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  1. Few Evangelicals in my part of the UK are knowledgeable Trinitarians, who can accurately define the Trinity. For most evangelicals, the Christian faith has been reduced to talking about "my own personal experience" rather than the person and work of Christ, particularly his death, burial and his literal, physical bodily resurrection from the dead (1st Corinthians 15:4). The shift in focus from the person and work of Christ, to telling strangers about my own experience is one of the many causes of the moral and spiritual decline in so many British Churches. The other problem is the one-man-band pastor turning Church into a spectator sport, where in a clergy / laity divide the laity just watch and observe the so-called professionals, who on the whole have turned Evangelicalism into a money making business, as 90% of the money raised pays for the Buildings and Pastor's perks (house, car, salary, pension etc). Both of which are unbiblical anyway.
  2. Oh course Christ will ultimately win, but you have deliberately missed my point, the Protestant reformation is virtually over here in Plymouth. The majority of Evangelicals in my locality cannot define the Trinity in a creedal manner, accurately, neither can they explain the person and work of Christ, or explain the New Covenant re Justification, Sanctification and Glorification. Few believers have the courage to venture out of their churches and proclaim (kerugma) the message of the gospel, religion is done in safe-zones within church buildings and it does not impact the impoverished lives of the church building attenders, yet alone the non-believers in the surrounding areas. I've heard that Christianity is growing in leaps and bounds in China, if so great, fantastic, but in my part of the UK, evangelicalism is mostly dead, and many evangelicals are spineless cowards, too weak and puny to challenge secular British society.
  3. If we effectively save ourselves though works or if we get saved in some sacramental system, where we co-operate with God and work together with him to produce salvation, then doctrine isn't very important, which is why in Hinduism and the New Age religions, what you do is what is important, not doctrine as that is what God alone done. However, if salvation is a gift from God and we cannot work for it or co-operate with God in order to thereby produce salvation (i.e. Romans 4:5 ... the ungodly person, who DOES NOT WORK, is declared righteous), then doctrine is of vital importance as doctrine is about God, who he is and what he has done, and as we can't work with him to get saved, therefore doctrine now becomes vital as it's about he who alone saves us and our correct understanding of him.
  4. Thank you Machabeus, obviously I can only talk about those churches and areas of which I have experience myself personally! I live in the south-west of the UK, so i can talk about that. I can also talk with some knowledge about Christian TV, as I've studied that and the various TV preachers, one of my Youtube videos (The top 10 most evil black preachers) has 1.2 million hits (Channel is called: Christian Comedy Channel). But I cannot be expected to talk about the state of the church in china, india and the far east where there are possibly far more genuine believers than in europe and the US combined, as I've never been their and I have not talked to christians from those countries. Only yesterday I was out on the street of Plymouth, challenging the JWs, which I do occasionally, I record myself and my dialogues will shortly be uploaded to another youtube channel titled: Exposing the Wolves. After speaking to JWs, I spoke to a Christian evangelist with a sign, who then told me that Jesus is God the Father! Sadly, this is the dire state of the church here in the UK, it's in apostasy.
  5. The Protestant reformation is all but dead, it's sad, but I honestly believe that the Roman Catholics have eventually won.
  6. "Vast majority" does not mean everyone, and I was referring to the state of the churches here in the south west of the UK where I am based and where I do have a pretty good assessment of the situation. I cannot judge the state of the church in India, China etc, as I have never been their, so my comments are based relative to my own situation.
  7. Read what i said and quote me ACCURATELY, the word's ... "THE MAJORITY" do not mean every single Christian. Don't try to score points over me warrior12 by misquoting me.
  8. The vast majority of people who attend Church buildings are not true Christians, but have false (fake) faith! Look at the lack of love amongst such people, look at the false doctrine, as portrayed on the TV by these vile televangelists, here in the UK where I live, most evangelicals cannot define the Trinity, the New Covenant and have a totally inadequate understanding of the person and work of Christ. Frankly most of the Church so badly represents Christ, and is so completely unable to explain the gospel that it's a joke. I don't take most religious people seriously, as their faith isn't real, it doesn't confront sin and many of these folks are too afraid to challenge the Politically correct, pro-LBGT agenda, frankly much of what calls itself Christian is a disgrace.
  9. It's controversial, because of the constant and endless scandals ans false doctrines associated with such people and such churches. Also too many tongues folk do not demonstrate one scintilla of Christian maturity, so over the years, I've learn't whenever I see tongues people approaching me, to avoid them as to be honest, the scandals, hypocrisy and false doctrine so often promoted where I live in the UK always seems to originate from the same source. I no longer attend any fellowship, so damaged have I been by my past involvement with "holy Ghost filled people." My word of advice is to avoid these people, as they are in many cases (not all, I am not trying to argue that 100% of them are unsaved), going to damage your Christian walk.
  10. I have it, it's terrible, I use word which works perfectly. However, copying and pasting text and pictures from word into worthy christian forums, does not permit the pictures embedded in word to be posted t these forums.
  11. Robert xxxxxx xxx xxxx House xxxxx Street Plymouth xxxx xxxx Dear Robert, How are you? I hope that you are keeping well. I was wondering if I could please ask a small favour of you. I’m after a copy of the July 2008 Watchtower (an article on faith – or is it July 2007?) as well as page 14 from the 15th Sept 2002 Watchtower. I hope that you don’t mind me asking you this; I enclose some stamps to cover the cost. Feel free to pass my details onto whoever you see fit, if for instance you know of someone in my area who might have these Watchtowers. I’m also very interested in the Watchtowers position on Jehovah. I believe that they teach that Jehovah isn’t omnipresent: 5th Feb 1981 page 6. So I was wondering if somebody could please help me with a study re his other attributes – is Jehovah (Father) almighty (i.e. omnipotent), creator, omniscient etc. If Jehovah isn’t omnipresent but he is almighty then how can this be? For if the Holy Spirit is omnipresent but ‘it’ isn’t almighty, then wouldn’t that make the Holy Spirit in one sense be more almighty (with regard to the attribute of Omnipresence) than the Father (Jehovah)? So how can the Father be almighty (which literally means all power) and yet Jehovah lacks the power to be omnipresent; just as the Holy Spirit is omnipresent? Is anyone able to help me with this? Thank you Robert for your kind help, I’m extremely grateful to you. Yours Faithfully XXXXX XXXXXXX
  12. Believers hope is an eternity here on (the new) earth (Revelation 5:10), not heaven! Its the intermediate state which sends people to heaven, but only as a temporary solution before eventual glorification. Sadly, the four spiritual laws tract is highly unreliable, for a start it does not define terms, and it confuses justification with sanctification and incorporates aspects of lordship salvation.
  13. I can't afford £100 for the latest copy of word, I am extremely poor.
  14. I disagree Allroises48! I've met Mormons who are far more aggressive than the 12 fingered giants!
  15. Yes I recently watched a video about the discovery of red headed giants with 12 fingers and 12 toes in Utah! Hope their not Mormons!