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  1. Sojourner414

    Why Neanderthals were not invited onto Noah's Ark?

    So if you feel we cannot trust the text of the Bible, then what do you use as the final authority? And if that isn't the Bible, how do you know it squares with what God has decided to reveal in Scripture?
  2. Sojourner414

    Will the Antichrist be Jewish or Gentile?

    I beg to differ, especially in light of several instances where members of the moderation team have: - Removed a member for going "off topic" (which is not against the ToS) - Removed members who pointed out glaring inconsistencies in Theology and called people on false teaching that goes against Scripture. - Closed topics right after certain individuals' assertions were shown erroneous via exposition. - Allowed inane topics that should have been closed to remain open. As for "welcome to (my) opinion": that leaves much to be read between the lines. However, the fact that individuals who would never have been tolerated in times past have been allowed to post all sorts of trash on Worthy, as well as the silencing of those standing up for Scripture on this board, stand as some of the most glaring accusations against this site and the moderation team. ---------------- That said: I do not wish to pull this topic off course any further, so this is my final post here. -Sojo414 out.
  3. Sojourner414

    Will the Antichrist be Jewish or Gentile?

    Actually, it does. Certain moderators on this board will defend certain members and nearly automatically ban someone from a thread over a favorite of theirs not being able to make a point. So it matters tremendously who makes the report and who reacts to it. Moderation here seems to be per whim.
  4. Sojourner414

    Why Plant Based Eaters make fake meat

    A couple of things to consider: 1) There's nothing like a nice steak. All the soy protein and chemical flavoring in the world isn't going to compare. 2) If we're not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made with meat?
  5. Sojourner414

    Will the Antichrist be Jewish or Gentile?

    As to the main topic: I base the AC's ethnicity on both Revelation 13(where he comes from "the sea") as well as that he is referred to in Daniel 9 as coming from the land that those who destroyed Jerusalem came from. But I really don't think we're going to get a clear picture on that until the world actually sees him emerge.
  6. Sojourner414

    Will the Antichrist be Jewish or Gentile?

    (posting this separately so I don't derail the convo) If someone is banned for saying something like "reckless", then that should be consistent with moderators banning others saying the same thing. Then the moderators need to look at who is doing the reporting and why. Was there really an attack, or is the person reporting simply retaliating? I've had posts deleted and been banned from threads because certain folks would rather have an "unjust peace" and act "happy happy" in false unity.
  7. Sojourner414

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    She left comments before she was banned, so we're just finishing replying to those.
  8. Sojourner414

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    No...what you're doing is giving people an excuse to sin.
  9. Sojourner414

    my father has asked me to move out

    Praying for you. BTW: going to your doctor is a good idea, but beware of so-called "homeopathic" or "alternative" treatments. Some reading for you from National institutes of Health; hopefully it should help you out: https://nccih.nih.gov/health/homeopathy#hed6
  10. Sojourner414

    The Truth Behind the Caravan Documentary _by Ami Horowitz

    The conditions in Siberia royally stink as well, yet I don't see the Russians sending caravans of people to the US. Just because things are bad somewhere doesn't mean we have an obligation to that place. Unless you want the United States of Earth. Have a safe trip!
  11. Sojourner414

    Where do Christians believe heaven & hell is?

    The "thousand year world" must be a lovely paradise, considering that at ten times the size of Earth, the gravity would also be TEN TIMES as massive. Either the people there are ten times as dense, or flatter than a pancake! We won't even get into the "ten thousand year world's" gravity, but sixteen suns? I mean really, are these "super celestials" all working on their tans or something all day long? Not to mention the planet would be an outright oven! The you have the issue of these "thousand year celestial beings" and "ten thousand year celestial beings" (who really live 3500 years); wouldn't the thousand-year ones look up and go "Hey! Wait a sec! Why do those guys get a better deal than we did?" And then there's the false advertising on the "Ten Thousand Year World"; why not call it the "Thirty-Thousand Five-Hundred Year World" and at least be consistent? O.o Sorry, but at least in the Bible, the Lord is consistent about what eternity will be like. This stuff you posted is just a hot mess.
  12. Sojourner414

    why native american were ok with being naked?

    So I guess God was just being an outright prude giving Adam and Eve those animal skins, if we go by your logic. And the further north you go, the more folks tend to wear (unless they're members of the polar bear club).
  13. Sojourner414

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    And here I was starting to think it was due to a lack of safe spaces and trigger warnings...
  14. Sojourner414

    ROMANS 14 and homosexuality

    If you are attempting to use that as an excuse for this situation, then where does it end? Do we simply say "hormonal issues" and "corrupted environment" for any other sin while where at it? Are mass shootings, rapes, murder, arson, terrorism and the like all now cases of "hormonal issues" and "corrupted environment"? Because if you want to use that excuse for one sin, you open they door for it to be used in every case of sin.