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  1. Teaching job interview Wil be in this month end..summer VBS children ministry preparations going on..
  2. Thank You all☺🙏🙏
  3. Pray for my wife..she applied for school teaching job..also pray for the ministry we are doing..and we are in need of kids kindly pray for that too..
  4. Yes if we sin..we must confess..right What is faith? We believe in Jesus son of God, died for our sin and resurrected and He Wil come back..this is faith.. What we believe what we faith...we must confess..nothing wrong in that..spoken words are important.. Sorry for my English am less knowledge about this..
  5. Francis777


    What is more important faith confessions or sin confessions,??
  6. Hi my name is Francis, I am from India, doing God's ministry, happy to be here in this forum..hope God help me to learn good things..also have lots of prayer request too... ☺
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