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  1. That list was taken from the bible. eg; Necromancer Or take the word; Wizard Or in Hebrew; You can look up all the legion names in that list and then look up all the places those words appear in the scriptures. You will come away with a good idea of what they are all about.
  2. Science Disproves Evolution

    God left his signature on his work. If you want to dispel all doubts then check this link out
  3. This is what I have found to be the human legions.
  4. North Star Never Moves.

    How is it possible that this has dragged on for 10 pages. I suppose next we are to be told that the earth sits on the back of a giant turtle.
  5. This is something that I gave some thought to a few decades ago. Now these are my thoughts, make of it what you will ! God the Father has a body that sits on a throne, great power etc. Now he will not have a throne to sit on unless he actually made it himself. He will not have a body unless he worked out how to form it himself. Logical deduction says that he had to be around before he had a body and throne. This indicates that God is actually the Holy Spirit, He made himself a body so as to give his creation a focal point for them to relate to. This idea does not contradict any scripture.
  6. Church of Ai

    We will have to agree to disagree here. If I do not have confirmations from scripture then I tend to reject it.
  7. This was Jesus parting words We have been given authority to operate in the name of Jesus. Basically as a policeman in the name of the King. You need to understand about authority and how to wield it. This is the reason the world is trying so hard to prevent Christians from praying in the name of Jesus, that is where the authority to push back satan is found.
  8. There is a reason we are told to test the spirit of prophecy. God does not lie but there are plenty of other spirits out there that strive to sow division and discord and confusion. All part of the general war.
  9. Long story short, Welcome to Gods Soul Plantation. The only way to get quality souls is to grow them naturally. Soul development starts at conception.
  10. Those that are filled with the spirit of this world will try to do that which is pleasing to the world and conform to the worlds values. Those that are filled with the spirit of God try to do those things that are pleasing to God and tend to despise the worlds value system which is mammon based. This is done at an instinctive level. God the Father is at the center of everything with all else revolving around him. He is the Judge of all things both good and evil.
  11. Church of Ai

    I think you are on the right track but I have been picking up some differences. Yes the kingdom of Satan is after human souls because we represent power packs to them. There is a difference between aliens and demons. Other alien societies are infested with demons the same as we are. The religion you are looking at is the BRATI religion, also called the Brotherhood of lights. It will develop into the god of forces. Already it has taken root here. The UFO will be involved in the last days captivities. Alien slave trade . The rapture will be on a galactic scale.
  12. Ok take your last verse Right there two persons and the relationship between them. It is from this that the doctrine of the Trinity was later developed; God the Father and God the Son. Still two separate persons. You need to remember that back then there were gods all over the place. The meaning had been obscured through paganism. The demons had full sway over us until the redemption and set themselves up as gods. It is like the older rebellious kids (demons) coming into the small kids playground (this world) and lording it over them until the parent comes back and puts a stop to it. Yes Jesus does qualify as God but it does not make him his Father. You cannot be both the Judge and the redemption sacrifice at the same time.The judge cannot represent the defendant.
  13. Church of Ai

    A television does not give orders as to who lives and who dies. In fact the TV makes no decisions.
  14. Church of Ai

    Am I the only one that sees a connection here ?
  15. The Dark Side of Christianity

    For your comfort; There is a reason the scriptures warned us about false prophets and false Apostles. The fact is that the battle between good and evil is not just in the world but right in the church. You do get religious demons, they promote a twisted version of the gospels that looks true but leads into bondage. The main demoness behind this is called Astaroth.