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  1. Again this Islamic Encyclopedia also is not going to spill the beans on the pagan pre-islamic aspects of Tawaf, which were incorporated into Islamic worship from paganism.
  2. Thank you for the link Matrix. However, an Islamic dictionary is not going to make the obvious connection between the 7 heavenly signs which move in the sky and circumbulation seven times of a stone near to water as at the Kaaba, this being an echo of ancient Hindu worship each circumbulation represented one of the heavenly bodies.
  3. Willa, I came out of the Oneness movement in 1989! I have 99 videos on this heresy on the Oneness playlist of my YouTube channel which is called: Christian Comedy Channel. You cannot hold to the new covenant (i.e. Justification by grace through faith alone) outside of the Trinitarian position, so I would strongly disagree with your comment that: (quote) "Personally, I don't think God cares as much as we do about the way people understand the Trinity." Sadly, here in the UK, many Evangelical Church leaders cannot define the Trinity, I have been told repeatedly that Jesus is the Father, and also that God is three spirits or three beings. I gave up attending a building on Sunday as I came to the conclusion that few Evangelicals were genuinely Trinitarian (or even truly saved). However, the new covenant (Hebrews 9:13-15) is made between the Father and Son and then mediated through the Holy Spirit! So by rejecting the orthodox creedal definition of the Trinity, such fellowships (which still have decent creedal statements of faith on their web sites), must consequently deny the new covenant (even though the use the term), which consequently means that they reject Justification by grace through faith alone, as such truths are reduced to some silly cliche. In the absence of this, some fellowships add unoffical sacraments such as tithing and compulsory meeting attendance as works, through which we can earn our ticket to heaven. Frankly its a complete mess and I would personally regard most Evangelical Christians whom I've met in my locality as lost and just as lost as your average JW or Mormon.
  4. No they believe that Jesus is now Michael the Archangel, not Gabriel.
  5. Why don't you buy a mini mp3 recorder and record these discussions with your JWs?
  6. Actually I've helped JWs out of the cult, and here in Plymouth in the UK, its now difficult for me to speak to JWs as I'm on the "opposers list." However, on my YouTube channel: (Christian Comedy Channel), under the Jehovah's Witness playlist, you can hear my many previous dialogues with local JWs. In this playlist you can hear (amongst other dialogues) my four dialogues on the first four chapters of the Really Teach book, one of which (chapter 4) goes on for three hours, some people have told me via e-mail that some of these dialogues have helped people out of the Witnesses. So I do not see my efforts as wasted, however, now, nobody locally: JW, Mormon or Evangelical Christian will talk to me, so I guess that unfortunately this ministry has died the death. I too came out of a cult (Oneness - Jesus only) in 1988, and I too am standoffish, in fact I'd go further and say that I see the same abuses that exist in the JWs and Mormons in many local Evangelical fellowships, particularly with regard to the misdefinition of the Trinity and rejection of the New Covenant (which is itself Trinitarian see Hebrews 9:13-15), sadly it seems that few people who call themselves born again - in the truth - saved - anointed etc know God and serve him faithfully, so I too am standoffish, having been hurt over and over again by people who claim to know and love God or Jesus or Jehovah, but who in reality only love themselves and their own ranking position within a fellowship which is above other people (and in the case of many Evangelicals, their livelihood, free house and car is boosted by the compulsory tithe money).
  7. If you keep away from them, how then are you able to obey 1st Peter 3:15 and give them an answer for the true gospel which you follow?
  8. What conclusion would you draw from the situation which I find myself in here in Plymouth in the UK, where church leaders regularly teach against their own doctrinal position? I have been told many times by leaders within "Trinitarian" churches that Jesus is God the Father, in fact if you go to YouTube and do a search for: Seven Plymouth Christian Centre Congregants deny the Trinity ON CAMERA 1 You can see me ask people at this "Trinitarian" (Elim Pentecostal) Church why their leaders deny the trinity, and 7 people then affirm that Jesus is God the Father.
  9. I really would appreciate the title of that book please.
  10. missmuffet, you have ignored everything which I have written and simply changed the topic. The chief sign of the end time is the prevalence of many "Christs" and when many people today, especially TV Preachers say "release" they claim that they are releasing the "anointing" and the word Christ means the anointed. Would you care to respond to what I have actually written missmuffet, I've read some of your other posts in the eschatology thread. You are obviously intelligent, as some of your other posts were really helpful, I even recall one which taught me so much that I wrote to you thanking you, but I think that sometimes you hurry as you write your posts, and so by hurrying you don't always present your best arguments, for by hurrying you undersell yourself. Come on missmuffet, I was amazed to discover the subject of this post the other evening, I'm extremely excited about it as I've been praying on and off for months to know why these preachers constantly say "release" over and over again. This is one of the main signs foretelling Christ's return. I consider this to be a brilliant insight.
  11. The statement which I've underlined is contrary to all the ancient creeds of the Church as well as the Roman Catholic and Protestant doctrinal statement of faiths, which all state that the substance (being) of God is never divided. The 4th point of the Athanaisian creed states it best: "not dividing the substance." As for the rest of your post, it was over verbose and difficult to even read.
  12. “23 At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. 24 For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25 See, I have told you ahead of time.” (Matthew 24:23-25, NIV). Have you noticed, just how often on Christian television, you hear the televangelists uttering the word: “release,” usually as they point their fingers in a certain direction, then in said direction, they order God to act! It seems as if this term is now ubiquitous throughout so many evangelical churches as I hear it all the time. However, what is it that they are hoping to release? It could be the Holy Spirit, but another more likely contender is the anointing, a claimed blessing which had been promoted by an obscure American group, who were collectively known as the latter rain movement in the 1940s, but which has today returned to much of the evangelical movement as a new and unchallengeable orthodoxy. This modern movement, largely within evangelicalism, hopes to anoint certain special Christians, so that such anointed ones will then become super-Christians, that is a new breed of powerful miracle workers, by working signs and wonders, who’ll then convert the world for the Lord. Now the anointing is the key, as it’s this anointing which turns ordinary Christians into miracle working evangelical super-Christians! In the light of this, isn’t it relevant that Christ himself warned that the chief sign of the last days will be the arrival of a great many false Christ’s, who would deceive the elect (Matthew 24:23-25). But when one understands that the word “Messiah” or “Christ,” means “the anointed,” this prophecy takes on a new light, so it could this be a prophecy of a great end time false signs and wonders movement? Could be the modern Church, led and typified by rich televangelists, who repeatedly announce that they are releasing the anointing upon their deceived victims, actually be the fulfilment of the prophesied false Messiahs (Christ’s) of Matthew 24:23?
  13. Stong's is a dictionary of usage within the KJV, it is not always accurate and it does not give the actual meaning of Greek words, only the usage in the KJV. Zoe means spititual not biological life, your verse John 1:4 proves that.
  14. Because the Greek word "Zoē," and not the Greek word "bios," for lived, is used at Revelation 20:5, this word must mean spiritual life, it cannot imply physical life, because the Greek word “bios” from which we get biology implies physical life. So, because there is only one physical resurrection from the dead (Acts 17:32, 23:6, 24:21), and please do notice that the word “resurrection” is a singular in these three passages, it isn’t a plural (resurrections), which would imply multiple physical resurrections of human bodies from the dead. Therefore, the first resurrection mentioned at Revelation 20:5 is spiritual, being (non-physical), for those people who have been raised to live and reign with Christ in the intermediate state, in heaven, as well as for saints living upon the earth. The second resurrection, which is implied in the text, but is never mentioned by name as the “second resurrection,” is the single (physical) resurrection of human bodies from the dead, which occurs at the last day and at the last hour at Christ’s second coming.