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  1. A timely message, this is what we need to be looking ahead to, the current tribulations are just a blip on the time line getting there.
  2. Just gave it a bump from the other page so a few more can see it.
  3. The Real New Age. It has become obvious to all that are prepared to see, that we have entered into the last days for the end of the current age, All the warnings that Jesus pointed to, that would mark the end of the age, have either already happened or are under development and awaiting their implementation. And more importantly it is happening on a global scale ! Because of this, the time has come to start to look at what is going to be happening after the end of this age, what comes next ? Well obviously it is going to be the next age. From a Christian perspective this will be known as the Millennial reign where Christ returns to this earth with his resurrected saints and sets up his kingdom that will be in place for the next thousand years. As confirmation of this consider the verse below; Now the word “world” found at the end of that verse is derived from this one in the original Greek that the scripture was written in. So as can be seen, we ought to be getting ready for the new age, but as per normal the kingdom of Satan has stepped out early so as to present us with its own counterfeit new age movement in an effort to sow confusion and discord. In fact Satan has given us choices from crystals to nature worship under Gaia along with any old thing in between. The normal deceptions where we are encouraged to bow to the created rather than the creator. You can rest assured that as the time for the rapture draws closer, so we will be presented with a counterfeit rapture as well. As it is the number of false Christs is starting to grow exponentially. We can expect this simply because this is the way the kingdom of Satan operates, it counterfeits and promotes the alternatives so as to deceive and entrap at every opportunity it gets, while obscuring the real. But just because Satan has muddied the waters with their false new age, along with all the false apostles and prophets to promote it, it does not mean that the saints should not get ready for the real New Age when it comes after the Battle of Armageddon. As can be seen from this prophecy from the book of Daniel below, this has been in the works from way back. The kingdoms of men tend to build one upon the other, when one falls the other takes its place. The natural order of things ! Many of our modern methods date back to the time of the Roman empire such as the width of the road. It has to be two horses wide. However here God says that he is going to obliterate all the kingdoms that came before and set up a new one that will last forever. This change in the order of things should be obvious, The kingdoms of this world operated in accordance with the laws of Mammon while the Kingdom of Christ will operate on the principles of service to God. Not exactly what the atheists want to hear but that is the way it will be. Now we know from the book of Revelation that the battle of Armageddon is when Christ returns to this earth with his resurrected saints and that this is the time when the kingdom of the anti-christ gets defeated and Christ set up his own kingdom here on the earth. It is easy to understand that this kingdom will stand forever and never pass to another because we will all be in our resurrected bodies and live forever. Basically we will be immortal. The passage below explains what will be happening immediately after the battle has been won. Now the devil that gets bound and thrown in the pit is Lucifer himself, the Emperor of the kingdom of Satan. That means the leadership of Satan is imprisoned but the rank and file demons of that kingdom will still be on the run. Gathering them up and removing their influence from creation is what we will be doing during the millennial reign. Among other things like reordering of society. This is demonstrated in the verse below where the order of the resurrection is explained. Well there you have it. This is what we are going to be doing in the real New Age that will be marked by Christs Millennial reign, with the resurrected saints as the new government officials of appropriate ranks in accordance to our abilities. The rebellion of Satan will be put down and the demons rounded up and judged, creation will be brought back into harmony with its creator and God will be honored through out his creation. The last enemy destroyed will be death itself ! Of course this can be expanded upon a lot but this will be enough to bring the subject to attention and give a basic idea of what to expect.
  4. The queen of heaven is actually a demon by the name of Astaroth. Her specialty is setting up of substitute faiths that are close to the real thing but lead the sheep away from the Holy Spirit and salvation. A spirit filled saint can bind her and send her packing like any other demon.
  5. Well it is kind of stating the obvious but now days it does help to find a way to articulate these things in a way that those who have never been taught about the subject can grasp. Feel free to pass this along where needed, Everything I post in the public domain is for the public to enjoy.
  6. I'm surprised no one has an opinion on this. I was expecting all the collage professors to be up in arms over it.
  7. Why Communism is Wrong. I have written this primarily for students that are going through or just gone through the education system. The promotion of communism without a balanced counter argument does society no favours or service. A rational and balanced opinion about any subject can only be made once all aspects of the topic have been exposed for examination. The dictionary definition is as follows; communism >noun 1 a political and social system whereby all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. 2 a system of this kind derived from Marxism, practiced in China and formerly in the Soviet Union. -DERIVATIVES communist >noun & >adjective communistic >adjective. -ORIGIN French communisme, from commun 'common'. Now there are quite a few reasons as to why this political ideology can appeal to people. Especially those within the lower income brackets. It promises getting some access to the greater common economic pie, free stuff as in being able to enjoy some of the things that others in the movies seem to take for granted. Access to services that only the rich seem to be able to afford. Promises of social justes and a more caring social system. Guaranteed employment and housing . But this is the bait that draws you into embracing the ideology and becoming a part of the struggle. What you perceive as gain in common is never yours to control but you become the property of the state instead. In the end the only thing owned is you! So the obvious question remains, “Why is this ideology being pushed and promoted if it fails to deliver?” Well the answer to that question is quite simple. It does deliver! And in spades, but not for those that are being encouraged to embrace it. In a communist state look closer at the eventual leadership at the top, the ones that get to make all the decisions for the rest. They are the ones that basically own the whole lot, including the law and just recycle what is needed to keep the peasant, or working class masses happy, while they get to play with the real riches and authority with all the trappings of real wealth and real power. Think of all the tin pot third world dictators that led all the liberation movements after the end of WW2. The leaders are all as rich as hell while their respective countries are impoverished messes. The most the masses can aspire to is to be included in a talkery where they feel good that they have some voice in how the state approved, common allocated resources get distributed. Remember this, in any war it is not the soldier that fought in the conflict that gets to ride around in the fancy car and can afford to eat at the best restaurants. That privilege belonged to the politicians that motivated the soldiers to fight for them, while they slept in real beds at night and probably never had to defend themselves with a rifle though the entire conflict. So it is with the promotion of a new ideology. The grunts get sent out to deliver and take the beatings while the promoters get to promote their own selves with their speeches and dubious promises. So now the next obvious question is; what mechanism is communism really supposed to achieve? Again the answer is simple, It has been designed for controlled destruction, the overthrow of sovereign states and the gaining of power on the backs of the poorer masses of a society that always makes up the majority in any nation. It has been observed that when just about everyone has become poor then there no longer remains any rich to envy. Experience has shown that that which is owned by everybody, is looked after by nobody! It’s method of operation goes like this. There are certain basic immutable laws of nature, like the law of gravity. One of those laws is that if you keep stealing from someone or something you will eventually destroy the victim. If you steal from your own house, you will eventually destroy your own house. It makes no difference how you dress it up or justify it, the result will be the same. This is a basic law of nature and why theft and fraud are against the laws of all the countries of this world as well. Communism is the rationalization and political motivation to dupe a population to plunder its own nation into oblivion through wealth redistribution in the guise of social equality and other high sounding fancy stuff ! The poorer rioting masses get free stuff for a short time, while the economic generators, that actually produce that free stuff, goes into decline and eventual bankruptcy. Once a nation has been plundered into destitution it becomes a mere formality to take over the reigns of power and implement a new order. With the population made dependant on the state for its survivability there is no chance of any recovery from this system. A look at its history will help clarify the real motivations behind this ideology. The international bankers did make a bid for world domination during the Napoleonic wars. They financed all sides of the wars to the point where Europe was so indebted to them that the nations had no way to repay in cash which meant a compromise in the form of the relinquishment in national sovereignty was in the works. The Czar of Russia got wind of this and bailed Europe out by paying off the international bankers so that no dept remained. The bankers were livid. It was not the money that they wanted, it was the power and authority that they desired. The power a lender has over those indebted to them! Because the Czar had foiled their plans the bankers swore revenge on Russia and the royal family there of! It was the international bankers, that saw the potential in a German philosopher call Karl Marx, who was basically unemployable in his time but supported by the likes of people such as Engels who provided the wear with all for his ideas to go main stream. He was used as the radical to launch the study of sociology which has been dressed up as scientific research etc. Of all his scattered writings the only coherent piece was the communist manifesto. This the bankers pushed into the public domain and then at Russia. It was Jacob Swift gold that financed the Bolshevik revolution that brought Stalin and Lennon to power after the assassination of the Czar and his family in Russia. Russia then went full communist and became the Soviet Union. The end result is that Russia went from being wealthy enough to pay off international war debts to so broke it collapsed in a ruinous heap. The bankers got their revenge.
  8. Traveler

    From 1997

    This prophecy was given in 1997. Now is a good time to go back and revisit it in the light of current events. www.telusplanet.net/public/tsgibson/propheticword.html 1997 09 22.2 This word of the Lord is for all those who have desired to know the times and seasons. There will come a three fold sign of the end times. This will be, no matter what else may happen. I, the Lord have spoken. 1. The Fall of an American President 2. The collapse of the American economy 3. The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War III This word shall occur as spoken, says the Lord. Look not to the earth for your ways, but look to Me, says the Lord of all things.
  9. There is only one way to God. We have all sinned, in fact we are basically born into sin right from the start. Now the punishment for sin is death but if someone who is worthy takes our punishment and dies in our place then we are off the hook so to speak. This is where Christs death on the cross comes in. If we are to be reconciled to God then we have to accept Christs death for us which means our lives are now given to Christ in return and he becomes our Lord and savior. It makes no difference the denomination we attend only that we stand right with Christ. All the divisions are just Satans kingdom trying to undo the plan of salvation by sowing confusion.
  10. A good study on the old testament law, indeed ! Now please show me which gentile nation was represented at Mount Sinai when God made the covenant with the nation of Israel and proclaimed his law to them so that they might become a holy nation unto himself out of all the nations on this earth.
  11. The prosperity gospel is a modern day load of rubbish. Turn your back on it. Jesus made it quite clear that you either serve mammon or you serve God, you cannot serve both. Those preachers are God sellers, not servants of God. They are the false preachers that the Apostle Paul warned us about.
  12. Your witches and sorcerers are basically Satans intercessors. These are the ones that open the door for the demonic to enter into our natural world. The fruits of the flesh are a manifestation of that demonic influence over the people who open this door either knowingly or unwittingly.
  13. When a womans intuition goes off there probably is something there. The problem you have is trying to define what the problem is. Step back and look for the actual definition of this relationship or soul tie. It could be a spiritual influence or trap. Do not neglect to look at your own motives and expectations as well. Ask about the other persons history as well. Is there a pattern.
  14. An American Nuclear Submarine has been sunk off the coast of Alaska by a Russian Sub. Russian sub damaged with 14 fatalities. All world major power structures on high alert and in closed door meetings. No reports of American survivors. https://www.debka.com/mivzak/urgent-consultations-in-washington-moscow-on-reported-us-russian-submarines-in-firefight/
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