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  1. My earlier prayer of " Restoration of marriage... was answered by everyone's faithful prayers and brought my husband and I back together.. Although, the enemy has and is not ceasing spiritual warfare between us, its been an uphill battle and now I"m reaching out to each and everyone to please pray and stand with me against the enemy. My husband desperately needs God on his side and has not fully surrendered himself to God completely. Which in turn gives Satan room for ways to attack him. I feel as if i'm losing this battle right along next to my husband and falling away from Our Father as well. I have not been able to pick up my Bible in months now and every time i reach for it on my nightstand something stops me..Please , I need your prayers and strength to give me the courage to open and live God's truths again so that i may be strong for my husband..Thank you and God Bless!
  2. My husband and I have been separated now for almost a month..We have been married seven years and then suddenly one day things started to change. I am a daughter of Christ Jesus and believe my husband hasn't been truly saved. we have separated on more than one occasion..but this time I'm thinking that the Jezebel spirit has interceded and is tearing us apart. As I mentioned, we are currently separated and this time he says that he wants to move on and ask me to please leave him alone. I have prayed and prayed my soul and heart out because I truly don't believe this is something He really wants or means. I am asking please if my prayer partners, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus will lift up your prayers with me and ask God to intervene in this relationship and humble my husbands heart and lose this pride he has been carrying around with him for quite some time and put thoughts and memories of all the wonderful times we once shared in his mind, so that Christ Jesus can bring us back to restoring our marriage...never the less His will, ( as we all know ) and not ours..Ill will be waiting for your prayers ..God Bless!
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