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  1. The child here is you my dear. Vulgar insults toward people you don't like. Accusations that sound oh so familiar to that of Yowm, and Running Gator, and Shiloh357 , so as to make a woman's observation of stinking socks on this site appear valid. The only one not calm here is the harpie that vomits hatred in her entire post history that can be checked to prove it so. You my dear woman are a true shame. "You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace" (Gal. 5:4).
  2. Oil and Water Won't Mix

    No need to be vulgar. Not a word of testimony in history demonstrates the path of light in this one. That so many worship doctrine rather than God's Holy Spirit is what makes this community the fractured legend it is in other places that do have Christ. Yes, they publish articles insulting Christians who were killed in their churches following the oldest of Christ's teachings by tradition. And then they repeatedly post support for denouncing the dead as not being in Christ. Such a spirit as that has no concept of unity in Christ. Because it is opposed to the people of Christ. As it shows with vile acidic tongue that is not cut off because it is also supported by the protection of the servant class in community. How would you have scientific ignorance when your school report card shows you received a B grade in science?
  3. Without God's written Word

    How does that which does not contain the light recognize the light of Christ in anyone at all. Certainly a bold admission after self introspection. Now repentance of the sin of false witness and harassment of a sister in Christ would afford moving forward in the light of Christ. That we may know by that that the repentance for those sins was genuine. People of Christ don't behave in sin.
  4. Without God's written Word

    How incredibly obvious it is this false witness that insists itself able to make these patently false claims against a woman of Christ. Copy and paste means nothing when the spirit does not exist inside so as to garner the message itself. Praise to God that we are afforded the example of what could be for us were we not in Christ.
  5. It was not meant as an accusation but as evidence of proof for the first to hear their name in the passage that called forth that which it describes.
  6. Do the sisters and brothers in Christ here notice something? The thread that is in Christian news asking for prayers for the loss of these over 40 Christian Orthodox Coptic brothers and sisters who died on Palm Sunday, think of the immensity of this attack and its meaning on that special day for Christians, has hardly any responses at all. But this thread that assaults the more than 40 dead Coptic Orthodox Christian sisters and brothers is arrived at 12 pages of condemnation of them that died in the faith the author demon of the article linked in the first post states emphatically those 40 plus did not die as Christians. What does that mean in the Christian faith? Well we know don't we? It means they are bound for Hell having died in their sins because they weren't actually saved. As the OP linked author states from his seat as "Pastor". The man thinks he's God! Thinking to tell his readers that he knows who is of God and who is not. Isn't it amazing how many side with him in hate and animus for the dead? But share not one iota of compassion for those lost to terrorism.
  7. This thread is meant to be insensitive.
  8. Of course it is. As it is intended by what we have come to learn is an agent of Satan itself. The sponsor of pulpit & pen doesn't speak as a pastor with a pastors heart infused with the glory and love of God. But as a demon that assails people to the point of them murdering themselves to escape his evil. And now that evil has decided to assault as a co-sponsor with the terrorists that are ISIS the faith of those who were murdered on Palm Sunday by ISIS. Doctrine doesn't have a pulse. People do. People were blown apart in church! IN CHURCH! On Palm Sunday! Because they were Orthodox Christians. And the Demon heirs right behind them publish an article lying about compassion that should be shown for those lost lives, when it says DON'T think they were Christians! What is that? Cry for people ISIS destroyed because they were Christians! But don't dare think they died as Christians! How does a devil know what a Christian is? Truth hurts. Of course that's false. Every actual Christian here should be offended by the bigoted doctrine of Demons that attempt to slander the earliest church as not Christian because they are not Protestant. Melodramatic is what operates for the purpose of evil and spreading evil that is the author of the OP article and his work. Christians here don't stand idle and let it happen and they speak up against it. I'd imagine those in favor of slander and defamation of millions of Christians would say of Jesus when he overturned the money changers tables due to their betrayal of God's house that Jesus was melodramatic and reactive. Flipping out by flipping tables. While what is an example of melodramatic is that which thinks in the blackness of its evil it can write an article insulting the first church of Jesus Christ. What is fallen is that that demonic agenda is fostered, pursued, and defended as righteous.
  9. Do you have to be pure in doctrine to be saved ?

    Have you ever read the history of how the Bible came to be? How many versions exist today? It is a fascinating study. In the beginning was God. Doctrine is what is arguing in this thread that the Christian can only know God by reading the Bible. This is one of the causes behind the early Christians in Roman held lands being referred to as people of the book.Because the pagans thought the faithful to Christ believed in a God that lived in the scrolls. That which is opposed will say, Um, that isn't true. But it is. This entire argument about doctrine is exactly what pursued Jesus to his death. The Doctrine of the Jews , their commitment to what was written on the scrolls, made them charge Immanuel was blasphemer. When before the scrolls, before the Bible, I Am was all. What doctrine did Jesus teach and champion? If we were to keep to what was written of him before the Bible we have today was ever invented, would Jesus have sent his Holy Spirit to reside in us? To lead, guide, and comfort us? Those without the Bible, who have never seen a Bible, is God unable to reach them? Of course not. God knew us before the world came into being. The scriptures say he wrote our name in the lamb''s book of life before the beginning of the world. He knew us then. The Bible, remember? All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. We do not worship the written word. We worship I Am. Those that worship the book are not of God. Because that is idolatry.
  10. Do you have to be pure in doctrine to be saved ?

    A power surge not withstanding, I'm glad I returned if for no other reason than to read your kindness there. Thank you. I did see a violation of the rules here that came against you in a personal attack. I would suggest rather than be most kind to that in future that you report the violation. Likely that which speaks so is hoping you will say something they can report instead. I wonder if this will help those who do not yet know that God is not in the Bible but is in all that exists. And his inspired word was made so to reach the world by his authority. And yet, it was written by men. Over 40 authors in fact. And countless scribes translated the texts that became what was said to be qualified to enter what we know today as the closed canon. All man's doing. How Did the Torah Exist Before it Happened? The Bible is the inspired word of God, delivered to the saints by his Holy Spirit. The words of God are not God. Does the Holy Spirit become a book? The word of God is alive inside us, when the Holy Spirit delivered the inspiration to write the Bible, and the Christian is sealed with God's Holy Spirit, they are not then absent from The Word. Because Jesus promised he would send the Holy Spirit to guide our steps after he left us. All people who are his as the Father wills. There are those that worship the book, biblioidolatry, as it is called. They rise up in anger against any who do not do as they do. The scriptures are poetry designed to inspire us to look deeper for the message within and behind them. Spirit speaks, man records, the faithful hold faith in The Word that was first before the word that is bound. Sister, you will never convince a biblioidolater they are gleaning what they think they know from the page alone. The Bible gives written evidence of God. The relationship the Christian has is with the spirit of God. Remember Jesus who chastised the keepers of the book when they did not see the holy spirit of God in Immanuel? Do we think this passage below is referring to a Bible someone has on their insides? Of course not. John 5:38 And you do not have his word abiding in you; for you do not believe him whom he has sent. How often did Jesus exhort his Disciples , But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness... Matthew 6 Jesus told the Pharisee's they search the scriptures seeking him but they do not see Immanuel when he is there before them. Remember sister? Even that was missed. Let it be. Let it be. Those have the eyes to see shall see. Those who have the ears to hear shall hear. Those that are of Christ are in Christ. From the beginning unto the end. I am very keen on resources that people who wish to venture in and learn more may do so. I know the denominations resource I posted was ignored by those dedicated to blanket condemnation of the Orthodox Christians in the world. I very much doubt this will be read either. But it is extensive and if you've the time well worth your effort. It may take awhile as you will see there is much to consider. Watch what spirit leads to respond to this now. God's blessings little Lemur,
  11. How to understand 1 cor 5:11?

    To correct you on the first statement brother, I never said nor implied Christ was a bigot. Yes, context is vital. All of 1 Corinthians 5 and Corinthians epistles themselves are important to understand Paul's ministry and demeanor. I do believe the context issue was part of that linked resource Lemur shared.
  12. Greetings Sister,

    I see OneLight closed your threads that exposed the evil that is JD Hall and his anti-Christian agenda. And yet, the anti-Orthodox blanket attack threads remain active with the same atmosphere that arrived in your threads churning forward without ceasing.

    What an example hatred doth make in a ministry dedicated to the Prince of Peace and the King of Heaven. Bless you your resolve to fight the enemy wherever it raises its head. Closed, but able to be read still. At least sister there is that to fight the enemy.

    God's blessings, 

    1. Teditis


      Write a PM/email to George (the owner) and complain... he doesn't generally approve of the Mods "sanitizing" the forums

      without a pressing need to do so. Freedom of speech should still be allowed on Worthy and sometimes Mods are over zealous.

  13. Where did all the Christian denominations come from?

    You are most welcome sister. It is my privilege if this brings you this information. I had hoped it would educate and alleviate the strong conviction of the opponent of Orthodoxy. I still hold hope. God's blessings, J.
  14. Glad you're still here sister. I've exhausted the number of likes I can bestow on member posts today but you are certainly worth far more than I can give. God's blessings to you. Keep the peace. Maybe it will rub off where needed here. Joshua
  15. How to understand 1 cor 5:11?

    What did Jesus example in his ministry? If he exampled steps 1 through 5 where would the world be today? Did Jesus die for a select few? Or did he die to take the sins of the world upon himself that whosoever, whosoever, believes in him shall be saved? Bigotry is not of Christ.