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  1. Anonymous Aristotle

    Something for you Bible Thumpers!

    Are you?
  2. Anonymous Aristotle

    Prayers for America

    Imagine if as many prayers were entered here as critiques against America, our government, and our people are in other threads. And by those who claim to be American no less. God bless America. And keep her safe from all who are her enemies. Both foreign and domestic.
  3. And these Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. If tax payers shouldn't have to pay for abortion, why should we have to pay for abomination?
  4. Anonymous Aristotle

    Federal Agencies Claim Power to Veto Trump Orders

    Well, one blessing of many with this current president and his administration. Citizens who care to pay attention are witnessing the worst common denominator showing itself within our representative government. That which operates in the shadows is itself voluntarily showing its darkness to those in the light paying attention.
  5. Anonymous Aristotle


    And they're not so quick to respond to that direct question as rapidly as they appear ready to critique you personally.
  6. Anonymous Aristotle


    God is omnipresent and sovereign. All things are God because God manifest into created form all that is, was, or shall be. Jeremiah 23:24 Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord. Balderdash! Walter Martin was a liar and a fraud. No Christian cleaves to his teachings. And no, I won't do the leg work to prove that. Anyone who champions Martin should care enough to know that which they espouse as credible for what he actually is. A charlatan.
  7. Anonymous Aristotle

    God and Worship

    Just to pose a counter question. Why would the source of everything that exists need to be assured of its greatness? Doesn't this all hearken to the human fault of egocentrism?
  8. Anonymous Aristotle

    It's Amazing

    Well, it is the proper forum for such nonsense isn't it? You gotta laugh. Because I've found folks that do that type thing are giving their own answer to that question. No. Maybe remember also that the anonymity of the Net allows the worst personalities in the world to exercise their inner A-sphincter. Especially those that loathe Christians but pose as such in order to rag on actual Christians. Know them by their attitude if you're to compare them to what would Christ do?
  9. Anonymous Aristotle

    Anyone know?

    I checked Strong's. Pneuma , wind, spirit, would likely encompass ghost, being ghost is a spirit. I don't know how we'd find out about the original KJV translator's purpose in this translation method. That would be fascinating to find something documenting their process in translation.
  10. Anonymous Aristotle

    Not A Good Fit?

    Vaya con Dios
  11. Anonymous Aristotle


    Were you , are you, also the member named Limey Bob? I was reading through the forums here yesterday. I noticed Limey Bob seemed to have /has a penchant for calling out certain Christian denominations and then casts aspersions on their legitimacy. Much like what you're doing with Bible versions now. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity with an answer.
  12. Anonymous Aristotle

    Bad Effects Of Modern Bible Versions

    You seem to be on quite the mission. What version do you use?
  13. Anonymous Aristotle

    Why did 6 Modern Version Editors Lose Their Voices?

    The whole premise of this threads claim is absurd. What is considered modern translation. Being we don't have the autographa that existed prior to what was resourced as the foundation for the bible today as we know it, and all the translations over the centuries,after nearly 1400 years of compiling the canon, the premise that people who altered God's original word were punished by God to lose their voice or sanity, is indefensible. However, it does serve to paint a horrible picture of God himself. And that could be the intention behind the pastor authors intent. A learned man wouldn't be that stupid otherwise.
  14. Anonymous Aristotle

    Why did 6 Modern Version Editors Lose Their Voices?

    Snideness doesn't alter the fact that the onus is on you to prove your remarks. Or retract them if you're not inclined to support your claim with proof .
  15. GLEANINGS Actually, Eugene Peterson Does Not Support Same-Sex Marriage (UPDATED) In retraction, popular author affirms ‘a biblical view of everything’—including marriage. KATE SHELLNUTT JULY 13, 2017 2:08 PM