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  1. That's already been done. Let's move on.
  2. Friday cyberattack hit 200,000 victims in over 150 countries

    The challenges of evolving into technological dependence. There's a lesson behind all this. Years ago there was a movie I caught by chance. A blackout occurred in this neighborhood and spanned quite a ways but not the whole U.S.. The people in this one neighborhood panic and think the worst because the power doesn't come on right away. The blackout lasts something like the weekend. Meanwhile, we get to see just how dependent we are on one resource; electricity. They can't get fuel at the local stations. They can't get cash from the bank ATM. One man's son has asthma and they can't get his inhaler from the pharmacy because the computer doesn't bring up the boys account. Which is ridiculous in that case because the pharmacist knew the family so he could have just given the boy the ability to breathe. There are no lights. But there are phones, because electricity outage doesn't effect those. But what was weird in the movie plot is that wasn't brought up. It just showed how people panic when the power went out. Think about that. We're told our grid in the U.S. is very primitive compared to some countries. Imagine a hit on the electric grid in the U.S. . What that would do to America itself. This with the computers is one thing. But that? Yikes. Someone out there is showing us just how vulnerable we are. God help us.
  3. I didn't challenge it. I tried to respond as best I could with what I had to work with.
  4. Do Christians that commit suicide go to heaven

    I think the Christian charitable heart prays for those who suffer mentally. And especially for those who are considering taking their own life to alleviate the pain they feel. I can never second guess someone in such straits. And I don't think it fair to ostracize people from speaking openly about what they may know personally as pertains to the condition. And most certainly not appropriate is threatening them with report and banning by every expendable effort, just to get them to shut up. Brain chemistry is a fact of life and science that has been long known for generations. It is God's blessing that psychiatry is finding ways to identify what occurs in those chemical processes that make people feel as they do when they're mentally unwell. Being open to that understanding helps people. Threatening to shut it down when spoken of does not. Let's all remember we are one in Christ. And show compassion for one another. As we treat one another so too do we treat Christ. God be with those who struggle.
  5. It's actually difficult to understand your point due to the poor wording.
  6. Is God responsible for Satan's actions?

    You're welcome to the support. Too often we gloss over someone's express question in order to reiterate our own point.
  7. misogyny

    Of course that isn't true as one can discern when they read through the links. Claiming blanket statement doesn't offset the evidence that there are posts that say exactly that. Women can't be pastors. Which we all know of course is a service God calls people to.
  8. Is God responsible for Satan's actions?

    I know of no scripture to that effect either. It really doesn't even make sense that the sole reason God created the world was so that humans, being the journey we have to travel from birth unto death, sin, sinners, redemption, rebirth, then allows us to judge angels that are not in sin? I think the proposal became insolvent when the justification for it was, "common sense".
  9. misogyny

    Your blanket statement not withstanding? Scripture does speak for itself. And nowhere does God say women can't be pastors.
  10. misogyny

    LOL Great words brother. I don't think we have to defend God's plan for women. I think those that argue God shows prejudice toward women should be ashamed. We are all one in Christ. Any other time that would settle it. God said it, I believe it, and that's it. That's typically how it goes with us bible believers. Except for this case of women pastors. It's nonsense. People don't agree with a woman being a pastor that's their fault letting their prejudice second guess God. God calls whom he will to serve. Do we really think God looks at the world and says, aw shucks, she can't spread the word of my son because I made her female! Next? That's man's thinking. Not God's. We can't know the mind of God. God says that in his word. And yet there are those of us who second guess God on the issue of women pastors.
  11. misogyny

    That is correct. It is about misogyny. Which can be a factor in those strongly opposed to women being pastors.
  12. misogyny

    Blanket statement? I refuted Running Gators claim on first page and his statement about women pastors. And from there as it progressed to that of women being called in service to God. Which includes women pastors. Therefore, you're wrong about the content of those posts in the link I afforded using the keyword search here to find threads wherein women pastors have been the topic, "women pastors". And those results show there is opposition to women being called in service as pastors by God.
  13. Unity? Why the push?

    Some simply are not able to follow that the katholica universal church predates what they despise as the Roman Catholic church. Unable to separate the two the predisposition to bias makes them unable to differentiate actual history that predates the founding of the RCC hundreds of years after Christ and the katholica embrace of his teachings being universal. I'll join you in those prayers. You're not alone in suffering that.
  14. misogyny

    "So?" Fascinating.
  15. misogyny

    That which will answer to God. For arguing their prejudice knows the mind of the eternal through that lens.