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  1. I said a prayer that God will turn him away from drinking and towards Him and that he will be a good husband and father.
  2. I said a prayer that God will save him. Please let us know if you hear any more about this person. I will continue to pray for him.
  3. I just said a prayer for you.
  4. Welcome, and God bless you! I'm sure that you will love this forum. I know I do.
  5. Thank you for the beautiful scriptures verses! I came on the forum thinking I would pray for someone else, but these scriptures have revived my spirit.
  6. I'm so sorry for what your mother has to go through. I'm close to my mother, and I remember the time when my stepfather abused her when I was a child. I was wondering if she can see another doctor so that she can get help sooner? I have had to switch doctors for my mother twice. Is there something her regular doctor can prescribe for the pain that is not addictive? My mother had creams, Tylenol and some type of medication that not only help her sleep but lessen the pain and wasn't addictive. She rarely has to take them now. Maybe your mother could ask them to prescribe her something similar.
  7. The devil was attacking my mind again with wrong thoughts, but God gave me peace and kept me from going to bed angry.
  8. I live in a small rural town in the Southern part of USA.
  9. Please pray for my hometown. More and more I see people young and older that are on drugs and begging for money on the streets. I can't remember seeing so many when I was growing up, and even those who are older and should know better are on drugs. My hometown has been on an economic downward slide for the last ten years. It was prospering, but now all the factories, businesses, and stores are leaving.
  10. I said a prayer that God will surround her with angels and keep her from wanting to take drugs.
  11. I'm praying for your son now.
  12. mercy100

    for me

    I said a prayer for you too.
  13. I so sorry. I'm praying right now for both of you, and I will continue to pray for her.
  14. I just said a prayer. Hope he come back to the forum.
  15. Oh, that's wonderful. You know I just said a prayer for you a few minutes before I came on this site, and I'm so glad that I did today.
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