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  1. I have written two books in a series of three that I started a few years ago, Christian fantasy fiction (elves, giants, etc.). Before I was medically retired, I worked at a county jail and wrote their technical manuals for training, as well as in the USMC where I wrote what we called "turnover binders." I have also written a Christian scientific expose on the theory of evolution, and two theological books centering upon how the discoveries of the Intertestamental Period documents, and Ancient Near Eastern covenants gives us a more clear and accurate interpretational base for NT doctrines. I have been writing poetry (mostly Christian) and fiction short stories since high school. I guess I have written just about everything that a Christian can write! I love to write...I love to create...it's probably just my Father in me!!!
  2. The OP above...In actuality, when we study the Scriptures according to a complete Biblical hermeneutic, which would include Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) covenants and their principles, some of these given 'tenets' under the heading of "gospel" are not correct. They follow Reformed Theology good enough, but the problem is that Reformed Theology didn't have access to all of the information then that we do today, which is why many today are pushing for another Reformation within the church based upon more accurate knowledge of the Scriptures. According to more accurate knowledge, the list under the Gospel heading reads thusly: 1. Instead of "I'm accepted, therefore I obey," the reality is that because one walks in obedience to the Law of Christ under the New Covenant, he is accepted. We find this in numerous passages that reference the New Covenant throughout the NT Scriptures. Those who do not know or understand ANE covenants cannot see this in the Scriptures, yet it is there. Numerous Scriptures, such as II Cor. 6:17 where we are told in no uncertain terms that unless we practice walking in holiness, we will not be received, whether one "got saved" or not. 2. "Motivation is based upon grateful joy." Actually, this is Reformed Theology at its weakest...because, first of all, joy only comes from walking in relationship with God. The more we walk in relationship with Him, the closer we walk with Him, which gives us more joy, which motivates us to strive to walk even closer with Him. Engaging God in personal relationship is where the motivation comes from ultimately, which is one reason why, even though many Reformed persons chant this mantra, they play it up as having joy when they really don't, and have no motivation for anything but playing church. But in denominations where you are taught that there's nothing that you have to do in order to walk with God, just have faith and that takes care of everything nonsense, very few actually enter into personal relationship with God, so very few have the joy of the Spirit. 3. "I obey God to get to God-to delight and resemble Him." This one is really tricky...the OP says above that you obey because you have been accepted, and here it says that you obey in order to "get to God," the OP sounds confused. The Scriptures teach that we obey God because He is God, first and foremost. If you does not walk in obedience to God, then he is in the world following satan, just as Jesus tells us in John 8:44. Those who walk in obedience to God have Him as their father, and those who do not walk in obedience to God - regardless if they have "gotten saved" in the past - have satan as their father because they are doing what he wants them to do. The other reason why we are commanded to walk in obedience to God, is because if we do not, then we do not remain abiding in the New Covenant, that is - in Christ. Another reason is that God moves in the lives of others through our obedience, and when we fail to obey, He does not work in their lives. That is not a legalistic statement, He can and does work in some people's lives by Himself, but that is not the norm. 4. "When circumstances in my life go wrong, I struggle but I know all my punishment fell on Jesus and that while he may allow this for my training, he will exercise his Fatherly love within my trial." This one sounds like Calvinism straight up...and it is Scripturally in error. We do have struggles, and if we fall into sin but are still striving to walk with God, then those failures are taken care of as long as we are walking in obedience to Him (I John 2:10; 1:7). God's love will not temper His judgment, and that is what the OP here seems to be saying. If we have ceased to remain abiding in Christ, then no amount of grace, faith, obedience, or anything else will help the person during their "trial." Salvation and eternal life are taught in the Scriptures as being covenant gifts, and covenant gifts are only given and maintained by those who are abiding in Christ, the Living New Covenant of God. 5. "...My identity is not built on my record or my performance but on God’s love for me in Christ..." This is extreme error, and not Scriptural in the least bit. Our identity in Christ is solidly based upon the fact that we are abiding in Christ. If one is not in Christ, then his identity is with the world, that is what the Scriptures teach. What most in Reformed churches today fail to understand, because Reformed Theology has no basis in ANE covenant knowledge (so-called "covenant theology" is riddled with half-truths and outright false teachings, that it has no basis in ANE covenanting), is that Redemptive covenants (which the New Covenant is) have what is called covenant law. That law today is the Law of Christ, the covenant law of the New Covenant. If one does not walk in obedience to that covenant law, then one is not in the covenant which it originates from (in this case, the New Covenant). The Law of Christ is found explained by John in I John 3:23-24. 6. "My prayer life consists of generous stretches of praise and adoration. My main purpose is fellowship with Him." Absolutely!!! According to John 17:1, engaging God in an intimate personal love relationship is the whole reason why we are saved and given eternal life in the first place. 7. "...In Christ I am simul iustus et peccator—simultaneously sinful and lost yet accepted in Christ. I am so bad he had to die for me and I am so loved he was glad to die for me..." Parts here are unscriptural, although inherent to Reformed Theology. Those who are walking with God are not sinful...we still have a sin nature and so are prone to fall into sin, but sinful means that one is living a lifestyle of blatant, purposeful sin, practicing sin, and John tells us that those who practice sinning are not God's, do not know God, and never have come to Him in the first place. No one who practices sin is "accepted in Christ." The only ones who are accepted in Christ are those who are "in Christ," and the only way to be "in Christ" according to the Scriptures, is to be walking in obedience to Him, separating ourselves from the world, and touching no unclean thing. I realize that to some that will be a "legalistic" statement - but those in Reformed circles are taught an inaccurate definition of what legalistic is. There is "legal" and then there is "legalistic." Walking in obedience to God is being "legal" according to His standard, not legalistic. Legalistic is beating others over the head in an effort to make them "fall in line" with the legal. There is a difference. Secondly, Christ did not die for us because we are "so bad," and that shows a great misunderstanding of the atonement. God didn't have to send Christ to be our ultimate atonement, He could have just left things the way they were and we would have to kill an animal every time we sinned. However, God wanted real intimacy, which required a more perfect sacrifice for sin. It has nothing to do with how wicked we were, it has everything to do with the fact that atonement had to be made that would take care of our sin unlike it was under the Old Covenant - sacrifice for every sin committed. Today, under the New Covenant, we are told that as long as we are walking in covenant relationship with God, striving to walk in obedience to Him as a lifestyle, then our sins are washed away automatically by the blood of Christ (I John 1:7). 8. "...I am saved by sheer grace. So I can’t look down on those who believe or practice something different from me. Only by grace I am what I am...." First, no one is saved "by sheer grace" as it is stated here - but that might be an oversimplification on the OP's part. One must meet the criteria in order to be heard by God on high...that is, if a person does not come to faith in Christ, and choose to repent from his former lifestyle of sin, then he can say all the sinner's prayers that he wants to, but God will not forgive the man or woman who does not first repent from practicing the sins that they did in their "former ignorance" as Peter puts it. That is why Peter says in Acts 2:38 that one must repent and then receive water baptism into Christ...because baptism is nothing if the person has not repented. God will not forgive the unrepentant man because there is no reason to...if he is not going to cease from his sins then the application of Christ's precious blood to his life would be a complete waste. The phrase, "Only by grace I am what I am" is completely false. Grace is not a force, it cannot do anything to make you anything...when we itemize grace (charis) we find that, when the rubber meets the road, grace is the love of God in action towards mankind. Simply put, grace is God's love...and love can make you do things, but it cannot do those things in and of itself. I am what I am today because of God's love for me and the strength the indwelling Spirit provide, giving me the ability to walk in obedience to Him. All too many times, Reformed Theology throws out the human element in the Divine relationship equation, and spouts "its all grace and nothing of me," and that is not Scriptural in the least bit. It is a religious statement, and belongs in the first part of the OP. 9. this statement isn't really a Scriptural teaching, but the way that a person who is walking closely to God might feel...but, honestly, I have met few people who actually can be like that, especially when they are about to lose a home or something else that means a lot to them. It is a good target to shoot for... Then the last concluding statement... Many do not recognize when they are being religious, and many don't know the difference because they have never been taught how to have a relationship with God. Many in the church world today (outside of Pentecostalism) are taught that they have a relationship with God because they have faith...but that is not taught anywhere in the Scriptures. If you go to church, sing some songs, listen to someone speak (and more and more today that is what they are doing, just speaking, not preaching, not having the call into ministry and so not being gifted to preach or teach), then have some fellowship, go home, and not pray at home, not worship at home, not spend time with God in the Word at home, not spending intimate quality time with God at home...then you have religion, not relationship. It's quite simple...we have relationship with God much the same way that we have relationship with other people...we talk with them, spend time with them, do things together with them...etc. The only difference is, the things that we do are not so much with Him, but to Him and for Him. Blessings!
  3. Mrilyn said... Concerning ministry, I have been in ministry for over 35 years, and I know the right impression of ministry. While we are all called to be ministers as in witnessing to the world whenever the opportunities arise, there are also those of us who were called into the ministry by God for a specific purpose. I do not believe that I have the wrong impression of what ministry is: when God calls to ministry, that calling is sure and it will come to the place where God has called it to come.... I think you are missing the main point here...the reason that she is rejecting what I do is because she has chosen to embrace homosexual left-field nonsense in place of the Truth of God's Word. She knows what the Bible says about homosexuality, yet she has chosen to say that the Scriptures don't give us all the details and science says people are born homosexual, therefore its not a sin to be a homosexual, its just a sin to be having homosexual sex outside of marriage. This is the cause of the consternation between us now...its nothing that I have done (outside of Scripture) or haven't done. Also, I understand what you are trying to say above (I think, anyway), but God comes first...always. As long as my wife is in line with what God says that we are to do and live (which she is not, on many points she is walking in direct disobedience to the Word), then we can live and love and work things out. Unfortunately, she is not, at this point in time. I don't know if that came across the way that I intended it to...I don't have the "master of the house" mentality like so many do today. What I am trying to say is that if she is living like God tells us to, and I am also, then everything works out when we are placing God first. Right now she is not doing that, therefore...aside from gently ministering to her in ways that I feel God might be leading me to, I cannot 'pursue' her, for lack of a better way to put it. In other words, I am still giving her cards, flowers, complimenting her, etc... and doing the things that a loving husband does, as much as is in me, along with prayer and even some meals fasted...but I cannot make her first before all things, and that is what it sounds like you are advising above. If I misunderstood, please forgive. Two things here: first, there is no expectation of ministry in the air as far as she is concerned. God called me, not her...while I have heard people say before that when one is in ministry, both of them are if the one is married, but that is not only not in Scripture, but it is also a very fleshly viewpoint of ministry. She would be my...'support'...but she made it very clear when we were engaged that she would not do anything having to do with ministry. She is not the kind of person that likes to be in the spotlight, and she doesn't like to be made known. She is one of those behind the curtain types that is willing to do and not be recognized for it - that is one of her strong points. She can be very accommodating to others to a fault (which has put us in trouble in the past, and even right now), to everyone, that is, except me. She has never supported anything that I have done or tried to do, ministry or otherwise, from the very beginning - as far as I know, not even in prayer. Now that I think about these things and remember them, perhaps it is becoming clearer that she never was saved in the first place.... Second, the suggestion to leave ministry behind, even temporarily, is something that the darkness would very much like to see. While I am not today in full-time ministry, I am involved in conducting Bible studies and witnessing, none of which she has anything to do with. No insult intended. Been there and doing that...the problem is, having rejected God's Word on a point, Romans 1 shows that when someone does that, God 'gives them over' to greater and greater darkness, since they have rejected light and have chosen to embrace darkness. I am praying for her salvation and coming to the knowledge of the truth first and foremost (I Tim. 2:4), even before our marriage relationship, because that is what's most important to God, I believe. Even if we do end up separated, she still needs to be walking with God, and that is my highest desire for her right now. Having said that, the hardest part for me right now is that she has chosen to reject the Word of God and to embrace darkness...that is the biggest impact right now not only in our relationship, but also in the house at large. Her ungodly behavior is influencing our children towards the darkness, which is pitting them all against me, the only godly person in the house at this point. I don't know if you can understand how much physical, mental, and emotional stress that places upon me...but if things don't change, and soon...here within a few months (if I haven't already had a heart attack) I am just going to have to call it quits. Not because I really want to, but because if I don't, I won't be around much longer. I see this remark here as an assumption on your part, and it kind of offends. I know that you probably didn't mean it to, but it does. The only thing that I can say to this that is short and sweat, is that one night while bending over the couch praying and seeking God's will for my ministry (that is, what He wants my main ministry message to be), He spoke into my spirit and told me, "Teach My people how to love Me." That was it...and it took me a few to understand exactly what He meant, but I got it. I know what the high mark of Christ's love is, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe that I do see her as Christ sees her, which is why I am spending my time praying for her to get saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Again, we all have pain of one kind or another, we are all hurting and broken and need Christ to mend us because He is the only one who really can. However, what's going on in the house right now really doesn't have very much to do with relationship, it has to do with someone who at one time attended church, worshiped, prayed, read their Bible, etc., now having turned from all of that, yet still having the deception within their mind to believe that she is still a Christian. Perhaps it would be better to look at it from this viewpoint...if I was never saved before, neither my wife, and my children were never brought up in church...but we were all lost sinners up until last year, and then I was the only one who got saved in the family...this is the passage that continually comes to mind... Matthew 10:21-22 Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, 22 and you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 10:34-36 "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 And a person's enemies will be those of his own household. Does this come upon us because of anything that we do? No, it comes upon those who are born after the spirit through those who are only of the flesh, the light against the darkness. I never thought that it would enter into my house, but it has. Blessings
  4. Marilyn said... Hello Marilyn! Yes, I am working on myself as well, but not just for her, but for myself. I always try to improve myself, to be better at things that I notice about myself that can have an improvement, not just in attitude but also in the way I do things. That is a hard one...I will say that I have been at times, like anyone has, but not to the extent that it was overbearing, nor did I use critical comments like some do as a way to bash someone, or bully them into submission. The kids are grown up now, and my wife still acts like a teenager (sloppy, self-centered, and lazy) so I try to not say something unless, for example, she did something and three days later its still sitting there. I think that I am being more than patient enough, and sometimes feel like she is just doing it on purpose to make me angry. No, I never have. I witnessed that kind of nonsense behavior while in the Marine Corps, and it does no one any good, really. We used to talk about Scripture, but ever since she has turned to believe that its OK to cuss and be a homosexual, that God will still accept you (as well as other things), we don't talk about Scripture much anymore. It always seems to engender arguments. No, I have come to understand that this needs to be 'handled' and taken care of before I can actually go into full time ministry. That is one reason why I am here...because one way or the other, I am not letting her keep me from what God has called me to do. I believe that is why Jesus said that we cannot love others more than we love Him, because it may very well come down to the point that we have to separate ourselves from our loved ones in order to walk with God. Neither my wife, nor my children, will keep me from doing what God has called me to do. There are thousands of lives at stake heading for eternity without God...I am not saying that I am "the one" but I know and understand that God works through people. No, all I give her today are small cards with meaningful saying on them, and even those she is rejecting and throwing away. No, for one reason or another. I read the 5 Love Languages by Chapman and tried to figure it out, but couldn't. I asked her to read it and tell me, and she refused. I came right out and asked her, "What makes you feel loved?" and she said, "If you don't know then you never will. I'm not telling you." Now, you tell me what kind of attitude that is! I used to until everything that I did and told her was rejected right off the cuff. No...but that doesn't matter any longer as far as she is concerned. Anything I say is negative. When I told her that God's word condemns homosexual behavior, she told me that I was being negative. So, how do you deal with a person that labels everything as negative that you do or say just because they don't agree with it? That's like someone yelling "Grace, grace, grace" all the time and leaving the real world behind. So true. Yep, and we have been doing that lately. Not just in my marriage, but in life in general. So far that hasn't worked...as I said, anything that I say or do in effort to move past this and move forward, including all the loving gestures that I make, are automatically rejected. Its as if she has already made up her mind that she wants a divorce, but isn't saying anything because she wants it to be my 'idea.' But you are right, she has built up a wall, but not just against any attitude that I have... I will try again, with a lot of prayer, but as you said in the beginning, we can't change anyone...God can, but only if the person lets Him. I have had a part of my theology thoroughly being tested here with all of this: will God change a person against their will? I have always said no...and now that I see something happening in my own life, and desire the answer to be yes, I can't be like that. God gave us free will, and I have heard all my life people talking about how they prayed for someone for 30 years to get saved but they never did. All I can see is that God can, but He will not make someone do something that they do not want to do...so, in a way, its all in her lap. I don't want us to end, but I can't keep living like this. Thank you! Blessings!
  5. MissMuffet said... That I honestly do not know, but yes, I know there is a difference between believers and unbelievers, and that we are not supposed to marry unbelievers. As I said in the OP, she was attending church at the time I met her, but being a young man and yet to gain some "Christian life experience," I didn't think to . . . "check" her, for lack of a better term. Granted, but part of the reason, I believe, is that she had never done this. We would pray together every night, worship God at home every night, etc...but when "stuff hit the fan" between us and she got her feelings hurt, rather than go to God (which you would have if you had made Him first, no?), instead she would curl up on a proverbial ball, keep it all inside, and never talk about it, not even to me except when it became so great that she lashed out in anger. I have tried several times over the years to get her to go to counseling with me, but she refuses. She is a...'private' person...and doesn't even let her own family know what's going on either inside her, or in our marriage. That has been one of the hard things to deal with her with. No man, or woman, is an island, we were not created to be, and living like that does damage to us. Hence, this is how I think her heart has become hard over the years through "a root of bitterness" that only God can break through...if she lets Him. Agreed... Agreed. She does not believe that she has turned away from God. She believes that those churches who have turned and embraced homosexual ideologies are on the right track, and that churches who have not are..."out of date" or old fashioned, or whatever. She has told me, "I don't think anyone believes the way you do anymore." She is wrong, of course, but she thinks she is right. Can a believer believe a false doctrine and still be a Christian? Yes, I believe so (of course, that depends upon what the false belief is - for example, a person cannot even get saved if they do not believe that Jesus is God in the flesh according to John 8:24), but when this happens, its like a Protestant being married to a Catholic...or an Armenian being married to a Calvinist. It engenders darkness in the household because of the conflict of basic tenets of the persons' faiths. Agreed, but part of the problem here is that she has said that I just need to leave. I think that would change if she thought about all that this would entail - but as you said, that is the unbeliever's lot, not mine. I can not see myself filing unless things get to the point that I just can't handle it anymore and have no choice. Yes, I have given everything over to God and pray about things at least once a day, sometimes two and three, like Daniel praying at his window three times a day. I remember Job, but I don't remember reading that anyone but his wife actually being in opposition to him, his children aren't recorded as being obstinate toward him, and his friends were actually trying to help him. But I get your general meaning...yes, I guess maybe I have felt a little like he must have been for a while, and I am holding on for as long as possible, hoping all the while that she gets saved so that we can reconcile. That is one of my issues...I cannot reconcile with her if she is not going to walk in obedience to God, no fiber in my being seems to be able to accept that. Yes, and I agree...unfortunately, as I stated above, she refuses to talk with a counselor...even a husband and wife counselor. She doesn't like being told that she is wrong, even when she is, and I suspect that that is one reason why she refuses to see counselors out of fear that they might tell her that she is doing something wrong. As for my denominational beliefs...I am non-denominational, but that has very little to do with the OP so that is why I left that out. Agreed. We had attended many marriage 'seminars' in our home church when we were first married, and learned many things about marriage, and that was one of them. She should remember that point, which appears to me to be one of the signs of just how far gone she is, as far as wanting to be married. I could be wrong. No, as I stated in the OP, she quit going to church about 3-4 years ago...and she refuses to go to counseling. God is here in my leukemia situation...I believe that He is going to heal me physically (not with death, some believe death is a healing, but that is not in Scripture anywhere), but on His timing. Thanks for the concern! And thanks for answering, Blessings!
  6. So, I am looking for some wisdom from others, in the midst of many counselors, to see if I am missing anything or have failed to think of something along the lines of which I write. In order to make this shorter than what it would be, I will bring the problem to you by numbers: 1. I am married. 2. When we married, I believed that my wife was a Christian because she attended church (I have since learned over the years that just because a person attends church does not mean that they are a Christian, particularly since the word means someone who is actively following Christ in obedience); it never occurred to me to ask her if she ever 'went through the motions' of getting saved. I do not want to debate what some believe the "steps" to getting saved are, that is not the point of the OP. 3. We have had our issues just as any marriage does, but we have never committed acts that were so heinous in marriage that called for a divorce (thank God), and we have always eventually been able to get over things and move forward. 4. Having said all that, I love my wife and do not want to be divorced... As you can probably see here, there is a "but" at the end of that statement. 5. Those in my wife's family who were saved, have one by one turned to believe the unscriptural ideology that homosexuals are born as homosexuals, against the clear teaching of the Scriptures (if you are a homosexual or side with the homosexual left, please, I do NOT want to hear from you here, we can discuss the subject matter elsewhere. Thank you). I am not homophobic, we are to love on all people regardless of their sin. Love the sinner as God does, but hate their sin - I do not confuse the two. 6. Over the past 3 years my wife has stopped going to church, stopped reading her Bible, stopped praying (as a lifestyle - she claims to pray whenever someone in the family needs something...), stopped worshiping God, stopped spending personal quiet time with God...in effect, according to what the Scriptures teach, she is today only a Christian by name. She does not walk in obedience to the Scriptures, and now even tells our children (all 18 or over) that it is OK for them to do whatever they want to do within the law, because they are adults. She gives them no Godly counsel, but if they want to smoke dope in the house, according to her that's fine because its now legal. I hope you are getting the big picture here. 7. I am conflicted...I do not want to end up in divorce, but here is my side of the coin: I am not bound - for all intensive purposes - to an unbeliever. What relationship does light have with darkness? 8. Because of this homosexual thing (as well as others outside of Christian thought), and her changing her once Christian view to that of the world, in rejecting God's Word on the subject matter and choosing instead to embrace the lies of the homosexual world (even when there isn't any scientific evidence for it), I am now pitted against not only her entire family, but her, and because of her, our children. I don't know if you can imagine it or not, but this is having a huge impact upon my mental and physical health through the stress involved. I have CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia) and this stress is not good for my body, particularly meshing with the chemotherapy drug that I have to take. The more mental and physical stress that I have, the more pain I suffer. 9. Another key element that is pertinent to the discussion - at age 21 I was called into the ministry through a prophetic revelation, which was confirmed over the years by four different evangelists in different church meetings. Sine then God has shown me many things in Scripture that I never heard of before in all my life in church (I was born and raised in church, so practically all my life), and I am not talking crazy unbiblical stuff as some have the habit of doing, thinking they are some kind of prophet. For example, I never heard teaching about the New Covenant before (all I ever heard about it was its brief mention whenever pastor would read the Passover section before we partook of communion), nor that Jesus Christ is the living embodiment of the New Covenant (Isa. 42:6; 49:8). Things of this nature. My point is this, because of all the turmoil in the house now because of her switch "to the dark side" if you will, I cannot perform ministry as I could when she was standing beside me, nor does she want to have anything to do with ministry any longer because, in her words, "No body believes what you believe anymore," speaking of the homosexual agenda. While it is true that many churches and denominations are turning away from God, I am sure that some here will agree that just because they are, does not mean that God has changed what He clearly states in His Word. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever...He does not change just because this country is going over the deep end. 10. One more key element, is that she has apparently - because of our conflict because her family has active homosexuals in it - decided to cut herself off from me, in practically every way. We have not had sexual relations in almost a year (giving this as the first symptom in no way implies that this is so important to me that I am willing to divorce over it), she no longer tells me that she loves me, and when I asked her last, she shrugged her shoulders as if she is trying to make up her mind whether she does or not. She repeatedly ignores my efforts to improve the relationship (but I will not compromise my relationship with God), throws my cards away, lets the flowers die without any attention whatsoever...doesn't want me to touch her (speaking of non-sexual touch, which at this point is completely off the table), and she can't speak to me without harshness and apparent anger, no matter what the words are. I can handle rejection from others, because I could always come home and find acceptance in my wife and children - but no more. This is a kind of rejection that, while I probably could handle on a repeated basis as if from work or friends, this is different - this is constant rejection from people that I live with on a daily, hourly, basis. I can only handle so much, it becomes so depressing that even prayer doesn't help. There it is. I am praying for her to get saved, first and foremost, but I cannot wait years for this to take place. If she ever was saved to begin with, that no longer matters (again, I am not interested in hearing about any calvinistic doctrinal statements about salvation and eternal life, that is not the issue here). I cannot continue living with a person that wants nothing to do with me, does not love me (apparently by her actions), does not walk in obedience to God, and chooses to believe the lies of the world over and above God's Word. In my mind, when you reject God's Word for the world, you are rejecting God Himself. And according to Romans 1, when a person rejects the truth of God - whatever that truth might be - He gives them over to more darkness, to continue to believe more and more false ideologies. I will let it rest for now and any discussion that comes will most likely bring out more detail, but I have sat here thinking about it too much already and it is affecting me. If you have any words of wisdom - NOT argument about things that don't really matter in the OP - then please say on...I am listening. Thank you and blessings!
  7. Ah, yes...I am a Marine Vet. Was in and out before moving to Selma so I don't know anything about their ROTC program, but...that was a long time ago!
  8. Yes, I only came here for a specific reason and didn't really...see...anyone there that could help me.
  9. Where do I go to make a signature line...or is that only for those who have so many posts first? Tnx!
  10. FresnoJoe...so does that mean you are in Fresno? Just curious...lived in Selma for a while. Blessings!
  11. I see no place here for motocons...so... "Two-thumbs up!"...
  12. Sounds good...what would you like to know!
  13. I need some helpful wisdom in the area of Christian marriage...but before I throw everything out there, are there any takers? Blessings!
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