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  1. Fall away Christian (ICOC)

    The ICOC is a bullying cult which teaches a false gospel, your leaving them is a blessing and an opportunity to now place Christ (not some discipler) as your head and covering for sin. I myself was once Oneness way back in the late 1980's, Oneness (Apostolic movement / Jesus only) have similar beliefs on baptism and shepharding to the ICOC. If you are interested I run Christian Comedy Channel on Youtube, where I've debated people holding to some similar beleifs to the ICOC. thanks
  2. The Holy Trinity?

    I am interested in your claim that the Holy Spirit is a force, would you please explain four verses to me. Firstly, at Acts 13:2 the Holy Spirit can speak and say "I" (first person singular). Please explain how a mere force can do this, only persons can say "I." Secondly, the Holy Spirit can be grieved (Isaiah 63:10), but can a force such as electricity be grieved? Thirdly, the Holy Spirit can love (Romans 15:30), but can a force such as electricity love someone other than him or herself? Finally, the Holy Spirit is called "He" seven times at John 16:13-14, why? And why doesn't the text refer to the Holy Spirit as "it?"
  3. The Holy Trinity?

    Shiloh357 again uses the term "separate" see the first line: "We have the Holy Spirit separate from God the Father hovering over the face of the deep in Gen. 1:2." This is completely unbiblical and contrary to all of the ancient creeds and doctrinal statements of faith, which all teach that the Holy Spirit is DISTINCT from the Father (not separate). It was my coming to the realisation in 2010 that the vast majority of evangelical church leaders in my part of the UK, within churches which call themselves Trinitarian, are in reality functionally really just modalists or tritheists who call themselves (inaccurately) Trinitarians, which caused me to leave organised religion, that plus the inability to accurately define and preach the gospel and the widespread fornication and sexual sin by so many church leaders in my part of the UK, all of which is simply covered up by these and other church leaders.
  4. The Holy Trinity?

    Your definition of the Trinity in the first line of your conclusion as "three separate persons" is actually Tritheism, the creeds all define the persons are distinct and NOT separate (see the 4th point of the Athanasian creed). But you make my point, evangelicalism today is aggressively anti-Trinitarian. Many evangelical Churches will claim to be Trinitarian, and might even have a fairly decent Trinitarian doctrinal statement of faith up on their web site, but in practice as shiloh357 has demonstrated, when you speak to these people, they cannot define the Trinity accurately and always seem to end up misdefining the Trinity as tri-theism as Shiloh357 has done, or else the other popular misdefinion of the Trinity is as modalism.
  5. The Holy Trinity?

    The first and most important thing, isn't to offer proofs for the Trinity, but to accurately and fairly define what the Trinity is according to the ancient creeds and doctrinal statements such as the Westminster Confession of faith, only then is the Trinity to be examined in the light of scripture. Sadly, I've come across very few evangelicals in my part of the UK (Plymouth Devon) who are genuine Trinitarians, many people who attend so-called "Trinitarian" churches, whom I've spoken to, are actually modalists who've told me that Jesus is God the Father, or else they are tri-theists (God is three separate Gods or 2 separate persons denying the 4th point of the Athanasian creed), another popular belief within evangelicalism today is Apollinarianism - which is the false claim that Christ only possessed (and still possesses) one single spirit (not two). I left the church in 2010 and the Trinity was a huge factor in my decision to turn my back on what calls itself evangelical Christianity.

    You didn't, I was referring to my own experiences here in the UK where any evangelical Church members with a Trinitarian doctrinal statement of faith on their website, when asked, will often misdefine the Trinity as either three separate gods / three spirits or else as Jesus being God the Father.

    The word for "greater" at John 14:28 is mezion and it means ranks / position / status. It does not mean better than which would be the world "plion" as in "behold a greater (PLION) than Jonah is here." (Matthew 12:41).

    Great post, however, you assume that Trinitarian Churches (such as Baptist, Assemblies of God, and Elim Pentecostal) are Trinitarian and are therefore preaching the true gospel, just because such groups often put a Biblically accurate Trinitarian doctrinal statement of faith up onto their web site and into their Church doctrinal statement of faith. I live in Plymouth in the UK, and whatever the situation is the US, or in Asia or South America, here in the UK, many people who attend evangelical type churches are modalists who have affirmed to be over and over again that Jesus is God the Father, or else many are tri-theists. I left Church in 2010, and I no longer attend anywhere, partly due to the numerous sexual scandals which I had discovered within several local fellowships, but even more so because of the constant anti-Trinitarianism within so many nominally Trinitarian Churches (I also encountered Apollinarianism and Tri-theism frequently). So I no longer regard most church people as genuine and true Christians, some are of course, but I have encountered such hatred, such viciousness, and such spitefulness from so-called evangelical Christians, that I would personally believe that very little of it is genuinely of God. I also see people 5 to 10 years down the road after they've left their church experience, and the number of lives which I've seen destroyed by these religious people is astounding. Several people, not just myself, recall incidents of themselves as lay people, discovering fornication by Church leaders and when the matter is raised, they the lay people, are either thrown out of the church, or else they are made so uncomfortable that the constant cold-shoulder and backbiting within fellowships, drives them out. I see more love, more mercy, more kindness in some atheists and skeptics than I see in many church attending evangelical Christians. Thank goodness I'm out of it and now I follow Christ, and Christ alone, rather than some corrupt preacher who is too ignorant even to know what the Trinity is.
  9. Thank you, I've decided to continue to just audio record these people and not video tape them. The focus is entirely doctrinal and not personal opinions or preferences, likes or dislikes. As I speak I am rendering the 23rd video which is the longest at 50+ minutes, with a JW who is particularly sharp and has been in the "truth" since 1971 and he is very knowledgeable. The topic is my trying to prove that the first and the last of Isaiah 44:24 (who is Jehovah) is Jesus of Revelation 1:17-18. The series will be uploaded to a Youtube channel called: Exposing the Wolves.
  10. Most people in the UPCI cannot define what the Trinity even is frankly few evangelicals can either, so the issue comes down to are you in my little group or in some other little group, as salvation is associated with being in my silly little group (a non-Biblical concept as true Biblical salvation isn't down to or related to attending some building or religious fellowship).
  11. Some of them used to believe this, way back in the third and fourth centuries. However modern oneness has no difficulty explaining the baptism of Jesus and other similar passages as simultaneous manifestations of the one God in three ways. Most of all these people are highly skill in playing endless word games with Trinitarians, they say one thing such as saying "Jesus is God" which sounds biblical, but in reality they are merely affirming the deity of God the Father whom they call Jesus, however they deny both the deity and the Son of God possessing divine attributes. I have 99 videos, including many debates exposing this cult in the Oneness playlist section of my YouTube channel which is called: "Christian Comedy Channel."
  12. R U despised and rejected? If not, why not?

    0 Re: He is despised and rejected... If u r truly sold out to Christ without compromise, your gifts and functions will be all but back burnered, rejected, set aside. Despair not 'for if they hated the Master, they will hate you also'. Why? For He came not exalting Himself, but in humility to serve without fanfare. He came in His Fathers name and was rejected by the church leaders. Water and oil cannot mix. Pride and humility cannot work together. 'Except 2 agree, how can they walk together?' Another comes in his own prideful, arrogant self and he is received with banners and a marching band. Carnality and charisma captivates believers, subduing them for the wrong servanthood....to serve the single salaried pastor and his self interested agenda. Not all at the same level of grandeur dreams, but self importance in place none the less, importance that rises above the rest. The 'we are all brothers' factor dissolves under the weight of this division of hierarchy which Christ condemns in no uncertain terms. 'There are to be NO divisions among you'. 'It shall not be so among you'. Not be what? The Diotrephes clerical construct, which opens the mouth of one and shuts the mouths of the majority. It pulls the rug out from under every member input in the gathering confining decision making, in to many cases, to the one or the top team. A handful consensus, not the biblical every member consensus. All of one mind, unity, all in one accord. Paul did NOT write to the 'pastor' of the church of so and so, he addressed his letters to the whole church, all members. There was NO single exalted pastor. That came later after all the apostles were dead. Satan wasted no time to poison the waters through one, Ignatius of Antioch who pushed for the division of clerical/laity, the deeds of the Nicolaitans. Giving you a bit of history contrasting the true Jesus, gospel, and spirit vs. 'another, Jesus, another spirit, another gospel'. To cap, this is the reason no one who dares surrender all to the cause of Christ will not, cannot fit in with the tainted ekklesia. One or 2 of you get this. The rest won't for their surrender to Him leaves somewhat to be desired. The one or 2 of you that see this and have experienced this truth, you'll stand alone. I believe your gifts and functions are being tried in the fire....for years. God has his remnant in the wilderness waiting marching orders. Gods preparing true shepherds after His heart. They will not budge by whim or fleshly desire for ministry, they wait on the Spirit. Rejoice if you are part of this lonely rejected club for so is He. soundclickdevonleesley www.truthforfree.com awildernessvoice.com gobigred3@cox.net for a free copy of the film 'Maddy'. Reply With Quote Thank you for this wonderfully encouraging post. I live in the UK, for legal reasons I cannot mention any female's names, but I was in a street evangelism group called Operation 513 which is a world-wide operation based upon Ray Comfort evangelism system. I left, but then later on I discovered numerous acts of fornication, within the Plymouth branch by some of its then leaders, as well as a convicted paedophile who for six years used the evangelism group to approach children, until he went back to prison on another serious pedo charge (he got 4 years). I and another man had warned the then two leaders in early 2009 about this pedo, but we were lied to, as the leaders told us that he wasn't a paedo at all (their theology was that repentant sinners are made sinless being instantly and fully sanctified so this pedo was now sinless and so he wasn't a pedo anymore now that he was in sinless perfection). At all times the group leaders knew about this paedophile and protected him. I exposed this on youtube (just type Operation 513), but as I'd used humour to mock these hypocrites, i was sentenced for naming a female church leader and sentenced to 28 days in prison. Hundreds of Churches have been e-mailed, yet absolutely none have replied to me or offered me any support or counselling, they together with Operation 513 and the Police simply want this whole matter covered up and forgotten.
  13. I've been talking to them for the past two months about different single topics, each time that we meet. So far I have 22 audio recordings of our discussions, which I've then made into videos and will be uploading to the YouTube channel: Exposing the Wolves, in about 6 months time when I have at least 50 videos in the series. As i said, i try to stick to just one topic when talking to them. Episodes so far include: (1) Is the Holy Spirit a person. (2) Is Jesus a man or an angel right now. (3) The heavenly Hope for the 144,000 in JW theology (4) Their use of Johannes Greber's Bible - he was a spiritualist the only person to use spirits in seances to translate the Bible for him, the Watchtower quoted him approvingly for 20 years. (5) Who raised Jesus from the dead. (6) Is Jesus Jehovah i.e. fully God re John 20:28? Most episodes are about 15 minutes, some half that and a few up to double that. I have a few of my older videos on that channel, including a top 60 Craziest TV preachers video which is simply hilarious: you see brainwashed congregants eating the tips of the tails of live rats, grass, and preachers flamenco dancing across the tithe money spread out over the podium. This video also includes highly blasphemous material, which grieves me, but it's included in order to expose heresy and false doctrine, such as Kenneth Copeland saying "I am a little God," Benny Hinn cursing critics and Hinn's wife talking about the Holy Ghost enema. It's an unbelievable video. If you join Youtube and join that channel, then you will be informed when this series is uploaded.
  14. I have evangelised Jehovah's Witnesses since 1989, when I came out of a similar non-Trinitarian cult myself! Why would I stay away from them? That's crazy advice, as then I'd be completely unable to evangelise them.
  15. Thank you for your advice. However, I must disagree with you, but I have read your comments, and considered them.