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    Dream Interpretations

    Hi Sister, thanks a lot! What you have said makes sense to me.
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    Dream Interpretations

    Hi MissMuffet, thanks!:)
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    Dream Interpretations

    Hi Revelation Man, thanks a lot!:)
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    Dream Interpretations

    Hi Missmuffet, thanks.:) But the bible did mention in Acts 2:17 that "In the last days...your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams", isn't it?
  5. LiW

    Dream Interpretations

    Hi Yowm, thanks!:)
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    Dream Interpretations

    Hi Angels4U, thanks a lot!:)
  7. Hi, just wondering if there's someone here who could interpret dreams? Anyway, below are four dreams that I had recently. But for all these dreams, I can only remember the last part just before I woke up. In the first dream, I saw several tigers, and one was a white tiger which was standing somewhere in the middle and slightly in front of the others, if I remember correctly. In the second dream, which came on the same day after the first dream, I was in a car. I was seated on the left side, next to a man who was driving. I didn't know who the man was. On the dashboard of the car, near to where I was seated, was a stalk of white rose. A thought immediately came to my mind: Why did he have a white rose in his car, when white roses are meant for funerals? I didn't ask the man who was driving though. In the third dream, I was riding on an electric scooter during daytime. I remember feeling exhilarated and if I remember correctly, I enjoyed the wind blowing at me and I smiled. Then I stopped at an open space. My sister was standing nearby and looking at me. When I got off the scooter, either I told her she could have the scooter or she could take a ride if she wanted to. In the fourth dream, I was walking with my father when he suddenly stopped, if I remember correctly, and he then put a long silver (if I remember the colour correctly) necklace around my neck. The necklace came with a heart-shaped dark green jade pendant. He told me that it could protect me from harm. Then we continued walking. Any thoughts or interpretations would be appreciated. Thank you!:)
  8. LiW


    Hi Mr Popple, welcome!:) Wow, it's amazing that you and your wife have fostered so many kids. I'm sure you and your wife will be blessed!:)
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    Hi from NZ

    Hi Tryer, welcome!:)
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    Need Interpretation

    Hi Angels4U, thanks a lot!:)
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    Need Interpretation

    Hi BK1110, I'm from Asia. I suppose on a lot of such websites, there aren't many people from Asia. I'd probably call myself a seeker. And yes, thanks for responding!:)
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    Need Interpretation

    Hi Kwikphilly, thanks a lot!:)
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    Need Interpretation

    Hi OneLight, thank you so much!:)
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    Need Interpretation

    Hi, I tried to submit dreams for interpretation at the General Discussion forum but couldn't. Is it because I need to have a certain number of posts before I can start posting at certain forums? Could someone please kindly advise? Thanks.