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  1. Alright interesting thanks yeah I will give that a go, yeah one of the things I regret this time is not having a pen and paper when I was reading it through I found some interesting things and wanted to go back to it but forgot where it is ahh I will have to just read it again until I found it again. so yeah next time ill definitely be writing things down. Ill probably read it in this style and then listen to the bible the 3rd time. sometimes listening can be better than reading pick up knew things.
  2. No one should change the way that God made them.... Happiness comes from accepting yourself.. otherwise if you get surgery it is a a false happiness.
  3. Having a family is one thing I have always wanted but haven't got yet. I am glad your marriage is going well it is nice and refreshing to hear when marriages are working well and are happy. All the degeneracy of society and callapse of marriage started in the 60's mainly due to the obvious satanic agendas of dividing men and women and also destroying the family unit. it started with the boomers and each generation as gotten worse since..... the only generation I have respect for which had true morals and values and traditions and GOD are the great generation people in they 80's and 90's now. They where born in ww1 had the great depression then ww2 and still kept STRONG with they morals and values after everything they went through... its the boomers afterwards that where soft that listened to the lies of satan and wanted to liberate themselves from they duties and sexually FIRST… that as destroyed the family unit and society. Everyones gone soft now and just cant be bothered or care about anything including themselves... let alone they familys… this is why we have soo many single parents which will create a further degeneracy of society
  4. So I have read all the Bible through nearly now Been reading the NIV and I am on Philippians now been reading it all straight from Old Testament Genesis all the way to New Testament Revelation but I have been told that's not the best way to read it, but I know that all the books are actually separate books that make up the Bible so it dosnt really matter what order to read them in, but my thought was I was doing it in the order of events., So when i have read revelation i am going to start again this time with the KJV, So what is the best way for me to read the bible in what order of books is best ?.
  5. Like we get our new bodies... so does that mean we will also get a knew mind so that we can forgot all the bad things and sins we have done and committed on this earth in these bodies and also other people can forgot the sins we made also ?, and also no more pain physically and mentally ?. So we can truly be at peace, I know God forgives us, it us in our own heads and satan twisting our thoughts that we cant forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make or we are constantly thinking about them no matter how big or little.
  6. Id only ever Get married once..... if it didn't work out id never get married again... Because your only supposed to get married once it is supposed to be death till part... so if we parted.. I wouldn't get married again.... don't understand the people who get married over and over and over. wish we lived in the good old days when marriage actually lasted..... but in these modern times.. your lucky if it lasts 2 years.
  7. Hey JTC, They just my conclusions so far, I don't trust anything mainstream like the media because all it is is corruption, lies and agendas that they constantly spew ultimately working for the devil. We don't know what happened thousands of years ago at the beginning only what the bible tells us. So much of our history is lies and as been covered up, all the government, media and ''mainstream'' scientists give us is theorys NOT FACTS and backed up by NO evidence. Like dinosaurs they is absolutely no proof for them, the bones they have of them ARE NOT even dinosaur bones but are made up of other creatures BUT YET they will still say this is evidence of dinosaurs it is ridiculous and same with medicine they lie about the true cures WHICH GOD AS GIVEN US IN NATURE. God gave us natural cures for illnesses like vitamin b17 laetrile which can be found n apricot kernils mostly and apple seads for cancer or like scurvy can be treated with eating vitamin c like oranges.... reason why they lie is MONEY and to cover up Gods work, Once sailors where on a ship and got scurvy, doctors didn't know how to treat it.. the sailors started eating oranges and it cured it BUT IT TOOK THE SCIENTISTS DECADES !! to accept vitamin c eating oranges cured it... and that's a fact... and same applies now with apricot kernils to treat cancer... you see wild animals ALWAYS go for the nut first rather than the sweet fruit... but we never get told to eat the nut, we leave that and just eat the sweet fruit and think we are being healthy lol. Like cannabis oil cures cancer and can take the pain away and cures a lot of other things like autism and such and it is a proven fact BUT YET STILL the mainstream scientists wont accept it and keep it banned lol WHY ??... but yet they keep pumping us full of radiation and chemo which destroys all our good cells as well as bad cells so when cancer returns it is easier to spread all over.…IT IS FOR MONEY... PHARMACEUTICALS WANT THE MONEY THEY DONT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. Yet they call themselves ''scientists'' pathetic.... they is nothing scientific about the mainstream scientists that's why people are starting to do they own experiments and research these days PEOPLE ARE WAKIN UP TO THE AGENDAS... LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS IN THE END TIMES... INCREASE IN KNOWLEDGE. Notice how everything in mainstream science gos against God and Gods laws everything... it is because it is satanic and controlled by satan like ALL THE AGENDAS ARE THESE DAYS
  8. haha did you sick up your sandwich lol... its true though, the Bible in Leviticus gives us a list of things which we can eat and cannot eat they is a spiritual reason behind it but also because these animals are dirty and bad for human health in general and have a lot of demonic spirits in them... when the nephalim giants where killed.. they spirits had no way to go.... Unlike human spirits which go to either paradise or torment to eventual heaven or hell when we die.... the nephalim had no way to go... so they spirits stayed on earth going from one animal to the next.... this is where the idea of reincarnation comes in... This is why people and pagans believe in reincarnation... because of these nephalim spirits reincarnating from one animal to the next.. especially the impure animals like pigs.... it also says it in the new testament about Jesus Christ casting out evil spirits in a demon possessed man and thoughs evil spirits going straight to possess the pigs.
  9. You might think I might sound crazy in parts and that's up to you to think that.. But I also thought the same until I started researching deeper and looking at what the bible says and I have come to these conclusions The Bible is the word of God. and they is soo much proof of it if you do the research. It is easily seen and hidden in plain sight. How else do you explain it the bible says so very clearly and plainly and it is so easy to see as well.. soo easy infact it passes over peoples heads because people have been brainwashed to believe everything as to be complicated... Soo many different cultures, races and languages in the world all happened after God scattered all of humanity across the world after the flood.. because humanity didn't want to do the command of God which was to inhabit the whole world and all gathered and stayed in 1 place and built a tower to try and get back into heaven So God scattered everyone across the earth.. this is basically how everyone got everywhere BUT... interesting thing.... ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD... NORSE, CELTIC, ANZAC, EGYPTIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN, HINDU, CHINESE, ETC ETC All the ancient cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa ALL have very similar creation stories to the bible and all have stories about a flood, a babel tower and Giants........ and bare in mind all these cultures supposedly according to the mainstream had absolutely no contact with each other separated by massive oceans and seas.. SO HOW do they all have the same stories then ??. Its obvious.... because they come from the same place these stories basically come from they ancestors all our ancestors which where at the city of babel before God scattered everyone... this is how we all have this knowledge but it as now since thousands of years have past turned into myth... but it isn't myth.. it is truth and people have been brainwashed by lies from the mainstream under satanic control because the world is ran by satan like God says. Now the 2nd thing. - the Ancient pagan religions and Gods and Giants. - When the fallen angels fell to the earth. they mixed with the humans and created giant nephelim THIS IS WHERE GIANTS COME FROM.... I believe that all the dead giants which where killed in the flood are still all around us... ill explain this further down so I don't go off point with this point...... but the fallen angels gave the dumb humans forbidden knowledge how to build certain things and magic and make up etc etc.... this is where new age religious stuff come from with astral projection and other satanic demon possed stuff. But these fallen angels got worshipped as gods.... and they built the pyramids all over the earth along with the other ancient pagan structures. They also created abominations as well.. this is why they is statues of gods with human head but horse body and statues of gods with human body but cat heads etc... they where REAL and they where ABOMINATIONS..... and also PIGS ARE HUMAN... humans where turned into pigs... this is why God ordered MAN not to eat PORK. I as a Christian don't eat pork... because pigs are humans. THIS IS WHY GOD FLOODED THE EARTH BECAUSE OF ALL THESE EVIL ABOMINATIONS. But some still fell even after the flood... angels still fall even now. asteroids are really fallen angels. ALSO last point the GIANTS are all around us.... I believe most rocks are actually dead giant petrified skeletons because if you look at them most of them do look like skulls.... and the earth I believe was ALOT BIGGER before the flood I believe they where MASSIVE TREES like in the film avatar.. all films show the truth of our past.. hidden in plain sight.... it is also another thing in all ancient culture.. the tree of life...... anyway they where all destroyed or taken down by human slaves...and this is where desserts come from... desserts are basically just the petrified tree dust from thousands of years ago.... WE LIVE IN A VERY SPIRITUAL WORLD... BUT WE ARE BLINDED NOT TO SEE IT OR ARE BRAINWASHED WE CANT SEE IT. so basically what I am saying is... everything the bible says... all other cultures also say in parts and pieces... but the bible says IT ALL TOTALLY.... HUMANITY was once united after the flood and was all the same before humanity was going against the commands of God of not spreading out and populating the earth and instead started building a tower God knew that humanity would definitely not spread out if they built the tower.. SO GOD SCATTERED EVERYONE and changed everyones language race and culture etc to confuse so everyone would spread out. ANCEINTS WHERE ALOT SMARTER THAN WE ARE NOW. humans today are dumb and brainwashed for the most part. global warmng is a lie... and it got changed to climate change because they know it is a lie. It is a natural thing and the earth gives off more pollution itself then humans do. Over populating is another lie... we can fit the whole population of the world in texas… EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING GOS AGAINST GOD AND WHAT GOD SAYS in this world... whatever the bible says... the mainstream gos against or does the opposite.... over population is also a lie.... GOD ORDERED MAN TO BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY... and FILL THE EARTH.... we still got a long way to go... all the humans in the world could fit into one tiny part of a country LITTERALLY... SO HOW ON EARTH IS THE EARTH OVER POPULATED LOL ? IT IS A SATANIC LIE TO GO AGAINST GOD.. JUST LIKE EVERYTHING IS THIS SATANIC WORLD IS AGAINST GOD AND THE BIBLE AND GODS COMMANDS. OIL IS ALSO A THING WHICH THE EARTH NATURALLY PRODUCES IT DOES NOT RUN OUT.ITS JUST A WAY FROM BUSINESS TO GAIN MONEY AND THE GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE LIE OF CLIMATE CHANGE ETC... IT IS ALL JUST A MONEY MAKING SCAM WITH SATANIC AGENDAS. WAKE UP AND SEE IT GOD BLESS BROTHERS AND SISTERS
  10. People need to go back to how it used to be with morals and values and modesty. 100 years ago world was God fearing and nowadays everything is upside down inside out. More proof we are in the end times.
  11. Yeah I live in the place I was born maybe like to move somewhere else when I get a bit older though.
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