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  1. Why would God do this to me ?

  2. Why would God do this to me ?

    why would god give a baby to a couple that doesnt want one like are you sure he is even real I dont understand everyone makes comments after you write something up but then what if God is real why hasnt he given me an answer.......sorry Im just so confused
  3. not a christian but

    I watched the movie
  4. hi

    aww all the welcomes
  5. not a christian but

    ok mate I will watch it today
  6. not a christian but

    wow I like honesty I like people being up front with me I would like a 3rd option Rusty....I dont like either one you mentioned
  7. hi

    Thanks everyone
  8. not a christian but

    Thankyou everyone I dont know what to do my wife will listen to me but now Im not sure what to do if I turned crippled would I want my wife to get rid of me the answer to that is NO so that being said makes me think twice
  9. not a christian but

    ok yes i understand let me think about that
  10. showing I wasnt a bot

    lol one of the questions when I tried to join was about where the bible was written the most I didnt know the answer but I got the next one right so can someone tell me the answer pls
  11. hi

    Hi just wanted to introduce myself Im married 3 children and my wife and I have fostered over 17 children not here for brownie points just have some religous questions and maybe meet some decent people...so yeah hi
  12. so Im trying to deal with some issues in my past Ive been married nearly 25yrs to a beautiful woman that has put up with alot, my question is am I accountable for making someone do something against there will? SO I dont know how to put it my wife fell pregnant and I dont want it. Please dont judge me Im just asking