Arabic in Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, etc. can only use the English term for God? That would be a bit arrogant for someone to suggest don't you think? The God of Christianity predates Islam and Arabic speaking Christians would have been using the term "Allah" before Muhammad started spreading his false religion.
  7. All I'm saying is that the Arabic word "Allah" was used to describe God long before Islam existed. Some doctrines and religions teach that Jesus wasn't the son of God, but that was not what I was pointing out with my post. Depending on what language a person speaks will determine the word they use for God. For example, Spanish speaking Christians will call Him Dios, French speaking Christians will call Him Dieu, and Arabic speaking Christians will call Him Allah. Below are a couple of Bible verses in Arabic. (I circled the Arabic word for God in red) Arab speaking Christians would say that in the beginning the Word was with "Allah" and the Word was "Allah". They would also say that "Allah" so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life, just as they would refer to Jesus (Isa in Arabic) as the son of "Allah".
  8. Arabic speaking Christians and Jews used the term Allah to refer to God long before Islam ever existed.
  9. People call God by whatever language they speak. For example, Christians in Malta who speak Maltese call God Allah/Alla and Arabic speaking Christians in other parts of the world also call God Allah. Not everybody speaks English.
  10. A religion of peace?

    How so?
  11. A religion of peace?

    Amen. You can add Islam to that list as well.
  12. A religion of peace?

    My ministry is self supported and I do not need anyone's approval. My strength comes from Jesus Christ alone. If someone chooses to send money to support one of our projects, it is a blessing for them and the people on the receiving end, not to me. It gives them the opportunity to make a difference even though they are far removed from the beneficiaries.
  13. A religion of peace?

    No, yowm really was too late with the answer.
  14. A religion of peace?

    Ah yes, the despised, hated, and unGodly Samaritan.
  15. A religion of peace?

    So you only love other Christians?