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  1. Sojourner414

    New Age Anointing-Bill Johnson

    What bothers me the most about this "Grave Sucking" business (aside from the occult aspect) is that it treats the Holy Spirit as a thing to be manipulated rather than the third person in the Godhead. God is not at our beck and call, but rather, is a great King to be worshiped, served and obeyed. And regardless of what one's stance is on the Trinity, the Holy Spirit being treated that lightly, like a commodity that can be stripped from someone after they die, is insulting and outright blasphemous against the mercy, grace and promises of the Lord who promised to "never leave you nor forsake you".
  2. Sojourner414

    Prayer needed for auto accident

    Thanks for your prayers; still no word yet from the insurance adjuster for our insurance. Will keep folks up to date as I get news.
  3. Sojourner414

    Standing with Israel

    Where exactly are you getting this information from? What is your source?
  4. Sojourner414

    Super Heroes

    I prefer G1 Optimus Prime myself; not a big fan of the movie version.
  5. Sojourner414

    New Age Anointing-Bill Johnson

    I speak out against sin and confront those who commit it, praying they will repent. Speaking of which: I read every post of yours going back to the beginning in this thread. Just like the Shack thread, you ignore biblical advice and twist Scripture in support of false teachers. So yeah; you have a whole truckload of "oy vey's" that just got unloaded, because just about everything you have said in this thread is so utterly and completely wrong.
  6. Sojourner414

    New Age Anointing-Bill Johnson

    You know that isn't going to happen; "celebrity pastors" don't talk to regular people. Well, if you feel that way about this forum, no one is holding the proverbial "gun" to your head, now are we? As to the matter at hand: all I have seen you do in this topic is chastise folks for wanting to warn others, while refusing to call sin what it is. It is the same tack that you followed in the "shack" topic, where you became rather upset when confronted in the same manner over unbiblical issues. GOD DOESN'T PLAY GAMES, ESPECIALLY WITH THE OCCULT. THERE ARE REASONS HE WARNS US TO STAY AWAY FROM IT, AND THIS PRACTICE REEKS OF THE OCCULT!!! If you're not going to speak out against sin and place the Bible above all other human practices and rituals, then what are you doing here?!
  7. Sojourner414

    Prayer needed for auto accident

    I appreciate you wanting to help, but please; I'm not looking for advice here. Thank you for your prayers regardless.
  8. Sojourner414

    Why Hollywood hates christianity

    Sigh... while you're at it, why not just blame the Jews for Global Warming, the Ice Ages, Evolution, and Barney the Dinosaur? Not to mention painting all believers with one broad brush and name-calling everyone. Please do let us know when you break out the guillotine and start beheading folks so we know to duck down an alley when you roll by...
  9. Sojourner414

    Why I left my church and family.

    I think your opening salvo here pretty much "proved it", as well as the fact that the "Christ" and "Bible" you're following are man-made constructs that reek of the flesh and permissiveness. Please, do feel free to not communicate any further with those who disagree with you here, including myself. Your collection of monologues in this topic is just one long string of "oy veys" anyways.
  10. Sojourner414

    New Age Anointing-Bill Johnson

    Just lovely. "New Age Anointing"... with what, "blessed" EVOO? (those who cook will get the reference)
  11. Sojourner414

    President Trump

    Actually, that was Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. it was in the Conference scene where Spock and Kirk were the only ones left in the room after Starfleet had to make a decision about whether to help the Klingon empire or not when their moon Praxis had exploded.
  12. Sojourner414

    Prayer needed for auto accident

    Over this weekend, we were involved in a "fender bender" (no one was hurt), where a car that was parked pulled out in front of my wife's car while we were leaving the parking lot in the main driveway "slip" (roadway). The passengers in the other car were not hurt either, but the owner of the vehicle (his daughter was the driver, he wasn't in the car) filed a claim against us saying it was our fault. My wife was driving 5 mph and they pulled out right in front of her (I was in the passenger seat). Both cars were damaged, with their rear bumper dented in and our front fender/ bumper damaged and in need of repairs. I'd like to ask for prayer, that the Lord reveal the truth in this. We did nothing wrong and cannot afford higher rates or to fix someone else's car. Thanks, -Sojo414.
  13. Sojourner414


    Praying (((hugs)))
  14. Sojourner414

    Help! I have a moral conflict!

    God did; that's why He sent a savior. Genocide denotes the commission of murder against an entire race; murder is defined as the unlawful taking of human life. If the Lord decrees something is punishable by death, then that is not "genocide", but justice, since the Lord created life and thus has the right to take it away. Or to put it another way: are you accusing the Lord God of genocide when He destroyed 99.9% of humanity in the Great Flood, for all sorts of wickedness? Yet, He did so in order to ensure that the future generations would have a chance at salvation by resetting man's wickedness on the earth. The fact of the matter is: the Lord is just in whatever He does because He is the definition of what good is. Man fell short of that, and God owes him nothing. But in His mercy, the Lord sent Jesus to save mankind.
  15. Sojourner414


    I got word last night that Logan was brought to the hospital (wasn't able to post a prayer request due to issues going on right now at home). Please pray for him folks.