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  1. I'm new and looking for friends in Christ!

    I'm am also trying to make to friends in Christ so we can talk at times.
  2. Son addicted to 'pot'?

    He needs you right now. But prayer is the key to this, bring God closer to you and I believe he will show you and help you through this situation.
  3. the start of something new

    Try and get back on track, focus more on God and he will do wonders.
  4. Hi -- I'm a Newbie

    I am also a newbie, I want to make friends with some good christain people.
  5. hi all, i need some help

    You need to for us more on God and keep praying..
  6. Exchanging Christian Thought

    Welcome. Xx
  7. plz :(

    Lord I pray for Thysia, for strength and the for peace in her heart at all times. X