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  1. One of the biggest problems is translation and religiosity. The Bible is actually quite plain but religion makes it all spiritual so as to infer something else. Take this quote for example; Well the word translated as heavens is this one. In modern language that would be outer space. God is universal, not just planetary. All comes under him, not just the small speck that is us.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is your step Dad ?
  3. Keep in mind that forgiveness goes hand in hand with repentance. If the person is sorry and asks to be forgiven then you do so but do not set yourself up for a bullies plaything. To block a troll is a good idea. Keep in mind you also have a lot of witches that come on these sites with the intention of sowing discord and they are very religious and legalistic.
  4. Basically No, But the circumstances it creates can result in sin. Lust, adultery, fornication etc.
  5. There is always a reason for the things God does. You will notice that Jesus talked a lot about this world in agricultural terms. That is because from Gods perspective this world is his soul plantation. The only way to get a decent soul is to let it grow naturally and it needs a bit of stressing every now and again to strengthen it. Keep in mind it is our souls that we are to strive to save and it is our souls that God has promised eternal life to. Our resurrected bodies will be bodies of power, you do not want a Hitler or a Stalin in a body like that. Hence the selective process and testing now in this life.
  6. To Define Faith. It would seem strange that the time has come where there now needs to be an explanation of what faith is. Supposed to be such a simple definition, but in our generation it has become so twisted that this is one of the greatest hindrances to the development of the saints and the breaking of their power found in the gifts of the Spirit. What faith is not ; Faith is not some mystical spiritual power that you need to develop more of so as to get rich quicker or walk on water. In fact the gifts of the spirit are not even meant to be used to gain wealth as in mammon for power in this world this side of the rapture. So even the motivation for the building up of the saints faith has been compromised. Yes you need faith to gain access to God but it is Gods power that does the miracles, not your faith. It is your faith in God that makes you a conduit for the power of God to flow through you. In the kingdom of God everything revolves around God and God is the source of the saints power. In the kingdom of Satan everything revolves around self and power is to be found in the development of self. Hence the twisting of the definition of faith into a force that is supposed to be developed in self. We were warned about this in the book of Daniel and his description of the Son of Perdition. Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. Dan 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. As you can see, a gay atheist that believes in a god of forces, Sounds like something out of the movie Star wars. ( May the force be with you !) If you are trying to develop and build up your force of faith then you are not worshiping God, you are idolizing Self and as such serving the kingdom of Satan. What faith is; A dictionary definition is this ; G4100 πιστεύω pisteuō pist-yoo'-o From G4102; to have faith (in, upon, or with respect to, a person or thing), that is, credit; by implication to entrust (especially one’s spiritual well being to Christ): - believe (-r), commit (to trust), put in trust with. Faith has to rest in something or someone. Do you have trust in your spouse to come to your aid if you are in trouble. That is faith in your spouse. Do you believe that if you get in your car to drive to work in the morning that it will get you there, you are displaying faith in your car. Likewise you have faith in God. You trust God and believe in God that he will be looking out for your better well-being as viewed from the perspective of his kingdom. You are the servant of the Lord, the Lord is not your servant ! The relationship is God centre, not self centre. In prayer the actual power that makes the miracle happen comes from God, not the saint. The prayer of the saint is that of an intercessor that is asking God to intervene in natural events on their behalf. The saint is asking God for help because the saint has faith in God to answer their requests. Faith in God is much the same as trust in God. Think of a relationship between a child and a parent. The Child has faith in the parent to look out for them and if the child asks the parent for something then the child will have the expectation of an answer. The parent can still hold back if the request will be a problem down the line but the trust relationship between the parent and child remains. The relationship between the Saint and God is much the same with the exception that the saint is a bit more mature and God does expect respect and obedience from the saint and the saint is often given small tasks to do in service of the kingdom. This faith in God is a requirement for everything from the basic salvation to the operation of the gifts of the spirit to an active prayer life. Without this faith there just is no real relationship with God. Heb 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. Heb 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Heb 11:7 By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith. It is the trust faith and belief in God that gives you the confidence to believe the scriptures and grow spiritually to the point where you come into the fullness of the promises. A lack of or misdirected faith in God will result in a dry academic religion with no power. This can be demonstrated in the verses below. Act 3:12 And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk? Act 3:13 The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go. Act 3:14 But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you; Act 3:15 And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses. Act 3:16 And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. A notable miracle occurred under the ministry of the original apostles and the people started to look on them as if they were special holy people. Correction they were uneducated fishermen. They were the peasantry of the day. But they had been redeemed by Jesus and they had the authority to use his name and they had faith in God the Father of Jesus to work the miracle in answer to their prayers. And in that passage they stated as such. It still works exactly the same way to day. I have seen miracles under my own small ministry even though I am very ordinary in every way. Get your theology and motives right and anyone reading this will be able to start walking in the power of the spirit as well. That is how the real body of Christ self perpetuates and grows from generation to generation down through time. Or do you really think all those who gave their lives for Christ did so because of religious delusions ? The cost to you; Do not think that if you grow to the point where you start to walk in the fullness of the spirit that Satan will leave you to go your merry way. Persecution is sure to follow. If you are not being persecuted then you need to see if you are doing something wrong from the perspective of the kingdom of God. The events explained in the passage below is typical and often repeated right to this day. Note that it came from the religious establishment. Act 6:7 And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith. Act 6:8 And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people. Act 6:9 Then there arose certain of the synagogue, which is called the synagogue of the Libertines, and Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and of them of Cilicia and of Asia, disputing with Stephen. Act 6:10 And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake. Act 6:11 Then they suborned men, which said, We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses, and against God. Act 6:12 And they stirred up the people, and the elders, and the scribes, and came upon him, and caught him, and brought him to the council, Act 6:13 And set up false witnesses, which said, This man ceaseth not to speak blasphemous words against this holy place, and the law: Now Stephen had a nice little ministry going there. The gifts of the spirit was operating through him and people where coming to the Lord etc. It was members of other synagogues that first came to debate with him and try to lead him astray or comply with their way. This did not go well for them so they gathered false witnesses to slander him and then used that to bring him before the law courts to destroy him publicly. This is demonically induced and Satan has a whole lot of demons dedicated to isolating the saints that get in the way. This can be combated and driven back in prayer but that is another subject. Just know that this type of persecution will hit any saint that moves in the will of the Lord. It’s a lot less devastating if you have a heads up and are expect it. It will always come from your area of greatest weakness.
  7. This may help explain things a little better; Those That accept the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savoir and are baptized are saved. But the gifts of the spirit are not going to be operating in their lives unless they have the spirit to begin with. Being saved is one issue. Being baptized by the Holy Spirit is another issue. You are baptized by the spirit so as to enable you to be an effective witness to the Lord with all the signs and wonders following. The Baptizim of the Holy spirit is something that follows after the basic salvation. Now consider this; The Apostles went out and preached but the Lord worked the signs and wonders to confirm that the word they preached was correct. If the preacher does not have the correct understanding and is not preaching the correct gospel then it is a very bad idea to confirm that preaching with the supernatural, isn't it. Hence the idea of getting your act together as far as understanding goes. I have written a piece on faith, it should be on here somewhere.
  8. Satan does not remain idol when the gospel of salvation is spread. It opposes it. One of the ways this is done is by presenting an alternative or false gospel that looks very much like the real thing but preaches a different Jesus than the one pointed to by the Apostles. The prosperity teachings is just one of those false gospels. The people grasp it because it is a message they want to hear but you will never hear what Jesus had to say about the deceit of mammon preached. Now if someone is caught up in one of these false gospels , do you really think that Jesus is going to be baptizing them with the Holy spirit so as to confirm this false teaching ? The answer is NO! When the person gets a hold of the real Jesus and starts to understand the real gospels then the baptism and confirmations come.
  9. Well this is how it happened to me; I had come to the Lord and was baptized in water. However it was in a church that was more into the prosperity thing so the baptism of the spirit was not there. Some years after I started to question all that I had been taught and started to read my Bible like a legal document and apply a very literal interpretation. As my theology started to come into line with what Jesus really taught and I started to tell others what I believed, regardless of what the pastor was teaching, I found that there was answers to my prayers and the confirmation associated with the correct application of the word was starting to manifest. Then one afternoon during prayer I was anointed as in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It felt like oil had been poured onto my head and it ran all the way down to the souls of my feet and then started back up again. This is not something you claim by faith etc, when it happens you feel it physically and you know it has happened. There is no ambiguity. You may accept the Lord but when you get your act together correctly the Lord accepts you !
  10. Its the effect on mindset I'm trying to expose. In the kingdom of God you have received freely so freely give. In the kingdom of Satan everything has its price. One of the reasons the gift of salvation is under valued is because it has to be free.
  11. Understanding Mammon Considering how much Jesus had to say about this subject, it is a wonder why teaching about it from the pulpit is an unspoken taboo. The main point to grasp here is that mammon is the philosophy and governing principles behind the operations in the kingdom of Satan. The economic systems which we have adopted along with its privileged and social ramifications. It instills the opposite behaviours held up as desirable in the kingdom of God. It encourages self centeredness instead of God centeredness. Every other religion will promote the development of self, with self being responsible for their own development in reaching for the higher state of being. While in the kingdom of God it is impossible to earn ones own salvation in any way shape or form. It can only be given as a free gift for the asking. Mans natural reasoning will gravitate towards the principles of mammon because of our fallen state, which makes the learning and understanding of Godly principles something that requires the development of new lines of logic. This line of reasoning is not something that comes naturally to us. There is no shortage of new testament scriptures looking at this phenomenon, such as the one below. And the solution to the problem being along the lines of this scripture below. Jesus of course just stated the situation very plainly and bluntly as recorded in this verse below. To be noted here, is that Jesus referred to serving mammon as in competition to serving God. No matter how diplomatic you try to be, there is going to come a time where the rules of mammon and submission to Gods laws are going to be in opposition. Do you take the financial loss and obey God, or do you please the stock holders and take the money or the deal and run? But in reality mammon encompasses far more than just wealth. It also includes all the trappings of prestige, political power, influence, worldly respect and all else that places a person in high esteem over the common people in the form of brute power based on wealth, not acts of righteousness. The kingdom of Satan also keeps close tabs on the distribution of mammon as well. Those who do not play their game will be stripped of mammon and reputation so as to render them the poor of the land. This is to pressure them into compliance or servitude. The specific demonic entities involved with this are Rimmon and Focalor. Interesting read if you look them up. Fortunately they can be bound by the saints using the authority we have in Christ. The basic dictionary definition in Strongs concordance is as follows! The control comes through the need to protect ones gains in the form of mammon. Worldly wisdom dictates that reputation needs to be protected in the sight of others that also have the required reputations, even if the course of action denies justes to the poor of the land. We are coming into a time where those that mock God and Christ are held in high esteem. Pear pressure to conform will ensure the mockery of God grows. This is the laws of mammon in operation. A good example of where this plays out is to be found in these verses; Haman was number two in the kingdom, He had lots of mammon and a great deal of pride to go along with it. When this Jew did not bow and tremble before him when he passed, Haman decided to kill off all the Jews in the land. He was to be feared and reverenced because of his station. As is the case of mammon in operation. Fortunately the kings wife just happened to be a Jew and the daughter of Mordecai, so the Jews came through and Haman ended up on his own gallows. This of course is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught; This of course does create a challenge for us in that we have to live in a world that is governed by mammon, while we are supposed to be striving to uphold godly principles. Jesus, fortunately did give us some advice on how to handle this situation. The fact is that our economic system is designed in such a way that the good guys will inevitably finish last and those that want to come in first no matter what will have to leave their godly principles behind so as to beat out the competition. The higher up the ladder you go in the worlds system the more you will have to exploit your fellow man and stretch the truth in order to accumulate wealth. Get enough of it and you may even stand a chance in politics where there is some real power to go along with it. Now that leaves us in a bit of a problem. We want to pursue the things of God and lay up for ourselves some treasures in heaven but at the same time we have out of necessity to engage in worldly mammon in order to live. So the question is, How do we handle this. Well the first thing is to identify what belongs to the kingdom of God and what Belongs to the kingdom of this world in the form of mammon. The moment the two get mixed up everything gets corrupted. Now Jesus did point out that there is a conflict of interest involved when dealing with mammon while attempting to also walk in the spirit. But he also pointed out that you need make a decision regarding which you want to serve. We do have two masters over us but we get to choose which we want to honour and which we want to despise. However Jesus also gave some very good advice on how to handle the situation. And it is found in the context of the first verse quoted which is reproduced below. Now right off the batt Jesus acknowledged that as far as our dealings with mammon are concerned we are probably going to fail as the doors of the world will tend to close to us. But he also cautioned that we are to deal faithfully with it as in a trust worthy manner. But what Jesus also pointed out was that while you have it use it to make friends and alliances so that you will not be an offence to any and they will be willing to help you in the future in times when you will inevitably need the help. That way by remaining true to your Godly principles you will still be rewarded in other ways when the mammon of the world fails you.
  12. Thank you for taking a look at it guys.
  13. Well do you agree with it or hate it or want to burn it or frame it ; Some reaction, anything !
  14. An Analysis of End Time Biblical Prophecies. Pre-amble and Introduction. If ever there was a subject that is filled with controversy, this will be it. I have found that I can take 20 well schooled Bible Scholars and no two of them will be in full agreement. Yes they will settle on main topics that are self evident but the division come in regards to the timing and overlap of the separate events. In fact at lot of people know more about the different stances, which now all have their own names, than they know about the actual supporting scriptures. eg; pre-Trib, mid-Trib or post-Trib rapture. Obviously only one stance can be correct, which also means the other two have to be wrong indicating their theology is off. Just as well that our salvation is not dependant on our ignorance or cleverness in knowledge of the scriptures, but upon our faith in Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross. To add to the mix is the fact that most events found in the book of Revelation, also has its counterpart describing the same event in the old Testament as well. There is also an overlooked situation where the destiny of the Israelites are different from that of the Gentiles. Only the 12 tribes of Israel were represented at the covenant that made up the old Testament under Moses, where as the Gentile nations come under the new Covenant established by Christ. Psalm number 2 explains this rather well. In fact this psalm is very prophetic and points to the end of age judgments. All that being said, what I wish to do here, is to give a time line for the progression of the end time events as laid out in scripture with the relevant scriptural passages as proofs. Digging too deep is avoided so as to enable the narrative to progress in a logical and straight forward way that the new Christian can follow easily. Once the basic outline is grasped the saint can always go back over to dig out the greater details on their own. At least this should give the correct questions to ask ! The Beginning of the End. The end time events have to begin at some point in our historical time line and it has become quite obvious that this marker has already passed. It has also become obvious that the end times are going to drag out as a long drawn out marathon, not a short sprint to the end. Jesus warned us about this in the parable about the ten virgins and their lamps. This is worth taking a look at; Now the virgins represent the saints, they all perceived that the time of Christs return was close which is why they gathered their lamps in the first place. They all came together so as to meet him when he came but there was a delay resulting in them all slacking off. However when the call went out that the time of his return had actually come, only half of the number were still properly prepared. We are currently in that delay ! During the 1800's missionaries went out to all parts of the world along with the explorers and colonisers. This has been described by theological scholars as the greatest age of missions. At this point in time there is no nation in this world that has not heard of Christ. Many have rejected the message and some nations drawn back from following Jesus while the academia of the world has gone out of its way to disprove Christ. Even the nations that were once considered the bastion of Christendom have drawn back opening the door for the rise of Satanism. But the fact remains all have heard of Christ and the gospel of salvation. And right on cue the end time events start to unfold through the natural course of events. The reason there is so much aggression directed against Jesus and his saints is because we are in the end times, what else are we to expect at this time ? Jesus warned of this period as progressing to when the night falls and no man is able to preach. The First Signs. Mat 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? The very first thing that Jesus warned about was the rise of false teachers and prophets to corrupt the simplicity of the Gospel. Even to the point of some claiming to be Christ himself. This basically started while the original Apostles were still living and has only gotten worse. At this time the promotion of the false has become an avalanche. In the last days here we have reached the point where there is now an entire false church system operating along side the real. The best way to tell the difference is what does the body in question teach about Mammon. In order to understand the difference between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan you really do need to understand the significance of mammon and its levers of operation. Then the next marker for the end days is wars, think the first two world wars, what is significant here is that they were fought on a global scale. This is very significant and is what separates these wars from the wars of the past. In the past it was basically one tribal group looting the other. But here it was all done with a global view and rule of law even though the laws were in conflict. It placed in the minds of men the idea of a global government so as to prevent these wars. A concept that was not really plausible before. The industrial age has enabled mankind to slaughter itself on an industrial scale and the use of money provided under Usury is the chains that binds all nations in a common net. The concept of a single world government along with the striving for world domination is what points to the end of the age wars. Jesus spoke in terms of global events, not regional, which was not possible before. Along with the wars would also come natural disasters. The size and frequency of earthquakes has definitely increased. So has pestilence and famine. With global travel common now the pestilence is spread globally very quickly. We are also running into diseases never seen before like Ebola and AIDS. Bio weapons coming out the labs is also new to nature but are produced for these last days. However we are told that this is just the beginning of sorrows. Indicating that we have this start then there is a period of time to pass before the rest comes crashing down on us. The Main Event Begins. I am writing this in December 2018. You can see the hatred of Christians growing world wide, It is organized and very violent, In fact there is no shortage of the saints getting their heads lopped off around the globe. Satanism is now open and on the rise. Christmas has become a yearly battle fought both in the courts and on social media, an entire generation has been indoctrinated to be anti Christian through the education system. Who would have thought that a season for peace on earth and good will towards men would be so hated. This is so obviously spiritually driven that there is no denying that the kingdom of Satan is behind it. Which would indicate that the event in the verses below must have occurred; The woman that brought forth the man child is the nation of Israel, This nation is currently being blamed for all the troubles in the world right now. The man child is Jesus who founded the church so by extension Satan will be going after the saints for persecution as well. There is one thing that may prove of comfort to the saints here. The kingdom of Satan is not actually becoming more powerful, only more concentrated. As the demons are kicked out of every where else, so they end up here as their fall back position. We are simply experiencing more demons per square mile than before. Even though this is a bit harsh for us and getting harder, the demons are actually getting the worse end of it and eventually there will not even be room for them here either. The game plan that the kingdom of Satan has to combat the saints during these last days is also laid out in the book of Daniel. Its worth looking at. Well we are now at the time of the end so these words are for us. We are the Holy people and the power that is to be scattered is ours. No the authority we have in Christ is not going to be annulled but how we will have to wield it, will be different in these end times. The word translated as scattered is this one below; In other words we are to be worn down by being subjected to repeated blows. These repeated blows will be psychological as well as physical, This is why Jesus said that only those that endure to the end will be saved. Along with the constant warnings about deceptions, false prophets and persecutions. Look closely at how the family structure and the basic definition thereof, is being broken down by the state and the children encouraged to spy on the parents. The intrusion of the state into the family unit we see today is not normal, it is something new and very destructive. This is only going to be getting worse with the social credit scores coming in. The scriptures simply state that something will happen and to look out for it, it does not state why it happens or how it comes about. Well we can see how the betrayals between family members have come about. An over reaching government department did it. The more first world a country is, the worse the effects are ! Another aspect to keep an eye on is the law. This regards the secular law and how it has been abused during our time; It is to be noted that there is no greater tool in the arsenal of evil than the rule of law. Most of the greatest atrocities of this time have been carried out with the power of the law as backing. At this time we have a two tear legal system, One for those doing the evil and another for the rest of us so that those doing the evil get the backing of the law, to use against the common citizens of the nations. This selective abuse of power has a very negative effect on the saint which is why we are told that we need to endure to the end. We see this because the end times is currently in full swing. If you are wondering why everything is going so queer and gay at this time, there is a reason that is found in Daniel as well. Below is a description of some of the attributes associated with the anti-christ. The one that will set up the abomination of desolation in the Jewish Temple. When it says he will have no desire of woman it means he will not be attracted to them, he will be a gay himself. He will be a self centred, self absorbed, gay megalomaniac. Now you know why the schools are pushing fifty something sexes and filling the workplace with snowflakes that are permanently offended, They are grooming this generation for his appearance. This is how close to the end we are ! The Great Tribulation. Now we are going to be going through a lot of tribulations in the last days but the Great Tribulation is going to be something different, It will not be troubles caused by Satan coming against the saints but By God himself coming against the world in general. The trigger will be when the anti-christ sets up an image of the beast in the Jewish third temple, thus bringing the daily sacrifices to an end Now the timing of this event is really important as a lot of other prophecies get their cue from this event. It is also very close in time from now. So using logical deduction lets work this out. Israel became a nation state again in 1947. They also now have parcel control over Jerusalem and are getting ready to rebuild their Temple, the third Temple. They have raised the money for it, they have remade the utensils for the sacrifices, they have retrained the Levites to carry out the priestly duties. They are re-breeding the red heifers. The only thing holding them back is that they will need full control of Jerusalem in order to rebuild the actual Temple. This is not going to happen until the time of the gentiles comes to an end. The time of the gentiles is the Church age, the age of grace. This time of gentiles will only come to an end with the rapture. That is when the age of grace ends and the door closed. After the rapture everything returns back to the law given through Moses and of course this is when the daily sacrifices will be required to restart, not much point before this time. Now the rapture of the saints under the new covenant under the blood of Jesus takes place during the opening of the sixth seal. So the re-establishing the daily sacrifices has to happen after this point in time. Now we need an end point in time which we can find here; Now the Israelites get their own reaping or rapture in their own time where they end up before the throne of God the Father. Note that this group sing the song of Moses, Only the Jews will be doing that, not the saints redeemed of Christ. The saints are all about the Blood and confession of faith. This scene takes place just before the angels go forth to pour out the seven bowls of wrath on the earth. So we know that the Great tribulation had to have occurred before this time because the Jews had to have been carrying out their daily sacrifices on earth in order for the abomination of desolation to take place. And the Temple will only be in operation after the time of the gentiles has past. So this means the Great Tribulation has to take place sometime during the blowing of the trumpets . The onset of the great tribulation is going to be very rapid. Not much in the way of warning, The scriptures tell the Jews that as soon as they see the abomination take place in the Temple they are to flee to high ground. If they are in a tall building then they are to stay at the top, do not go down stairs to collect their coat even. So what ever God the Father is going to be letting loose because of this act of desecration is going to be something ground hugging that is heavier than air. Also to note is that it is the Jews that had to overcome the Mark of the Beast to be counted worthy to be gathered before God the Fathers throne in heaven. No mention is made of the saints having to over come the mark at their gathering before Christ so logical deduction says that the full mark of the beast will only come in during the time of the Trumpets as well. Considering that we are already seeing the development of it now, along with the desire by the UN to use it, shows just how close we are to the end. The Rapture. The word Rapture is a name given to the event where Jesus comes to collect his bride. The church made up of all the redeemed saints. All of them, the living and those that have already died over the last two thousand years. Thus we get the first resurrection consisting of the saints that are already judged in Christ. In the gospels it talks of the Lord gathering his elect, while in the book of revelation it describes the event as the reaping of the earths harvest. As can be seen from the verses below. However for this study I will stick with the word Rapture as the saints all have a clear understanding of its meaning and connotation. The tribulations against the saints in the form of the persecutions and betrayals will start to wind down and this will be immediately followed by cosmic disturbances. For the Sun and the Moon to be darkened indicates that something will be passing between the earth and the sun so as to create a shadow. The stars falling would probably be a large meteorite shower, probably triggered by what ever is making the shadow. But this will be the very last event before the Rapture which is what also ties it to the opening of the sixth seal in revelation. The same events are described there regards the cosmic disturbances. But more detail. Now the reaction of the worlds population to this event is going to be very interesting. All the nations of the world are going to see the return of Jesus to gather his own and they are going to be going into mourning. They will recognize Jesus for whom he is, but he is also the last person they expected to see. They had had great fun mocking and bulling and killing the religious nuts and did not for a moment believe anything the scriptures said was based in reality. Now there he is directing an army of angels from his position in the clouds. If any of you have been interacting on social media you will know all about those that have no time for sky daddies or spaghetti monsters etc. Collage professors all over have gone out of their way to teach their students not to follow superstition and embrace the scientific method where any quarter given to a deity is rejected. Basically if you profess any faith in God then you will not graduate but rituals to Satan is all right. What else would we expect in the last days ? Now I believe this is important for the saints to know and when it happens you can be a comfort to those around you. Jesus said that he would send his angels to gather his elect from the four winds and from one end of heaven to the other. To gather from the four winds is all points of the compass which means anywhere on this earth, but the word translated as heaven comes from the one below; It is a place off the earth, way up in the sky, what we understand today as outer space. This means that the saints will be traveling off world before the time of the rapture, whether under our own steam or aided by others, it does not matter. Just know that the Lord has made provision for this event that is to come and that the saint is not to despair if they are taken away before the rapture as they will not be left out the event because of distance. Now events on earth at the time of the rapture is important to look at. Yes there will be a lot of persecution against the saints but the heathen are not going to be in any great disturbance. The actual Rapture event is going to come right out the blue with absolutely no warning what so ever. We are simply told that when we see the end of age events happening then know that we are in the right season for it to happen but give no heed to date setting etc. A comparison is made with how things were happening in the days of Noah. The social order will be undisturbed and in full swing, people marrying and going about their daily business so commerce will be in full swing. The civilization of the day will be trucking along completely oblivious of what is about to transpire, Then wham the gathering takes place. Saints gone and the rest that mocked them left behind in a world that returns to the law with only the nation of Israel left to represent God on the earth. Naturally this situation will allow the anti-christ to rise to prominence in the confused chaos that follows the event. There is however some limits on how long it will take for these events to transpire; It is expected that the generation that sees the start of these events will be the same generation that sees the fulfilment of them. We live in the time where it has become obvious that the end of the age events and technologies have started to emerge so that means that our generation is the one that is going to see the end of the age unfold. We are the ones, this is it ! The Changing Condition of the Church In the early chapters of the book of Revelation Jesus sends messages to seven of the newly established churches at the birth of Christianity in the first century ad. But as time has passed it has also become obvious that the order in which these messages were given correspond to the general condition of the church in each successive age of its history over the past two thousand years. The second last message was to a church with open doors which corresponds to the missionary outreach of the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. But the last church is to represent our time now, and thus it is to be a warning of the problems we are to face as the end of the age saints. It’s obviously totally accurate and so I have included it for a quick study here. Most of the problems in the last days church is caused by the pastors and priests. They incorporated the church and turned it into a business for profit. Hence there is a limit placed on preaching only that which will not chase away the customers. And the congregation will be the ones looking out for that kind of preacher. The first warning will be that the last church will be lukewarm. Well the saints are taught all about Gods love and gifts and promises, but nothing about his severity or judgments. The saints will be taught about being the kings kids, not about the persecution and the cost associated with the faith. The fear of God gets lost when the saints start to see God as being there for their benefit and the understanding of what it means to serve God gets lost. The net result is a social church of convenience, not a vibrant body that will sing in the fires of persecution. The next warning is that the saints will be embracing the riches of the world and equating it with the blessings of God. You cannot serve God and Mammon, the two philosophes are opposed to one another. The riches that endure are the fruits of the spirit and the gifts of the spirit. Physical stuff and prestige among men are not riches that have any endurance. They are the deceit of the world system. But what do we see coming out the modern day church. Faith being twisted into a force to attract worldly wealth to you. By that standard every drug seller and gangster with a million dollars must be very holy. Which obviously they are not !It is nothing more than occult practices that have been sanitized and pushed into church philosophies. In other words we end up with a false church. The end of age church will suffer from a lack of sound doctrine and Jesus will be spitting its members out his mouth unless they get their act together. A look at the Opening of the Seals The seals of Revelation chapter six are basically just repeating the events that Jesus warned about in the Gospels. But they come in a nice order that points out the progress of the events in a nice time line. These are events that originate in this earth. It is the kingdom of Satan coming against the saints of the kingdom of God. The first seal is what started the wars and the rumours of wars; Now you do not go forth conquering, and to conquer unless you intend to dominate and rule over that which you bring into subjection. The one doing this has a crown which indicates that we are looking at a recognized authority. An authority that wants to bring all nations under central government, in other words a global empire. The white horse gives some indication of who the rider may be, Some say the white horse rode out the White House while others say It is the White Lodge. Considering the White lodge has had control of the White House through its initiates, it makes little difference. Others yet say it represents the white nations that went out and colonised the other nations thus modernizing them and making them globally aware. Well the first seal ends up being opposed by the second seal; This second rider has no crown. He is not a recognized authority which would indicate that the rider is a grass roots movement that rises up to resist the power of the kings striving for global government. This movement is given a great sword to fight with and it does take peace away from the earth indicating that there is a lot of fighting between many groups. Think of all the different liberation movements all over the place. The horse is coloured red, the same colour as the communists have adopted. There is no winner between these two horses ! But as Jesus said, there will be wars and rumours of wars, but these are just the beginning of sorrows. A black horse represents a time of darkness and hardships. The balances represent rationing, a means of measurement of quantity. The amounts of product that can be bought for a penny indicates that the rationing will be carried out by control of the amount of money available. To not harm the oil and wine indicates that the better things will be available but out of economic reach to the masses. It appears that we are looking at artificially controlled shortages here. Probably though a form of taxation and endless rules and regulations. Already we can see the evaporation of the middle class world wide. There is an economic unbalance in the world today where the cost of living is always set just a little higher than the regular incomes and there is no savings for emergencies or ability to build up any real disaster endurance. Get sick go broke. Now the word translated as Pale Horse is this one; Beware the green movement, it has already stated that it wants to drop the worlds population by billions, to save the earth of course !For the rider to be called Death indicates that the killing is going to be deliberate and planned. It will be harvesting humans for Hell. It will be using any means available to do the killing. Take note of the culture of death that has sprung up in our modern society. Skulls and the dead in art and trinkets and clothing and songs all over the place. Now even cannibalism is being given a push along with every sexual perversion and occult practices, and it’s the worlds leaders that are being caught up in it ! This is not the way our civilization should have logically matured, But Satans influence has become so pervasive that we have become nothing more than technological savages. Right from the start of the Christian faith the world has been against those belonging to the faith. In the early Roman days we were simply fed to the Lions in the circus for entertainment. But as the number of saints increased so the persecutions died down to a simmer where the worlds reaction was more that of mocking than killing. Jesus did warn his disciples about this; However in these last days the persecutions are going to rise to a grand crescendo. The world is going to throw whatever it is able against the saints so as to get rid of the faith altogether. The saints are going to have to go through this, this is when the night that Jesus talked about comes. The objective here is to save our souls, not our bodies. We need to keep that in mind. Loose your soul and all is lost, save your soul and all else becomes replaceable. There is way more to the sixth seal than just these few verses but it is better to look at this section in small bites. It starts off with a massive earthquake that shifts the earths mantle so all mountains and islands end up at different longitude and latitude positions. There is also a lot of cosmic disturbances which is probably also the trigger event for the earthquake. This also talks of something between the sun and the earth causing a shadow. But the most interesting part is that the worlds human population is bolting for cover, not because of the cosmic events but because they are trying to hide from God and Christ. They recognize and understand that they have done wrong and who is giving them their attention.Rev 7:1 And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. These events are still a part of the sixth seal. From the description Jesus gave in the gospel of Matthew we can see that the cosmic disturbances are associated with the Rapture that will follow right after. When this happens the time of the gentiles ends and the old testament covenant restarts for the last week. The daily sacrifices in the temple will restart etc. With the spirit filled saints gone the Israelites will need to take over. It appears that God the Father is going to be doing the choosing with the sealing of this 144000. 12000 from each of the 12 tribes. This is still a part of the sixth seal. What we are looking at here is the redeemed saints before the throne of Christ. In other words these are the events just after the rapture. Notice that their being there is attributed to the Blood of the Lamb. Nothing about works, keeping the law or over coming the Mark of the Beast. A huge multitude. This is the last of the seven seals. Age of grace has ended and we have the return of the law. God the Father is the judge of the law and as such he holds sway over the earth through his own chosen nation, Israel. Now things on earth are going to change as well. This seventh seal is where the angels get set to blow their trumpets in warning to the inhabitants of the earth. In the seals it was the people of the earth coming against those that wanted to follow Christ. In the Trumpets it is God coming against those same people that persecuted the saints and were left behind by the rapture. . A Look at the Trumpets. The first trumpet burns up all the green grass and a third of the trees. No input from anything on earth. This is purely an act of God. The second trumpet sounds like a giant meteor crashing into one of the seven seas. An act of God that destroys a third of what ever is there. Once again a third part of the target. In this case fresh water and with it all poisoned people die. Now this would be mid Great Tribulation. As in Daniels last week. It is probably somewhere around this point that the Abomination of Desolation is set up. But no one will know for sure until the event actually happens. Once again we see the amount of a third. There is no indication of how long this will last but obviously food crop production will be effect if for any length of time. It is also at this time that angels start to speak directly to men. This seems like a direct punishment, probably for the Mark of the Beast. This hoard of insects that sting like a scorpion are intelligently controlled by a demon. But Men not being able to die, now that is something new. We are not likely to know how this comes about until the time but there is speculation that it may be the unintended consequence of sciences pursuit of the singularity. The Euphrates river has its start in the highlands of Turkey, passes down through Syria and into Iraq where it empties into the Persian gulf. The part of the Middle east that is really being stirred up and antagonized right now. They are to be spiritually driven and for them to be able to kill off a third of the human race means that they probably are going to be using weapons of mass destruction. What excuse actually sparks the conflict off is still future, but as the nation of Israel is still around it will probably have something to do with them. The hardness of hart should also be noted here as well. All men know that Jesus is and God is real because of the events of the rapture. But despite every thing that is happening around them they have no intention of even attempting to come to repentance. They are happy in their barbarity. The seventh Trumpet covers far more ground than the first six and covers an over view of other events that occur during the blowing of the trumpets which are not a direct result of the actual trumpets them selves. Again it will be best to cover these in smaller sections, but before that I just want to skip to the end, To just before the bowls of wrath. Now those verses are located at the end of the trumpets and just before the pouring out of the bowls of wrath. This group of people are standing before the throne of God, not the throne of Christ where the saints of the church are found, This is the group that was left on the earth after the rapture, mostly the Jews who applied the law and reinstated the daily sacrifices. They are identified as those that overcame the Mark of the Beast etc. They operated under works, not grace. ie; they were under the law. They sang the song of Moses and the song of the lamb. Only the Jews sing the song of Moses, not the church. The fact that they are singing the song of the Lamb as well indicates that they have accepted Jesus as their Messiah which also makes him their king over them as well, as in the throne of David which Jesus is going to inherit. Anyway at this point all of Gods people are off the earth and only the people that have submitted to Satan remain for the pouring out of the bowls of wrath. Now to return to the other events that are shown originating from the earth during the last Trumpet. Rev 10:5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,
  15. The Apostle Paul, Who only came to the Lord after the ascension was filled with the Holy Spirit. By the hands of Ananias who himself was only a later convert. No original Apostle was involved as they were all still in Jerusalem. The fact is that we are still in the time of the Gentiles. We are still in the Church age and all the gifts of the Spirit are still in operation. Further more note these scriptures; Notice that from verse 17 that this is a prophecy for the last days which is now. Notice from verse 18 that the Lords servants will prophecy. To denie this is to proclaim scripture of no effect. Now you have been shown from scripture that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, you are without excuse to try and say otherwise. Your condemnation be upon your own head.
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