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  1. Sojourner414

    Ancestry interests

    On that note: you know why it's called a "kilt"? Because if you walk up to a Scottish man and call it a "dress", that's how you would end up: kilt.
  2. Sojourner414

    Emergency right now!

  3. Not to the extent that "conspiracy theories" propose.
  4. Great: they're going to assault us via making rhetorical threats.
  5. Sojourner414

    Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday

    Still not going to get one... if I wanted electronics in me, I'd get a pac-man machine for my tummy. 😛
  6. Sojourner414

    VERY Strange!

    Reported; if you think someone is attacking you, make a report. Otherwise, you're just baiting them Abby, and I've seen you do this to Jade constantly. -------------------- Jade, I'm departing this topic. I think it best if you did so as well, no offense. This is just going to continue and we know why.
  7. Sojourner414

    VERY Strange!

    That would work I should think.
  8. Wait...how did this discussion start to resemble "Wheel of Fortune"? O.o
  9. Sojourner414

    Orthodox Jews, the Holocaust, and Salvation

    ROFL!! That's just awesome!!
  10. Sojourner414

    statement of faith

    Welcome, Maryjane. I don't think there's a box that you tick off to show you approve or agree with it. All the same, it's good to know that you do agree with it.
  11. Sojourner414


    Welcome to Worthy.
  12. Sojourner414

    Immediate prayer needed for Mom

    praying for this as well.
  13. Sojourner414

    notice to vacate the land

  14. Sojourner414


    NP; I'm just sorry I couldn't get word sooner. Poor guy needs all the help he can get.