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  1. I work in a common office cubicle environment. There are more women than men, and most of our leadership teams reflect that. I manage a small team under the supervision of a female director. When I was first promoted to be her team manager I told her I would prefer to not meet outside the office alone with her. When traveling to outside meetings, we travel separately unless a third person is with us. I explained it has nothing to do with her, but it is my standard to make sure no one ever has a reason to question my relationship with her. I carry this same philosophy into my personal life. I've been married to the same women for over 20 years. Not once have I met with another women alone in a private environment. I have not been tempted to have an affair, but I've also not wanted to give anyone, especially my wife, a reason to question my relationship with her. Am I over reacting? Do I go too far? What I wonder is, why would someone meet privately with a member of the opposite sex when it could cause someone to question their action? Why risk your husband or wife to waver in their trust for you? Or, should the spouse just blindly trust them no matter what? I'm fully willing to agree I'm over cautious and that my standard is too much for most people. I'm reaching out to you, my Christian family, for God's wisdom in this matter. I pray to God for guidance and will continue to seek His glory in all I do.
  2. Thank you all for your prayers. After posting here yesterday, within an hour or so, I could feel the love of God flood me. Prayer is an amazing thing. I was able to talk to my wife, and I feel better about the situation, but only with continue prayer will I get through this... like all things. The community of Christ is a blessing to each other, and I'm thankful that I found you all. Please keep the prayers going and I'll update as necessary. Thank you Christ for your love and your people.
  3. I'm in need of God's peace in my life. I'm going through a situation with my wife that is causing me to not trust her like I used to, and it hurts. She says I can trust her, and I want to, so I lay this anxiety at God's feet and pray he gives me peace in return. It's possible I'm over reacting because of past injustices from previous relationships. I do not want my wife to suffer for their mistakes. I ask God to give me the wisdom to know truth in this. My wife deserves my trust. Thank you for the prayers. Only Christ can provide the peace and love that can settle the storm in me.
  4. Very appropriate portrait of the first lady. I look forward to hearing her FLOTUS platform, she has a very unique opportunity.
  5. I don't think I could put it better than @No124get1952 had at the top of this discussion. I had tattoos before giving my life to Christ, none since then, but have considered it. Mainly to get more God glorying art over some of my less reverent ones, but just haven't done it yet. The bottom line I believe is that as long as you are doing it to glorify Jesus, I can't image Christ having a problem with it. If you have Christians around you that would be offended, I would not show case it to them as it could cause them to stumble.
  6. I'm in Florida, so welcome from one coast to another!
  7. Welcome to Worthy. Like you, I'm new around here, guess they can call us the class of 2017
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It's much appreciated.
  9. My name is Mike and I live in central Florida. I'm fascinated by the opportunity to connect with other Christians online in a friendship building kind of way. I find it hard to connect with those in my congregation, although they are great and I love the church, I'm just more of an introvert and don't connect well with people. I look forward to getting to know some of you here and I hope to find someone who is willing to listen to my ramblings and then give Godly advice to help me get through this journey. God bless you.
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